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Portions For Tiered Cakes

DIY | 3-Tier Lit Chandelier Wedding Cake Stand

Using those cutting methods, you can estimate how many pieces of cake your tiered creation will produce. The chart can help you determine what size to make your cake based on the number and size of your tiers. When planning a tiered cake design, make sure your smallest base size is a minimum of 10 inches. Otherwise, the cake will not be stable or proportionate.

Approximate Portions for Tiered Cake
Cake Sizes

Grand Baker Cake Stand 10 Inch Wedding Cake Tools Adjustable Height Fondant Cake Display Accessory For Party Bakeware

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    • The 10inch cake stand can be used at all types of events and parties such as tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, thanksgiving or for home decor.
    • cake decoration stand Use for :cupcake dessert/Candy/ lollipop/Fondant cake
    • The black cake stand is A great decorate for parties.
    • Cupcake Holder Stand Adjustable height design Adjustable heiht design teardown
    • High as 19.5cm,Screw off the pillar part,Remove the middle pillar part,Combine with the stand face,To be new one height is 12.5cm.

    Wedding Cake Stand 10 Inch

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    Cake Size Shape And Type

    Round Cake Stand Pedestal White Dessert Holder Wedding ...

    Round, square, and heart-shaped cakes each produce different numbers of portions. A square cake will yield more portions than a round or heart-shaped cake. Unusual shapesoctagonal or hexagonal cakes, for exampleyield a similar number of portions as their square counterparts.

    While sponge cakes are most popular and pretty standard for events, the type of cake will also determine the number of portions you can cut from it. For example, traditional fruit cake is firm and can be precisely cut into very small pieces. On the other hand, an ice cream cake often begins to melt before its completely served, so you’ll likely want to have more on hand.

    The Spruce / Alex Dos Diaz

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    An Amazing Tiered Cake Stand For Your Wedding Cakes

    This amazing tiered cake stand is getting rave reviews!!!

    Delivery is virtually stress free and your magnificent creations will be perfectly centered and level. Guaranteed!

    Those are pretty good reasons to check these out.

    Wedding Cakes For You readers have started using this awesome cake stand because of my recommendation and are loving the way they make the process less stressful.” ~Lorelie~

    From this one set you can make various stands. Before you buy stands do yourself a favor and check out them out. Take a look and be amazed.

    Make a rotating tiered cake stand or a decorating turntable out of the Stackers parts. The square stand out does them all, and you can use them for your topsy turvy designs like Athalia did

    What Is A Cake Board

    A cake board is a cardboard disc that your cake is built on and it is used to help transport your cake to the venue. There are a variety of cake board sizes available and the design of your cake determines the size of the cake board.

    I recommend using a cake stand that is the same size as your cake board. If you do not know the size of your cake board, consult with your baker.

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    From 840 Dummy Bottom + 6th Tier

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      everyone loved my sons Scooby Doo 4th birthday cake. looked great and tasted amazing.

      Nicole Reekie3rd October 2019

      Cannot thank you enough for my daughters amazing cake! She was over the moon with it and there were so many compliments about it

      Kelly Ann McLernon21st September 2019

      Sharon has made me quite a few cakes now. She recently made my little boy the most amazing vegan and soya free chocolate cake for his 2nd Birthday. I would highly recommend using Luscious Lovelies cakes. Cant wait for the next one.

      Mel Paterson10th September 2019

      I ordered and received a beautiful bunch of cupcakes for my husbands birthday, they looked amazing and tasted even better! Thanks so much, will defo be back! X

      Jjyne Mmason9th September 2019

      We’ve got a couple of cakes and cupcakes from Sharon and they were all great. Everyone has commented on how great they looked and tasted! We also got vegan cupcakes which were delicious.

      Belle Claire26th August 2019

      Excellent service cakes are amazing and taste delicious would highly recommend Sharon and luscious lovelies cakes superb if your looking for that special cake and goodies the designs are spectacular x

      Eileen Rae

    Your Cake Your Cake Stand

    Amalfi Decor Sophia Collection Antique Gold 10 Inch Cake Stand

    The size and shape of your cake stand ultimately depends on your cake. Usually, you will choose your cake first, then your cake stand. Cake stands come in all shapes, sizes and designs! But if your cake stand is an heirloom, or if youve already purchased one, take it with you to tastings. Your baker will need to see it before designing your cake.

    When asking the question what size cake stand do I need, keep these tips in mind:

    • The size of your cake stand should be the same as or slightly larger than the bottom layer of your cake. Never use a cake stand smaller than the bottom tier of your cake!
    • For simply decorated cakes, go with an equally-sized cake stand. If your cake has large embellishments, choose a cake stand that is larger than the bottom layer of the cake.
    • Make sure the top supporting plate of your cake stand is flat. Even minor dips can damage the foundation of your cake.
    • If the design of your cake requires the cake board to extend beyond your cake, youll need to buy a larger cake stand to accommodate the cake board!

    Before purchasing your cake stand, discuss your thoughts with your baker. As they design your cake, they can keep in mind what you need and want for your cake presentation.

    *Pro Tip* – In most cases, your cake stand should be the same size as the cake board used to create the cake. Match your cake stand size to your cake board size to be safe.


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    Here Is What Mildred Has To Say About This Tiered Cake Stand

    “I recently purchased the Cake Stackers tiered cake stand 12,10,8,6 inch series.This is the best invention ever to stack and deliver cakes! It took a bit of practice to assemble since it was my first time using it, but it is definitely a winner! “Link to Mildred’s contest entry with her story.~Mildred Naples Florida~

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    Why Do I Need A Cake Stand

    A wedding cake stand is the secret weapon that will make all of your guests ooh-and-aah over your cake.

    It is the perfect finishing touch as it will add height and drama to the cake presentation. It can be the splash of color that brings your cake design together or it can make a simple design sublime. I often say that a cake stand is like a perfect pair of high heels for a glamorous dress.

    Added Bonus: Your cake stand will make all the future celebrations in your new, happily married life that much sweeter.

    Did you knowA cake stand makes smaller cakes look bigger. If youre on a budget, this is a simple way to add some oomph to your cake presentation.

    How Do I Pick A Color For My Cake Stand

    10"  inches White Wedding Cake Stand,Personalized cake ...

    Choosing your cake stand color is an opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors, accentuate a specific feature of your cake, or add color to a simple cake design.

    Making a bold choice like pink or mint can make your whole cake presentation stand out. Or, you can choose a subtle color like black or silver that will add height and drama to your presentation. When in doubt, a white cake stand is a classic choice that is always in style with any design.

    Choosing a color will depend on your style and the type of display you would like to have for your cake. Thinking about your cake stand as a part of the overall cake design can lead to stunning results. If you are having trouble picking a color for your cake stand, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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    The Finished Wedding Cake

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    Where Do I Find A Cake Stand

    The two most common ways to get a cake stand is either to rent or buy one. If available, you can rent a cake stand from your baker or an event rental company.

    However, this can be expensive for a one-time use and your options are limited. Buying a cake stand provides you with many more options so that you can get the exact look you want. As an added bonus, your cake stand will be a cherished memento that can be used for years to come.

    Extra Tip Most bakers do not provide a cake stand so you will have to find your own. Sarahs Stands is the best resource for buying a cake stand as we offer a wide variety of colors and sizes designed for wedding cakes.

    What Size Cake Stand Do I Need

    Ultimate Decorative Cake Stands Buying Guide [ Cake Decorating For Beginners ]

    Your cake stand will make or break your cake, literally! The right size cake stand enhances the elegance of your cake, highlighting the detailed artistry you so carefully chose and creating a smooth transition from the cake to the plate. But the wrong size cake stand can destroy your beautiful cakes foundation, leaving a collapsing mess. Save the day by following our tips for choosing the best size cake stand.

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    A Fail Proof Way To Center And Level A Cake

    I have never had a cake so perfectly centered and level. It was was very stable during the delivery, which was a two and half hour drive. I had an issue with my fourth top tier but it had nothing to do with the Cake Stackers. I decided to add the tiny top tier onto the cake before delivering and stuck a dowel rod in through that tier and the one below. As a result the tiny top started to breakdown and affected the tier below a little. Luckily we were able to remove the top tier during the ride up and fix the problem when we arrived.

    I was concerned about getting all of the metal pieces back, so I took a deposit for the cost of the system, which was $141.10. including shipping cost. I got a prepaid and addressed UPS box and left it with the Wedding Planner. I explained to the wedding planner how to take it apart and instructed her to just place all of the pieces unwashed into the box, seal it up and ship it back.

    I would say that the Stackers Tiered Support System is worth every penny and I am looking forward to using it again for my next creation.

    Any Pics Of A 14 12 And 10 Stacked 3 Tier

    Updated 19 Jul 2017 , 9:17pmby kakeladi

    I have had a request for a three tier wedding cake for 160 guests. I’m thinking prob 14,12 and 10 inch tiers. Anyone have a photo of a cake this size. I usually finish with a much smaller top tier. I’m worried the cake might look too wide and not tall enough if you know what I mean. But the bride is adamant she only wants three tiers. Any pics or suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

    I agree, a 10″ top tier is way too big.I’d suggest either a 16″ x 12″ x 8″ for 156/180 servings,or a 14″ square x 10″ x 8″ for exactly 160 servings .

    Sorry should have said, they’re not planning on keeping top tier. Serving it all.Thanks for the suggestion. Any others or pics???

    This cake by MissRobin starts with the 14 inch cake and goes up from there. Hold your hand over the top tiers and you will see what it would look like. I think it would be quite an awkward top tier

    I think it would be horrible! If I saw a cake in those proportions I wold wonder where the top 2 tiers were.

    I did one that size…. it will look fine with the right topper . The original design was not mine, but the dimensions of this are 10-12-14″

    I agree with the right topper it can be ok!


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