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Chantilly Cake At Liliha Bakery Honolulu Hawaii

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In Hawaii, chantilly cream has taken on its own unique form: a silky, muted yellow icing thats made by simmering together eggs, butter and sugar. At Liliha, a 24-hour diner and bakery in Honolulu, a healthy dollop of chantilly graces the famed cream puffs and covers the signature cake, a light chocolate chiffon thats adored by locals.

Cake Delivery With Free 2 Day Shipping Nationwide

Cakes Are Made To Order For Ultimate Freshness. Our Cakes Are Typically Extra Tall and Specially sealed twice. Carefully packaged with dry ice and dry ice gel packs secured in an insulated cooler. We typically Ship with UPS and FedEx. Dry ice will dissipate and will arrive to your destination with little or no dry ice. We absolutely recommend to keep cakes chilled or frozen to before unwrapping to keep the buttercream structure. Allow cake to reach room temperature before enjoying, which may take up to two hours. Wrap any remaining cake with plastic and refrigerate. Refrigerated cake will remain fresh for one week after arrival.

Burnt Almond Torte At Prantl’s Bakery Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

The residents of Pittsburgh are almost as passionate about this iconic square torte as they are about football. Its been an integral part of the city since the 1970s, when baker Henry Prantl inspired by a trip to almond-producing California returned home with a vision of a cloudlike cake filled with custard, iced in buttercream and covered on all sides with crunchy slivers of sugared almonds.

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Why Is There A Raw Egg Yolk In This Frosting

The recipe contains a raw egg yolk, not unlike any recipe for homemade mayonnaise or Caesar salad dressing. The fat from the egg yolk not only lends richness and creaminess, it also helps to emulsify the buttercream to make it ultra smooth and silky with no extra work.

Simply make sure to use a very fresh quality egg. I like to use an egg from the farmers market.

If you feel too uncomfortable with this or if you plan to serve this cake to infants, the elderly, pregnant women, or someone with a compromised immune system, you can use a pasteurized shell egg or just leave the egg yolk out entirely. You will loose some richness and smoothness.

Huckleberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake At Stacey Cakes Mccall Idaho

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Come August, the city of McCall is overflowing with huckleberries. The tart cousins to blueberries play a leading role in pastry chef Stacey Kucys cream cheese coffee cake. The bright burst of fruit shines through every mouthful of the confection, a tender sour cream cake boasting a layer of cheesecake filling, sugar crumble and plenty of fresh berries.

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Coffee Crunch Cake At Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop San Francisco California

Tom Yasukochi has been selling out of coffee crunch cake since 1974, when the San Francisco native opened his namesake bakery, Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop, inside the Super Mira market in San Franciscos Japantown. Before that, Yasukochi co-owned a bakery in Lakeside with a former candymaker who worked at Blums, a now-closed pastry shop once known for its “koffee krunch kake.” The rest is, as they say, history Yasukochi mastered the honeycomb-like candy, adding it to airy cakes that are now as much of a classic as their original inspiration.

Mcconnells Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream $12


Who says ice cream is only for summer? Vanilla is a classic for topping pies, but youll find plenty of delicious seasonal fall and winter flavors from several ice cream companies that ship nationwide, including California favorite McConnells. Their ultra creamy pints are always made from grass-fed milk and cream, and this one is swirled with roast pumpkin puree warmly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and molasses.Buy Now

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The Absolute Best Birthday Cake In New York City

The Project Which Will Not Be Named started as a fantasy something to text my friends about while we exchanged woes about work and the state of the countrys politics. Almost daily, while hunched behind our monitors or while shoveling a hasty lunch in between meetings, we would exchange wishful text messages: Wouldnt it be

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The Project Which Will Not Be Named started as a fantasy something to text my friends about while we exchanged woes about work and the state of the countrys politics. Almost daily, while hunched behind our monitors or while shoveling a hasty lunch in between meetings, we would exchange wishful text messages:

Wouldnt it be cool if we ran our own letterpress company? asked one friend, forwarding along We could make greeting cards think of all the puns we could make! It would be SO MUCH PUN.

Maybe we should just pool all our savings, buy a bunch of houses, and run a mini Airbnb empire.

How about we start an ice cream store and call it MilkFat?

What if we made jump ropes with fruit-shaped handles? asked one former coworker we were both really into Crossfit at the time and were impressed by the ubiquity of Rogue-brand exercise equipment.

And thats when I knew I was in trouble.

That being said, it does feel like the beginning of something real, something that merits its own birthday cake.

Some bakers notes:

Online Cake Delivery In Hyderabad

Arife cake tools Shop cake baking cake premix you can order online cake premix chocolate cake bass

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, is famous for its food and heritage and also for its growth and diversity. In Hyderabad, the migrating population is increasing with the advancement of Information Technology and the city is expanding on all fronts with people trying to settle in different parts of Hyderabad. We are glad that we are a part of this amazing business and we help deliver yummy cakes and desserts to the lovely people of Hyderabad. If you are looking for the best online cake delivery in Hyderabad, then the answer to that is without a doubt, HalfCute. Ordering cakes online might seem like rocket science, but with HalfCute, it is as easy as it can get.

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Champagne With Strawberry At Sin Providence Rhode Island

No need for a bottle of bubbly to celebrate an occasion the Champagne cake at Sin already has its namesake champagne in it. The alcohol evaporates as the cake bakes, leaving a fruity flavor elevated by a fluffy strawberry buttercream filling. And to truly make it occasion-worthy, the top is finished with pretty pastel sprinkles.

Vanilla Salted Caramel Cake By Ovenly $79 From Goldbelly

Ovenly via Goldbelly

For those looking to go beyond classic pie offerings during the holidays, Ovenlys Vanilla Salted Caramel Cake will fit the bill. The key is a double dose of caramel, whipped into the buttercream and drizzled on top that makes this sweet treat an absolute showstopper. But dont miss their perfect pumpkin olive oil loaf either.Buy Now

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Order & Send Cakes Online For All Your Friends Family And Relatives Anywhere In India

Tired of searching for eggless cakes in and around your locality? Worried about fewer varieties of eggless cakes in the bakeries? Don’t go bizarre! IGP is there with a range of mouth-watering eggless cakes online. Depending on your preference, we have cakes of various shapes, sizes and flavours. Apart from birthdays and wedding anniversaries, nowadays cake cutting ceremony has become an integral part in corporate inaugurations as well. Now, what if your entire team is vegetarian? Certainly, you need freshly baked eggless cake for this purpose. Local bakeries generally lack the varieties of eggless cakes. What if the anniversary couple prefers black forest cake? What if the birthday girl is fond of vanilla cake? No need to worry anymore. Like cakes with egg, 100% eggless cakes also come with different flavours and exotic shapes on IGP. We deliver in 350 plus cities in India including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. If you want to surprise your loved ones, we do provide a midnight delivery facility for eggless cakes. Otherwise, you can opt for same day delivery or express delivery options. Once you are on IGP, you will not return disappointed. We guarantee happiness with thoughtful gifts!

Cake And Shake At D Bar Denver Denver Colorado

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As if a slice of chocolate cake werent decadent enough on its own, the one at Denvers D Bar comes with a milkshake. The pairing is one of pastry chef Keegan Gerhards many nods to childhood cravings others include milk with cookies and root beer floats. This particularly gluttonous duo features a slice of Gerhards three-layer cake the layers separated by frosting made from Guittard chocolate and a shake spun from your choice of housemade vanilla, chocolate or raspberry ice cream.

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Where Can You Buy Ice Cream Cakes

Where to Buy Carvel Ice Cream Cakes Locally. You may buy Carvel Ice Cream Cakes at Carvel Ice Cream Stores if there is one in your area. The following link lists the Carvel Ice Cream Stores in the United States. You may buy your Carvel Ice Cream at most Walmart stores.

Carousel Cakes Nonpareil Giggle Cake $49 From Goldbelly

Carousel Cakes

Theres something about rainbow nonpareils that just says party. And this candy-covered cake definitely deserves an invite to your birthday soiree: it has two layers of chocolate cake covered in pastel buttercream. If you prefer vanilla, though, their Happy cake is just as festive, with colored frosting inside and rainbow sprinkles galore. Happy birthday to you, indeed.Buy Now

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Smores Pie By Butter & Scotch $42

Butter & Scotch

This New York bar and bakery had an instant hit when it introduced its Instagram-worthy Smores Pie. A graham cracker crust and creamy chocolate filling provide the foundation to a roasty, toasty marshmallow topping that is oh so addictive. They also have a Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie for those who want a bite firmly anchored in fall.Buy Now

Doberge Cake At Debbie Does Doberge New Orleans Louisiana

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The name of the baker behind Debbie Does Doberge, a doberge cake company isnt actually Debbie its Charlotte McGehee, who conjured up the business name over drinks with another local chef, Amanda Toups. In a modern-day twist on the New Orleans specialty typically made in chocolate or lemon McGehee offers up multiple variations, each more whimsical than the last. Theres the Fun-Fête filled with rainbow sprinkles the Red Velvet Elvis, made with, yes, peanut butter and bacon and a seasonal King Cake doberge, which combines two of the states iconic cakes.

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Cake Delivery Online For Every Occasion You Celebrate

A delicious cake gives a kick-start to every celebration. Therefore, deciding on the best cake for any occasion is a daunting task. Winni has all kinds of cakes specially prepared for you. So, whether you want a round shape cake or oval cake or layer cake or tier cake or designer cake, Winni has got it all, and that is also backed with the highest quality ingredients. So, you can order cake online to give a yummy beginning of any occasion or celebration. Cakes are tantalizing delicacies that can uplift anyone’s mood. There is something magical in the ingredients of a cake that releases endorphins. Order cake online from Winni and enjoy our hassle-free cake delivery online on every occasion.

Winni has 1,000,000 happy customers across the world. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality and on-time delivery of cakes because we provide decadent quality cakes in India and that too at the desired time. It is our quality and the excellent service that speaks volumes about our brand. Explore our delicious range of online cakes and enjoy every occasion by placing an order for a delectable cake from Winni.

Variety And Flavors Of Cakes To Make You Surrender Your Senses

Bakingos online cake delivery offers you a huge range of cakes baked with utmost perfection and the finest quality of ingredients. Cakes available in our bakery are always fresh, soft, moist, mushy and fluffy in texture. We have flavorsome cakes to illuminate your every occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or any other event, our cakes will never disappoint you. These hard-to-resist delicacies are available in a plethora of flavors like Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry, Pineapple, Kiwi, Coffee, Mango, Ferrero Rocher, Kit-kat, Oreo and many more. Since no one can say No to chocolates, we have come up with a variety of chocolate cakes among which ‘Double-Trouble’, ‘Alive by Chocolate’ and Rocher Rejoice with just leave your mouth water. If you are a fruit lover, then you must try our extremely delicious Red Velvet fruit cake enriched with fruits and adorned with whipped cream. With Bakingo, you can proudly say that “I have the best cakes near me’ which will be at your doorstep within a few clicks.So, if there is a huge celebration waiting up next in your calendar, order a cake online from us and brighten up your celebration with our irresistible yummylicious treats. Our online cake delivery service promise to deliver on the same day.

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Feed Your Soul Bakery

Feed your Souls Claim to Fame:Individually wrapped cookies crafted with simple ingredients and a mission to give back. Each purchase helps feed those in need at the Coalition For the Homeless in NYC.

Noteworthy Flavors:These delicious cookies have fun names like Cocoa Loco, Nutty By Nature, Sassy Molassy, Show Me the Honey and Drivin Me Coconuts.

The bar are equally tasty and creative with names like Unfudginbelievable, One Toff Blondies, Pardon My French Almond and Plant One On Me Vegan Brownies.

Also Available from Feed your Soul:Wholesale and bulk boxes of cookies and bars are available for nationwide shipping.

Red Velvet Cake At Q’s Cakes Albuquerque New Mexico

Sweet Chock is a delicious heart

This New Mexico bakery specializes in rosette-swirled frosting exteriors. But the cake on the inside as as good as the packing on the outside is beautiful. Flavors include Howie Wowie, a caramel cake with a New Mexican red chile-spiced caramel apple filling. The original is the Red Velvet, with cream cheese frosting.

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Maple Wicked Whoopie By Wicked Whoopies 12 For $30

Wicked Whoopies

Amy Bouchard has been making whoopie pies for over two decades. In fact, her company Wicked Whoopies has produced over 30 million of the beloved hand-held delight. Wickeds pies come in a variety of flavors but their maple version featuring rounds of syrup-infused cake filled with fluffy cream is a favorite for the holidays. Buy Now

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