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Whole Foods has delicious cakes. And I say that with some bias since I worked there for more than 20 years.

The quality of Whole Foods cakes is superior to any other grocery store cake. They use real buttercream frosting. If youve ever noticed that buttercream frosting has a slightly greasy texture, its because its not real buttercream frosting.

Its Bettercreme, which is made of chemicals. Yuck. Bettercreme is a whipped, dairy-free topping that tastes like sweet cool whip.

Whole Foods has a policy not to sell items with artificial sweaters in any of the products sold in their aisles. This is a good thing.

Whole Foods has a ton of options when it comes to cakes. They even have vegan options!

All of their cakes can be decorated and customized to your liking. The best part is that they have a distinctly homemade taste and are relatively reasonably priced.

Every Whole Foods Market location has a real bakery with bakers and cake decorators on staff .

If your celebration includes grilling, you should definitely get steaks from Whole Foods, too.

Whole Foods wont sell meat that has been treated with antibiotics, has added growth hormones, or animal by-products. They also ensure that animals are raised, transported, and slaughtered humanely.

To read more about where to purchase the best steaks, read this recent article.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

Heres a hamburger cake Whole Foods Market makes in their bakery! Gave to my son a few years back.

Lisa Sands

A Bit Of Information On Kroger

In 1883, Barney Kroger used up all his life savings on opening his grocery store. Despite, his entire future being dependent on the success of his new business venture, he refused to allow any dips in quality to make a quick sale.

He truly believed that anyone who entered Krogers should be so pleased with their shopping experience that they become a repeat customer who is always happy with their purchases and experience in the store.

Barney Kroger made sure that all his employees wouldnt sell any product that they wouldnt be willing to purchase themselves. The dedication to high quality is still a hallmark of Kroger stores to this day and is especially obvious in the stores bakery departments.

In the 1930s, Kroger became the first-ever store to monitor product quality and apply quality-control techniques.

From a manufacturing viewpoint, Kroger branched out to dairies, grocery items, meat plants, and, of course, bakeries. Today, we all know and love Kroger bakery cakes.

How To Order From Kroger Bakery

Ordering Kroger bakerycakes is simple thanks to the Kroger online build a cake feature. It allows you to fully customize and order your cake using a user-friendly step-by-step process. Just keep in mind that you need to order the custom Kroger designs at least 24 hours in advance. Also, for more elaborate cakes, you may need to place your order at least a week earlier. Alternatively, you can call your local Kroger or stop by to place your order. The staff of the bakery will be able to answer all of your questions and help you finalize your order. Moreover, if you need help ordering a cake, use the Kroger store locator to find individual store numbers and addresses.

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Kroger Bakery Cakes And Offers

Therefore, that dedication remains unchanged even after two centuries of service. As a consequence, the bakery department is one of the most loved places by Americans where theyd buy a personalized cake. Not to mention that their prices are decent regarding their professional services.

Kroger Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
3 Tier $119.00

Now, that we know their prices, its time to learn a little about their offer, too. So, lets see during what special occasions can we rely on Krogers cakes.

Can You Order A Cake From Walmart Online

Are you interested in ordering a cake from Kroger? Well, you have come ...

With Walmarts online ordering process, you can order a custom or premade cake through Walmarts website and pick it up at your local bakery. Walmarts bakery team hand-decorates every cake, so you can order the perfect custom cake for your next special occasion online.

Heres how to order a cake online for pickup at your local Walmart bakery counter.

  • Choose the cake size. Walmart offers multiple custom cake sizes, including , ¼, ½, and full sheet cakes, as well as 6, 8, and 10 round cakes.
  • Select the cake flavor . Walmart offers the option to add strawberry or bavarian cream filling to your cake at an additional cost.
  • Choose the type of icing. Walmart offers buttercream and whipped icing, each available in a wide range of colors.
  • Customize the design for the top and bottom borders. During this step, you can choose between two different design options, and youll also be able to choose the icing color for each border.
  • Add decorations, including flowers, balloons, and toppings.
  • Add an optional handwritten message.
  • At the end of the customization process, youll be able to add an optional note to the bakery. Its important to keep in mind that any special instructions may result in additional charges.

    If you have any questions about special designs, be sure to contact your local Walmart bakery with any questions.

    Additionally, if youre planning to order online, be sure to place your order at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your cake will be ready for pickup.

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    Our Pick: We Take The Cake

    Claim To Fame: Fort Lauderdales most legendary custom-cake shop.

    We Take The Cake is visited often by celebrities and luxury caterers. Their famous key lime bundt cake is one of Oprahs Favorite Things.

    Image: We Take The Cake

    About We Take The Cake Cakes:Quality and attention to detail are what sets this cake shop apart from the competition.

    They use ingredients like whole buttermilk, fresh eggs and real butter just like grandma used to make. Experienced bakers mix every batter and frosting by hand.

    This bakery knows that shipping a birthday cake is all about presentation. They go the extra mile with hand-decorated cakes and custom-designed packaging to make sure your birthday cake delivery is perfect.

    They offer a variety of layer cakes as well as bundt cakes in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry and raspberry.

    Gluten-free and vegan cake options are available.

    The iconic American company that offers gourmet cookie tins, baskets and gifts for shipping nationwide.

    Image: Mrs. Fields

    About Mrs. Fields Cakes:Not everyone is a cake fan. We can respect that! Thats why we included Mrs. Fields Giant Cookie Cakes in our list.

    Each giant chocolate chip cookie cake measures 12 inches in diameter. These colossal cookie cakes are moist, chewy and made with real butter, whole eggs, and pure vanilla.

    For ease of ordering, there are a variety of pre-set Happy Birthday designs. However, you can also customize your message and frosting colors.

    Kroger Bakery Cookies Muffins And Brownies

    Kroger bakery is not just a place to shop for delicious sheet, layered, and small round cakes it is also the perfect place to pick up any other type of pastry. Their freshly baked cookies and brownies are great for desserts, snacks, and treats for the family. Kroger muffins make a tasty breakfast or can be purchased in a platter for your next office breakfast meeting.

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    Does Kroger Make Gluten

    If you need to celebrate your occasion with gluten-free cake, Kroger has some options available under the Simple Truth organic brand.

    You can get different options and flavors, from double chocolate to carrot cake.

    Therefore, if you need to order one, ensure that you consult the associates at the bakery section to make your order.

    How Much Do Kroger Custom Cakes Cost

    The BEST Grocery Store Birthday Cake (Blind Taste Test)

    Kroger charges their custom cakes depending on the size, store location, and type of cake.

    On average, their custom cakes range from $16.99 to $44.99. On the other hand, cupcakes start at $2.99.

    Full sheet cakes are the most expensive at $44.99, while half sheet cakes go for about $29.99. However, keep in mind that these prices may change due to the customization costs.

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    Our Pick: Davids Cookies

    Claim To Fame:This company is best-known for cookies to order online for nationwide shipping.

    But they offer lots more including cheesecakes, specialty desserts and delicious birthday cakes all delivered nationwide.

    Image: Davids Cookies

    About Davids Cookies Cakes:You cant go wrong with ordering a birthday cake from Davids. The cakes are so fresh, moist and delicious, youd never guess they were shipped to your doorstep.

    The Rainbow Cake is a real show-stopper. It looks like a vanilla layer cake until you cut the first slice and reveal the colorful red, orange, yellow, green and purple cake layers. Gorgeous!

    And check out some of these other flavors: Mile High Peanut Butter Explosion, Chocolate Overload, Milky Caramel Galaxy, Premier Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Cookie Cake!

    Also Available from Davids Cookies:Order cookies, brownies, cookie dough, cheesecakes, tarts, gluten-free and sugar-free treats and much more.

    What Are The Prices For Kroger Sheet Cakes

    A full sheet cake from Kroger is priced at $60.99 online. But, if you are looking for something smaller, or maybe want to order a sheet cake and half, Kroger has options for that too!

    You can purchase half of a sheet cake for only $41.99 each, and a quarter sheet cake for only $23.99 each. Every size can be customized the same way, or you can mix it up to make sure there are options for every guest.

    All of these can be ordered online or in stores, but you should allow at least a week for Kroger to get your sheet cake made for you, and maybe more time if your cake is more elaborate.

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    Does Whole Foods Make Custom Cakes


    Whole Foods prides itself on excellent customer service. Cakes are no exception.

    As I mentioned, they have bakers and cake decorators on staff and can make just about anything. Want a red velvet cake ? They got you covered!

    A vegan chocolate cake? No problem! Maybe a stevia-sweetened vanilla cake? Also no problem.

    To order your cake, just call your store to order or visit the store. Many stores offer online ordering as well.

    They also offer catering. If you dont want just one cake, but maybe you want a tray of sweet things, cheese, or other party platters, theyll bring it to you!

    If you arent sure what you want, many Whole Foods have an in-store concierge to answer all of your event-related questions.

    Are Target Cakes Good

    Birthday Cakes At Kroger : Birthday Cakes and Egg Free Minnie ...

    Target does a lot of things really well.

    They seem to have this spell on people that somehow encourages people to spend more money than they intended.

    Not all Targets sell cakes, but the ones that do are generally well-received. Target has a lot of options when it comes to flavor combinations. they can make customized cakes to fit in with your celebration theme, too.

    Admittedly, when my 2 older daughters were younger, they loved walking by the Target bakery case and looking at all the cakes.

    But this was all based on appearance. Target uses a lot of what I could call props to enhance the appearance of their cakes. They also do a lot of character licensing. By that I mean they pay companies like Disney to be able to use an official picture of Elsa on a cake, etc.

    But they do also have more normal cakes too.

    Its not right for me since they have the same ingredient issues that Costco & Walmart. But like with those cakes, you are likely to find the texture and flavor good. And if youre planning a themed kids birthday party, I would opt for Target over the others too.

    Just make sure your Target has a bakery as not all Target stores do.

    Food Hunter

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    What Happens If An Item Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

    • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
    • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
    • Don’t Replace: For items youd rather not replace, choose Don’t replace to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

    How To Order A Cake From Walmart

    Walmart offers a wide selection of premade and custom cakes for birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions at affordable prices. To order a cake from Walmart, visit your local bakery counter to fill out an order form or complete Walmarts cake order form online.

    To order a cake in person, all you need to do is visit your local Walmarts bakery department and fill out a cake order form. You can also complete Walmarts cake order form online.

    If youre ordering a custom cake, youll be able to choose between different cake flavors, designs, and icing options.

    After returning your order form to a bakery team member, Walmart will contact you with any questions regarding your cake order.

    Whether youre planning to pick up the cake on the day of your special event or the day before, be sure to place your order at least 24 hours before your planned pickup time.

    Meanwhile, if youre placing an order for a Walmart wedding cake, consider placing your order at least 38 days in advance so the bakery department can perfect your custom design.

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    How Far In Advance Do You Have To Order A Cake From Kroger

    You need to order the custom Kroger designs at least 24 hours in advance. For more elaborate cakes, you may need to place your order at least a week earlier. Any cake can be ordered by calling or by going to the store and talking to bakery staff. Customers can also order online by filling out a simple form.

    The Dinosaur Design Was Part Of A Scandal

    Kroger expands online ordering

    In 2015, a story by The Inquisitr broke about a woman who had complained that the dinosaur design on her childs birthday cake only had three legs which each resembled the number 6.

    The woman claimed that the bakers had purposely hidden this demonic 666 message in her childs birthday cake .

    However, after some research, it had been found that the article had been written by the mothers boyfriend, and the Costco location that had been mentioned in the story confirmed that there had never been a complaint regarding the cake.

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