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How to Make Mini Diaper Cakes | Pampers Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

Gender reveal parties are extremely popular because there is so much excitement around it. Finally, you and the world will know whether its going to be a boy or a girl. To create this excitement, there are lots of fun gender reveal ideas to choose from.

When it comes to gender reveal parties, there are several aspects to think about. Youve got:

In this post, however, you can expect gender reveal ideas as it relates to the big reveal.

Mermaid Diaper Cake Diy

Make a diaper cake with instructions in the beginning of this post and place this inexpensive but darling mermaid diaper cake topper on it. Finish the cake by wrapping lavender and aqua or pink and aqua ribbon around the layers to match the color options of this beautiful sea shell diaper cake topper.

Inexpensive mermaid cake topper from My Curly Love and use as a centerpiece at a mermaid baby shower or give as a lovely baby gift.

Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

Winsome baby items from Disney Baby line work as the foundations of this diaper cake thats centred around the classic cartoon character, Minnie Mouse. The 3 tiered goodness is adorned with Disney baby Minnie Mouse sippy cup, a teether, jingler, mini elastic hair ties, large rubber bands, some coordinating ribbon and Minnie on top.

DIY Details : thesuburbanmom

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Diy Mickey Mouse Cute And Adorable

You may decide to use some characters from kids movies or TV shows as inspiration for your unique diaper cakes! One awesome choice would be Disney characters! Mickey or Minnie Mouse for children are always fantastic options! Turn your diaper cake into the well-known head of Mickey or Minnie, with the two mouse ears on top. If its a diaper cake for girls, make sure to add the red and white polka dot bow to the top of the head. This will present it with that girly touch!

Little Ducky Diaper Cake

Gender reveal diaper cake

Repurposing takes a new turn when a baby bottle and a baby powder case is kept in the middle and loads of rolled up diapers are added around them to work up the tiers of this cake. And why its named little Ducky is well explained by that cake topper a super cute pink toy duck. You need diapers, rubber bands, flat base, bottle of baby powder, cheapy plastic baby bottle and pop up glue dots.

DIY Details : susiestampalot

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Gender Reveal Cake Decorations

Baby shower cakes have become simply extraordinary. Theyve become edible art, and that art extends to gender reveal cakes too. As you will see below, gender reveal cakes are also quite spectacular. What sets them apart is that they are made with the very specific gender reveal theme in mind.

Then within the gender reveal theme, there are subthemes too, like:

  • Waddle it be?
  • What will it bee?
  • Ties or Tutus?
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?
  • Stashes or lashes?
  • Little Mister or Little Sister
  • Quarterback or Cheerleader
  • Mr or Ms/ He or She/ Little He or Little She
  • Riffles or Ruffles

Handmade Train Diaper Cake:

If you want a great love in revenge after giving a baby shower gift, then we recommend you to craft this train diaper cake. rolled diapers connected through wooden dowels give the necessary train wheels here! Put a folded blanket over the train wheels and just finish it up with an another blanket wrapped on a round cardboard tube, this makes the train engine! Washcloth has intelligently been used as smoke chimney!! Buy the same or similar one here!

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Sensational Castle Diaper Cake:

A fancy castle diaper cake gift for your newly born baby princess!! All the inventive fathers can try this out and can also make new changes in it for a personal look they want!! Nappies, pampers, diaper and other items of this kind can be rolled, stacked and molded to build different parts of this castle! A gift for the mom-to-be via Jackie Sorkin!!

Small Diaper Cake Idea

How to Make a Gender Reveal Diaper Cake Surprise | Tutorial

This idea is small yet has great detailing.

Image: Shutterstock

  • Make a two-tier diaper cake, take care that the second tier is smaller than the base tier, so that you will have additional space to add details.
  • Wrap each tier with broad satin ribbon.
  • Place a few toy bugs and flowers here and there within the spaces.

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Diy Cloth Diaper Sushi:

Traditional diaper cakes cost you big sometime, so you can go also with cloth diapers to lower down your expenditures while making happy creations for the baby shower! Here are the cloth diaper sushi platter, a low-cost diaper cake alternative but with the same gorgeous decorative appeal and party vibe! Step-by-step tutorial here!!

Tips On Choosing A Gender Party Game Ideas

Planning any party is an undertaking and planning the right activities and games to play at a gender reveal party might feel like a big job. Try considering these points when choosing the gender reveal party game ideas, you might want to incorporate into the gathering.

  • Know Your Crowd: Think about who will be attending, their personalities, and what their interests might be. If its not a group of outgoing people, something like charades might not be the most fun for them.
  • What Will You Need?: Some gender reveal party games require more assembly than others. Are you up for putting in the work for that elaborate DIY setup? Do you love crafting? Make sure you dont bite off more than you can chew, and that youre comfortable with what youre putting on your plate.

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Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas 12 Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Any party celebrating the anticipated arrival of a new bundle of joy is sure to be a happy one, and gender reveal parties where it will be announced whether that bundle is a boy or girl are the most exciting! Keeping everyone busy before and after the big reveal is important to keep guests entertained. Weve put together a list of the best gender reveal party game ideas all in one place, so your family and friends enjoy your celebration.

Our list of gender reveal party games includes

  • Activities meant to reward mom & dad with things theyll enjoy or use with a baby
  • Silly games for friends and family that will have all of your guests laughing until the end of the party
  • DIY and homemade games and activities you can prepare on your own
  • Printable games to make planning easy
  • Drinking games that will be fun for all!

With gender reveal party games ranging from activities that will help supply mom and dad with things they need for baby to ones that will keep everyone laughing, this list of games is sure to have games you will love for your party.

If you are planning ahead and havent found out your babys gender, you have to check out SneakPeaks Gender Test! I had this done at 9 weeks pregnant and found out we were having a baby girl. It was fun being able to start shopping a little sooner!

Pink And Gold Stunning And Striking

Gender Reveal Diaper Cake

Are you trying to find a stunning diaper cake for a girl? Then try a combination of gold and pink for the decorations! Pink ribbons and roses are arranged on the nappy tiers and gold stickers brighten up the overall appearance of this nappy cake. The two colours used together are a glamorous match!

We hope, that this pick of nappy cake ideas helped you in giving you inspiration for baby shower gift ideas! Browse through our DIY baby shower decorations as well!Of course, we have a few other diaper cake ideas, that you can check out underneath! So, get ready and learn how to make diaper cakes!

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Using Beautiful Colours A Rustic Approach

Perhaps the baby shower you are going to has a theme! Its become a trend for expecting parents to create a theme for the whole baby shower. It can be anything from a jungle theme to just choosing an overall style. For example, if the parents have chosen to try a rustic style with autumn-themed decorative elements, you may want your baby diaper cake to match the baby showers vibe! If so, use wine red ribbons and artificial fall flowers as small ornamental touches on the nappy cake!

A Nautical Theme Nappy Cake Ideas

When it comes to nappy cake ideas, there are a lot of options to choose from! Remember, that you dont have to go for something conventional. For a truly special and unique diaper cake, shape it into a boat or ship. Attach a cut-out anchor and a ships wheel to the tiers of diapers. For further decorating, you can use blue ribbons to hold together the tiers of diapers. Also consider getting toys to place on the diaper cake, in the form of a whale, a fish, a shark or even an octopus! This is guaranteed to become a favourite baby shower gift!

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Awesome Car Diaper Cake:

Amazing diaper car cake, looks like a vroom!! A plastic basket has been integrated to keep the car longer in shape and rest of components and part of the car have been using diapers, baby blankets and bibs! Feeders have been inserted to each side of the basket as head lights! Would be a great scene-stealer in entire baby shower party!! Interested in buying it? Order it here

A Few Hidden Gifts Nappy Cake Ideas

HOW TO MAKE A GENDER REVEAL DIAPER CAKE #diapercake #babyshowercake #genderrevealidea

Get ready to put together a cute diaper cake for boys or girls! After creating the base of the nappy cake, you can start to decorate it! Depending on what gender the baby will be, use colours according to that. If you are uncertain about what sort of ornaments to place on it, you can always opt for cute animals! Elephants are usually one of the best and favourite choices! You can also hide a variety of different gifts in between the diapers, ranging from pacifiers and baby bottles to hairbrushes.

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Via Cook Craft Love Recipe Type

Diaper cake ideas for gender reveal. Create a circus diaper cake by tying the diaper tiers with red and yellow striped ribbons that mimic the big top Place stuffed toy lions elephants and tigers around the cake and atop the lower layers and. Spring flower gender neutral diaper cakes are pretty and easy to make. Made with 73 Pampers brand diapers the new mom will have great start caring for the new baby.

Once a baby arrives life will never be boring. That way it is easy for you to place silk flowers in it. As a suggestion our Winnie the Pooh 4 Tier Diaper cake will wow the new mom.

Some cakes may have a poem on the cake such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How We Wonder What You Are. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Ideas. Baby Shower BrunchBaby Shower DiapersBaby Shower GamesBaby Boy ShowerDiaper Cake BoyNappy CakesUnique Diaper CakesCouples Baby ShowersBaby Shower Gender Reveal.

The green Our Lil Monkey is a popular design featuring an adorable monkey called Mambo from Gund. A fun idea would be to make a cake with hidden surprise candy inside. Gender Neutral Shopping Selections.

Gender Reveal Diaper Cake. The top tier should have a paper towel roll in the middle. Hide blue or pink colored MM candies in your cake to reveal the gender of your baby and decorate the outside in a marbled pink blue and purple frosting.

Chocolate Greek yogurt cake with vanilla buttercream. Hand-Crafted Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake. CUPCAKE CAKE POP IDEAS.


Is It A Boy Or A Girl Diaper Cake Ideas For The Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? When the mom to be doesnt know the sex of her expected baby, a gender-neutral baby shower is the way to go. But, being gender neutral doesnt mean boring or drab, it simply means the mystery canbe part of the fun. From invites to favors, there are so many themes that dont require knowing if its a boy or girl on the way. And of course, dont forget a key décor element to any baby shower – the diaper cake.

Diaper cakes make the perfect centerpieces for a tablescape at the shower. They are a whimsical way to extend the theme of the shower, and supply your host with loads of diapers, which she will certainly need no matter the sex of the baby!

Check out tutorials online for how to DIY a tiered diaper cake, and then personalize it for the guest of honor by using one of these diaper cake ideas for the gender neutral baby shower.

Circus Diaper Cake

One thing is for sure: once a baby arrives, life will never be boring. Create a circus diaper cake by tying the diaper tiers with red and yellow striped ribbons that mimic the big top. Place stuffed toy lions,elephants, and tigers around the cake and atop the lower layers, and finish with a plush clown doll.

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

What Will the Baby Bee Diaper Cake

Blue and Pink Diaper Cake

Not knowing the sex of the baby is no reason not to produce a special and unique shower and diaper cake. Instead, use the mystery as a jumping off point for an entertaining and creatively themed celebration.

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Diaper Cake Without Rolling Diapers

Some prefer the look of the modern diaper cake without having to roll up the diapers. While both styles look lovely this one seems little faster to make and the new mom does not have to unroll all the diapers either :).

The downside is that you will need cake pans to make this cake. But if you already have a collection of various size cake pans then it is no big deal.

How to make a diaper cake without rolling the diapers:

Small diaper cake is an easy and cheap baby shower decoration or centerpiece idea.

How To Make A Mini Diaper Cake

All you need is 7-9 diapers for each cake.

  • Roll up the diapers, tie with a rubber band.
  • Tie all the rolled up diapers together with a rubber band.
  • Put a decorative ribbon around them.
  • And place a fun baby shower theme matching item on top.
  • Frosting Drip Gender Reveal Cake Idea

    Pumpkin themed gender reveal diaper cake

    That frosting dripping down the sides is another important cake trend, and were here for it. To accomplish this on your gender reveal cake, simply alternate between pink and blue liquid-y frosting, creating a line around the very top and allowing it to spill over. This cake is topped with a buttercream swan, but you can take it in any direction that fits your fancy.

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