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What Types Of Cakes Can Costco Customize

Sam’s Club Cakes/Cupcakes/Photo Cakes- Book and Prices!!!

With a brand like Costco, the crew is professionals when creating a personalized food masterpiece. They can cater to any event, from wedding receptions and graduations to get well soon sweets for pals. Among the most prominent designs are

  • Getting better soon
  • Sports and team treats

Costco is a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding necessities. Everything from candles to even flowers is available!

Whats the nicest thing about ordering from them? They will modify the cake to your specifications, whether with different colors or flavors of frosting.

Unfortunately, there is just one size custom sheet available now you wont be able to choose the layered ones.

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Does Sams Club Make Wedding Cakes

Sams Club makes wedding cakes, though they are not heavily advertised. Nevertheless, Sams Club is a great option if you are looking for an affordable wedding cake. Sams Club wedding cake designs are simple and elegant, and you can personalize many elements like a regular custom cake order.

If you have a small and intimate wedding, you can order a quarter sheet cake to serve 24 people.

Slightly larger weddings may require a 2- or 3-tier cake, which Sams Club can also provide.

You can even order a combination of cake and cupcakes to help you better serve your guests.

A few of the designs in the Sams Club online cake catalog match the classic wedding cake look.

Shimmering Elegance and Plaque are two elegant, simple designs. You can customize these by adding the happy couples initials on an edible plaque for the cake.

Sams Club Cake Designs

Variety is key when it comes to describing Sams Club cakes catalog. For a super-fancy event, the tier cakes that sport Sams Club cakes designs at their finest are always a fantastic choice.

For semi-formal events, a Sams Club cookie cake or Sams Club sheet cake is simply perfect. Nonetheless, you can also venture into round cakes or cupcake cakes to celebrate in style.

Another awesome aspect of their bakery is that they list the ingredients for all Sams Club cakes, so you know what youre about to order. In terms of cakes, the main flavors include chocolate, white, and marble, while the icings are typically chocolate, white, whipped, and buttercream.

In addition to Sams Club bakery cakes, the clubs bakeries also sell fresh products like cookies, pastries, pies, brownies, dessert rolls, doughnuts, muffins, etc. We will discuss these choices a bit more in detail below.

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Sams Club Tiered Wedding Cakes

Sams Club allows you to choose:

  • The Size- These cakes come in many different sizes, allowing you to serve between 12 and 66 guests per cake.
  • Icing- Icing options include chocolate, white or marble.
  • Tiers- Depending on how many guests you have, and your personal preference, your cake can have 2 or 3 tiers.
  • Icing Color- White and brown are the most popular, but there are endless options, such as green, pink and red.

Personalized and unique order cakes can take up to 5-7 days to prepare, which is less time than most traditional cake makers.

The Club and its cakes are becoming wildly popular with customers, and much of their business is from word-of-mouth. The larger, three-tiered wedding cake is priced at around $70, making it much more affordable than a traditionally made cake. The average cost of a wedding cake in the USA is currently $540, so this is a significant saving. Weddings can be outrageously expensive! Sams Club allows you to save expense, without compromising on quality.

Reasons To Shop Sams Club Cakes For Your Wedding

sams club wedding cake

If youre looking to save a little money on your wedding then you can consider buying Sams Club cakes instead of going to a bakery. While their cakes are not as affordable as those at Walmart, they do offer slightly better quality, better service, and more originality than Walmart does. While not every Sams Club offers wedding cakes, and many have limited choices, there are a lot of Sams Clubs in most areas so it is usually easy to find one within driving range. There are usually multiple bakeries in an area to choose from if you decide against a Sams Club wedding cake, but here are ten reasons you might want one.

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What Are Sams Club Cake Prices

Sams Club sheet cake prices can range from $14 to $40, depending on how many people you need to serve. With a Sams Club membership, you can order various sheet cakes, round cakes, or cupcakes. You can even order a combination of a cake and cupcakes.

The Sams Club basic sheet cake designs are highly affordable. You can serve almost 100 people for around $40.

If you choose to customize a cake, your final order total may cost a little more than the basic price however, this is likely still cheaper than a boutique bakery.

Below is a table depicting estimated prices for Sams Club cakes of varying sizes and styles.

Cake Size

* Sams Club Cake Prices May Vary by Location

These prices can vary by location, so its best to confirm with a Sams Club Bakery employee before finalizing your order.

Congratulations on your wedding, Sarah! Were happy to be a piece of it

Sams Club

How To Order Sams Club Cakes

You can find a great selection of Sams Club cakes on the bakerys website. You wont be able to order custom cakes directly online, but you can take a look at the images extracted from the Sams Club cakes catalog to make your final decision.

Once you decide what kind of cake you want, go to the nearest Sams Club in your area, and talk to the associates about your order. Some Sams Club locations may have a specific cake order form that you can fill out if you have special requests.

While this does not mean you can order online , it can help make the process easier.

Nowadays, with more than 100 bakery products listed on their official website, Sams Club cakes have reached a whole new level and Sams Club cakes prices are more affordable than ever, while the cake designs and taste are amazing.

After ordering, receiving, and enjoying Sams Club cakes with your loved ones, leave a comment below to tell us how it was!

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Sams Club Wedding Cakes

Sams Club cakes for weddings are truly a sight for sore eyes. They glow with elegance and taste like heaven, making them the perfect choice for the big day. You can customize your wedding cake and choose one with two or three tiers, depending on how many guests you are expecting.

The best part about Sams Club cakes for weddings is that they are far cheaper than most alternatives, even less expensive than other affordable competitors like Walmart.

A Sams Club wedding cake is a wonderful alternative to expensive, high-end bakeries for one of the most important days of your life.

Even accessible retailers sell wedding cakes for over $100, while the three-tier wedding cake Sams Club offers is barely $70. This is great news if you are planning a small wedding on a budget.

In addition to wedding cakes, Sams Club cakes also cover goodies for anniversaries. They recommend refined sheet cakes that can be designed with custom text and lovely decorations.

Why You Shouldnt Throw Out Leftover Coffee

Sams club cake decorator orientation

She advises brides to order the cake in plain white, and add their own flowers and decor afterward.

She suggests buying fresh-cut flowers from Trader Joes to decorate the plain white cake in a way that suits your tastes and matches your color scheme.

The official Sams Club TikTok page responded with a playful comment saying: Going to look past the advertising and floral jabs because the cake tip is legit.”

A former bride posted: I did this for my wedding, and I have zero regrets.”

A third user wrote: Sams Club has beautiful flowers too, with a seven-day freshness guaranteed, so make it a one-stop-shop.”

Several other people in the comment section talked about how theyve either already followed the Sams Club cake route, or are planning to do the same on their upcoming wedding day.

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Shop Sams Club For Your Wedding

Believe it or not, Sams Club is something of a destination for wedding needs. Sams Club covers almost every part of your big day, from the engagement to the reception. Sams Clubs jewelry department has a number of high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands, so you can say I do in style.

The warehouse club also offers gorgeous wedding flowers in bulk, from centerpieces to bouquets. Dont worry, Sams Clubs photo center also has you covered on wedding invitations and save the dates. And yes, you can even get a delicious Sam’s Club wedding cake from the Club bakery for less than $70, as one viral Tik Tok pointed out.

Appetizers For Cocktail Hour

Sams Club has lots of great options for you to do appetizers during your cocktail hour. They have bulk meats and cheeses, that you can start creating a grazing table with, or you can get a pre-cut platter already done for you. Fruits and Veggie platters, nuts, meatballs, mini pizza bites, etc. They also have event sized drinks you can mix and have the refreshments flowing at the start of your reception.

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How Does Costco Cake Order Work

If you want a one-of-a-kind, custom-made treat to celebrate your love of all things sweet, stop by the Costco Bakery! Keep in mind that you should order the product approximately two days in advance because a decorated piece will take between 24 and 48 hours to complete.

You may make your wedding or celebration of life cakes conceivable in any form and size by selecting flavors, fillings, and designs. But, the bakery will not allow you to purchase wedding cakes via online services.

Sams Club Baby Shower Cakes

Best 25+ Sams club wedding cake ideas on Pinterest

There are multiple ways in which you can celebrate a future newborn with Sams Club cakes. You can go for a classic sheet cake with a heartwarming message, or you can go for a round cake for a fancier crowd. Talk to the Sams Club staff about possible decorations, such as newborn sleeping in a flower bud, or baby shoes.

If you plan to reveal the gender of your baby during the party, opt for filling colors to match the babys gender. One of the most adorable options for baby showers is their cupcake cakes, which can be embellished with cute diaper pins.

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Sams Club Cakes Prices Models & How To Order

Cakes are a perfect way to commemorate any occasion! Most people think the only time it is appropriate to purchase a cake is for weddings or birthday parties, but thats simply not the case with cake. A cake is a wonderful addition to any celebration. Bridal showers, job promotions, the end of bad marriages, a child being born, and much more is cause for cake purchasing. The thing is, it can sometimes be difficult to buy a cake when youre on a tight budget. Specialty cakes are expensive, and even grocery store cakes can sometimes cost a pretty penny. Forget about ice cream cakes at creameries! That leaves us with Sams Club. This is the friendly neighborhood shop that simply changes it all. They have some of the best quality and best-priced cakes for any occasion. Even specialty cakes are more affordable! This is a great and unexpected friendly option.

Sams Club warehouses are mostly known for being an affordable way to purchase bulk goods, but they can also be an ideal place to purchase a cake. At their bakery, customers can order customized cakes for any special event. Sams Club cakes are quite budget friendly. They start at $14, and then the price increases if you get a bigger or more elaborate cake. Our guide to the Sams Club prices will show you how much different types of cake will cost. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Sams Club prices. Its nice to know that theres a place where you can get all your cake needs taken care of.

Average Cost Of Grocery Store Wedding Cakes

If youre hoping for a particular cake flavor or an elaborate design, a custom cake designer or devoted cake bakery may be the best bet for your wedding cake. Of course, that attention to detail and the development of from-scratch cake flavors come with additional labor and cost. On average, wedding cakes cost $350, but if youre looking for a simpler sweet, a grocery store wedding cake will generally help you save.

The main detail to consider when youre ordering a grocery store wedding cake is size. Think about how many people youll need to feed, and check with the bakery department on your options. The size of the cake will ultimately determine the cost. Options might also be cheaper at grocery stores that do not allow for as much customization.

While grocery store wedding cake costs can certainly vary, you will find that smaller cake options range from $20 to $50, with estimates for larger, more intricate cakes widely ranging between $70 to $300. “There’s flexibility and customization without breaking the bank,” says Brous.

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Orders Are Fulfilled Quickly

Another thing about Sams Club is that orders are filled quickly. You wont have to place your order two weeks in advance unless you want something special, and you wont have to wait for your cake. Instead, you can tell Sams club when you want the cake and then simply go pick it up. Unlike a standard bakery, Sams club employs more than just one or two bakers, so that they can handle large orders at once without slowing down. So go ahead, order that batch of cupcakes for the wedding to, theyll get it all done at once.

Sams Club Desserts & Pastries

How to Order a Cake from Sam’s Club

As weve already mentioned Sams Club doesnt only offer cakes, but also other types of sweets and desserts. One category we find particularly appealing is the Desserts & Pastries one, where you can find a variety of cookies, brownies, rolls, pies, doughnuts, etc.

These treats are only available in-store, and you should check if your local Sams Club carries the item youre interested in before visiting. Luckily, you can do that on their website by clicking on Select a club.

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