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We purchased the Fat Daddio’s Round Cheesecake Pan so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. Keep reading for our full product review.

Cheesecake is often cited as an item you have to try making in an Instant Pot, but it requires a special pan, such as the Fat Daddio’s Round Cheesecake Pan. We were curious about the loose-bottom design of this cake pan, so we stocked up on cream cheese and graham crackers to put it to the test. A lot of baking took place, and now we know exactly what the pan is good for.

Fat Daddio’s Proseries Bakeware

Fat Daddioâs brand and signature âSafe-Sealâ anodized aluminum bakeware was introduced in 2006 after creating a safer baking pan that performs better, releases easier, cleans faster, is more versatile and durable than any other aluminum bakeware.

Our ProSeries Bakeware and Baking Tools are manufactured to provide the results that demanding professionals require. We combine the best baking materials and design with the recommendations of professional bakers and pastry chefs worldwide.


Fat Daddio’s Round Cheesecake Pan Vs Nordic Ware 7

Cheesecakes are traditionally baked in springform pans, like the Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan. Users praise the Nordic Ware pan for its leak-free baking and nonstick cooking surface, which make cake removal and cleaning easy. However, the downside of latched pans is that their closures can loosen over time, no matter how well designed.

While weve been happy with springform pans in the past and still may use them, were awfully fond of the push-up base and clean sides of the Fat Daddios pan.

Very useful.

This pan is the perfect size to fit 6-quart Instant Pots, and its a must-have for anyone who wants to try cooking cheesecake in a pressure cooker, as its solidly built and easy to use.

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A Guide To Selecting The Best 10 Inch Round Cake Pans

What is the best size for round cake pans?

Round Cake Pan Welsh recommends a nine-inch pan as the standard for a round cake, so purchase two that will come in handy when you’re preparing most layer cake recipes, such as our Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Frosting.

Besides, how much does a 10in round cake feed?

10 in cakes can be sensibly served to up to 25 people with each slice measuring about 1 14 inches across the back or about the width of a teaspoon. As with the 8 inch cakes, 10 inch cakes can be served event style. Cut event style, a 10 inch cake can be served to as many as 39 people.

Accordingly, how long do you bake a 10 inch round cake?

Set your oven at 350 degrees and bake your cake for approximately 35-40 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean. How much cake batter will I need?

Then, what is equivalent to a 10 inch round cake pan?

10-inch Bundt pan holds 10-12 cups of batter, the same as a 10×2 inch round pan , 9×2 inch square pan , 10×2 inch square pan , 11×7 inch pan , 10×15 inch jelly roll pan , 12×17 inch jelly roll pan , 9×2.5 inch springform pan , 10×2.5 inch springform pan (12 …

An Overview On Angel Food Pans

Fat daddios 10 inch Petal Blossom cake pan

If youre looking for a dessert you can enjoy without all the guilt, consider an angel food cake. Its generally free of fat and cholesterol and can be made with artificial or plant-based sweeteners if sugar is an issue. As for calories, angel food cake comes in around 72 calories per slice. To make an angel food cake from scratch, youll need a quality angel food pan.

When shopping for the best angel food cake pan, youll quickly discover the pans come in either one or two pieces. If you go with a model that is made from one solid piece, youll need to either make sure the pan is properly greased or that it comes with a nonstick coating. The Fat Daddios Angel Food Pan, 10-Inch is anodized to provide a natural nonstick coating that wont peel or flake into your food like other models.

Review the material used to construct the angel food pan. A heavy-gauge aluminized steel, like the Chicago Metallic Angel Food Cake Pan, 9.5-Inch, is ideal, as it heats evenly. That means you wont have to worry about the inside of the cake being raw when the outside is cooked.

As you browse the available angel cake pan models, youll want to keep an eye out for pans with thick, rolled edges, as these are designed to prevent warping. Dont forget to check the pans temperature limits. Some pans are oven safe up to 425 F, while others are safe at temperatures as high as 500 F.

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Design: Simple And Sturdy

This 7-inch pan has straight sides with a thickly rolled rim, and it features a removable base thats placed in the bottom of the pan before baking. This feature was great because when our baking was done, all we had to do was push up from below and the cheesecake lifted right out of the pan. For cakes that were stuck to the sides after baking, all we needed to do was run a thin spatula around the inside to loosen the cake for removal.

The pan has 3-inch sides, so its taller than many standard baking pans. We liked these high sides, particularly when making our cheesecake, as it rises a lot during baking and sinks as it cools. With a standard 2-inch pan, there would be a risk of the cheesecake overflowing, which would make a mess inside the Instant Pot.

The pan has 3-inch sides, so its taller than many standard baking pans.

Unlike a springform pan, the Fat Daddios latchless design takes up less space inside the Instant Pots cooking pot, and the cheesecake pan can remain perfectly centered since theres no latch sticking out on one side.

Why Would I Want Anodized Bakeware

Natural aluminum is porous like a sponge and absorbs the fats, sugar, oil, dish soap and detergents that it comes in contact with. Anodizing aluminum creates a durable, non-reactive surface which allows you to bake a wider-variety of ingredients like citrus fruits and tomato-based foods and sauces. Typically, ingredients that react poorly with ânatural aluminumâ and âaluminized steelâ products and can actually leach unwanted flavors, and even aluminum, back into your baking. Anodizing âsafe-sealsâ the natural pores of aluminum creating a smoother, thicker, completely sealed and more versatile baking surface.

Anodizing is not a coating. Itâs an environmentally-safe process that contains no chemical additives, dyes, CFCâs, PTFEâs or PFOAâs. Anodizing is the reason Fat Daddioâs Bakeware will never chip, flake, peel, pit or rust.

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Performance: Good For More Than Cheesecake

The first thing we made with the Fat Daddios Pan was naturally cheesecake. We usually wrap our cheesecake bottoms in foil to keep moisture from creeping into the crust, but we left the foil off during testing. Happily, the crust wasnt soggy at all, so well definitely be eliminating that extra step for future cheesecakes.

While this is sold as a cheesecake pan, we found that it can be used for other Instant Pot desserts as long as the batter is sufficiently thick. Brownie batter, bread dough, and most cake batter would be fine since the weight of the mixture presses down the removable base and keeps it in place. Thin, watery batters would be risky, however, since they could leak out of the bottom of the pan, making a mess in the oven or your Instant Pot.

While this is sold as a cheesecake pan, we found that it can be used for other Instant Pot desserts as long as the batter is sufficiently thick.

When we used the pan to bake four cinnamon rolls, there was room to spare, and the rolls released easily from the pan even though we didnt oil it ahead of baking. It worked well for our pull-apart dinner rolls, as well, though they did stick on the sides a little. A quick spray of baking spray would have helped.

The one downside of the pans loose bottom is that you have to be especially careful when carrying the pan if its full of batter. Theres a wide enough rim to hold the bottom securely, but if the center is pushed up, it could lift and let batter spill out of the bottom.

Cleaning: Hand Wash Only

Fat Daddio’s Sheet Cake Pan

This pan needs to be washed by hand, unfortunately. Its not just a suggestion, eitherjust ask the reviewers who tried using the dishwasher and ruined their pans. However, hand washing is simple enough, so its not much of a hardship.

When removing cakes from the base or loosening the sides, a plastic or silicone tool should be used to avoid scratching the metal. The good news is that if you do scratch the bottom piece, its reversible, so you can simply use the undamaged side.

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