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Boys 1st Birthday Romper – Baby Girl First Birthday Tutu Set – Cake Smash Outfits

Seriously, they have soooooo many rompers, knit pants, little dresses, diaper covers, and even birthday hats! Plus, you cant beat the 2 day shipping.

Jamie Kay. This online shop is filled with adorable rompers and knits for boys and girls in gorgeous, natural fabrics. Lulu & Roo. Stripes are their specialty, and their outfits & colors are so cute!Maisonette. Sooooo many unique options at this online childrens boutique, and I just love the details on all of their outfits!Cora & Violet. They have plenty of whimsical rompers that will go beautifully with many themes.Zara Kids. I especially love their sweater knits!Baby Gap. Lots of great classics for pants, summer dresses, and swim trunks or swimsuits for a water theme.Target – Cat & Jack. They often have cute outfits & one pieces that change almost monthly, and they are excellent quality & with unique details.

Carters. This is where I find knit pants for boys in neutral colors .Primary. If youre going for a more colorful theme and looking for basics that your child will be sure to wear again, head on over to and choose leggings or a romper in a color that matches your theme!

Trish Scully Child. Absolutely gorgeous dresses for little girls, with all of the feminine details that you are going to fall in love with! Lace, tulle, florals. Their dresses are so beautiful! Classic looks that they will wear again, and beautifully made.

How To Pick A Perfect Tutu Dress For A Cake Smash Session

This is your babys very first birthday and you want to make it a special one in the best way possible. From decorations to dress, cake to menu you want to make everything perfect and exquisite because its your princess who is turning one. One of the most interesting ways to celebrate this milestone is with a smash cake. If you dont know what a cake smash session is and how to arrange for 1 year old cake smash session then we are here to help you with everything you need to know about cake smash along with suggesting cake smash tips for parents to pick a perfect tutu dress for her first birthday.

So here you go.

Dragons Love Tacos Party

Also, did you know that dragons love tacos? Well they do, so we threw a taco party for dragons . We completely over-estimated how much taco meat we’d need – the book suggests getting a boat and filling the boat with tacos, which is approximately what I did, but we were a few dragons short of finishing. So…taco week?

Keeping with the theme, her party smash cake version had naturally green spirulina-tinted frosting, decorated as dragon scales. And, though they were certainly offered the mashed up remnants of her cake, the guests got my classic chocolate cupcakes with naturally-dyed hibiscus mango dragon flame frosting. And churro rice krispie treats because #tacoparty.

Lucas and I spent an evening cutting out those papel picado streamers using Honestly Yum’s DIY, and I decorated the food table with a taco shell banner, which was so super cute, but also apparently confused a few guests who accidentally ate the stale decor. Oops.

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Birthday Portrait Outfit For Girls In Singapore

When it comes to selecting an outfit for a girl, follow much of the advice we shared above regarding selecting a cake smash outfit for girls in Singapore.

For the first outfit of the day, we recommend a pretty dress with a stylish tutu skirt. This will create adorable photos that youâll treasure forever. If your baby isnât into dresses, consider just a pretty top for this photo session. Stick to about $40-50 for the dress, and then consider adding any accessories you may want, such as a tiara or headband.

If you do decide to put your child in shoes, a small pair of pretty ballet shoes will be a great choice to match with the dress.

As far as colours to wear for a baby cake smash, we think pink is a great choice for girls, but you could also consider purple, yellow, or orange. Avoid buying this outfit last minute to avoid any panic before the big day.

Itâs recommended that you buy three outfits in total for the session. One will be worn for the pre-cake smash shoot, one during the event, and one after to return home and for final photos.

You may choose to follow a theme throughout, such as princesses or superheroes, and all the outfits should follow a similar colour scheme or theme.

Girls Cake Smash Outfits

cake smash outfit girls first birthday outfit cake smash

When it comes to Girls’ Cake Smash outfits and accessories, weve certainly got plenty to choose from. Whether youre looking for a lacy vintage-inspired romper, complete with ruffles and bows or you need something a little simpler, like our Cake Smash Ruffle Pants, well have something to suit your little model. All of our Cake Smash accessories and outfits are designed to survive the messiest Cake Smash Sessions and to be comfortable throughout, even for the wriggliest babies. Theyre all washable or wipeable too. Choose from our classic gingham or floral rompers, net tutus and themed Cake Smash Sets and then co-ordinate with our colourful bunting, painted letters and pretty girls’ hair accessories.

If youre after Cake Smash Props for a photoshoot in a particular colour, size or design which you dont see here, just get in touch. We specialise in bespoke items so well happily create something just for you.

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Birthday Portrait Outfit For Boys In Singapore

Before you get started with the baby cake smash itself, youâll want to go ahead and have a birthday portrait taken of your little boy. When choosing an outfit for the birthday portrait, you can generally go for something a little smarter than the cake smash outfit for boys in Singapore.

One idea we love for boys is a shirt and suspenders, with a little bow tie to finish off the outfit. Navy and blue work perfectly together for boys and will make your little one look very dapper for the occasion. You could even use a white shirt for these images if you prefer because the cake wonât get anywhere near it.

If you donât think your baby will be comfortable in a traditional shirt, opt for a smart top or personalized t-shirt instead.

For anyone worried about their baby overheating in long pants, consider opting for shorts instead. You can still find some lovely tailored shorts for boys today, which will look smart when paired with a shirt.

Finally, if you think your little one will play around with the suspenders too much, opt for a knitted cable jumper without sleeves. They wonât overheat with this type of jumper, but it still creates that smart aesthetic for the photos.

First Birthday Smash Cake

A sweet and special First Birthday Smash Cake that any birthday girl or boy would love to smash into!

There is nothing cuter than watching a baby smash into their first birthday cake! I love seeing the curiosity and excitement on their face as they are given permission to dig into their very own cake and make as big of a mess as they want while everyone cheers them on! Such a fun birthday tradition!

So as you can imagine, I was so thrilled and flattered when my friend, Robin, asked me to make sweet Ellas first birthday smash cake! I was also pretty nervous because Im no cake decorator and I wanted it to be so cute and special for the birthday girl!

Ella is a girly girl so my vision for her smash cake was pink, pink, and more pink! In fact, I think it was the most pink Ive ever had in my house and I loved it! I always tell Robin that her precious girls give me my girly fix in this house full of boys!

I decided to make the same cake I made for Baker on his first birthday! Its a simple banana cake thats easy and delicious!

I frosted Bakers smash cake with a chocolate frosting and topped it off with some sport ball cake balls to fit the theme of his party! All boy!

Fudge Frosting Recipe:

  • 5 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chopped
  • 8 tablespoons butter, room temperature
  • 3 cups powdered sugar, sifted
  • 6 tablespoons milk

For Ellas cake, I made a fluffy light pink frosting and decorated it with hot pink icing and large pink sprinkles. All girl!



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What Is A Smash Cake

In case youre unfamiliar, a smash cake is basically a tiny cake meant to be enjoyed by your kiddo on her first birthday. And since 1-year-olds are pretty much lawless, that means she’ll likely dig into that delicious cake by using her fingers, or smashing her face into it the second its placed in front of her. The moment she does, Mom, Dad or any other photographer whos on-hand can capture the moment in all its Instagram-worthy glory.

Smash cakes are hilarious, adorable and make for the perfect end to any first birthday bash. Dont worry, though there will still be plenty of regular birthday cake to be had by guests, sans baby slobber. Smash cakes are usually kid-sized for a reason, and are meant to be only for the birthday boy or girl to devour all on their own. After your little one has had her fun, you can slice up a separate, larger cake for guests to enjoy.

If youre not so sure about letting your newly-minted toddler get all messy at her birthday party , you could always schedule a separate cake smash shoot with a professional photographer a trend thats growing in popularity. A photographer can create a backdrop, arrange for the cake to be provided the whole nine yards.

Whatever route you choose, you cant really go wrong baby is guaranteed to have fun, and the resulting smash cake pictures will be unforgettable. Scroll on for a little inspiration with these scrumptious smash cake ideas that are just waiting for a 1-year-old to tear into them.

Ice Cream Parlor Smash Cake


Sugary-sweet and cute enough to eat! These parents took an ice cream theme and ran with it… to absolutely gorgeous effect. You can spin this more masculine with blues or greens, brighten it up with bolder hues, or make it flavor-specific . Who ever said Babys first cake cant be an ice cream one? Thought so.

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Healthy First Birthday Cake: Baby Smash Cake Recipe

She smushed and licked and grabbed fistfuls and fistfuls of cake until ultimately, with green frosted fingers, she lifted up a layer and hugged the cake. After shoving most of it in your face with intermittent “mmm”s and frosting-filled grins, what else is there left to do but hug the cake? I mean, I too love cake so much I want to hug it. On a purely instinctual level, we can all relate. We all feel that way about cake, but when was the last time you hugged a cake?

What a way to welcome in the world of cake.

It was the vv best most perfect first cake experience for her and everyone watching it happen. Get it girl!

Healthy Smash Cake: Spiced Banana Date Cake

This healthy smash cake is a gluten-free refined sugar-free banana date cake with maple cream cheese frosting. This smash cake recipe is the perfect healthy first birthday cake , but is also delicious enough for fancy dinner party!

Have you ever seen someone hug a cake before? This spiced banana date cake is a truly hug-worthy cake. I’ve been working on the recipe since my friend’s son turned one about 3½ years ago. This final version that I made as Zoella’s 1st birthday smash cake experience for her first birthday party this weekend is exactly perfect and she agrees .

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Donut Grow Up Smash Cake Idea

For a different take on the smash moment, how about a stack of donuts? Babies grow way too fast this fun play on words works effortlessly with a unique cake smash idea in the form of sprinkly, colorful, delicious donuts for Baby to enjoy. Note: you should totally snag one for yourself off the top of the pile before the photoshoot is underway!

Cake Smash Outfit For Girls In Singapore

Tutu birthday tutu cake smash outfit girls first birthday

Moving onto the cake smash outfit for girls in Singapore, youâll probably want to stick with a similar colour scheme as the first outfit. Pink is one of our top choices for the main event, and you can easily find cute outfits and accessories in this colour.

Try to reduce the amount of clothing on your child for the cake smash, and stick with a tutu, skirt, or basic romper. You donât need to spend more than $30-40 on this outfit and avoid fancy materials that will likely get wrecked.

For accessories, consider a pretty headband or just avoid using one at all. Cotton is a great material choice for this part of the day, as itâs soft and comfortable against your babyâs skin.

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Flower Child Smash Cake

Flower power is hers with a bright and blooming, floral-themed cake smash. Go with pink rosebuds and cherry blossoms like shown, or take an unexpected path with a wildflower inspired cake smash cake idea. All flowers are pretty flowers, and your little one will love these photos for years to come.

Picking Cake Smash Outfit

Well practically, letting your baby enjoy cake smash session in just her diaper is a good idea but because it is her birthday and you want to have cake smash photo session that will always be an integral part of your memories, you must pick something nice and pretty.

  • Cake Smash Tutu Dress

Dressing your baby girl in colorful and cute tutu dress for outdoor cake smash photos is a delightful thought. You can find these smart tutu dresses for birthdays in various colors and styles. This gives you all the room to pick what fits the color theme and budget. Go with something playful. Pick the one which complements the cake so that the pictures that you click are impeccable.

  • Cake Smash Tutu with Tees

You can also go with a beautiful tutu skirt matched with a t-shirt with ONE written on it. This would look cutest on your kid and would have the essence of her first birthday. You can buy it online or have it custom made. A tutu skirt that blends with the theme and a white t-shirt is a wonderful idea to go with.

  • Ruffled Rompers

Another choice of clothing is ruffled rompers in bright hues. They look really cute and pretty on little princess and are also very comfortable choice of dress for cake smash session on her first birthday.

Custom made Cake smash outfit for baby boy. See more ideas about cake smash outfit boy, cake smash dress, cake smash sets.

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