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Making a Gluten-free Vegan Birthday Cake! #GoVegan

The yellow cake is adapted very slightly from my very best gluten free vanilla cake, which has long been one of the most popular recipes on this blog. Its incredibly moist and tender, and even though you do have to sift some flours, it is as easy as can be.

The edible confetti that makes the cake into Funfetti has no real taste , but it make everything more fun. Its like dressing like normal on your birthday but wearing a party hat. Youre instantly festive.

For what its worth, when our 17-year-old party guests saw me cut into this birthday cake at my daughters party, there was an audible gasp over my left shoulder. And an ooooh Funfetti! exclamation. See? Fun.

There may be a few steps to creating all the elements of the perfect birthday cake, but each of them is quite simple. And you can make the cake in stages, and have it ready to assemble the day you plan to serve it.

How To Frost Like A Pro

You do not have to be a professional to ice a birthday cake. The tricks to frosting and/or icing a cake smoothly are twofold.

First, your frostings must be super smooth and everything must be at the proper temperature. The sour cream chocolate frosting here must be at room temperature. If youve refrigerated it, youll have to leave it out at room temperature for hours so that it comes to temperature evenly.

The chocolate icing must be scoopable, and you can err on the side of chilled. The cakes should be at room temperature, but can also be chilled.

Second, you need a flat edge for smoothing the frosting. Ive used everything from a tool made specifically for cake decorating to a plastic bowl scraper and even a bench scraper. A spinning cake turntable is nice, but not essential.

And always remember that strategically-placed decorations can hide a multitude of mistakes!

Delivery & Order Policy

Delivery is only available for weddings. We take exceptional care in transporting, delivering and setting up your desserts. All wedding deliveries are charged a delivery fee based on the county in which the venue is located, plus round-trip mileage to/from the bakery. Special charges will apply for all deliveries to Mackinac Island. Delivery is not available on Sundays or holidays.

Please note that our custom cakes are very popular and space is extremely limited during peak season . During peak season, custom cakes must be ordered a minimum of ten business days in advance, and even then, we cannot guarantee availability. Some dates for the 2022 season are already fully booked. Last minute requests may be accommodated based on availability but are not guaranteed. We cannot accommodate custom cakes or wedding consultations during the week of the National Cherry Festival/Fourth of July.

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Limited Open Hours For Takeaway

Were not currently offering dine-in service, but we are open for walk-in takeaway purchases. Simply call in to order, or walk inside to view our fresh pastry case and well be happy to help you. We are still requiring masks for all customers. We cant see those smiling faces anymore but love to see those smiling eyes. Were still offering contactless pickup to those who need this service, and were happy to arrange this.

All our baked goods are freshly made daily in our gluten free production kitchen, located behind our shop. Our retail staff is very patient and knowledgeable about all our products. They are more than happy to answer questions about allergens, ingredients, or their personal favorite treats!

Custom Cakes For Every Milestone

Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Baby Showers, Retirement, Holidays, and more! Our fun and creative team at Third Coast Bakery is here to bake up an amazing custom cake that EVERYONE can enjoy at your next special event. We specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and 100% DELICIOUS baked goods. Enjoy a beautifully designed cake at your next party without the worry of leaving people out. Don’t let food allergies stop you from enjoying a sweet slice of cake!

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Why Make Gluten Free Birthday Cake From Scratch

When youre looking for a gluten free birthday cake, its not like you can just go to most local grocery stores and order a cake that you can feel comfortable serving. Plus, when you make a cake yourself, you can make it precisely as you like it, tailoring all the flavors to the tastes of the birthday boy or girl.

More Incredible Gluten Free Cakes

If youre looking for a layer cake, but youre not sold on the idea of a vanilla funfetti cake, here are some other gluten free layer cake recipes on the blog. Each of the cakes below can be made with the same frosting and icing as in this gf funfetti cake, or with the assigned frosting in each individual recipe:

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Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake

A light fluffy gluten free vanilla sponge cake, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream.

Did you know?

You can choose from our delicious range of Gluten Free Cakes, freshly made and perfect for every occasion. Choose to get your favourite flavour of gluten free cake delivered straight to your home or straight to the door of a family member, friend, or loved one.

Why choose a gluten free cake?

There are lots of reasons why you would want to choose a gluten free cake. Its a necessity for those who have a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance. For these people its very important to avoid gluten at all costs, unfortunately, a lot of the time that means sacrificing delicious tasty treats, and its often hard to avoid, as tasty gluten free cakes for events, such as gluten free birthday cakes.

For others, they may have chosen to try to eat as little gluten as possible. But that still means that they are faced with the same challenge as a lot of tasty treats contain gluten, in fact the majority do.

Making sure everyone is included in celebrations perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Order your gluten-free cakes online and get them delivered straight to your house or have them sent straight to your friend, family member, or loved one. Dont settle for dry, boring supermarket gluten-free cakes ever again and get our moist irresistible gluten-free cakes.

Gluten Free Birthday Cakes & Other Cakes


Madeira cake layered with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting, decorated with soft icing. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten and dairy .

5. Free From Celebration Cake, Morrisons

6. Deliciously Free From Seriously Chocolate Cake, Sainburys, £8.00

Chocolate flavoured cake with chocolate flavoured frosting and chocolate decorations. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts.

7. Hand Finish Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, Coop, £3.50

I love this chocolate cake. It is one of the best I have tried and reminds me of proper chocolate fudge cake. Its a fairly small size but would be the perfect mini cake to serve to coeliacs at a party. In the free from section.

8. Tesco Finest Free From Carrot Cake, £3.00

This is a really yummy little gluten free cake, with delicious cream cheese frosting on the top and very soft carrot cake sponge. in the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

Gluten free carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. In the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

10. Tesco Finest Free From Victoria Sponge Cake, £3.00

A classic sponge that might be a bit boring as a birthday cake but some people do love a good slice of Victoria sponge! In the free from section. Free from wheat and gluten.

11. Made Without Wheat Carrot Cake, M& S

Ooo another really good gluten free carrot cake. Find in the Made Without Wheat ambient section. Free from gluten.

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Gluten Free Speciality Cakes

Need gluten-free celebration cake for yourself and your guests? Gluten-Free 4 U has the collection of celebratory cakes for your choosing.

We understand the need for deliciously tasty gluten-free cakes designed for special occasions. That is why we have a succulent and amazing selection of Speciality cakes for all special occasions, including Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings, Corporate events and any other occasion that is special for you or a loved one. Search through our collection to find the stunningly appealing and deliciously tasty celebratory cake for your special occasion.

Asda Free From Chocolate Party Cake: 8 Asda

There are a couple of supermarket offerings on our list. Asda doesnt offer anything unique in terms of its presentation . The cake itself is delicious. It is packed full of chocolate with a thick and gooey layer of frosting even more impressive when you consider that it’s also dairy-free. No wonder it won Gold in the children’s category of the last FreeFrom Food Awards.

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Can You Freeze Cake

Yes, you can! Its really easy to freeze cakes. Once your cakes are completely cool, wrap the cakes with plastic wrap , wrap again with aluminum foil, and then place in a freezer bag.

The cake can be frozen for up to 3 months. You can defrost the wrapped cake at room temperature for 2-3 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. I have found that it is better to thaw the cake at a slower rate in the refrigerator.

Making A Gluten Free Funfetti Cake In Advance

Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla speinkles birthday cake 8

When making your cake for a party you can make it in advance in a couple different ways:

  • Bake the individual cake rounds, let them cool completely, then wrap tightly in freezer-safe wrap and freeze flat for up to 2 months. Then, defrost at room temperature, fill with frosting, ice, and serve.
  • Bake both layers cake, fill them with frosting, wrap very tightly and freeze for up to 2 months. Defrost at room temperature, ice, and serve.

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Gluten Free Chocolate 4


  • Product Description

Gluten-free cakes delivered straight to your door! This chocolate layer cake is decadent, moist, and surprisingly gluten-free! Premium Dutch cocoa gives this gluten-free chocolate cake a rich flavor. Four layers of dreamy chocolate cake are filled and simply frosted with our ultra-creamy chocolate cream cheese frosting. It is finished with a border of chocolate shavings around the top. Look out world – this cake sets the bar high for gluten-free confections! Order gluten-free layer cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

Serves up to 8 people. Diameter: 6 inches

$45.00 in-store pick-up. For More Pick-up Information

Gluten Free Birthday Cake Jakarta

  • 24 Sep, 2021

Gluten free birthday cake jakarta

Gluten free birthday cake jakarta. Ndilalah di ultah tahun ini anaknya koq ya malah minta mamaknya bikin cake ultah yg ada princessnya. This type of cake doesnt come often, but when it does, this easter special is something you cant get enough of! Instead gluten is found primarily in wheat, rye, and barley. Seluruh menu yang terdapat di dej cafe memang diperuntukkan untuk para vegan, termasuk roti dan kue yang dijual di dej.

Seluruh menu yang terdapat di dej cafe memang diperuntukkan untuk para vegan, termasuk roti dan kue yang dijual di dej. Ismayas cake joint colette and lola has been a favourite for their fun, colourful cakes like rainbow cake, es teler cake, berry blush, and ovo milo. Gluten free & coconut sugar cake. one of the best buffet food and service. Super moist, airy, and rich chocolate layer cake, covered in premium belgian chocolate frosting, surrounded by funfetti sprinkles, and topped with 8 pcs french macarons of your choice. Setahun lalu pernah bikin cake ultah utk anak wedok, tp mamak lupa pake resepnya siapa hehe.

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Finding The Perfect Gluten Free Birthday Cake To Order Online

Delicious gluten free birthday cake to order online. Fact or fiction? Myth or legend? Fast or furious? Ignore that last one, I ran out of ideas

Finding a gluten free birthday cake to order, without hassle, without fuss and- moreover- tasting completely heavenly, can sometimes feel like a never-ending search.

You end up considering having to bake it yourself. Or trying to talk someone into baking it for you. Or asking in your local bakery if they do gluten free cakes, shortly before they burst out laughing, which you take as a no.

But what is a party without cake? Utterly pointless, is the answer!

So, the search goes on for gluten free birthday cakes online and gluten free cake for delivery- UK specifically, because you found the most perfect cake and went through the entire ordering process, only to then find they were in Dallas and, obviously, the shipping didnt include a trip across the Atlantic. For you or the cake.

Due To Staffing Limitations We Are Unable To Take Orders Larger Than 9 Round Cakes Custom Decoration Is Limited On A Case

Easy Gluten-Free Almond Flour Birthday Cake RECIPE

All Pre-Orders require at least 72 hours notice.

We appreciate your patience with our COVID-19 precautions and keeping our staff healthy and stress free.

We also make wedding and special occasion cakes, visit our Weddings page for more details.

Wedding Cakes

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are working with a limited staff. At this time our wedding coordinator is only able to set aside a few days of coordination time per week, so communication is also limited. If you are looking for a small Single or Two-Tier wedding cake, we are definitely able to accommodate.

DeliveryAt this time we are not able to offer delivery. All orders would be required to pickup at our retail location in Portland on NE Broadway and 2nd.

PaymentA 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon placing your order.The remaining 50% and delivery fee are due 2 weeks before the event.

TastingsTake home tastings available for $30 on a limited case-by-case basis. Take home tastings require payment at time of order.

Placing an OrderFill out the form below or contact the bakery to speak with our Wedding coordinator regarding the details of your order.

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Gluten And Wheat Free Cakes

The search is over for Gluten and Wheat Free cakes that taste as good as non gluten free!

If you have a wheat intolerance then buying Birthday Cakes, or cakes for any other occasion can be a challenge. We know that you can buy some specialty Wheat Free Cakes, but here at bakerdays we believe that everyone should be offered the same choice. Our gluten free birthday cakes made to order for your occasion!

Don’t compromise, we don’t and neither should you!

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