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How To Make A No Bake Ice Cream Cake

Vegan Ice Cream Cake | EASY VEGAN DESSERTS

Unlike a lot of ice cream cake recipes, this one can all be made in the same day.

In the morning, make the crust. While doing this, set one pint of ice cream out to soften. . Combine all crust ingredients in a food processor. Blend until the mixture becomes a course, crumbly and sticky texture.

Next, press the crust into a lined 6″ springform pan. If using a 9″ springform pan, double all ingredients for this recipe .

Once the ice cream has softened, spread it over the crust. Then, place the cake in the freezer to set . Note: if you are using two different flavors of ice cream, you’ll want to add them one at a time. The first ice cream layer will need to set before adding the second layer. Unless, that is, you don’t mind the two layers blending together. If you’re only using one type of ice cream, this extra step isn’t necessary.

Once the ice cream has set, add the second layer of ice cream. Freeze 1-2 hours or until firm.

Lastly, make the fudge topping. To do this, add all fudge ingredients to a small sauce pan. Place on the stove top and melt on low heat, stirring frequently. Once fully melted, pour over ice cream layers. Note: the fudge can be poured into the springform pan. Or, you can remove the springform pan, place the cake on a large plate and pour the fudge on top so it drips down the sides.

Optional: add toppings!

Best Toppings For Ice Cream Cake

You may think an Oreo crust and ice cream filling is decadent enough, but I’m here to tell you that your ice cream cake isn’t done yet!

You need toppings!

The toppings you choose for your ice cream cake may vary depending on what flavor of ice cream you use.

I’ll list out some options below, but feel free to use the same mix-ins your ice cream has as the toppings for your ice cream cake!

  • Dairy-free chocolate fudge.
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cookie dough

In the photos for today’s vegan ice cream cake, I used mint chocolate chip ice cream for the filling and topped everything off with coconut milk whipped cream and chocolate fudge!

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Here are the ingredients that you need:

  • Full-fat coconut milk 2 cups
  • Agave syrup, maple syrup, or honey ¼ cup
  • Vanilla extract 11/2 teaspoon
  • Mix your ingredients thoroughly and turn into an ice cube tray.
  • Freeze for up to four hours.
  • Place the frozen cubes in your blender and blend till they get smooth.
  • Enjoy at once or you may freeze for a longer duration in an air-tight container.
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    How To Store An Ice Cream Cake

    Once youve decorated your cake, you probably want to store it before youre going to serve. I recommend storing the cake in the freezer with the decorations on. After 15 minutes in the freezer, you can gently and carefully cover it with plastic wrap, but generally, the cake shouldnt dry out, as the buttercream offers insulation to keep it moist.

    About an hour before youre ready to serve the ice cream cake, transfer the cake to the fridge to start to thaw. This will allow the cake to become soft again. Then serve and slice the ice cream cake!

    Grab A Free Printable Copy Of The Easiest Dairy Free Ice Cream Cake:

    Gluten and Dairy Free DQ Ice Cream Cake Recipe
    • Chop cookies in food processor until finely ground.
    • Add cookie powder to a large mixing bowl containing 2 cups whipped topping.
    • Fold cookies into whipped topping this will be the frosting.
    • Lay 4 ice cream sandwiches on a non-stick baking mat and cover with frosting.
    • Repeat with 2 more layers of sandwiches.
    • Use remaining frosting to cover the entire cake.
    • Freeze for at least 2 hours & enjoy!

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    Peanut Butter Banana Pops For Vanilla And Chocolate Lovers

    Sarah starts with just one tablespoon of peanut butter, which suits younger taste buds, and adds more, to taste, for peanut butter lovers. She also opts to use chocolate dairy-free milk beverage, for a boost of sweetness and complementary flavor. But Sarah says vanilla is delicious too.

    Either way, this recipe results in simple, healthy, everyday kind of desserts. And we love that it also helps to use up leftover bananas and dairy-free milk beverage!

    How To Store Rainbow Cake Ice Cream

    You can store your Rainbow Cake Ice Cream in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.

    If you made some Homemade Rainbow Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and you happened to have some leftover, cover the cake and store it at room temperature for up to 7 days. If you live in warmer climates or would like to keep your cake for a little longer, you can store it in the fridge.

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    Drumstick Ice Cream Cake

    Lactose free vanilla ice cream (*without real cream or milk!)

    You know the original Drumstick novelty. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone, dipped in chocolate and coated in peanuts. Its simple yet somehow magical. Yet the Grand Prize winner in the Cashew Frozen Dessert category of our 2016 Raise a Pint Recipe Contest transformed that popular treat into a dairy-free dessert that we think is even better than the original. Alexa of Flo & Grace made this impressive Drumstick Ice Cream Cake with just a handful of ingredients, including So Delicious Very Vanilla Cashew Milk Ice Cream.

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    No Churn Dairy Free Cake Batter Ice Cream

    For years, one of my favorite gluten free no churn ice cream recipe has been my gluten free cake batter ice cream. With real birthday cake batter flavor (thanks to some toasted gluten free flour, or cake mix, a blue buttercream frosting swirl and a ton of sprinkles, it is always a hit.

    Earlier this summer when I shared a picture of my gluten free birthday cake ice cream, I asked on Instagram if there was interest in a dairy free version. The answer was a resounding YES!

    If you like fun, bright colored ice cream you’ll also love this recipe for cotton candy ice cream. It is perfect for a party!

    It has taken me awhile to get the dairy free cake batter ice cream to you, because nailing a no churn ice cream is no easy feat. I ran into a few issues at firsts, and my dairy free no churn ice cream looked like cottage cheese.

    I figured it out, and am breaking it all down so that you dont have a curdled mess on your hands.

    If you do have an ice cream machine, I’m including directions for making this recipe with an ice cream machine too. Honestly, using an ice cream machine is a TON easier than making it no churn. I love my Bosch Ice Cream Attachment for my Nutrimill Artiste Mixer.

    Please note, this ice cream is coconut milk based and so it does taste like coconut to some degree. It will taste less like coconut the colder your ice cream is. It if softens or gets melty, it will taste more like coconut.

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    Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    Delight your inner child with our scrumptious vegan cookie dough ice cream. Creamy vegan vanilla ice cream is loaded with chunks of vegan cookie dough and chocolate chips for a delicious taste of childhood. Try sandwiching it between vegan chocolate chip cookies for the ultimate summer comfort food treat.

    Can I Make Dairy Free No Churn Ice Cream With Canned Full Fat Coconut Milk Instead Of Canned Coconut Cream


    If you do not have canned coconut cream, and instead have canned full fat coconut milk, youll need to chill your cans and skim off the solids to equal 4 cups of coconut cream. You’ll probably need 3-4 cans of canned coconut milk to get 4 cups of coconut cream.

    If you are using canned coconut cream, the amount of liquid in the bottom of the can is small enough that it isnt necessary to chill and separate.

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    How To Assemble The Ice Cream Cake

    • Crush the gluten-free cookies in a food processor or place them in a plastic storage bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
    • Make the whipped cream frosting .
    • Place the first cake layer on top of the cake platter.
    • Add a thin layer of whipped cream to the top of your cake layer and sprinkle the top with the crushed gluten-free cookies.
    • Remove the frozen ice cream layer from the foil and place it on top of the first cake layer.
    • Sprinkle the top of the ice cream layer with the crushed gluten-free cookies.
    • Place the second cake layer on top of the ice cream layer.
    • Cover the entire cake with the whipped cream frosting.
    • Using a star tip , add some dollops of whipped cream on top of the cake. Finish decorating with additional whole gluten-free cookies and crushed gluten-free cookies.
    • Serve immediately or place the cake back into the freezer until ready to serve.
    • Just before serving, take the cake out of the freezer and move it to the refrigerator for 30 minutes or let sit at room temperature for 15 minutes for easy slicing.
    • Store leftovers in a freezer-safe container and place the cake back in the freezer.

    Our Test Notes: Drumstick Ice Cream Cake

    Chalk up another one to well-executed nostalgia. We all wanted to test out this Drumstick Ice Cream Cake, but Sarah was the first run to the kitchen. She made it for her boisterous clan and received nothing but raves:

    Everyone loved this cake, and we are all now huge fans of the cashew milk ice cream! The flavors were great it tasted just like a drumstick ice cream cone. The only change my family would make would be to have a bit more of the chocolate topping, but we really like chocolate. The directions were clear. Overall it is very creative and cute, yet simple to execute. I plan to steal the ice cream cone crust idea for other ice cream cakes!

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    Copycat Vegan Ice Cream Dairy Queen Cake

    Dairy Queen cake vegan copycat is a nostalgic dream come true! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, an irresistible fudge and crunchy center, topped with whipped cream icing and sprinkles!

    The Dairy Queen cake is iconic. It was the ultimate birthday cake. The first cake to make their homemade counterparts seem significantly less cool and desirable. I remember when friends would announce their upcoming birthday parties at school, one of the first questions would be what kind of cake they are having. There was always a lingering air of disappointment when Dairy Queen wasnt mentioned.

    Apparently not much has changed. Every time my guys go to a party and ice cream cake is served, they are genuinely disappointed they couldnt have any. Whereas, with traditional desserts and cakes, they couldnt care less if they cant take part. They whine about how Dairy Queen doesnt offer lactose free, vegan friendly versions and how its depressing theyll never get to even try it.

    Well, chisel out my mom award, because I have gone and created a vegan, gluten free version of the most beloved ice cream cake in the world!

    My picky eaters 10th birthday is this week and with this whole quarantine thing destroying all his birthday party dreams, figured I would do whatever I could to at the very least satiate his dreams of finally sampling the greatest cake to ever come from a fast food joint.

    Copycat Vegan Ice Cream Dairy Queen Cake Ingredients

    Helpful Tips Copycat Vegan Dairy Queen Cake

    Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream

    BEST EVER Vegan Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Homemade Ice Cream Cake

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But does your stomach scream back at you when you have just a scoop of that delicious frozen dessert? Well, dont you worry because this Lactose free Vanilla Ice Cream will melt all your tummy troubles away. Its made with real dairy milk and has all the delicious flavor and creaminess of regular ice cream yet none of the troubles associated with lactose!

    Top this homemade lactose free ice cream with a spoon of simple cherry compote or rosemary peach sauce, or make a classic banana split. However you make it, youll be ready to tackle the summer heat with this delectable frozen treat!

    What is lactose and what causes lactose intolerance?

    Lactose is the sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Lactose intolerance is caused by the lack of lactase, an enzyme in your intestine, which facilitates the digestion of lactose.

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    What Ice Cream To Use For An Ice Cream Cake

    For making your own vegan ice cream cake, you have a few options for the different types of ice cream! You can go the route of homemade ice cream, like using my favorite cashew milk ice cream or vegan cookie dough ice cream, or you use store bought.

    For store bought ice cream, the great news is that vegan ice creams these days really taste good. I recommend either So Delicious, Oatsome, or Nada Moo. They all have wonderful flavors and offer both nut-free and coconut-free options.

    You can make a vanilla ice cream cake, a chocolate ice cream cake, or strawberry ice cream. Or you can make this freezer cake super fun and use birthday cake ice cream, cookies n cream, mint chocolate chip, mocha fudge, or whichever is your favorite ice cream!

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