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How to make a Chocolate Cake Topper – Mr & Mrs


For this tutorial, Im using Canva because its easy to use and its free for the basics. Depending on some of the graphics you might want to add to your design, it might cost you a couple of dollars, but there are many graphics that are free and you can upload your own.


PicMonkey is another graphic design platform and its very similar to Canva. It is easy to use and figure out and it does offer some things that Canva doesnt. The only downside is that it isnt free.

is also a design software, but it is a rather large learning curve if you dont have prior experience. It also costs a monthly fee to use the cloud version.

Other options:

You could always Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or other design programs. Those programs cost though and some have a larger learning curve.

For the most part, I use Canva or Photoshop, because thats what Im used to and am comfortable with.

This tutorial will use Canva because its easier to figure out than Photoshop and its free to use at the time of this post.

Why Buy From Caketoppers

We are experts in edible printing with many years experience. We have developed our cakes, cupcakes, icing and edible print technology to achieve the best possible results. Our custom packaging has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure your order will arrive in perfect condition. Our high standards mean that you can be assured of top quality products delivered with an efficient, professional service every time. If you have any questions please contact us and our knowledgeable team can give advice on printing your image. Or you may wish to read our FAQ page.

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Cut Out Your Cardstock

Cut out your cardstock layers. Every layer can be the same color, or choose a different contrasting color for your phrase or name to help it stand out!

I recommend you cut two of the wreath layers and one of the sentiment layer in the desired cardstock or glitter paper. If cutting the sentiment only to use as a topper cut two layers of the sentiment. The double layers add stability to the cake topper.

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Overlap And Weld Text

Its time to give shape to the cake topper and to do that we need to organize all letters.

This is the most time-consuming part of the project and the most important because it will ensure that all of the letters remain together after your Cricut cuts the cake topper.

Start by overlapping all letters. I decided to have happy on the top and birthday at the bottom.

You may struggle to join all of the letters. Thats when rotating and unlocking the proportions of each letter comes in handy. If you pay attention to the screenshot down below, youll notice that everything looks different.

The goal here is to have everything connected.

Oh! And dont forget the dot from the letter i. As you can see, I connected the dot with the letter h.

When all of your letters are overlapped, select them and click on Weld to create a single layer.

Pink Flamingo Cake Topper

Let the adventure begin cake topper. WireHearts Design Personalized ...

When you think cake topper, does your mind automatically wander to the image of a veritable sculpture standing grandly atop your cake? Well, being the avid crafting enthusiasts that we are, we cant say we blame you even a little bit! Well take any chance we can to make something eye catching and cool that we might not normally have the opportunity to make. This awesomely big pink flamingo cake topper from The Party Girl is the perfect example of what we mean! How often do you get to make yourself a big pink bird from paper and crafting wire? It sounds like a pretty fun plan to us!

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Plus How To Make Edible Cake Decorations And Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

How to make edible cupcake toppers and Cake Decorations? You can make just about any custom edible cupcake topper you want in easy, simple steps. I am going to show you how to make edible cupcake toppers made just from royal icing. This works well too for edible cake decorations and butterfly cupcake toppers.

Since butterfly cupcake toppers are a popular choice Im going to make butterfly cupcake toppers as one of my examples below. Im also going to make something more unique and custom so that you can see how to make edible cupcake toppers and how to make edible cake decorations that fit for anything you want.

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Personalized Cake Topper For Any Occasion

A personalized cake topper makes for one of the simplest party planning hacks out there. I love creating my own custom cake toppers to match with whatever party theme or decor I have planned. Instead of paying a cake decorator, grab a plain cake and add your own cake decorations.

Post may contain affiliate links, which allow me to receive a small commission on purchases you decide to make.

Start with your favorite grocery store or bakery cake. My personal favorite is Whole Foods Carousel Cake. I order whatever size I need and just ask them to ice it smooth with plain white icing. .

Heres where the fun comes in. Get creative on how you can add some personality to your cake. Whether you purchase something, like a Minnie Mouse cake topper, or create your own, have fun with it.

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Barbie Doll Skirt Cake

Using a Barbie doll as a cake topper to make the cake look like a skirt is a classic party technique, but its always nice to have as many tutorials for a cool idea as possible! After all, what little girl doesnt want a beautiful doll in a deliciously sweet ball gown at her birthday party at some point? These guidelines from Birthday Cakes will help you make it happen in the simplest way weve seen yet! Then you can embellish the skirt however you please for some extra girly cuteness.

Design Your Own Edible Topper


For our personalised standard size edible toppers you can design your own with our easy-to-use design tool.

Please note, the “design your own edible topper” tool is a direct to print service and images are not checked prior to printing and posting.

We strongly recommend that you refer to our FAQ for details and guidance on achieving the best results for your cake toppers.

Alternatively… if you need some artistic assistance then we’ve expanded our in-house edible topper design service – simply upload your photos with an outline of what you require in the special instructions box and we’ll do the rest. Tip – please read the product information in our FAQ before placing your order.

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Best Friends Ice Cream And Flowers

Is your idea of the perfect cake topper really more of a cake-top tableau scene? Well fully admit that weve gotten carried away in past years and created whole tiny sets on top of birthday cakes that can hardly be described as just toppers, and we have a feeling Icing Designs can understand what we mean! Their tutorial shows you how to make a cute little friendship scene complete with tiny ice cream cones. They used wooden peg style clothespins, fabric scraps, paper straws, and silk flowers to set the scene.

Birthday Party Hat Cake Topper

Is your favourite little birthday detail at any party the fun birthday hats that everyone wears while they eat cake and sing? We couldnt agree with you more! We know theyre just paper hats with some glitter stuck to them, but theres just something so cheerful about birthday hats and we think theyre worth celebrating. Thats why we love this birthday hat cake topper from Rain on A Tin Roof so much! This topper is simple to make but certain to make the afternoon really feel like a party.

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Learn How To Make Your Own Diy Cake Topper For Birthday Weddings And Holidays That Are Both Easy And Elegant Use One Of My Free Topper Designs Or Make Your Own With A Custom Name Or Phrase To Decorate Your Cake

My family loves cake. I used to love to bake and decorate cakes, but those days are long behind me at this point. So when Im responsible for the cake, that means Im buying one. Sadly, storebought ones are kinda boring, especially when you get the generic ones from the deli case the hour before the party. LOL Sure, you can buy some decorations, but those are generic, too. But what DOES make any cake look magnificent is a CUSTOM CAKE TOPPER! So for Day 9 of The Great Maker 25-Day Gift-Away Challenge, I am showing you how to make DIY cake toppers with custom names and phrases!

What is The Great Maker 25-Day Gift-Away?annual tradition

See exactly how to make DIY cake toppers in my tutorial video :

Now you probably have everything you need already to make a cake topper just a few sheets of cardstock, some bamboo skewers, and some glue. Thats it. So easy.

Youll want a way to cut your cake topper you can use scissors or a craft knife, but Im using my Cricut cutting machine because its way faster and I love using technology to make my life easier.

Ive even made some cake topper designs for you to use , along with a template so you can make a cake topper with whatever name or saying you want.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use my template to create a custom cake topper and then how to assemble your DIY cake topper so it stays on your cake! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience ! Read my full disclosure policy.

Making Cake Toppers With Uploaded Svg Files

Custom Cake Topper.Create your own text. Any Phrase Party Decoration ...

After saving the Love file to your computer, log in to Design Space and when you are on the canvas, go to the Upload option and click on Upload Images.

Follow the prompts that Design Space brings up, and once your image is saved, you can see it in Recently uploaded images select it and click on Insert Images.

Duplicate the image, and flip horizontally one of the copies for the back of the topper.

For this cake topper, I want to teach you how to add a beautiful embellishment effect.

Duplicate the front of the topper again, add a square to the canvas , and unlock the proportions to form a rectangle.

Have the rectangle cover the lower part of the word love like I show you in the screenshot below

After placing the rectangle on the half-bottom of the word, select it along with the word and click on Slice.

Move all the Slice Result pieces, keep one of the lower cuts, and delete the rest.

Change the colors before you send the project to cut. I went with bright and dark pink.

Look how the extra decoration looks when we place it on top of the front of the topper.

When you are happy with the colors and size, click on Make it.

Fast forward

Look how elegant and refined this Love Cake Topper looks.

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How To Make A Cake Topper


  • Wooden dowels
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Cut the cake topper out of a heavy cardstock using the templates linked above.

Step 2: Turn over so the words are backwards. Glue the wooden dowels to the bottom letters on each side of the phrase. You want it to be somewhat even.

Once the glue is dry, remove any glue strings and the cake topper is ready to use! Stick the dowels into the top of the cake and it should stay up on its own as long as youve used cardstock.

After the party is over, you can simple wipe down the dowels and store the cake topper for use another time! Now its time to get the party started!

How To Make Easy Personalized Cupcake Toppers

Rose is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about education, special education, DIY projects, food, Milwaukee, and more.

Copyright 2012, Rose Clearfield

This article gives you all of the steps you need to make your own cupcake toppers. I have included lots of other resources for cupcake toppers as well, including material options, occasions to use cupcake toppers, and ideas for party favor toppers.

You can use cupcake toppers for many other foods besides cupcakes! Consider regular cake slices, brownies, bar cookies, sliced fruit, and more.

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Diy Cake Toppers For Birthdays And Weddings

As this blogger tells us, cake toppers bought from stores can be a little boring, so its much more interesting to make your own personalized versions that will mean something to you and your friends or family. If you want to learn how to do it, this plan is full of all the information you need and at the same time, it should give you plenty of ideas that will fire your imagination, allowing you to come up with all kinds of creative designs of your own.

Happy Birthday Cake Topper

How to Make Customized/Personalized Cake & Cupcake Toppers using Cricut and cardstock. DIY

This is a simple plan for making a range of beautiful cake toppers with the aid of computer software. It doesnt have much in the way of explanations, but we dont need it since this YouTuber demonstrates everything he is doing very clearly. Its a fun video to watch, and we love the toppers he creates and if you want to try doing something similar, its a highly recommended watch.

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Edible Printed Photos For Cakes Cupcakes & Cookies

Personalise your cakes, cupcakes and cookies with your own cake toppers using our edible printing service. Printed in-house, we are proud to be able to say we have been given a 5 STAR RATING from our local council for health and hygiene in our PhotoCake® studio.

We use premium icing sheets , in a printer specifically prepared for food use with edible ink. Simply choose to have your own image* printed onto an icing sheet or use one of the many PhotoCake® licensed images available to suit your celebration theme!

Your image we can only accept photos in a jpeg or bmp format Your chosen message and required font and colour from the list available here

*Please note: we are unable to print any image, photo or logo that you do not own or that you do not have permission to use, or any image that infringes copyright or trademarks. Ensure you choose a good quality photo as it will be printed to fit the sheet . The colour and appearance of the photo may differ slightly due to the edible ink and we suggest covering your cake at least 24 hours before attaching your print with edible glue to prevent rippling of the photo.

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