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Unique Question Mark Cake Idea

A gender reveal is about the mystery. Will it be a baby boy or a baby girl? With that said, a great cake idea for a gender reveal is a question mark. As you can see in the image featured a question mark looks awesome when decorated with pink and blue. You can also buy question mark cake pans so you can even make a cake yourself.


Lashes Or Staches Gender Reveal Cake Topper Fondant Pink Or Blue Gender Reveal Party Boy Or Girl Baby Cake Decorations Handmade Edible



LASHES OR STACHES?? What a great gender reveal idea!

These handmade edible Lashes or Staches fondant cake toppers are the perfect party decorations for your battle of boy vs girl or pink vs Gender Reveal themed party!

Toppers can be made in bright pink and blue or pastel pink and blue.

This listing is for”

-1 set of fondant eye LASHES

-1 fondant STACHE

-1 set of letters to spell out LASHES OR STACHES?


We can create many other items, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask!

Our cake toppers are edible, but are not all meant to be eaten. They can be kept as a keepsake and will last indefinitely when kept in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Cake Devils is currently running at 2 WEEKS PROCESSING TIME PRIOR TO SHIPPING. All orders received after 5PM EST, on weekends, or on holidays are considered to be received the next business day and ship dates will be adjusted accordingly.

If you need it sooner, please contact me. There may be times that I can just get it to you early, but typically you will need to purchase our Rush Order/Jump the Line listing found at the top of our shop.


PLEASE READ all shop policies prior to making your purchase.


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A What Will It Bee Theme

If you’ve chosen something like a What Will It Bee theme, one cute decoration idea to combine with food is little honey-bee-themed sweets in the form of cupcakes with icing for the dessert table. You can also use strips of decorative yellow and black crepe paper as a tablecloth for an added touch. Don’t forget to get your gender reveal party supplies, such as plates, napkins, cups, and straws, before the party begins, as they are functional and make incredible decorations at the same time.

The Staches Or Lashes Decor

Gender reveal cake staches or lashes diy White frosting with black ...

Staches or Lashes Guest Favors:How did we ever plan parties before Etsy and Pinterest? I found these super cute lashes and staches glitter pins for the guests to wear to represent their guess.

Balloon Arch and Balloons: Balloon arches have become one of my favorite party staples. They are perfect for a statement wall and are really inexpensive to make. Check out my post on how to make your own balloon arch! We purchased all of the balloons for the balloon wall from Party City.

These super cute gold confetti Oh Baby! balloons from Hooray Days on Etsy are absolutely adorable! We also purchased 36 clear balloons from a local party store and filled them with gold confetti. These looked so fun on the floor and some of our younger guests really enjoyed playing with them during the party!

Staches or Lashes Banner: This glitter Staches or Lashes banner looked so great with our blue confetti and was a great prop for the photo backdrop.

While I know this isnt the most impressive photo backdrop ever created, it was a last-minute addition and was really fun! One of my best friends happens to be a super talented photographer and let us borrow one of her backdrop stands. We purchased a roll of black butcher paper to hang from the backdrop stand and added some fun props for guests to use. One of my other best friends had quite a few props for us to use and we purchased these really cute and inexpensive gender reveal baby shower balloons from Party City.

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Cute And Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Looking for a creative way to announce whether you are expecting a girl or a boy? Then consider a gender reveal cake. A gender reveal cake has colored sponge on the inside that will either be pink or blue. Not only do these cakes look super cute but they are also a delicious treat. We have found 41 of the best gender reveal cake ideas, there is an idea for everyone from adorable animals to glam regal cakes.

Staches Or Lashes Gender Reveals

A Staches or Lashes Gender Reveal is a play on the classic girl or boy theme and there are heaps of ways you can style it. Just check out Divine Events by Lisbets set up above! Pastel colors and pretty florals make for a gentle, whimsical look. Pink and blue themed food adds to the decor.

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Surprise On The Inside

You can add color to the sponge in cakes to reveal the babys gender. Here is an example of a pink sponge to reveal a girl. Not only have they colored the sponge but they have also added sweets as a surprise too. This is a great example of a gender reveal sponge, you can do the same idea in blue for a boy.


Cute Open To See Cake

Favorite emotions Gender Reveal Party #shorts #genderreveal

If you are looking for a very cute cake, then this idea could be for you. The cake features two elephants, one with a pink balloon and the other has a blue balloon. There is also a message on the cake that reads he or she, open to see. This tells anyone who sees the cake that the gender will be revealed with the sponge. You could use any animal for a cake like this.


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Let A Decoration Double As A Game

Add some fun to the party by allowing one of your decorations to double as a game. For example, if you choose senor or senorita as your gender reveal party theme, hang a pull string pinata and turn it into a game. You can also use a gender reveal pinata as your centerpiece, then at the end of the night, pull the string to reveal the colored candy inside, which will reveal the gender of your little one.

Lashes Or Staches Gender Reveal

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The Reveal Staches Or Lashes

I wanted the reveal to be spectacular. After a lot of research, I decided to use confetti cannons. I purchased confetti cannons from Holi Cannons on Etsy. Yall. I HIGHLY recommend this shop. The price is so reasonable and they are so impressive! I wanted our family to participate in the reveal, so I ordered 10 confetti cannons in blue and 10 confetti cannons in pink. The confetti stays in the air for a long time, so the videos and pictures are perfect. I had my doctor write the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. I gave the envelope to my dear friend Sarah and she was responsible for bringing the correct confetti cannons to the party. For a fun little extra, she also called the bakery so that they could incorporate a blue or pink buttercream inside of the cake.

Gender Reveal Cakes Are Ridiculous And Do More Harm Than Good

Gender Reveal Cake! Lashes or Staches! #genderreveal #genderrevealcake ...

Its time to talk about gender reveal cakes.

Frankly, they are ridiculous and involve some pretty outdated ideas about sex and gender.

If youve not seen one of them yet, gender reveal cakes are a staple of gender reveal parties, where an expectant parent discovers the gender of their baby with friends and family.

The inner colour of the cake is kept a secret from everyone and so when cut into it acts as the announcement of the expected babys gender.

You may be wondering why the apparently wholesome cakes are bad. After all, it is only a cake.

For starters, gender reveal cakes grossly mix up the ideas of sex and gender.

Gender is how a person feels inside which is often shown by how they dress, their name and the pronouns they use

Contrary to many peoples opinions, there are more than two genders, and gender exists on a spectrum.

Admittedly binaries are probably easier to put onto cakes.

Gender takes a while to form as part of a childs development, as it requires things like self-awareness.

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Babies dont really have anything other than their basic instincts.

Thats not to say that only older children can understand their gender. Children as young as three are often able to express their gender and start to understand themselves as girls, boys or something else.

But babies are still a bit young to be so aggressively gendered, especially before theyve been born.

Biological sex isnt a binary.

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Fun Staches Or Lashes Cake

Our next idea is creative, unique and fun. One side of the cake is iced blue and the other pink. On the blue side it says staches with a mustache and on the pink side it says lashes with eyelashes. This is a great idea because it is different to the classic girl or boy cakes. If you are having a party you could make the guests guess staches or lashes too.


Lashes And Staches Gender Reveal

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A Staches Or Lashes Theme

If you’re going with a staches or lashes theme for your gender reveal party, then there are a ton of ideas out there to decorate with, starting with a staches or lashes banner to hang above the table in your party room.

Take it a step further and use your staches or lashes baby cake topper for decoration as well. For added decoration, put some fake mustaches, fake lashes, or even some fake lips in bowls on the table, so guests can pop one on and become part of the decor and fun themselves. Don’t forget our staches or lashes stickers for fun party games!

He Or She Come In And See

Gender Reveal SCAM! *Cry Momma* | Team Hot Wheels or High Heels | @KEYSHIIJI

One of the first things you’re going to want to do is hang a gender reveal banner in the center of your front door. You’ll be addressing the question that’s on everyone’s minds and inviting them in at the same time.

Don’t forget to decorate your front porch with a set of gender reveal balloons to build anticipation and get everyone excited about what the gender of your baby is.

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The Gender Reveal Party Cake

As soon as we had the theme, I immediately ordered the cake. The cake for any event acts as the centerpiece of the decor and I wanted this cake to stand out! I saw a few ideas on Pinterest that I liked, but nothing exactly like I was picturing. I drew a really terrible sketch of what I wanted and called Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery in Arlington, Texas. Yall. If you are anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, I highly recommend Sugar Bee Sweets. They are so professional and their cakes taste even better than they look! After going over what I wanted for the cake, they asked me to email my sketch and created exactly what I envisioned. It was stunning and oh so delicious! I found this adorable gold glitter cake topper on Etsy and it totally completed the cake.

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