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How to Design a Two Tier Wedding Cake with open Pillars

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Wedding Cake With Pillars

Wedding Cake With Pillars. Hidden pillars 6 inch high pack of 4 use for floating tiers or as dowels. Stack cake tiers on top of each other with hidden cake pillars, or elevate cake tiers with tall grecian or roman pillars.

Using pillars to separate cake tiers is a very traditional way of displaying a tiered wedding cake. Hidden pillars 6 inch high pack of 4 use for floating tiers or as dowels. Use cake dowels or hidden cake pillars to keep your layers in place.


We offer the wilton globe pillar set, the wilton crystal spiked pillar, the grecian pillars the small ck pillars and others. Mcvities & price are the royal warrant holders who made this wedding cake in 1934.


Every layer should be repeated. 12 pcs roman column wedding cake pillars stand food grade plastic cupcake stand dessert layering pillar fondant cake support mold for valentine’s day wedding birthday cake decorating toolswhite.


Use our cake pillars to support your tiered wedding cakes with. We also carry dowel rods for stabilization of your cakes and wedding cakes.


Vintage plaster wedding cake pillars columns box of 12 3 tall hexagonal. Pillars and separators help give strength and support to all your cake tiers making the construction of your masterpiece safe and secure.

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Cake Separator Plates And Cake Boards

Updated 2 Jul 2015 , 9:28pmby Pekidesserts

I was wondering if a cake board/circle have to be the exact same size as the separator plate? Would you really need a separator plate for stacking tiered cakes? I already have the Wilton hidden pillars and was going to use them alone until I came across the separator plates, which are quite expensive for a single piece. Could anyone kindly share their ideas on this and with pictures if have?

Thank you!

Yes, I use a separator plate. Dont know what else you would rest the next tier on. They are not really expensive herecouple of cents. Not sure if I fully understand what your plan is with the hidden pillars but no plate???

Hi Julia1812, so does the cake circle and the separator plate have to be the same size? For instance, a 12 cake circle on a 12 separator plate.. or it doesnt really matter? I was planning on using just cake circles but now Im leaning more on the sep. plates because of all the good reviews about them

Either way- I use a plate/cake drum/cc the same size as the tier. If your cake design calls for a relatively small base border, you can even get away with using a plate and/or cc one size smaller. . . a 12 tier on an 11 plate.

Thank you both for your inputs. This is some great information! I will surely put your suggestions to good use.

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How To Make A Tiered Cake

This post on how to make a tiered cake is really a is a continuation from my previous post on types of tiered cakes and tools needed to make them.

In this post, I am going to share my step by step guide of assembling tiered cakes, both with pillars and without pillars.

Though it looks like a matter of just stacking them on top of one another, tiered cakes need to be internally structured. This is so that they stand stable. Plus it ensures the bottom tiers do not get compressed by the weight of the top tiers.

Typically To Stack A Pillared Cake You Will Need:

Wedding Cake Pillars And Plates &  Decorator Preferred Scalloped ...
  • a base cake board
  • cake separator plates for each of cake tiers and
  • cake pillars.

When purchasing the plates and pillars, make sure the pillars can fit securely into the knobs at the bottom of the separator plates. Otherwise, the cake structure will not be stable. If you are not familiar with cake separator plates and pillars, please ask the store you are buying them from to help you choose the correct plates and pillars. Not all pillars can fit into all separator plates. Some pillars cannot be poked directly into cakes, requiring one plate at the top and one at the bottom. Your base cake board should also be strong enough to hold all the layers. It should be at least a few inches larger than the base cake diameter. Place your base cake on the largest cake board. Place the rest of the layers on their respective cake separator plates. The separator plates can be on the same diameter as the cake it is going to hold. Or it can be slightly larger. If you intend to pipe a large border, it is necessary to have a separator plate that is at least half-inch larger than the cake diameter. There are many types of pillars available to make tiered cakes. The most common ones are the long and thin pillars.

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Wilton Separator Plate And Hidden Dowels Vs Sps Like From Global Sugar Art

Updated 19 Aug 2014 , 5:41pmby TatianaS

AI have to make in a couple of weeks two 4 tier cakes both 12,10,8,6 . I did 3 tier cakes and used wooden dowels in each tier, cake boards between tiers and central dowel through a cake. Now I am thinking that it is time to use SPS system since my cakes are gonna be heavier and will travel for about 30 -40 minutes to their destination. I want to assemble them fully at home because of complicated decorations.I would love to hear guys what do you think about Wilton separator plates and hidden pillars vs SPS system like from Global Sugar Art?

If you fully assemble it will you be able to lift and carry that heavy cake?

AIve recently used both. I prefer the SPS system because the columns lock in place. The Wilton plates and pillars fit, but they are kind of wobbly. However they are cheaper.

As stated above, you need to be sure you can carry that large of a cake. Cakes are HEAVY. I personally can not carry a three tier alone.

Definitely use SPS that little spike is the essential difference in helping your cake stay sturdy. In the US you can get it at Global Sugar Art and Oasis Supplies.

AOf course I recommend SPS over W. I had to use the W hidden pillars once and was surprised how loosely they fit in the plates. SPS is SECURE. Order from Oasis Supply if you dont have a Bakery Crafts account.

Cjbin Plastic Cake Dowel Rods Set 20 Pcs Cake Separator Plates And Pillars For 4 6 8 10 12 Inch Cakes 15 Pcs Clear Cake Stacking Dowelscake Dowel Rods For

Wedding cake pillars and plates. See more ideas about wedding cakes tiered wedding cake wedding cake designs. You may order this item will ship when available. Create tall and impressive wedding cakes and baked goods by using Wilton cake pillars.

Plastic plates that a cake sits on. We only ask for a refundable deposit on the pillars and plates that structurally support your wedding cake. All of the details about the cake must be confirmed one month prior to the wedding date.

Even gold silver. Or if you prefer hidden pillars. For a more impressive look to your cakes why not try using cake pillars and separators now available at My Dream Cake.

We ask that the cake is paid in full one month prior to the wedding date. Using pillars to separate cake tiers is a very traditional way of displaying a tiered wedding cake. Shop decorative Roman and Grecian columns for a luxurious look.

Add to Favorites Pillar Column 7 Inch Pedestal Pillar Cake RESIN Pedestal White Pillar With Glossy or Matt Finish. Round tier cake separator sphere wedding cake spacer geometric metal cake holder cozydim 5 out of 5 stars 44 7000 freeSeparator plates and pillars in various shapes and and sizes can be purchased individually or in setsSeparator plates pillars dowel rods sort by. Shop decorative Roman and Grecian columns for a luxurious look.

Piping Tips Pastry Bags and Accessories. These are for use with the Wilton white separator plates. See more ideas about wedding cakes wedding cake.

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Stack Cake Tiers On Top Of Each Other With Hidden Cake Pillars Or Elevate Cake Tiers With Tall Grecian Or Roman Pillars

Assembling a wedding cake with pillars decorating by sugarprincess updated 29 may 2012 , 7:49am by sweettreat101 sugarprincess posted 17 jul 2011 , 9:13pm. Vintage cake pillars, lot 16 5h, tiered wedding cakes, wilton grecian roman style, baking supplies, cake decorating, tier column separators bridgetandrose 5 out of 5 stars Using icing as glue between the plate and cardboard, attach each iced cake to its.

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There Are Many Computer Progams Available To Help

How To Use Wedding Cake Separators

The pillars should be centered over the x mark and pressed into the cake until they hit the bottom of the cardboard. Wedding cake pillars are great for supporting tiers of cake to create an impressive display and ensure the cake is properly balanced and secure. Its always best to have a clear idea of how many guests you are expecting before you book your catering or put a deposit on your banquet hall.

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Building A Tiered Cake

We do not recommend using dowel rods in a wedding cake . We have listed the several methods of stacking cakes below that are less likely to cause problems for the cake decorator.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to building a tiered cake. Remember, the same principles an architect follows when creating a skyscraper should be followed on your cake. The proper supports, such as cake circles/boards and separator plates, must be used in the right places in order to prevent the whole structure from toppling over.

In this section we´ll show you construction methods that apply to most tiered cakes. Don´t let the prospect of building a towering group of tiers intimidate you. If you do a dry run of the structure, and follow the construction steps faithfully, you will feel confident that your cake will stand securely on the wedding day. Adding fountains and stairways to your cake is also no problemsee our step-by-step instructions for the best ways to install and decorate them.

You can find out more by selecting one of the construction methods listed below:

More Cake Construction Ideas:

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How you decorate your desserts says a lot about who you are. From creating special occasion cakes to decorating cupcakes with your kids, Wilton has the tools, accessories and toppings you need to make each one a sweet work of art. Weâve got ready-to-use buttercream, decorating bags, piping tips and a variety of icing colors to help bring your treats to life. Weâve also got ready-to-use fondant, rollers with guide rings, cut-out sets and impression mats gum paste, edible food color sprays and powders, sprinkles and icing decorations, to name just a few.

Use any or all of these decorating essentials to build on your current skills or learn something new. With this much variety, theres no limit to what you can do when you decorate.

Elevating Wedding Cake Ideas

Cake Separator 8 round 3 tall

An elevated wedding cake has an extra touch of elegance and mystique. Whether the entire dessert is raised or each tier is separated by a platform or divider, the cake takes on a classic look, becomes easier for guests to admire, and will look phenomenal in wedding photographs for decades into the future.

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More Cake Elevation Ideas

Going beyond the usual ideas for elevating wedding cakes can give you some truly creative options, although they may be more difficult to execute. For example, you could modify a plant hanger or onion hanger to create a hanging cake stand and a beautiful display, but then you have to take extra care to make sure that no one will bump into the cake by accident!

Also investigate alternatives to separation plates and pillars. Fountains, stairs, fluted bowls, flower separators, and other elevated divisions are all sold online and at cake decorating specialty stores around the country, and your decorator may also have a few unique options for you to consider.

Here Is How You Stack The Cake

  • To assemble the cake, start with the base cake.
  • Place your separator plate of the next layer on the base cake. Gently press it down to mark the place for the pillars. (Make sure you dont exert too much pressure or you will spoil the icing on your cake.
  • Remove the separator plate and put it aside. On the base cake where you have marked for pillars, poke each pillar until you can feel them touching the cake board.
  • Once all the pillars are securely poked into the cake, stacked the next tier on the pillars.
  • Repeat the process until all cake tiers are securely stacked on the pillars.

Here is a video on how to make a tiered cake stacked using pillars:

Thats it on how to make a tiered cake. Hope you find this sharing useful.

Happy Decorating

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