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These have a variety of uses, so the quantity you need will be dependent on how you wish to use them. If you are accenting a cake that will have traditional sparklers on it, you can usually get away with between 1 and 4 of them. However, some people choose to put one on each piece of cake, so for this purpose you would need 1 for each guest in attendance. Each birthday cake sparkler lasts approximately 40-45 seconds.

Where To Buy Bottle Sparklers At A Physical Store

Occasionally, you may want to find a place locally to get your supplies. However, this can be a huge challenge with bottle sparklers because they are not a very common item. Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that could help you find what youre looking for. Here are a couple of places that might be helpful.

Shop Our Exceptional Array Of Sparklers

Looking to add some sparkle to your wedding or engagement party? Do you have another special occasion that could use sparklers magic to send it over the top? If you had been wondering where to buy sparklers online, we are glad you found us! Shop our wedding sparklers, and be sure to buy the ones that you think will most dazzle your guests and loved ones on your big day. We also have a wide variety of party supplies, including sparklers in three sizes, to make sure your celebration is spectacular, so we hope you will check those out as well.

If you want to create gorgeous and unique photographs for everyone to be in awe over, this is the right place to shop. When you buy our sparklers and utilize them in your wedding or reception, you can truly make the moment even more memorable. Browse over these three beautiful sparklers for a wedding to see which is best suited for your special event. We offer 10-inch sparklers, 20-inch sparklers, and 36-inch sparklers for any ambiance. Each one is uniquely designed to add sparkle and joy to your beautiful wedding or event.

From weddings to engagement parties, gender reveal parties to birthdays sparklers should definitely be an item on your to buy party supplies list. Sparklers Online has free shipping all across the United States. We can even do same-day shipping for most orders rest assured you will have our high-quality sparkler products for any celebration, and be sure to make it an experience no one will ever forget.

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How Many Sparklers Do I Need For My Birthday Cake

As always, discretion is advised to maintain a controlled environment. For small cakes less than 12 inches in diameter, we recommend using 1 to 3 Cake Sparklers. For multi-tiered cakes, feel free to use more! The result will be unforgettable. Each sparkler will last approximately 50 seconds, which is actually more than the ones proposed by our competitors.

King of Sparklers offers an easy way to add amazing and mesmerizing final touches to your cake and animate your party. Cake Sparklers are great for all types of celebrations Birthdays, Weddings and Graduations! Out cake sparklers are six inches tall and are available in silver or gold holographic paper wrapping to suit most colour themes.

Cake Topper Or Decorations

Teal buttercream and firework candles

You invested a lot of time and poured through websites for wedding cake inspiration to settle on what you want. Why not draw everyones attention to it during your cake-cutting ceremony? By using these sparklers as either your cake topper or on each tier of your cake, you can easily draw everyones attention to the front of the room.

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Champagne And Bottle Sparklers

Also, the Champagne and Bottle Sparklers are a hit! The highest quality champagne sparklers and bottle sparklers can be showcased with champagne and liquor bottle services at nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges. Holidays should always have that sparkle at any given time of the event. Our champagne bottle sparklers can liven up your holiday festivity with the right amount of dazzle. They are made with a steel wire core, so they are smoke-less and ash-less. We also have the club sparklers for champagne which are sturdy enough to clip on the bottles.

For wedding or anniversary parties, HEART SPARKLERS & ROSE PETALS CONFETTI CANNONS are ideal for that special party for you and your loved ones. The Rose Petals confetti cannons are loaded with beautiful red and white petals. A few of them can be used to completely surround the area and have those rose petals glittered around your guests feet.

Insert The Cake Sparklers Into The Birthday Cakes As Deep As Possible And Simply Light Them For The Celebration

  • The sparklers are so thin and easy. Simply insert the sparklers wire side into the birthday cake . It will be undeniable once you see the sparklers in person.
  • Light the sparklers with a lighter or match. The sparklers are wind resistant and will not blow out while walking, giving them an extra advantage.

Please consider using The Great Cake Sparkler Idea to surprise your loved ones and friends at your next birthday party with the idea that it is truly unique. All orders have free shipping, so all you have to do is review your plans in advance.

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Can You Buy Sparklers On Amazon

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Can you buy sparklers?

Your best bet if youre trying to find out where to buy wedding sparklers locally is a wedding supply shop. Sadly, most shops wont stock wedding sparklers on their shelves. However, sometimes you can have them ordered so you can pick them up in just a few days.

is it legal to order fireworks online?Buy Fireworks OnlineFireworkslegallegallyfireworksFireworksfireworks


Place An Online Order For Sparklers Here

  • Since you are already on this page, you are in the right spot.
  • Ordering online will result in a quality sparkler that will not leave any residue on the birthday cake.
  • Free shipping within the United States on all orders, and we always have product availability.
  • You will provide your contact information, usually in the form of an email address. Our customer care team will send you an order confirmation.

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Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario Canada

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With our online shopping we offer shipping anywhere throughout Canada. If your order is over $200 we pay for the shipping. . Shipping costs on all other orders is $60 plus taxes.

Victory Fireworks Inc., carries an extensive selection of todays best fireworks and Fireworks wholesale. We sell our Fireworks Products in Fireworks Toronto, Fireworks Ontario, or anywhere in Fireworks Canada.

We are located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Richmond Hill, and supply many people across Canada.

Instructions On How To Use Sparklers For Cakes

We DO NOT recommend using traditional lighters. Even though lighters offer a strong flame, it forces your fingertips to be extremely close to the sparkler. There is no way of predicting when the sparkles will erupt upwards, so its tough to move your fingers out of the way beforehand. Weve personally lit cake sparklers with traditional lighters and though we did not get burnt in any of the trials, the sudden show of sparkles does startle you.

Matches are a better option but if you are hosting the event or party outside, it can be difficult to light a dessert sparkler. The key to lighting cake sparklers easily is to consistently hover a flame above the fuse end. The great advantage of matches is that it offers a bit of distance between the flame and your fingertips.

The BEST lighting method for cake sparklers is with the use of BBQ lighters. This item offers both advantages of traditional lighters and matches. With a BBQ lighter, you can quickly light your cake sparklers without risking the chance of being burnt or startled.

Too dark of a room will give your cell phone some trouble adjusting the brightness of the image. Check out the example below:

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Tell Them That It’s My Birthday

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a sparkling top champagne bottle or a glistening birthday cake? These Cake/Bottle Top Sparklers are easy-to-use and give the ultimate look to any birthday celebration! Our birthday cake top sparklers come with a 1-inch long plastic spike at the bottom of the sparkler to safely secure the sparkler into a cake or other food product you may be using to commemorate your trip around the sun!

Cake Sparklers Birthday Party Invitation

Set of 1

ItemMore Colors Available Skip to the beginning of the images gallery

Order Process

We want you to love your product! Add your text and choose your styling online, then review and approve before placing your order. View details for information on production and shipping time.

The time it takes to receive your order is made up of two parts:

1. Order Printed: Production will begin as soon as we receive your order. See the chart below for the production time for this product.

2. Order Shipped: You will select a shipping method during the checkout process. If you want to cut down on time in transit, choose an expedited shipping method. You can preview your shipping options below.

Digital Printing

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Each Piece Of Wedding Cake

Instead of only placing them in only a few slices, some couples prefer to include every guest. It will take more coordination , but it will be an amazing sight when the entire reception hall sparkles from everyones piece of cake! Youll need to delegate some people to get everyones cake lit, but it will be well worth the effort.

Though this item is a new concept and wont appeal to everyone, they are a great way to enhance your reception. They are identical to our bottle sparklers, so they are time-tested and proven. Whether you choose to light only a few or a few hundred, the result will dazzle both you and your wedding guests.

Transform Your Birthday Cake Into A Dazzling Light Show

  • Total Length: 8 inches
  • Duration: 50 seconds
  • Highlights: 12″ flame with sparks

Cake Sparklers are one of our most popular product and the best in the market. Make your Birthday ceremony a real show by adding these amazing Cake Sparklers to your cake. Specially designed to enhance the presentation of your cake and desserts. A plastic spike is included with each sparkler to stick into the cake. Once lit, these Premium Wedding Cake Sparklers will emit a spectacular spray of gold sparks that shoot up as high as 12 inches while producing low smoke and low odor. It is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Birthday and wedding cake sparklers:

  • Emit a warm spray of golden sparks that shoot up as high as 12 inches
  • Each sparkler will last for approximately 50 seconds
  • Come in beautiful gold, silver or black holographic paper wrapping
  • Are six inches in length
  • Give you a picture-perfect way to capture your most memorable events
  • Provide ample time for your photographer to capture long-lasting memories
  • Are a guaranteed blast for the whole party!

How you present a cake at a special event is just as important as the cakes design and decoration. Topping a cake with vibrant sparklers will make your cake the centerpiece of the event. When you want everyones attention on a single focal point to honor an individual or commemorate an event, our sparkler candles will make it stand out.

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Where To Buy Bottle Sparklers

Saving money on your bar and nightclub supplies is an important consideration, so deciding where to buy bottle sparklers can be a difficult choice. Your natural instincts will tell you to go for the cheapest option that is available. Meanwhile, the business owner in you will say to go for the highest quality. After all, these sparklers are going to be used around your customers, so you want them to be top notch and safe. So, the ultimate goal is to find a reputable company to use as your source.

The good news is that finding the right source for your bar, nightclub, or restaurant can be a much easier process than you imagine. There are some very clear winners as far as sourcing, and they offer bottle sparklers that are both food grade and consumer rated. Here are a few of your available options both physical stores and online shops. By using my tips, you should be able to find the right supplier for your needs.

How To Use Cake Sparklers Safely

How to Buy Fireworks Online (Wholesale)!

Although sparklers are safe for use, it is a good idea to take some safety measures. First of all, light the sparklers within an arms reach. Dont get very close to the sparklers once they are lightened because some of them can damage your clothes which can be very unpleasant for a special occasion like wedding, birthday etc. Always have a bucket or bowl of water close to the cake, just in case.

Now that you know how to use cake sparklers in the right way, it is time to find the right ones for your cake!

We have a great selection of fountain candles topper sparklers for food, dessert, cupcake and wedding cake if you are looking to buy quality sparklers with a sparkly firework effect in the UK you have come to the right place. We do 4 inches, and 7-inch sparklers which come in gold, crackling and coloured result or you might be looking for heart or star-shaped sparklers for a loved one. We also stock letter and number sparklers for names and ages which make great birthday and wedding party sparklers.

If you are looking for bigger cake sparklers, you can check out the following link 17 Inch Sparklers, but you must have permission from the property owner.

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Are Sparklers Safe On Cakes

A: A few 8 or 10 sparklers on a cake are okay, but dont overdo it. Sparklers do give off a small amount of non-toxic black residue specks, which may be noticeable on cake frosting if a large number of sparklers were used. If in doubt, hand out sparklers to everyone at the party instead of putting them on the cake .

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