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Nothing Bundt Cakes Rising In Corner At Short Pump Shopping Center

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a national chain of bakeries that specialize in bundt cakes.

A Short Pump storefront is trading salads for something a little sweeter.

Nothing Bundt Cakes plans to open whats expected to be the cake shop chains first Richmond-area location at 11845 W. Broad St. in the Kroger-anchored Corner at Short Pump shopping center.

The franchise group behind the upcoming location inked a lease in April. The store is taking up residence in the space formerly occupied by Saladworks, which closed in March 2020.

True to its name, Nothing Bundt Cakes bakes and sells bundt cakes in a variety of sizes, styles and flavors.

The 2,100-square-foot store is expected to open with 30 employees in late September in time for the holidays, which is a boon time for cake orders, franchisee Daniel Delgado said.

Thatll give us so much more exposure, he said. Its the season of gathering with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nothing Bundt Cakes plans to open at 11845 W. Broad St. in the Corner at Short Pump shopping center in late September.

Delgado is a co-franchisee along with business partners Leo LaPointe, Lisa LaPointe, Doug Brown and Gina Brown. The group also opened a Nothing Bundt Cakes in Alexandria in March, and Delgado said the group is interested in a second Richmond-area location.

Thalhimers Alicia Brown, Connie Jordan Nielsen and Nicki Jassy represented Corner at Short Pump landlord Rebkee in the cake shop deal.

Ingredients For Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Recipe

For the full list of ingredients and measurements please see the recipe card at the end of the post.

  • Devils food or dark chocolate fudge cake mix* | I do not recommend using an all natural or the Ghirardelli cake mixes for this recipe, as the volume is different and will yield a very dense cake.
  • Instant chocolate pudding mix | used Godiva Dark or Milk Chocolate, available with regular pudding mixes
  • Sour Cream | I use full fat sour cream, and have also substituted with whole milk Greek yogurt
  • Vanilla Extract | Love using my homemade vanilla extract.
  • Eggs | I use large eggs in all of my baking, room temperature is best
  • Milk | Whole milk is what I used, but may substitute plant based milk, water, or buttermilk
  • Vegetable Oil | I love using heart healthy Avocado oil
  • Chocolate chips | try mini chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, semi-sweet, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate

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Roark Capital Acquires Nothing Bundt Cakes

Joanna Fantozzi | May 14, 2021

Atlanta-based private equity firm Roark Capital majority investors of Inspire Brands and Focus Brands announced Friday the acquisition of Addison, Texas-based, 390-unit bakery chain, Nothing Bundt Cakes from Levine Leichtman Capital Partners.

Nothing Bundt Cakes was founded in 1997 and specializes in bundt cakes and generates $470 million of system sales across the U.S. and Canada. The brand is now positioned for continued growth in existing and new markets.

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Roark is a best-in-class partner that shares our values of transparency and excellence and has deep expertise with its incredible portfolio of brands, Nothing Bundt Cakes CEO Kyle Smith said in a statement. We look forward to working with them to enhance support for our bakery owners and continue growing our system while maintaining the joy-giving experience our brand has offered guests for nearly 25 years.

The acquisition represents Roarks 29th restaurant investment and 92nd franchise/multi-location brand.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes is a special brand with delicious products that are beloved by guests, Clay Harmon, managing director of Roark said in a statement. We have great admiration for what Kyle and his team have accomplished and are excited to partner with them.

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Let The Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Rest And Cool

Nothing Bundt Cakes deal from e

The waiting is always the hardest part, and we have quite a bit of waiting left to do once the cake is finished baking. If we were to ice it right away, the frosting would melt and create a messy, sticky situation!

First, you want to let the cake cool in the pan for a full ten minutes. This gives the cake a few extra minutes to finish cooking, but it also firms up the batter. If you take it out too early or too late, the texture of the cake will be off.

Then, gently run a butter knife around the edges of the pan to be sure it wont stick. The cake should come out clean if you followed the steps above, but its always better to be safe than sorry.

Place a wire cooling rack on top of the bundt pan and invert the pan so its upside down. Carefully pull the pan up, leaving the cake to cool uncovered on the rack. It should take anywhere from one to two hours to cool. If you dont have time to wait, place the cake in the refrigerator after 30 minutes and let it cool there.

There just wasnt anything like it here, so thats why I decided to bring it to St. Louis, Jannette Neely, owner of Nothing Bundt Cakes, said. Everyone has a bundt story. All day long while Im working in the bakery, Ill hear customers stories about how their grandmother used to make bundt cakes, or how their mom made bundt cakes.

Neely said the response since opening has been overwhelming.

Its been awesome, Neely said. Its a happy place in St. Peters, just like it is in .

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Prices

As their name shows, Nothing Bundt Cakes specializes in baking some of the most decadently delicious cakes around. While there are many great bakeries found within supermarkets and other businesses, nothing can quite compare to a bakery whose sole focus is making top quality cakes. This is exactly what you get with Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are somewhat higher, featuring mostly in the mid to upper price-range, but the quality of these cakes speaks for themselves! Customers here can expect some of the most beautiful cakes around in both style and flavor, has Nothing Bundt Cakes know how to bake an impressive cake!

These are available frosted or fully decorated, and servings vary from 8 to 20 depending on the size! So when Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are on the higher side, you can be sure you are getting plenty of tasty cake!

Similarly, Nothing Bundt Cakes tiered bundt cakes may seem expensive at $65, but this is actually an 8-inch cake on top of a 10-inch, and it can serve as many as 30 people. Again, Nothing Bundt Cake prices offer value for money across the board.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Our version of Nothing Bundt Cakes White Chocolate Raspberry Cake is spot on! I dont think you can get much closer to the real thing without walking into Nothing Bundt Cakes and buying one yourself. Rich, moist cake is filled with an easy raspberry filling and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting. This is a recipe that looks complicated but its actually really easy! All the flavors complement each other, and the presentation is beautiful. This gorgeous cake is a perfect center piece for birthdays, baby showers, holidays or any time you just want to splurge on a sinfully sweet dessert.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Analysis

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How To Make These Adorable Bundtinis


Time needed: 55 minutes.

  • Next, I used a silicone spatula to fold the chocolate chips into the bundtini batter.

  • Transferring Batter to Bundtini Pan

    Even though the pan that I used for the Bundtinis was non-stick, I sprayed it well with a non-stick spray like Bakers Joy. Then, I used a 1 ¾-inch ice cream scoop to fill the cups of the pan of the way full.

  • Baking the Bundtinis

    I popped the pan into a preheated 350°F oven for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the tops of the Bundtinis sprung back when I lightly pressed on them and the sides had begun to pull away from the pan.I removed the pan from the oven and let it cool on a wire rack for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I removed the Bundtinis from the pan and let them cool completely on a wire rack.

  • Trimming the Buntinis

    As the buntinis cooked, they spread a bit over the cup at the top. In order for them to fit inside of the brioche paper cups, I needed to trim the overhang.To do this, I placed a buntini upside down. Using a small paring knife, I cut around the perimeter to remove the overhang. Then, I placed the buntini in the paper cup. It fit perfectly!I repeated this with the remaining buntinis.

  • Frosting the Bundtinis

    As a final step, I frosted the bundtinis. I started by adding the frosting to a piping bag fitted with a #4B open star tip. Then, I swirled the frosting on top of each of the bundtinis.

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    Is It Ok To Leave Cake Out Overnight

    Most cakes, frosted and unfrosted, cut and uncut, are perfectly fine at room temperature for several days. If you do refrigerate, wrap unfrosted cakes in plastic to protect them from absorbing any weird fridge smells and to protect them from drying out, and then unwrap it to warm up on the counter before serving.

    How To Make The Perfect Bundt

    The key to a successful Bundt cake is to grease the pan REALLY WELL before pouring the batter in. I REPEAT, grease the pan REALLY WELL before pouring the batter in the pan. I used Crisco and the cake popped out very easily after it cooled. Isnt it pretty!

    Then I whipped up my favorite cream cheese frosting which is the PERFECT icing for a red velvet cake!

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    Can You Freeze A Nothing But Bundt Cake

    The Nothing Bundt cake can be left unrefrigerated for up to 48 hours. Nothing Bundt cake lasts a maximum up to 5 days in the refrigerator. If you want to freeze it, it lasts for up one week in the freezer. So, you can store Nothing Bundt cakes for 5 days in the refrigerator and up to 7 days in the freezer.

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    Tips For Making Bundt Cakes:

    Best 25+ Nothing bundt cakes prices ideas on Pinterest ...
    • Use the right size pan. Different shapes/sizes of bundt cake pans will produce different results and will require different baking times. This is the pan we used for this recipe.
    • Generously coat your pan with cooking spray . We like to use Bakers Joy for best results. If your cake sticks to your pan, it probably means you didnt coat it with enough cooking spray.
    • Allow time for cooling. Bundt cakes can be touchy, and cooling is a VERY important step in making sure your bundt cake doesnt fall apart. Allow the cake to cool, then invert it onto a serving plate and tap it gently on the outsides to help release the cake.
    • Check for doneness. Most bundt cakes are a lot thicker and you will probably want to check for doneness with a long toothpick or even a skewer. It should come out clean when the bundt cake is done cooking.

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    How Do You Keep A Bundt Cake Moist

    How to keep a vanilla bundt cake moist

  • Make your simple syrup.
  • Once your cake has cooled for 15 minutes, flip it out onto the cooling rack and place a large cookie sheet under the cooling rack to catch excess glaze drips.
  • Brush the outside of the cake with the simple syrup until you use all of the glaze.
  • Can You Freeze A Chocolate Bundt Cake

    Mega flavorful cakes such as banana cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, and pumpkin cake freeze and thaw beautifully when wrapped in a couple layers, as detailed above. Bundt cakes and pound cake freeze wonderfully as well, just make sure theyre completely cooled and wrapped tightly before freezing.

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    Roark Capital Buys Nothing Bundt Cakes

    Roark Capital has acquired the 390-unit bakery chain Nothing Bundt Cakes from Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, the two private equity firms said on Friday.

    Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes, or NBC, has more than doubled in size since Levine Leichtman bought the firm in 2016, when the chain had 175 locations. The chain generates $470 million in system sales in the U.S. and Canada.

    Debbie Shwetz and Dena Tripp founded NBC in 1997. The chain is headquartered in Addison, Tex. It is known for its Bundt cakes made on site, ranging in size from bite-sized Bundtinis” to tiered Bundt cakes that serve 26.

    The niche bakery shop is largely franchised, which is one of Roark Capitals primary specialties. In addition to numerous restaurant chainsincluding Dunkin owner Inspire Brands, Cinnabon owner Focus Brands and CKE Restaurantsthe private equity firm also owns a number of non-restaurant franchises. It recently acquired the cleaning services company ServiceMaster Brands, for instance. It is also a major investor in The Cheesecake Factory.

    This is the 29th restaurant investment for Roark. Kyle Smith, CEO of Nothing Bundt Cakes, called Roark a best-in-class partner that shares our values of transparency and excellence and has a deep expertise with its incredible portfolio of brands.

    What Size Are Nothing Bundt Cakes

    Nothing Bundt Cakes

    bundtsize cakessize

    . Consequently, how much is a large Nothing Bundt cake?

    The prices of each item vary, but are in the range of $20.00 for a dozen bundtinis or upwards of $30.00 for larger cake options.

    Additionally, how many people does a Bundtlet serve? Also they come in many sizes like single serve or big enough to serve 16. And you can get fun decorations added and the cake wrapped up for any occasion.

    Moreover, what is the best flavor of Nothing Bundt cakes?

    Also excellent are the pecan praline bundt, which has cinnamon nut pieces reminiscent of coffee cake, and white chocolate raspberry, whose raspberry flavor is appealingly subtle. Both pair well with the cream cheese icing.

    Does Nothing Bundt cakes do fundraisers?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is now hosting fundraisers | Fundraise for your group, school, or charity | Get 20% from your event sales.

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