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Are you looking for the coolest ice cream cakes around? Cold Rock has you covered! Weve got a fabulous range of ice cream cakes for every celebration.

From ice cream birthday cakes and special occasions like graduations, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or just because, our delectable array of layered ice cream cakes will have the whole family smiling.

Prefer to be your own ice cream cake connoisseur? Then opt for a custom ice cream cake to create a completely unique treat for your celebration. Pick your favourite ice cream cake shape and choose from ice cream flavours like decadent chocolate, bubblegum, mint or Aussie vanilla, then add some colour and crunch with our famous Mix-ins.

You can customise your ice cream cake with yummy additions like Freddo Frog, Oreos, Crunchie, Maltesers, fresh strawberries and more! Or just add your favourite sweets to a party bag for extra birthday fun.

If youre chasing a Kit Kat ice cream cake with some real wow-factor, explore our variety of themed ice cream cakes or give our Kit Kat Crazed a go. Its one of our most popular kids ice cream cakes and a must-try for chocoholics!

Custom Sheet Cakes With Filling

These are just generic sheet cakes that you can have completely customized to your specifications.

For the filling, you can choose between fruit, puddings, whipped white or chocolate frosting, real whipped cream, or traditional white or chocolate frosting.

You cant order this cake online as it so strongly depends on what it is you want as the customer.

Prices are not listed on the website. It is suggested you call your local store and allow two days before picking up this item.

Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer Full Sheet

This is similar to the cakes listed above.

As is the same with the last cake, this one varies in price and size.

The full sheet will be able to serve 50-60 people. This is, by far, the largest option for a single-layered custom sheet cake.

This price is roughly 47 dollars, again depending on customization.

This is also available to order online.

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How To Order Your Perfect Stop And Shop Cakes

Stop and Shop does pick-up only. The process for ordering your cake is streamlined and easy to understand.

First, go to their official website. There, you hover the mouse pointer over the Shop tab. From the drop-down menu, click on the Catering tab and you will be redirected to the Entertaining Orders section.

You can only use this service if you live in one of the states this company is based in. If you do however, start off by picking the state and city that is closest to you for pick up.

Once you have found the store nearest to you, choose what kind of cake you are looking for. We will go in depth on the types of cakes Stop& Shop offers in another section of this post.

Most of the cakes that you will end up choosing require that you call the store. All with the exception of a few are highly customizable, meaning you get to specify exactly what it is that you want.

You will be given the number of the store for the pick-up when placing the final order.

If you are getting a cake with a set design, then you can place your order online without any phone call and pay right then and there. It all depends on what you are looking for and how detailed you want your order to be.

That is all you need to place an order! Stop and Shop bakeries have been in the catering business for a long time, so they know the best way to ensure that placing an order with them is easy and convenient for all of their customers.

Ice Cream Cake Decorating And Topping Ideas

Cake delivery online trend: Order Online Delicious Ice

Lauren Habermehl for Taste of Home

When it comes to toppings and , youre only limited by your imagination! We kept things simple with our cakeopting for chocolate ganache drips around the edge, a ribbon of piped whipped icing on the edges and bottom and a healthy smattering of rainbow sprinkles. Here are a few other you could try:

  • Caramel or butterscotch drizzle
  • Chopped mint chocolate candies like Andes or York Peppermint Patties
  • Chopped candy bars like Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Twix
  • Crushed Oreos, chocolate chip cookies or pretzels
  • Cookie dough bits, pastry pieces or brownie bites

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Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

Stop & Shop dont post on their website how much these cakes cost. These are just traditional ice cream cakes that you can pick up at any of their grocery store locations.

Taking their other cake prices into consideration, these probably run up to about 15-20 dollars each.

If you want this customized for an event, like a name or short phrase put on the top of the cake, take it to the baker in the actual store and they will customize it for free.

You are not getting any super fancy customizations with this option, but it is a great last-minute option when you are on your way to the party.

You cant order this cake online.

How We Chose The Best Ice Cream Cake Delivery Services

We sought out services that can deliver an ice cream cake to your front door, whether you are local to the shop or not. If you are located within the lower 48 United States, any of these services can get an ice cream cake to your doorstep, usually within a day or two. We also wanted to include as many kinds of ice cream cakes as possible. Morgenstern’s covers the most classic options. Noona’s Asian-inspired cakes deliver something more exotic. Revival brings you vegan and dairy-free choices. And Goldbelly offers a huge variety of sizes and flavors, plus ice cream pies as well.

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How To Store Cakes: Advice From A Pro

Simone spent a year working at a famous cupcake shop where she learned from the experts.

The best way to store a cake to keep it fresh.

Cake storage is not the clear-cut process you thought it was, believe me. As a lifelong cake aficionado and fangirl, I thought I knew everything there was to know about cake preparation and storage. But I was wrong.

When I spent about a year working at a famous Washington, D.C. cupcake shop and learning from the experts, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about the less-than-obvious process of successful cake storage.

Below, I shall share my insider knowledge on how to store cakes. Ill dispel the myths, share my secrets, and help you decide on how to best store a cake based on your estimated time of eating.

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Why Dairy Queen Cakes

different cakes |different cookies |different ice cream flavours |heavenly bakers cake shop

Dairy Queen cakes combine two amazing desserts cake and ice cream!

For anyone that hasnt tried such a cake, we highly recommend it as it is a sublime combination and perfect for any number of occasions. You can be certain that kids in particular will love Dairy Queen ice cream cakes, making them a good choice for birthday parties.

While you can get pretty standard Dairy Queen ice cream cakes like their regular round and sheet options, there are also other unique choices that make them well worth trying out.

For example, the Dairy Queen ice cream log cake has a delectable fudge and crunch center that has been coated with layers of their famous chocolate and vanilla soft serve. Like all of Dairy Queens ice cream cakes, you can get personal designs on it too!

Dairy Queens Blizzard cake selection is perhaps their most impressive however. These cakes feature the same fudge add crunch center as others, but the soft serve ice cream has loads of Oreos through it and the cake is topped with them too, creating a delicious Oreo cookie cake the will go down a treat!

Other Blizzard flavours are available too, include Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, Pumpkin Pie, and they even do cupcakes!

Not a fan of traditional cake? Then why not try out Dairy Queens Treatzza Pizza? Its a combination of a massive cookie base with soft serve ice cream and a range of different toppings, shaped and cut into pizza slices!

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When Should I Take My Ice Cream Cake Out Of The Freezer

You should remove your ice cream cake from the freezer about half an hour before it is time to serve. This time will allow the dessert to soften before cutting. Homemade versions of this dessert often thaw quickly, but commercial made products are frozen at a lower temperature, requiring more time to soften.

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How To Store A Cake Overnight

Most cakes will do fine left in the bakery box on the kitchen counter. You can wrap the outside of the box with plastic wrap for extra moisture retention. You can also use an airtight container.


These rules do not apply to custom-decorated wedding cakes, which tend to be more labor-intensive to create and are not really about flavor anyway.

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Designs

Dairy Queen has designs for just about any event: adult and child birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays. Theme cakes include animals, sports, floral, and fashion.

Some stores also offer licensed characters cakes. Designs vary by store and can be seen online by going to the Dairy Queen website, typing in your zip code and choosing a store closest to you.

From there you can click on a category and view available cake designs, select a size and create an order.

Why You Shouldnt Refrigerate Your Cake

Order Ice Cream Cake Online For Delivery

I always used to refrigerate cake, probably because we have been conditioned to believe that all things are kept fresh in the refrigerator. For many years, I believed that this was a good practice, not only because one generally puts things in the refrigerator but also because I frequently see cakes displayed in refrigerators and refrigerated cases in many cafes and restaurants.

My entire belief system was turned upside down when I had my first day of work at a famous DC cupcake shop. When I asked them how to store some of the cupcakes I was taking home at the end of the night and suggested refrigeration in an airtight container, they looked at me like I had just proposed we cook and eat a newborn baby.

This is because my coworkers and bosses took cake and cupcakes very seriously. And because refrigeration is a dreadful thing to inflict on a perfectly good cake.

Why? Refrigeration dries sponge cakes out. Its that simple.

Even if you refrigerate a cake in a perfectly sealed container and only for a short amount of time, it will dry out. The only time it is appropriate to refrigerate a cake is if it has decorative buttercream icing that is literally melting or if it is not a sponge cake and rather a cheesecake or some sort of mousse that does require refrigeration.

Try to think of sponge cake like bread. After all, the two things are quite similar. Do you put your bread in the fridge? No. So dont put your cake in the fridge either!

Dont refrigerate me!!!

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Overview

Dairy Queen offers the following types of cakes: round, heart, log, sheet, and blizzard-based cakes, and the Blizzard-based cakes can come in the following flavors: Oreo, Mint Oreo, Chocolate Xtreme, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and Confetti.

Dairy Queen Cakes can be ordered at a local DQ store, by calling or online via their official website. All cakes, according to the company, are made fresh every day.

Remove The Outer Ring

Lauren Habermehl for Taste of Home

Remove the ice cream cake from the freezer and use a clean dishcloth soaked in hot water to defrost and loosen the ice cream from the sides of the springform pan. As you swipe the hot, damp rag over the outside of the springform pan, you should see the ice cream start to pull away from the sides of the pan.

Carefully remove the outside ring of the pan. If the outer ring doesnt remove easily, continue to warm the pan with the cloth until it lifts easily and cleanly off the cake. Next, use an icing smoother to clean up any imperfections on the sides of the cake. Return the cake to the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up the outside edges before applying the icing.

Editors tip: If you have a lazy Susan, using one to spin the cake as you smooth the sides can help create a cleaner, more professional finished cake. If the walls of your cake have thin spots or areas where chocolate is peeking through, use the reserved vanilla ice cream to repair.

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Best Ice Cream Cake Delivery Services Of 2022

Why We Chose It: Six great cake flavors, beautiful style, nationwide shipping: Morgenstern’s brings it all together for the win.

  • Expensive

For many years, Nicholas Morgenstern worked as a pastry chef in some of New York City’s finest restaurants, all the while dreaming of someday opening his own ice cream shop. In 2014, his dream was realized. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream is a modern version of the classic American ice cream parlor, serving a new American style of ice cream that contains no egg yolks and less fat, air, and sugar. The ice cream is dense, creamy, and mildly sweet.

Morgenstern’s has six flavors of ice cream cake: Cookies N’ Cream, Chocolate, Honey Vanilla, Schoolyard Mint Chip, Strawberry Vanilla, and Salted Caramel Pretzel. The cakes are 8 inches in diameter and serve eight to 10 people. They have a thin cookie crust on the bottom, a layer of crumbles in the middle, and a thin layer of frozen flavored whipped cream around the outside.

Morgenstern’s ice cream cakes cost around $120 each, and include free overnight shipping. The company only ships cakes on Tuesdays for overnight delivery the following day. Shipping insurancewhich is recommended in case an unexpected delay causes your ice cream cake to meltis available for an extra $4.

Dairy Queen Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Cakes

Birthday parties are one of the best times to get a cake from Dairy Queen. The combination of several tasty flavors means that most party guests will appreciate the taste of a cake from Dairy Queen. All stores carry Happy Birthday style designs that are decorated with festive sprinkles, balloons, streamers, candles, or flowers. If you order in advance, you can even ask for them to write the name of the birthday person on the cake. The round cakes are suitable for smaller parties of 8 to 15 guests, while the log shaped cake and sheet cake are best for larger birthday parties. Log cakes are typically shaped to look like animals, vehicles, and other fun designs, so they are great for kids birthday parties.

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