Whole Foods Vegan Cookies And Cream Cake

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Whole Foods Graduation Cakes

Healthy Yet Decadent VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE Recipe (Sugar & Oil Free) No Machine

Whole Foods is one of the best providers for celebrating the new grad in your family! The Whole Foods bakery can not only guarantee you a stylish and delicious graduation cake, but they also can cater the entire party. The Whole Foods graduation cakes are made only with natural ingredients.

You can choose together with the Whole Foods decorators the design that best suits your party, depending on your tastes and number of guests. Both sheet cakes and round cakes are available. Whole Foods may even organize graduation cake tastings, so that you can be sure that everybody will like your cake! Since you can write on the cake free of charge, we encourage you to decorate it with a sweet message for the graduate.

Buy: Tres Leches Cake

As an iconic staple of many Mexican households, tres leches cake is just what it sounds likea sponge cake that’s smothered with three types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. One New York-based Whole Foods shopper raved about the store’s recipe for this traditional dessert. Often served at the hot bar and made by the bakers behind the counter, she shared it was hard to resist and always reliably delicious.

Whole Food Vegan Sandwich

Whole Foods has a vegan sandwich called the TTLA that you can get in the Deli. Have you heard of it? It’s the vegan version of a BLT.

It’s not a new concept but they renamed it the TTLA – Tempeh Tomato Lettuce Avocado Sandwich and a popular YouTuber posted a video of herself eating the TTLA for the first time and the video went viral on Facebook! That’s how I learned about it anyway and now it’s my go-to sandwich to eat at home. I even recreated it, here is my Whole Foods copycat TTLA recipe!

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Why Youll Love This Vegan Oreo Cake:

A few weeks ago, we had a debate on my as to whether cookie dough or cookies and cream was the better flavor. Since I already have a brownie cookie dough cake, I thought how cool would it be to make an Oreo cake too .

If you love cookies n cream and anything to do with peanut butter, then this vegan Oreo cake is about to become your new favorite!

Its based off of my vegan vanilla cake recipe , filled with crushed chocolate creme filled cookies, and layered with a decadent Oreo buttercream frosting that you could eat by itself.

This vegan Oreo cake is the epitome of chocolatey decadence, and will have both kids and adults in aw and going back for secondsand thirds!

Plus, this Oreo cake is so freaking easy and fun to make! Its perfect for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and more.

What To Buy And What To Skip At Whole Foods Bakery

Vegan cookies and cream cake. Super sweet but really good ...

Once you start shopping at Whole Foods, it’s tough to switch back to anything else. This healthy, organic marketplace has everything from locally-sourced produce to a plethora of wines from all around the world. With its recent partnership with Amazon, Whole Foods has gradually become more accessible, attracting a whole new subset of shoppers. And though it likely isn’t the most nutritious section for your meal plan, nearly all Whole Foods have an on-site bakery.

From fresh-out-of-the-oven breads to delicious cakes, there are plenty of good treats to graband, sadly, some to avoid. Here, we scoured through Yelp reviews to find the highest-rated bakery items, and those you should likely skip on your next trip.

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Are Oreo Cookies Vegan

OREO COOKIES ARE NOT VEGAN, SPOILER ALERT. According to the Oreo FAQ website, this is correct. As a result of cross-contact with milk, Oreos are not appropriate for vegans, it says. This implies that traces of milk may have gotten into the cookies or the equipment used to manufacture them.

Whole Foods makes custom cakes and they also offer a wide variety of other baked goods. The whole foods custom cake menu is a list of the available cakes that can be made at their bakery.

Whole Foods Baby Shower Cakes

If a baby is on the way and youre planning on a small get-together, a round Whole Foods cake is perfect. As a result, you can spoil your guests with a smooth Berry Chantilly Cake or Tiramisu Cake.

You can a get a 6 cake that costs $26.99 to $28.99 for small parties. In addition, for 10 guests, an 8 cake at $32.99 will be amazing. Of course, you can also explore any of their other signature cakes, depending on the size of your party. Before discussing with the Whole Foods decorators about the baby shower cake of your dreams, you can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

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Is This Cake Vegan

I call this cake vegan because many people I know personally who follow a vegan diet will eat it, however Oreo cookies are not technically vegan due to potential contaminants within the factory despite not actually containing any animal products themselves.

Also if you are wanting to make it vegan, double check your ingredients particularly the chocolate to make sure you are using one that is certified vegan. Most good quality dark chocolate doesnt contain dairy but it doesnt hurt to get into the habit of reading the labels.

For the buttercream the quality of vegan butter that you use is everything, so try and find one that resembles the texture and flavour of real butter . In Australia I only use Nuttelex products , and in the US the alternative is Earth Balance.

Finally a note on the milk. I like to use vanilla flavoured almond milk when making this cake as I like the results, however I understand that almond milk may not be the best ethical dairy alternative for some people, so soy or oat would work as a substitute here as well.

Does Whole Foods Make Custom Cakes

Cookies ‘N Cream Cake and Cheesy Dorito Nachos MUKBANG (VEGAN)

Whole Foods makes custom cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions. To order a custom cake from Whole Foods, call your local bakery or visit in person to fill out an order form. Youll need to order your cake at least 48 hours before youre planning to pick it up.

If youre ordering a custom cake with special designs, you can expect to pay an upcharge for designs on top of the price of your cake.

If youre planning to order a Whole Foods birthday cake with a special design, keep in mind that Whole Foods does not use trademarked images such as Disney characters or superheroes.

Whole Foods offers a brochure with custom designs for birthday cakes, graduation parties, and more. However, if you have a specific design in mind, you can bring a picture to the store to help your cake decorator achieve your desired design.

If youre ordering a custom cake over the phone, ask your bakery team member if you can email a picture to the stores cake decorator.

On the other hand, if youre just shopping for a Whole Foods birthday cake with writing on it, you can visit your local Whole Foods bakery, choose a cake from the display case, and ask a team member to write on it free of charge.

Because Whole Foods bakery uses plant-based food coloring, options for icing colors are typically limited, with most stores offering red, blue, green, yellow, and white icing.

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Is It True That Whole Foods Sells Vegan Donuts

Not only do they offer vegan doughnuts, but they also bake them in-house at numerous Whole Foods locations throughout the country. All of them are cake donuts, and theyre all wonderful. Donut with blueberry cake. They offer normal non-cake vegan doughnuts at Tampas lone Whole Foods, which, by the way, has no vegan restaurants.

Things I Buy At Whole Foods

Posted by Debby Sunshine

Since my posts entitled Things I Buy At Costco and Things I Buy At Trader Joes have been quite popular, I decided to let you have a peek at some of the things I buy at the Whole Foods Market. I have been an avid Whole Foods shopper long before I became vegan and long before Whole Foods was popular. I am still waiting for an executive from Whole Foods to call me and thank me for the stores success.

Anyway, there are quite a few things which are exclusive to Whole Foods that I have been buying regularly over the course of many years and some things which are sometimes stocked at other supermarkets but are easily found at Whole Foods. Here is my list of things which I almost always buy every time I step foot into my local Whole Foods Market. This list excludes whole fruits and vegetables which vary with each of my visits

1. Whole Foods Original Hummus

This is undoubtedly my familys favorite store-bought hummus. It would probably be healthier without the added oils, but not as delicious. I like to use this hummus in my collard green wraps mixed with salad and pre-cut veggies.

2. Whole Foods Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

3. Whole Foods Vegan Veggie Ravioli

These vegan veggie raviolis are found in the refrigerated section with the other store-made pastas. They are surprisingly good and make a quick easy dinner. I like to serve them with My Perfect Tomato Sauce, although you could always use your favorite vegan sauce from a jar.

4. Bread Alone Bread

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Making The Oreo Buttercream Frosting

I have many blog posts already on my site about perfecting the perfect buttercream frosting so I wont double up too much here. If youre interested, check out this post on the perfect vegan vanilla buttercream frosting with all my tips.

This buttercream is essentially just that vanilla frosting but with crushed Oreos mixed through. Again here I like to finely crush the Oreo biscuits in a food processor so they are fine, which is important if you are going to pipe the frosting otherwise you end up with chunks of biscuits stuck in your piping tip.

This buttercream is going to make enough for you to fill the layers and crumb coat the cake, frost the outside and top, and also pipe some decorations on top. If you want more information about crumb coating, what it is and how to do it, see all the information in this vanilla layer cake post.

A note on the Oreos: When you crush them in the food processor, throw the whole thing in. I know it seems like maybe you shouldnt add the cream in there as well, but it will be fine, and it will be delicious. Also no one has time to be scraping the cream from the Oreos!

What Kind Of Cakes Can You Get At Whole Foods


Desserts & Cakes

  • Tiramisu Cake, 6 in. $22.99 for a 6 inch Tiramisu Cake that serves 8.
  • Tiramisu Cake, 8 in. 10 people may be served with an 8-inch Tiramisu Cake.
  • Chocolate Eruption Cake, 6 in. 8 people may be served from a 6 inch chocolate eruption cake.
  • Chocolate Eruption Cake, 8 in. 10 people may be served from an 8-inch chocolate eruption cake.
  • Berry Chantilly Cake, 6 in. Berry Chantilly Cake, 6 inch, serves 8

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Organic Chocolate Mousse Gelaot 1 Pint

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Offers are specific to store listed above and limited to in-store. Promotions, discounts, and offers available in stores may not be available for online orders. The information provided on this website, including special diets and nutritional information, is for reference purposes and not intended as medical or healthcare information or advice. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on our website. You should not rely solely on the information presented here and you should always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. The information provided on this website should not be relied upon to make health-related decisions.

Whole Foods Organic Produce

Let’s talk about organic produce at Whole Foods.

First of all, I only know the prices of the organic produce because that’s what I buy. The conventional produce is probably cheaper but I don’t buy it so I can’t say for sure.

Second, not all of Whole Foods organic produce is a great deal. You have to know your prices and be willing to shop around if you want the biggest bang for your buck.

Tips for buying Whole Foods produce:

  • Buy produce that’s in season. If you want something that’s out of season it’s going to be more expensive.
  • If you’re a Prime member, look for produce that has a yellow sales tag on it so you get 10% off or a blue sale tag . They do a lot of Prime sales on produce!
  • At the Whole Foods that I shop at, the produce section is located right when you walk into the store. The front of the produce section is where I usually find the best sales. I’m sure that’s intentional to make me buy more but it works because I know my prices and usually the sales at the front of the produce section are pretty great! So don’t blow right past because you might pass up a good sale.
  • Buy organic mushrooms from the bulk bin, it’s a better deal than buying them in a sealed package.
  • I always find the fresh organic bell peppers to be really expensive at Whole Foods, it’s a much better deal to buy them frozen .
  • Make sure you check out the wall of broccoli, it’s pretty awesome!
  • Organic onions, gold potatoes, and sweet potatoes are usually a fair price.
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    Whole Foods Bakery Prices

    As you can imagine the Whole Foods bakery also offers other baked goods apart from cakes. You can learn more about their offers on their bakery page. However, there are no prices available online, mainly because the products they offer depend on the Whole Foods location you shop at, as well as what they have in stock at that time. That said, if you are interested in sweet treats like savory loaves, artisan breads, muffins, pies, cookies, and so on, you will have to visit your local Whole Foods.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Whole Foods Market also owns the bakery called Bread & Circus. Online, you can find a Bread & Circus cake menu that presents the special occasion cakes they have available, as well as the customization options. In there, you might also find cakes to your liking.

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