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The Benefits Of Alani Nu Protein Bars

Alani Nu Protein Bar Review | Confetti Cake

Some of the pros of Alani Nu protein bars, based on our research, include:

  • You get 16 grams of protein with every bar
  • We like that the customer favorite flavors are so enticing, including peanut butter and cookies and cream
  • The texture is a bit better than other protein bars and is more wafer-like, creating a more appealing flavor profile.
  • It could be not only a snack but also a healthier dessert replacement, thanks to the killer flavors.
  • These bars are relatively low in sugar and carbs, but they still have both
  • Helps combat sugar cravings

Whats In Katy Hearns Protein Products

From a formulation point of view, these products are relatively simplistic, and I would say that is in a good way. Alani Nu uses very traditional formulations, but does have a couple tweaks that make them distinct enough to define as a unique brand. Lets breakdown the ingredients in each and then Ill give you my notes on each Alani Nu iteration.

Dairy-Based Alani Nu Protein Ingredients:

Whey Protein Hydrosylate, Whey Protein Isolate, VitaCherry Sport, Ticaloid Ultrasmooth , Salt, Silica, Natural Flavors, DigeZyme , Beet Root Extract, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.

My Notes: The ingredients in the dairy based Alani Nu proteins are pretty standard. You have two different whey proteins , coupled with some digestive enzymes and then some tart cherry to provide recovery benefits. I think the formula is therefore simple, but pretty well thought-out. I like that they added the tart cherry to help recovery.

Dairy-Based Alani Nu Macros:

The macros are pretty standard on the Alani-Nu Whey:

Calories 112

Total Sugar 1g

Protein 23.4g

My Notes: I think, again, this is pretty standard for a whey protein product. The sodium might be just a tough higher than Id like to see but I understand you gotta have salt to make it taste good probably. No big surprises here looking at the Alani Nu macros. Lets look at the Vegan now.

Vegan Alani Nu Protein Ingredients:

Vegan Alani Nu Macros:

The Vegan macros are relatively similar between the whey and vegan Alani Nu:

Calories 125

Alaninu Fit Snacks Protein Bar

Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bars have landed in the Mix. With an awesome array of supplements across the board from the super-tasty protein powders to the pre-workout giving us all those Nootropic feels. Next on the menu had to be their snacks, this being said we decided these tasty little cereal-style ‘Fit Snacks’ are a must for the Mix!

Believe the HYPE folks, cereal-ously TASTY Confetti Cupcake flavour delivers a Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Treat style centre , but Alani have taken it one step further and added pebbles of confetti coloured goodness and then COATED them in a generous sweet-sweet vanilla frosting outer shell.

Layered, luxurious PACKED with flavour and textures coming in at only 170kcals and 16g protein there is PLENTY to celebrate! Ticking so many boxes if you’re a cereal lover then you’re in for a crispy-treat without the cheat 😛

Why AlaniNu Fit Snacks Protein Bar – Confetti Cake?!

  • 16g Protein
Sodium 210mg

Ingredients: Protein Blend , SOY Protein Isolate, Corn Fibre,Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Corn Syrup, Birthday Cake Flavour , Maltitol, Glycerin, ALMONDS, Chicory Root Fibre, Rice Flour, ALMOND Butter, Water, Natural Flavour, Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate and PEANUTS.

Allergen Info: See ingredients in bold. MILK and SOY. May contain PEANUTS, TREE NUTS.

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Cake Batter Protein Shake

  • 8.7Kshares

It goes without saying that whenever I make cookies or cake, or any baked good for that matter, there is spoon and bowl licking involved.

Most of the time it is before any of it even makes it out of the bowl onto the cookie sheet or into the cake pan.

Yeah, I have no self control.

But as a fitness coach and in an effort to stay healthy, Ive decided to make a cake batter protein shake.

So instead of licking the bowl clean of batter, Ill just whip up one of these babies.

Wait who am I kidding there will still be bowl licking involved and I will probably make one of these as well because I will feel guilty that I am eating raw cake batter and how its not good for me and yada, yada.

Than Ill make one of these and drink it down and try and feel better because I am doing something good for my body.

Its a vicious, never ending cycle.

However, on the days that I am not making cake or cookies or a sweet, baked good and am craving something sweet, this is one of my go-to shakes.

When I have made it in the past, I used actual cake mix to make it taste like cake batter but that negates it being a healthy smoothie.

So I have found a way to get that same great cake batter flavor but without the actual cake mix.

What Is Alani Nu Pre

ALANI NU Whey Protein Confetti Cake Reviews 2019

Alani Nu Pre-workout is a pre-workout drink supplement that promises to give you the power you need to get the most out of your workout.

Alani Nu Pre-workout flavors:

  • Blueberry Acai
  • Breezeberry

One concern for our research team is the fact that we couldnt find any information available about the Alani Nu Pre Workout calories. Anyone concerned with losing weight needs to monitor their caloric intake carefully.

Before digging deeper into this pre-workout supplement, lets take a brief look into the research behind the ingredients:

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My Alani Nu Protein Review

Alani Nu Reviews are tough to find as this Katy Hearn supplement brand is literally BRAND spanking new in the past few weeks. But lucky for you, I was able to get my hands on all three flavors of the new Alani Nu protein and do a full breakdown of the products. In this Alani Nu protein review, Im actually going to talk about four flavors. There are three flavors of whey, and then one vegan flavor. So instead of break things down into two separate reviews, I figure Ill just do one massively well-written Alani Nu protein review covering the whey vs vegan flavors. In this post Ill discuss flavors primarily, but also go into detail around the ingredients of each Alani Nu version and summarize the quality of each. At the end Ill sing the praises of Katy Hearns taste in packaging because I think Alani Nu looks absolutely brilliant. Lets kick off this Alani Nu Review with flavors!

Where Can You Buy Alani Nu

If you are looking for the where to buy section, you found it. You can find Alani Nu at Vitamin Shoppe, in stores online, such as GNC, or from their website, and I should mention Amazon sells Alani Nu nutrition products. You can also check around online for some of the Alani Nu products, and you may even find some excellent discounts and savings. Search google for Alani Nu Canada, if you are in Canada.

Individuals can also find Alani Nu at Target so that you can find most of the products there, where an Alani Nu coupon code may be available.

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What Do Customers Say

Some of the things customers note as being great about these bars include:

  • They have crispy textures.
  • Doesnt have the hard-to-chew textures in the opinion of many customers.
  • Less grittiness than most protein bars
  • Great, fun flavors whether youre a fruity flavor person or you like a decadent, rich flavor
  • Easy to take with you
  • Low sugar and carb content
  • No aftertaste like you get with other protein bars
  • Not so much of a chalky taste

Alani Nu Confetti Cake Protein Shake Recipe

HONEST Alani Nu Confetti Cake protein review + Update on my surgery!

While the macros may vary slightly by flavor the Alani Nu Fit Snack Protein Bars in the Confetti Cake flavor pack 170 calories 6 grams of fat 210mg of sodium 17 grams of carbs and a respectable 16 grams of protein. Im VERY picky when it comes to protein and Im not a fan of anything thats chunky or doesnt mix well.

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Due To The Pandemic You May Experience Some Delivery Delays By Carriers Unfortunately These Delays Are Out Of Our Hands Please Always Use The Tracking Details Our System Provides To Track Your Shipment When Ordering From Our Website You Accept That No Delivery Guarantees Are Provided


During the winter season please note that during the colder winter months in some small cases, energy drinks might freeze and arrive damaged, as we have no control over temperature variances in each state/province unfortunately. We will not accept any claims for damaged cans/cases unfortunately, since carriers will also not insure for these damages. Please order at your on your own risk. Please consider this before placing your order during these month.

SUMMER SHIPPING POLICY ON BARS, SNACKS AND GUMMIES:During the summer season please note that during the warmer summer months these items may arrive melted, as we have no control over temperature variances and higher temperatures. We will not accept any claims for melted bars/snacks/gummies. We recommend you put those items in your fridge for a couple hours as soon as you receive your parcel if you still decide to order them from us. Please order at your on your own risk

Alani Nu Return Policy

Alani Nu has a 30-day return policy, through They will take your product back absolutely free for store credit, equal to the cost of the product you are returning. It excludes drinks, merchandise, and snacks items. They do not accept returns from any retailers that carry our products.

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Products Similar To Alani Nu Pre


Explanation of Price

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

  • = Initial product cost is less than $5
  • = Initial product cost is between $6 and $50
  • = Initial product cost is between $51 and $150
  • = Initial product cost is $151 or more

Funfetti Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Alani Nu Confetti Cake 2 lbs Whey Protein Powder

One of my favorite things in the world is Funfetti cake and pancakes. When I started trying to live healthier and manage my diabetes I had to cut out a lot of my favorites. It became my goal to find other healthier options that still hit the spot. I came up with different smoothies that I can have and basically still have dessert for breakfast. One of my favorite smoothies I make is a easy vanilla protein shake recipe. It tastes like birthday cake but without all the sugar.

You can make this smoothie using vanilla or chocolate protein powder. My favorite is vanilla. I have tried a few different protein powders and my favorite is MacroMeal Ultimate Superfood. It blends very well so you dont have that gritty texture that some protein powders leave you with. It comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and other flavors. We have used the different flavors to make fudgesicles, smoothies, cake, and other yummy treats. Below is the recipe for my favorite treat the Funfetti Birthday Cake Protein smoothie. This treat also freezes really well to make a ice cream.

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Products Similar To Alani Nu


Explanation of Price

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

  • = Initial product cost is less than $5
  • = Initial product cost is between $6 and $50
  • = Initial product cost is between $51 and $150
  • = Initial product cost is $151 or more

How Did Alani Nu Pre

Alani Nu creates workout supplements geared towards women. Created by Katy Hearn, a trainer dedicated to helping ladies meet their fitness goals, Alani Nu products come in fun flavors and use high-quality ingredients backed by science.

In 2018, Katy Hearn teamed up with Haydn Schneider to create a supplement line that they felt comfortable recommending to their fitness clients.

The Alani Nu product line includes:

  • Caffeine

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What Is Alani Nu

The Nu in Alani Nu stands for nutrition. Alani Nu is a relatively new line of products that was to help women succeed. They have a list of products claimed to help women lose weight, gain energy, balance their hormones, and more.

Their pre-workout products come in pre-workout candy, rainbow candy, etc. They also manufacture things like probiotics, vegan protein, and whey protein, so lets take a quick look at the research behind the ingredients in these products:

  • Foods: Curcumin, a key component in turmeric, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Frontiers in Psychiatry: Caffeine has been shown to boost alertness and energy.

Healthy Protein Shake Kids And Parents Will Love

Alani Nu Protein Powders & Pre-Workout Review

Ive said it before. Keeping my childrens bodies healthy is one of the most important things to me. One of my favorite methods of that is thru protein shakes with superfood. My favorite brand is Macro Naturals Superfood. They have 2 flavors for children and a Macro Meal Superfood for adults. My children are very sensitive to texture so one of our struggles was finding a protein powder that did not have that gritty feel to it. The Macro Naturals Superfood was was one of the few that I found that did not end up gritty.

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Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bar Peanut Butter Cup:

A Yummy, High-Protein Snack!

Snack a little healthier before, during, or after your next workout with Alani Nus Fit Snacks Protein Bars! Created in collaboration with fitness, lifestyle and motherhood influencer, Felicia Keathley, their new Peanut Butter Cup flavor is downright delectable. Each bite has a crispy, peanut-buttery center coated in a milk chocolate dip. With 16g of protein and only 5g of sugar in every bar, you can treat your bodywithout cheating your tastebuds!

The Protein Bar That Fits All Your Needs.

Forget chalky taste or hard-to-chew texture. Alani Nu Fit Snacks protein bars combine high-quality ingredients to deliver a candylike, on-the-go protein treat with delicious flavors you can enjoy anywhere.

Support Your Fitness And Weight Management Goals.

Protein helps refuel and rebuild your muscles after exercise and can help you feel fuller, longer. Plus, each bar also contains 5g of fiber to help increase your feeling of fullness and aid in eliminating toxins from the body. If youre putting in work at the gymor working on weight managementprotein and fiber are a powerful combination.

  • 16g protein and 5g fiber per serving
  • 190 calories and 5g sugar per serving
  • Candylike layers of flavor and texture
  • Contains 12 Peanut Butter Cup Fit Snacks Protein Bars

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