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What About The Dye In This Recipe

Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe With Box Mix

You can certainly leave the red dye out of this cake or reduce its amount as you feel comfortable. Alternative and natural dyes are available at most grocery stores these days too. But the cake will be more chestnut in color as a result.

A Little Bit of Red Velvet History

Velvet cakes have been baked since the 1800s. Red velvet has roots in Victorian cakes that were baked with almond flour, cocoa, buttermilk, and coffee, giving the cake a reddish hue. Some debate remains as to whether the cakes chemistry gave the red velvet its name or if red became its nickname for its use of brown sugar, which was commonly referred to as a red sugar before the 1920s .

Red velvet is often associated with other Southern cakes, such as hummingbird or coconut cake. Despite this reputation, modern red velvet cake was actually popularized at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York and later by Adams Extract Company. Adams is notably Texas-based, which may have led to the Southern storying.

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The 15 Best Places For Chocolate Cake In Atlanta

MD Debranski: Do not skip dessert. Flourless chocolate cake. Cheesecake… Well worth the only dessert I’ll have for a few weeks.

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RobinWB: The white chocolate cake is TDF, and when the strawberry cake is in season- hold me back! Staff could be nicer at this location, though…

Lauren Goins: White Chocolate Cake!

English: The white chocolate cake is always a winner!

Hanifah Akbar: White Chocolate Cake w/nuts…. Heaven on earth!!!! Love this bakery!! Happy it’s in my neck of the woods now!!! Camp Creek baby!!! Woot!!

Brianna Thompson: White chocolate cake!!

Jill Fears: White chocolate cake, red velvet, and their strawberry cake is good too.

Monique Jackson: Cake/Cupcakes are AMAZING

Mona Hill: All the cakes are awesome and each month they feature a specialty cake.

Lynda Willingham: Angel J, is THE best server!!!! Avocado eggrolls, firecracker salmon rolls, miso salmon, just to names few,I love chocolate so the black out cake and lyndas chocolate cake, they spell Lynda “wrong”!HA

Movies On Paper Studio Productions: white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, its beyond taste. Its the best.

Charita Shepherd: The Pan Seared Cauliflower Steak with Couscous and Sautéed Spinach is absolutely amazing!!!

Bonny Drago: Ambience, awesome chocolate cheesecake

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A Recipe For A 12 Round Red Velvet Cake

Updated 5 May 2011 , 2:33amby mplaidgirl2

Hi all. I think this might be my first question on Cake Central.I am doing a rehearsal dinner cake for a couple. The wanted a 12″ round triple layer red velvet cake.Does anyone have a good recipe for a red velvet for a 12″ pan that is sturdy enough for 3 layers?Any help is much appreciated.

As long as your supports are good You’ll be find. Check my photos for the 3 tier baby shower cake I did that cake with this recipe

Thanks so much! Do you by any chance recall how much batter the recipe yields?

I have tried many RV recipes, and my favorite is Cake Man Raven’s RV cake! Its a super moist buttermilk cake, with just a hint of chocolate. RV more of a buttermilk cake and has origins in the south. Look for recipes that do have buttermilk, and light on the cocoa powder! I have double this cake and it worked great! It yields about 6 cups of batter. Enough for 2 8in cakes, or 3 6in cakes. A 12in cake takes about 7 1/2 cups of batter, so you can easily make 2 double recipes and have 3 nice size layers, with a little extra!

Layer Red Velvet Cake

Twelve, layer red velvet cake at Southern Art at the ...

12 Layers of moist red chocolate cake 12 layers of cream cheese frosting

  • $9.00

My friend and I came here last night for a night out. The place is beautiful. I love how the art is hung on from the ceiling. The host and the waiter were amazing. I had asked to try a wine and I thought it was ok, the waiter brought a couple of excellent suggestions and I ended up going with one of his. Kudos on the wine selections. He also gave his introduction to the restaurant . Our waiter was attentive and very nice. To the food:I ordered the salmon and substituted my sides for the brussels sprouts and mac and cheese. I thought my food was pretty good. The brussels sprouts were the best thing on my plate. If you go, and like brussels sprouts, I highly recommend substituting one of your sides for these. My friend ordered the fried chicken, and her chicken breasts were kind dry. The leg was a little juicy. For dessert we split the redvelvetcake which was delicious.

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Ways To Eat Red Velvet

Does anyone else get a hankering for red velvet confections in February? We certainly do. Theres something about the combination of cocoa, red food coloring and creamy butter that turn sweets from just blah to ooh la-la! Its an added plus that red velvet is visually appealing its deep red color makes us think of romance. Weve got a few suggestions to mix up the classic red velvet cake. How will you eat your red velvet this month?

Southern Art

Well okay, we did put one cake in here. But Southern Arts red velvet 12-layer cake is no small feat to eat. This slice towers over your plate as white pillowy layers break up the rich red cake for a heavy dose of creamy frosting.

In an Ice Cream Sandwich

Del Friscos Grille Atlanta

Yes, its cold outside, but after a hearty meal, youll welcome an ice cream sandwich. Del Friscos version sandwiches vanilla ice cream between two red velvet waffles. Its crisp on the outside but one bite will give you chills.

In a Beer

Second Self Beer Company

On February 1, Second Self released their Bleeding Heart specialty craft beer. The brew was three years in the making, where the crew mirrored it after a classic red velvet cake recipe. The amber ale is reddish in color and a swig finishes with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

In a Donut

Sublime Doughnuts

In an Oreo

A Choose Your Frosting Adventure

Much like the hue of the cake, red velvet frosting affections have changed with the times and trends. A boiled or roux-based frosting known as Ermine frosting was popular during the 1800s and again during World War II, because the frosting uses less butter and sugar than most frostings. Cream cheese frosting didnt become popular until the 1960s as a topping for carrot cake, when it presumably made its way onto red velvet cakes as well. My hunch as to how bakers moved from ermine frosting to cream cheese is simply that both frostings are a creamy white, with a slight grain, and a swirling finish.

Prepare the cake pans and heat the oven

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Twelve Layer Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Let me just say off the bat that Im fundamentally against red velvet cake. Yes, its because its just barely chocolate and somewhere around a bottles worth of red food colouring. Thats what makes it red. Give me a big ol chocolate cake taste over aesthetics any day.

But I appreciate that other people are enamoured with it, and thats all that matters when youre making a birthday cake for someone. And when a that someone tweets that he will be very disappointed if no one makes him a 15 tier red velvet cake , you make one, right? Right? Just for kicks?

Ive always meant to make one of those cakes that look almost like a stack of crepes, with uber-thin layers I think mostly I love the idea of the cake:frosting ratio. You dont slice the cake layers crosswise in halves or thirds you spread small quantities of batter into baking pans and bake them for a short time, so you wind up with thin cake layers that are sturdier than you might think, almost like big cakey cookies. These didnt crumble. I wouldnt expect a mix to produce the same results.

So last night I got it in my head that it might be a good idea to attempt such a cake. If you are like me, you will attempt this in your stand mixer and make an enormous mess, simply due to the quantity of ingredients and their proximity to the rim of the bowl. If youre like me youll give up at the end and stir by hand until everything looks like cake batter.

What Is Red Velvet Cake And Why Is It Red

Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe in Oven | How to make Homemade Eggless Red Velvet Cake | Birthday Cake

Without its coloring, red velvet is a type of cocoa cake given a touch of tang from buttermilk. The velvet in red velvet cake refers to the style of cake and its small, tight-crumbed texture, compliments of the vinegar and baking soda in this recipe. I have baked red velvet cake without this addition of baking soda and vinegar and found the result is a sturdier cake with less flavor. Odd as it may be, this addition makes for a distinctly tangy cake that is anything but plain.

Modern red velvet cakes are made scarlet with red food dye. Its historical mahogany hue may have been the result of unprocessed cocoa, beet sugar, or a chemical reaction in the cake. It wasnt until Adams Extract Company began packaging a red velvet cake mix with a bottle of red dye in the 1930s that red velvet went from auburn to scarlet.

Times and trends have continued to dictate the cakes coloring. During World War II, many bakers switched from dye to beets as a result of rationing, and again red dye was often replaced during the 2000s in response to concerns about the health effects of red dye.

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Why I Love This Recipe

“For a short time in my childhood, we lived in Atlanta while my father finished his seminary work. My mother worked to support the family, and we stayed after school with ‘Miss Marie,’ a lady from church. Miss Marie was still a part of that 50s phenomenon, even in the late 1960s. She stayed at home, kept house, and cooked hot lunch for her husband, who came home from work to eat every day. Miss Marie introduced my family to Red Velvet Cakes.”

“One cold day in November, Daddy came to pick up us kids from Miss Marie’s house. She would not let us leave until we had a piece of her Red Velvet Cake. I thought it was the best thing I had ever eaten. True to its name, the cake was bright red, iced with a creamy, sugary white confection. With a wonderfully delicate ‘velvety’ texture, it just melted in our mouths. Later, my mother would tell me I had just eaten Crisco with lots of sugar in it Miss Marie was too poor to afford butter. I didn’t care I thought it was the best thing I had ever eaten.”

“We moved north when my Dad graduated from seminary, but we eventually came back to Georgia. When the holidays rolled around, women brought Red Velvet Cakes to the parsonage for Christmas presents. My mouth watered in anticipation of that wonderfully unique, moist, and velvety cake. Finally, I got the courage to ask for the recipe. . .”

The 15 Best Places For Red Velvet Desserts In Atlanta

Christina Whitlock Darnell: Best red velvet in the ATL. The icing is to-die-for!

Tiff Stewart: The Classic Cami with pink frosting & The Red Velvet are a must have when you visit.

Leggs Nikkimo: Red velvet was my original favorite. Salted caramel is the flavor I now crave.

shannon: Red velvet shake is soooo good

Creative Loafing Atlanta: Ever had the urge to drink a cupcake? Here a whole red velvet cupcake is swirled vigorously into a cake shake mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream. No wonder it’s one of the top 100 Dishes in the city. Read more.

Amster: Great food. I love the “Chickie Philly Classic.” Also, try the double chocolate and red velvet cake shakes. So good.

Syvenn: Red Velvet Cake… All you need!

AJC: AJC searched for the best Red Velvet in Atlanta and features Piece of Cake’s cupcake! Read more.

AJC: The little white house in the heart of the Buckhead bar scene takes the cake in the search for the perfect red velvet cupcake. Read more.

Aaron Hargrove: Red velvet is amazing !!

Alisha Walker: The red velvet cheesecake during the late fall/winter holidays is beyond amazing! It’s all about the red velvet cheesecake! I hope they still have it available! Vanilla bean is also great! Mmmm…

Stephanie W.: The red velvet cheesecake is the freakin best!

Brandi Starr: Can we say Red Velvet ice cream? MmmmMmmmm!

Katena Keno: The red velvet ice cream is a win!

TJ: The Red Velvet Ice Cream is good. I definitely like that.

Jennifer : Red velvet…yum!

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How To Make Classic Red Velvet Cake

I had never heard of or tasted red velvet cake until I came to Atlanta 10 years ago. I moved to the South just as this enigmatic cake was once again rising to popularity and red velvet was being baked as cakes, doughnuts, and even a coating for fried chicken. What followed was chasing this particular recipe around for the next 10 years. I baked a beet-colored version, and another one made crimson with concentrated pomegranate juice. I baked red velvet with and without its signature vinegar. I tried different cocoa powders and every red food dye under the sun.

This recipe is the one I bake for my family once a year. It takes its cue from bits and pieces of red velvet cakes long and storied history. The cake itself is closely based on the classic, with a hit of red dye always an optional ingredient to create the signature scarlet color we know today. For the frosting were giving you two options. One is the very traditional boiled milk frosting and the other is the more recently popular cream cheese frosting. Both are delicious options it just comes down to what youre looking for.

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