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Weve listed a handful of reasons why youll want to call on for sending cakes in Dubai, but have left out what may be the best part of our delivery service so far. You dont have to be here in the UAE to place an order for your loved ones who are! We regularly service individuals from international locations such as the UK, who want to be a part of a loved ones special occasion by sending something sweet.

If youre in the US and have a sibling, uncle, or niece in Abu Dhabi, never fret, well make sure that your gift of an amazing cake makes it to their door on time and in perfect shape. Send a cake to Dubai from anywhere you can access the Broadway Bakery website and rest assured youll join the ranks of our many satisfied customers who order from places including Australia, Canada, and even Russia.

Tips For Making The Best Russian Honey Cake

  • Make the Layers in Advance: This cake is awesome because you can make the layers a week in advance. Just make sure to cover them tightly with plastic wrap and store them in a plastic bag until you are ready to assemble.
  • Cream: Bring your butter and cream cheese to room temperature and keep your heavy cream very cold. This makes the whipping process much easier, while also creating an awesome texture.
  • Dont Overmix the Cream: Once you add the heavy cream to your cream cheese and butter, pay extra mind to not overmix your frosting. Overmixing the heavy cream can cause it to curdle. Once you see stiff peaks begin to form, immediately stop mixing the frosting.
  • Give it Time to Set: After you assemble your cake, allow it to set it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. This will not only help with the cakes overall stability, it will also make it much more moist.
  • Tailor the Cream to Your Taste Buds: If you want to skip out on the cream cheese or butter, feel free. If you remove the butter, compensate by adding more cream cheese and vice versa.

Here Are The Top 10 Bakeries In Dubai That You Need To Try At Least Once

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But for real though a good cake can literally break or make an entire party. Be it a birthday, anniversary or any celebration for that matter cakes are absolutely ESSENTIAL and if the cake sucks then no matter how good the event is, thats the one thing that will stick with you throughout. So if you have a party coming up, keep reading.

Or if youre just someone who just likes the sweet things in life and want to know where the best bakeries are to indulge in a little cake binging from time to time then you are going to love this list!

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Freshly Baked Cakes To Celebrate Special Occasions

Cakes have been an integral part of special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and new year. TINAS offers affordable cakes that are available in a variety of flavors and fillings to ensure that each has the perfect bite of this sweet dessert. We offer freshly baked cakes for a variety of functions including birthday events, anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers and baby showers. Cake and flowers can be a perfect gifting option for that someone special. Let TINAS cater to your next event to make you go blissful. You can just order and relax while we take care of your cake and flower delivery in Dubai. Take your birthday celebration to the next level with TINAS lip-smacking cakes!

Baking a cake is an art. And our professional bakers design cakes as per your need. TINAS offers delectable birthday cakes in many flavors including pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. We also offer personalized cakes of your choice. You can choose a rectangular, round shape or a heart shape cake. From a simple cake to designer cake, TINAS has it all.

Explore Birthday Cakes With Gifts To Make The Occasion Memorable

birthday cake

We have even come up with an extensive range of birthday gifts too starting from the teddy bear, flowers, chocolates, cakes and personalized gift items too. You can send birthday gifts to your loved ones which are neatly wrapped and is delivered to your loved ones with a personal note. Express your warm wishes to your friends and relatives with our popular gift items. Make occasions livelier with our special range of gifts. At Ferns N Petals we have been fulfilling everybodys gifting needs for more than 20 years. Our payment options with flexible delivery services make us the most trusted brand name industry.

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Classic Cakes Of Magnolia Bakery Dubai

Magnolia bakery Dubai is one of the famous bakeries that serve the best cakes in Dubai. The classic cakes are what it is famous for. A mouth full of Vanilla rich, buttery, and light crumbs is all that you need to enjoy.

The other flavor is chocolate cake rich, moist, with a smooth velvety and dark chocolate flavor that Keeps your visitors inquisitive about their ever-converting ideas and designs that carry the wow element to pretty much each party.

Moreover, the bakery offers a home delivery service you can order the best cakes in Dubai online.

  • Best Item: Classic cakes .
  • Pricing: Slice AED 24, 3 layer 16cm starting at AED 134, 2 layer 23cm starting at AED 174, 3 layer 23cm starting at AED 250.
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Location:

What Is A Smores Cake:

Smores cake takes the three key components of any good smore and makes each one into a decadent layer. In case you live under a rock, a smore is made from toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and two graham crackers sandwiched together. Its easily one of my favorite flavors combos. Youll make three separate components and then assemble them.

And Im going to break it all down for you.

  • Chocolate Cake: We used our favorite chocolate cake recipe to make the fudgiest, most chocolatey cake weve ever had.
  • Graham Cracker Crumble: You know that buttery goodness traditionally found as the base of a graham cracker? We adapted that into a crumble to sprinkle in between each layer of cake .
  • Made with marshmallow fluff stirred right into the frosting, this ultra fluffy frosting tastes exactly like a marshmallow
  • And damn IT. IS. GOOD.

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    Chocolate Devil Cake Of Hummingbird Bakery

    Hummingbird Bakery is famous for its best chocolate cakes in Dubai. Chocolate cakes having moist layers of chocolate sponge, iced with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting. The list includes some of the most delicious cakes. So if you are a cake fan this place wont disappoint you.

    They have chocolate devil cake, carrot cake, Red Velvet cake, Rainbow Vanilla. Rainbow Chocolate and the Mile high chocolate salted caramel are also available.

    Moreover, Hummingbird Bakery features some of the best cupcakes in Dubai including Red Velvet Cupcakes, Carrot Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, and much more.

    • Best Item: chocolate devil cake, carrot cake, Red Velvet cake, Rainbow Vanilla, Rainbow Chocolate ant the Mile high chocolate salted caramel.
    • Pricing: 129 AED for two people
    • Rating: 4.1
    • Location:

    How To Pick The Best Cake Delivery In Dubai

    Cake supplies shop in Dubai – Series 3.

    When purchasing a cake to surprise a loved one, you want to make sure that your gift arrives at the right date and time and in one piece.

    To guarantee this, use these tips below to select the cake shop that offers the best cake delivery in Dubai.

    Know their delivery terms

    Read the shops delivery terms and conditions thoroughly.

    First off, know whether the shop you want to buy a cake from delivers to you or your recipients area.

    Then, check if their charges are affordable. Most cake shops offer free same-day delivery services in Dubai. If not, they charge only a minimal fee.

    Lastly, you should also make sure that they can deliver on your desired date and time.

    Opt for a shop with a tracking system

    A tracking system keeps you at ease by letting you know whether the cake is getting to the recipient on time. It is convenient, removing the need for call and message exchanges with the shop staff.

    In case the recipient fails to receive the item, a tracking system would also let you know about this faster.

    Read online reviews

    Before finally deciding on a provider, you should check online for reviews about their delivery services. Reviews tell you whether the cakes they deliver arrive safely and on time.

    Youd also want to know what the shop does in case there is no one to receive the package.

    More so, you should know whether the shop provides a refund or a replacement if the cake gets to the receiver in bad shape.

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    Circle Cheesecake: A Truly Magnificent Take On The Classic Cheesecake

    Cheesecake has been on the menu of any reputable cake maker since back before the Romans conquered the Greeks. A favourite dessert all over the world that came all the way from ancient Greece, the Cheesecake is the simplest of cakes that have the most magical mix of tastes and textures due to its cream cheese and biscuit layers that, plus whatever the baker sees fit to put on top.

    Although original recipes vary widely, most cheesecakes will consist of a layer of buttery biscuit, upon which there is a thick layer of sugary cream cheese. Favoured toppings of the cheesecake include whipped cream, fruit and even nuts amongst other things. If cheesecake is one of your personal favourites, there are several bakeries in Dubai and all throughout the country to choose from. But, why look further if you can order Circle Cafés mouth-watering version of this classic cake today?

    Cakes By Chateau Blanc

    In our list of the best cakes in Dubai, Chateau Blanc is one of the favorites of all. The bakery offers some of the best customized cakes in Dubai and a huge variety of pastries.

    The famous among them are the 3d cakes. You can customize your cake to your favorite 3d characters such as Optimus prime, Fortnite characters, and many more. Also, you can make your Christmas special by ordering the best Christmas cakes in Dubai from Chateau Blanc.

    Furthermore, they offer an online delivery service you can order and customize your cake from your home. Do visit their shop and feast your eyes on their wide selection of standard and personalized cakes.

    • Best Item: Strawberry cheesecake.
    • Location:

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    Visit Your Very Own Ferns N Petals Bakery In Dubai For The Sweetest Experience

    Are you searching for tag “Cake Shop near me” or most reliable “bakery in Dubai”? If yes, then Ferns N Petals is here to surprise you with our physical store to get drool-worthy cakes in no time. Getting cakes in Dubai is no more a hassle with Ferns N Petals. We have offline cake outlets in Dubai to serve you fresh and yummy cakes without any delays. We are one of the leading bakers in Dubai with a massive online and offline presence. Now, you can get a cake yourself from our physical store in Dubai by choosing from an extensive variety of delightful sweet treats, freshly made for you. Choose from a wide range of flavours available on-site and pick your favourite one for the happening celebrations. Explore a variety of chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, fruit cakes, brownies, tiramisu cakes, dry cakes, pastries, designer cakes and much more. You can send cakes to Dubai on someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, farewell, baby shower or any other occasion. We also have cakes for festive celebrations like Eid, Ramadan, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year and Christmas. Enjoy hassle-free cake delivery in Dubai from our offline cake stores in just one hour, exclusively across Dubai for special occasions. So, order the best cakes from our Ferns N Petals bakery in Dubai and make the occasion extra special. For more information, you can also connect with us at or ring us at +971 43387676.

    Pandora A Premium Cake Shop In Dubai

    Pin by WOW Sweets on Best decoration cakes in Dubai ...

    Cakes are hallmarks of celebrations they are a lot more than just desserts. There is no way a party or celebration can be complete without cake. However, a traditional cake simply doesnt cut it anymore, and you need a delectable slice of cake that reflects sheer joy. If this is what you want to enjoy, then we at Pandora are here to help you get your hands on the finest, most delicious cakes in Dubai.

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    Brownie Point Cakes And Confectioners Al Barsha

    Despite the name, this famous dessert spot in Dubai is known for making a unique range of sweet treats, customised cakes, brownies, tarts & pies, cupcakes, mousse cakes for dedicated customers. Their first outlet in Dubai was opened in 2010. It further expanded to three outlets which are now known to be the symbol of unique desserts in Dubai.

    Must Try: Walnut Brownie, Cup Cake, Nutella Brownie, Truffle Cake, Cheesecake, Eggless Cake, and chocolate cake.

    Average Cost: AED 60 for two people Customised cakes usually start at AED 195.

    Location: Branches located in Al Barsha, Al Nahda, Al Karama.

    Contact: +971-4-423-2671 and +971-4-423-2670.


    • There are three branches in total. For the branch in Al Karama timings are as follows: 08:30 am midnight , 10:00 am 01:00 am Friday.
    • Al Nahda: 09:00 am midnight , 09:00 am 01:00 am Thursday, 10:00 am 01:00 am Friday, 09:00 am midnight Saturday.
    • Al Barsha: 09:00 am 11:00 pm .

    Some other renowned cake shops in Dubai include Fab cakes, Gateaux, Bakemart Gourmet Karama, Cake Talk Bakery Dubai and the very famous Cheesecake Factory which has branches in some of the prominent malls in Dubai.

    These bakeries in Dubai have been gracing every occasion with their delightful taste. So for your next special occasion, dont forget to check out some of their awesome creations. Those who love to share their sweet treats on social media can also check out some of the finest Insta-worthy desserts in Dubai.

    Timely Cake Home Delivery In Dubai Is Guaranteed

    We are known for our delicious cakes and amazing customer service. Our customers love us because we deliver on time, every time. Whether you are celebrating a special moment, want to order birthday cake online in Dubai or just want to enjoy a few slices of cake with your family and friends, we are here to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings with cakes produced using high quality, fresh ingredients. Our cakes, food items, beverages and retail products are all created following unique recipes that enhance flavors, and we work hard to ensure that the creams, syrups and mixtures we use are all home-made. Most importantly, our products are delivered in chilled and Municipality certified vehicles, so you can be sure of their freshness!

    All of our cakes are prepared fresh by hand, so they arrive tasting just as good as they look! No matter what kind of celebration youre hosting, we have the perfect cake to make it even better. And if there isn’t anything that suits your fancy yet, let us know and we will create a custom cake just for you with all the desired add-ons and customizations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating life’s special moments with L’etos online cake delivery in Dubai.

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