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Pumpkin Sheet Cake With Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

How To Make White Texas Sheet Cake | Easy Sheet Cake Recipe

A tried and true delicious sheet cake is a great thing to have in your baking arsenal. This recipe for pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting is not only super easy and economical, but it also feeds a crowd and transports easily for a potluck. Make sure that your cake is completely cooled before you frost it, otherwise the frosting will melt. If you find that your powdered sugar is lumpy, give it a quick sift to ensure smooth frosting.

  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1 can pure pumpkin puree
  • 2 eggs
  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1 1/4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

X185x4 White Full Sheet Cake Box

  • 26.5×18.5×4 Full sheet white cake box – 2 part – base and lid included.

    Case of 25

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Full Sheet Cake Boxes

Updated 21 Jan 2007 , 2:44amby chaptlps

Okay, so I consider my full sheet cake to be 24×36 I’ve called around to see if the local bakery supply shops sell full sheet cake boxes and they do but they are 19×26. Does anyone know where to buy a larger box than that? Am I crazy having a full sheet cake be 24×36? I thought I had read where this is the size people used for their full sheet. But what do they put it in? Thanks!

If I’m going the math right, a full sheet is 19 x 26. and the ‘height’ is 18 inches.)

ok, now I’m really confused!! What are the measurements for sheet cakes? I was in a cake supply store getting a box for a 1/2 sheet which I believe is a 12×18 cake. They told me a 1/4 sheet is an 11×15 – I thought a 9×13 was a 1/4 sheet. And I also thought a full sheet was 24×36 because you just do 2 half sheets. Anyone know what the true measurements for sheet cakes are?ETA – I also thought the “height” was 2″ but they get taller after filling and icing.

Ok, now, I went back and reread your post. Are you saying that you use “4” half sheets to make a full sheet?Omg that’s a lot of cake. and yep that would be the 24″x36″ that you are talking about.Unless you can find someone who does custom size boxes or shipping boxes that size, I really don’t think they actually make a “cake” box that size.I don’t know bout anyone else, but in my book that is a double-full sheet cake.

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Full Sheet Cake Box 26 X 185 X 4 In 25 Pack

Our Sheet Cake Box Kraft paperboard is made from a combination of sustainably managed forest and at least 18% recycled wood fiber content using a totally chlorine free manufacturing process.

Paperboard is made from trees, a natural resource that can easily be renewed by planting more trees.Trees used in our paperboard are typically harvested and re-grown on a 7-15 year farming cycle depending on the type of tree. The process is the same for any other farm crop, it just occurs over a longer period of time.

Our Sheet Cake Box paperboard is made from unbleached pulp and is highly recyclable in its most natural state however even coated Kraft paperboard can be recycled with the proper equipment. Paper fibers can be recycled 5-7 times before deteriorating. Once fibers are completely worn out, they are used as a biofuel. Naturally, Kraft should be the number one choice for your bakery and foodservice itemsand for our environment.



Southern Champion Tray

Package And Transport Your Carefully Prepared Baked Goods With This 28 X 18 X 5 White Corrugated Half Sheet Cake / Bakery Box With Lid

14"  x 10"  x 4"  Auto

When serving and transporting a cake, presentation and durability are almost as important as how the cake tastes. Made of single-wall corrugated cardboard, this durable cake / bakery box is a sturdier alternative to traditional paperboard boxes, while its bright white color gives it a clean, stylish appearance. Whether you own a high-end bakery or a small coffee shop that serves sweet treats, this cake / bakery box is the perfect addition!

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Full Sheet Cake Box Corrugated Bottom Only 25875 X 1806 X 4 In 25 Pack

Our sheet cake box is a simply and cost effective way to packaging your creations. The white cake box is an exercise in beautiful simplicity. Our white cake boxes, like our other cake boxes, set up fast, provide a sturdy structure for sweet sculptures.

Applications: Full Sheet Decorated Cake, Extra Large Character Cake, 36-60 cupcakes or muffins

White cake boxes from The Brenmar Company may look simple, but the careful consideration evident in the design of each paperboard palace for cakes was an involved affair. We been selling these boxes for over 25 year and our customers agree that these cake boxes offer a simply and reliable way to package your cakes.

Try our flavor labels to give your cake box an eye catching look!

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