How Do You Make A Baby Diaper Cake

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Giraffes Diapers Cakes Made To Inspire

How to Make a Diaper Cake | Step By Step Tutorial

Want more sensational inspirations for the diaper cakes? Go with this diaper giraffe cakes, done with diapers, comes with a blanket over their backs and also with face and ears made of baby socks! Both have the hanging pacifier around their neck and decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers for a lofty touch! Buy it here!!

Add The Finishing Touches

Finish the diaper cake off with the topper of your choice. A stuffed animal, like a teddy bear, is always a great standby, but you could also opt for something that coordinates with the theme of the shower or the baby’s nursery.

For example, a stuffed monkey would be a great topper if the baby’s nursery will be jungle-themed, or a stack of board books is perfect if the parents have requested shower guests help build baby’s reading library.

Diaper Cake Instructions For A 4th Tier:

  • Cut out a larger size base from cardboard
  • Hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center.
  • Align the diapers in circular layers around the toilet paper roll
  • Secure with clear tape all the way around
  • Hot glue the top of the toilet paper roll to the center of the base of the previously assembled 3 tier cake

There you have it! A stunning 4 tier diaper cake base ready for decorating.

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Baby Shower Diaper Cake Topped With Silk Roses:

Extra brilliant diaper cake idea for the upcoming baby shower! Prepare the 3 tier frame of the cake first using cardboard tube and round cardboard plates! Then simple add the rolled diapers to all 3 levels and secure them by circling tight a beautiful ribbon!! Silk roses just sit on each tier as dignifying accents! Full instructions here!

What You Will Need To Make A Diaper Cake:

Oh Baby: How To Make A Diaper Cake
  • Cardboard cake rounds: For a three-tiered cake, I used 8, 10 and 12.
  • Cardboard tubing or spent toilet paper rolls
  • Hot glue gun
  • Diapers a pack of 78 is just enough
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon in complementary colors to the event you are planning
  • Silk flowers
  • Adornments: I usually like to have a stuffed animal as a cake topper. Additionally, you can use pacifiers, baby wash cloths, teething rings, baby lotion or powder anything that fits in with your color scheme
  • Colorful construction paper and text pages from used books

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How To Make Diaper Cakes: 18 Adorable Ideas

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Diaper cakes are the hit, still, to give moms to be to help celebrate their new baby, but with professional diaper cakes costing around $100.00, you might find yourself wondering if you can create your own. With a little bit of patience, you can create your own DIY diaper cake with this guide on how to make diaper cakes as well as diaper cake ideas.

Its no surprise that giving diapers at a baby shower is one of the best gifts you can give a new mom. I mean with babies going through over 2500 diapers in the first year you could say they will be very appreciated.

But giving a box of diapers might seem very underwhelming to you. Thats why giving a diaper cake is a great idea!

The great thing about diaper cakes is that they make great centerpieces for the baby shower! So if you are throwing a shower and have all the baby shower games picked and all you have left is the decorations think about creating this very useful centerpiece to fill the table.

More Ideas For Your One Tier Nappy Cake:

The colorful mouse diaper cake on the left has the same base, but I have fixed a cuddly mouse from Sigikid on top. To keep the mouse in place I have used baby spoons and some ribbon.

The little monster diapercake on the right shows more variations on how to decorate the top of your diaper-cake. This nappy cake features a musical monster toy, a pacifier, a pair of socks folded like flower blossoms and a cotton bib, also folded like a flower. The musical toy is fixed with two plastic spoons – one on top and one at the end. I have simply stuck the spoons between the diapers with the top sticking out and have then used some ribbon to tie the toy to the spoons. Stays dead certain in place!

mouse diaper cake

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Choose A Base For Your Diaper Cake

Youll want a sturdy foundation to build your diaper cake on, especially if you plan to transport it to a baby shower or if you want to be able to send it home with the mother-to-be. Here are a few diaper cake base ideas you could use:

  • Metal Pizza Pan from Dollar Tree Spray paint it, leave it silver, add a circle of scrapbook paper or hot glue some trim around the edges.
  • Charger Any plastic or melamine charger would make a great base for a diaper cake. They sell these at almost any craft store and they have them at Dollar Tree as well.
  • Cake Board Check in the cake decorating aisle of the craft store for pre-cut cardboard rounds used for building actual cakes. They are perfect for building diaper cakes too!
  • Tiered Cake Stand This option is best paired with a cake board if you want to be able to transport the diaper cake in one piece, but it definitely makes for a pretty presentation at the party.

How Do You Make A Diaper Basket

How to make a diaper cake – Baby Bottle
  • Step 1: Hot glue round hat box onto the center of the cake round, and set aside.
  • Step 2: Roll individual diapers and secure with mini rubber bands.
  • Step 3: Line up diapers around the perimeter of your hat box and secure the diapers with one large rubber band.
  • Step 4: Cut the foam wreath in half.
  • How do you make a diaper caterpillar?

  • Fold the receiving blanket in half horizontally and roll the blanket into a rope shape.
  • Roll a diaper around one end of the receiving blanket.
  • Fill the baby socks with cotton balls to create the feet of the caterpillar.
  • Place the 5-inch plastic foam ball in one of the baby beanies to create the head of the caterpillar.
  • what do you put in a baby gift?25 Great Things to Put in a Baby Shower Gift Basket

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    Some Of Our Favorite Baby Jokes To Go With That Diaper Cake

    How did the baby tell her mom she had a wet diaper?She sent her a pee-mail.

    Tell me, does the stork deliver babies with their diapers on?No, theyre stork naked!

    What did the new parent say upon seeing 16 to 28 pounds on the side of the diaper box?Thats one huge bowel movement!

    When do parents change the most baby diapers?In the wee wee hours.

    Do I have to have a baby shower?Not if you change babys diaper very quickly.

    Why is that baby still in diapers? Ill give you two reasons: Number 1, and number 2.

    Diy Cloth Diaper Sushi:

    Traditional diaper cakes cost you big sometime, so you can go also with cloth diapers to lower down your expenditures while making happy creations for the baby shower! Here are the cloth diaper sushi platter, a low-cost diaper cake alternative but with the same gorgeous decorative appeal and party vibe! Step-by-step tutorial here!!

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    What Do You Top A Diaper Cake With

    Popular diaper cake toppers include ribbons, small stuffed animals and other baby products. For example, if youre making a diaper cake for a woodland or safari themed shower, you might consider adding a small teddy bear, stuffed monkey or elephant to the top. These can be attached to a small blanket thats tucked into the tube at the center of your diaper cake. You can also fold and add other baby itemslike pacifiers, burp clothes, bibs and onesiesto the top of your diaper cake.

    How Do You Attach Things To A Diaper Cake

    How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake  Fun

    It depends on what you exactly you are attaching but here are some of my favorite tools:

    • glue dots
    • wooden skewers or popsicle sticks
    • hot glue
    • paperclips

    Obviously you dont want to glue anything to the diapers if you want the parents-to-be to be able to use them. Instead, wrap a ribbon around the object and adhere it to the ribbon around the tiers or a popsicle stick you can insert into a diaper.

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    Diaper Cake Supplies Needed:

    Ok so youre ready to get creating. Here are the supplies you will need to craft a beautiful diaper cake.

    • Thick cardboard
    • Ribbon
    • Embellishments
    • Optional: cake stand or decorative charger for a base

    The supplies needed are pretty basic, so its easy enough to get started. Your local dollar store & the Target dollar section will save you tons of $$ on things like the rubber bands, tape and ribbon. You can also get pizza pans or chargers to use as your base if you so desire.

    Cool Baby Bath Diaper Cake:

    Just like a nest of a bird, the rolled diapers have been put in a cloth, fastened with sparkling ribbon on both sides! It has finally be turned into a stunning diaper cake by making a baby toy sit inside having a feeder in hand and there are also 2 pacifiers placed over to raise its worth more! Presented by by Sweet Sensations Online!!!

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    Diaper Cakes For Sale Online

    Dont have the time or inclination to DIY? Say hello to these shoppable baby shower diaper cakes. If you dont see one that matches your theme, dont fretthese sellers make tons of other unique diaper cakes for boys and girls, so check out the rest of their shops for a seriously impressive selection.

    Instructions To Make A Diaper Cake

    How to make a Diaper Cake for Baby shower DIY
  • First, you will want to glue your sparkling cider to the middle of your cardboard.
  • Roll up 64 diapers and then rubber band them.
  • Take 32 of your diapers and arrange them close together around the bottle. Be sure to evenly distribute them around the bottle.
  • Once you have them where you want them, take your twine and tie them together. Be sure this is in the middle of the diapers. .
  • Next, create your second layer on top of the first. Use 16 diapers.
  • Again tie this with the twine.
  • Repeat the process of arranging the remaining diapers and tying them with the twine.
  • Wrap the bottom layer of your cake with ribbon to hide the twine. You will want to use a thicker ribbon for this.
  • Repeat this process for the second and third layers.
  • Add your decorations.
  • Its that simple to make a diaper cake.

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    Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake

    For her gender-neutral hot air balloon diaper cake, Amber of Busy Creating Memories used rolled diapers tied with burlap ribbon to create the basket and a paper lantern to make the balloon, plus an adorable stuffed giraffe as the passenger. The result? A stunning diaper cake thats bound to be a showstopper at any baby shower.

    How To Make 2 Tier Mini Diaper Cakes

    For a two tier diaper cake you need ~28 diapers per cake. First, youll need to roll your diapers and secure with a clear rubber band. After, youll cut out a cardboard circle or use a small decorative plate, and you will want to hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center. You then need to align 20 diapers in a circle and secure with clear tape. Now its time to insert a diaper into the toilet paper roll, so its stable and even height with the remaining 6 diapers you arrange in a circle around the middle one. Secure those with clear tape, and you are ready to add ribbon and embellishments!

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    Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

    The Suburban Mom is no stranger to making baby shower diaper cakes and has crafted tons of centerpiecesincluding this Minnie Mouse diaper cake. To start, she constructed a three-tiered diaper cake and then decked it out with baby essentials that fit with the theme, including Minnie Mouse swaddles, teethers, sippy cups and more.

    Diy Diaper Cake Instructions


    The gist is pretty simple. You take diapers and roll them up, securing with a small piece of tape or some rubber bands. When you have enough, you cluster them together in a circle to make your base cake. From there, you can simply tie a ribbon around the outside of the circle to hold them in place and hide the bands. Some people get more creative and layer another row of overlapping diapers around the bunch, first. It makes it look a little more polished, but also requires a ton more diapers. Youll repeat these steps for each tier, making them smaller, as you go up. Dont forget to use a cardboard cake round at the base to avoid the center collapsing during travel. Still lost? Its probably easier if you watch a video or two. Each one offers some unique guidance, so you can go your own way from there.

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    What Exactly Is A Diaper Cake

    A diaper cake is basically a cake-shaped gift thatâs made of diapers. It’s most often decorated with things like ribbons, small baby items, paper cutouts, and even a little sign that says something like âOh, baby!â

    A diaper cake is often given to the mom-to-be at her baby shower by one of the guests, or it may be created by the baby shower host as a centerpiece for the food table.

    The diaper cake can match the theme of the baby shower, or simply have more general decorations that evoke all things baby. Sometimes the diaper cake can reflect the momâs personality or tastes for example, giving it a modern look with succulents or greenery, or decorating the diaper cake in the colors of her favorite sports team.

    Of course, you donât have to be going to the baby shower to create a diaper cake for the mom-to-be. Perhaps youâd like to give one to a colleague just before she goes on maternity leave, or maybe youâd like to bring your creation to a sip and see party after the babyâs birth.

    No matter how or when youâre giving the diaper cake to the mom-to-be, she will be surprised and delighted â and youâll have a pretty good time creating it, too!

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