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Italian Cream Cake recipes are NOT created equal. Im sharing a few secrets about how to make the most spectacular version that always gets rave reviews! Ive never led you astray this Italian Cream Cake with the yummy frosting is to die for!

Despite the name, there is nothing Italian about this cake. Youll never find this on any menu in Italy. Why? Because Italian Cream Cake is a Southern specialty cake that has no connection to Italian food at all. Im sure there is a story to tell, so tell us if you know what the scoop is! But no matter where or when it is a cake that commands center stage!

Do I Have To Refrigerate It

If youre going to be making this cake and eating it within 2-3 hours, it is absolutely fine to leave out of the counter. If you plan on keeping this for a few days, then definitely refrigerate. Cover entire cake gently with plastic wrap .

If you have eating half of the Italian Cream Cake and want to store the remaining, press plastic wrap directly on the cut portions of cake, while loosely wrapping the top and edges.

Top Tips For Making Sponge Cake

  • this makes it easier to keep yolks and egg whites separate
  • Ensure that your egg whites do not contain any traces of yolk
  • Egg whites that have yolk in them will not whip well
  • Let the eggs come to room temperature after separating them. This helps to ensure that ingredients blend well.
  • Gently but thoroughly fold the egg whites into the batter
  • Weigh ingredients instead of measuring by volume
  • Work quickly once egg whites are beaten so they dont deflate
  • Bake the cake immediately after the batter is mixed.

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Schedule The Delivery Of The Best Authentic Italian Cream Cake Delivered From Soulfully Yours Bakery As A Gift To Your Family Friends Order Our Gourmet Desserts Online 24 Hours A Day

Cakes Are Made To Order and Are Typically Extra Tall and Specially sealed twice. Carefully packaged with dry ice and dry ice gel packs secured in an insulated cooler. We typically Ship with UPS and FedEx. Dry ice will dissipate and will arrive to your destination with little or no dry ice. We absolutely recommend to keep cakes chilled or frozen to before unwrapping to keep the buttercream structure. Allow cake to reach room temperature before enjoying, which may take up to two hours. Wrap any remaining cake with plastic and refrigerate. Refrigerated cake will remain fresh for one week after arrival.

Available Cake Sizes

5 Inch $99.99 Feeds Up To 8, 6 Inch $112.99 Feeds Up To 10, 7 Inch $129.99 Feeds Up To 12, 8 Inch $139.99 Feeds 14+

What Is Sponge Cake

Italian Cream Cake

So what is a sponge cake anyway? A sponge cake is a type of foam cake, which is lighter and springier than a butter cake. According to Rose Levy Berembaums book, The Cake Bible, a sponge cake is similar to a genoise cake but sponge cake has no added fat aside from the egg yolks.

Because sponge cakes dont have a lot of fat, they are typically drizzled with syrup, in this case, a rum syrup!

The volume in your sponge cake depends on how the eggs are beaten, their temperature and the order in which the ingredients are added to your cake batter.

For more in depth reading about the different types of cakes, the reader is highly encouraged to see Understanding Cakes chapter of The Cake Bible. Is it an excellent book .

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Variations Of This Cake

  • Nuts: Ive seen a few versions of this cake online but with almonds instead of the peanuts. In Philadelphia, most if not all of the rum cakes that Ive seen have the peanuts I do wonder what area uses the almonds? Its easy enough to substitute, but here in Philly, weve gotta have the peanuts. Feel free to use whatever nuts youd like.
  • Filling: Traditional filling for italian rum cake has been 1 layer of vanilla pastry cream and 1 layer of chocolate pastry cream. Of course, you can make it all vanilla or all chocolate. One reader mentioned they have had the cake with a layer of chocolate and a layer of raspberry filling..sounds delicious! I think itd be fun to make a version with cannoli cream as filling one day! Id probably skip the rum syrup and just drizzle with a sweetened vanilla syrup.
  • Frosting: Finally, when I first started making this cake, I used a bakery style frosting whose recipe now appears in the recipe card notes section. I now use a stabilized whipped cream frosting, which is lighter in comparison Readers have also mentioned using a cream cheese frosting, which I think is more of a homestyle version.
  • Rum syrup: If you are making the cake for children, consider using a vanilla sugar syrup instead of the rum syrup.
  • Cake layers: Sponge cake is very traditional but if you want to use a butter cake base instead, feel free.

Whats So Special About An Italian Cream Cake

Every cake has a special meaning to someone. A chocolate cake may remind them of Sunday dinners at their grandmothers house while Hummingbird cake may bring back memories of the church potluck dinners. Italian Cream cake has that same magical power.

The buttermilk layers are rich and moist and may transport you to a time when life was simple. Where food was safe from harmful chemicals, families gathered together for dinner, and your mom let you lick the spoon full of cake batter. The pecans and coconut folded into the cream cheese icing drive that wholesome image home.

Our Italian Cream cake combines a delicious dense cake with the light cream cheese icing that can be pleasing to almost any guest at your table. And now that were offering this classic cake in our store daily, you can begin to create a new set of memories.

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A Few Tips And Tricks For Success

I hate a dry cake, so here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you will have success with this Italian Cream Cake recipe!

First of all, please note that I purposely use a combination of butter and oil to ensure this cake stays moist. Butter adds flavor and the oil adds that extra insurance. Buttermilk, another listed ingredient, also does the same thing!

Baking cakes at a lower oven temperature for longer period time will also retain a lot of that moisture. Just be sure to watch it and test it as you go so you dont over bake! Once your cakes come out of the oven, let them cool completely, but dont let them sit out ALL DAY. The edges can get crusty and stale tasting if left out past 12 hours. If youd like to make this cake in advance, great! Simply wrap the cooled cakes in plastic wrap and leave out on the counter or refrigerate, whatever your preference is.

How To Get An Italian Cream Cake

How We Make Italian Cream Cake , Best Southern Cake Mix Classic Recipes

We now offer our Italian Cream cake in an eight-inch cake or as single serving cupcakes. For most families or small gatherings, the store size cake is perfect. It can serve between 12 and 15 guests and is a beautiful centerpiece. If you dont trust yourself around an entire cake, add a few Italian Cream cupcakes into an assortment.

Our talented cake decorators work hard to ensure you have a fresh Italian Cream cake each morning. While we strive to have a fully stocked case each day, we strongly urge everyone to order their cake prior to arrival. If you cant decide what cake is best, we have friendly staff that can help guide you in finding the best dessert for any occasion.

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Cream Puffs Made With Choux Pastry

The beautiful cream puffs that decorate the outside of the sfoglia cakes are made from a different pastry called Choux Pastry, which is a French technique combining butter, water, flour and eggs to form different pastry shapes that are full of airy pockets when they come out of the oven. Once cooled, our ball-shaped pastry is injected with a pastry bag full of Italian cream by pushing the tip through the bottom of the dome. A quick squeeze will fill it up, and these are now ready for decorating the cake.

We Make Everything In Our Sfoglia Cake In House

Sfoglia refers to the pastry used in Italian dessert making. Because of its wide-ranging meaning, sfoglia can be used to describe the famous Lobster tail desserts, stuffed sfoglia shells, even the traditional mille-feuille can be called sfoglia in Italy. Think anything with layers and puff pastry, and you wouldnt be wrong saying sfoglia or sfogliatella which translates as leaf or leaves. Thats where our sfoglia cake comes in. We take the best techniques of these desserts and turn them into a beautiful, colourful and eye-catching cake that makes any special occasion more memorable and adds a touch of authenticity to the party.

Our sfoglia cake is a combination of baked puff pastry sheets layered with a light Italian dessert cream, then surrounded with pate a choux cream puffs along with strawberries and chocolate drizzle. It really is one of those cakes that the entire family will light up when they see it, and genuinely enjoy the delicate taste and light flavours of chantilly cream, countered with flaky, toasted puff pastry.

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So What Is An Italian Cream Cake

Italian cream cake is an elegant, show-stopping, moist 3-layer cake.The cakes rich layers are studded with chopped pecans and coconut.The moistness comes from the coconut, and cooking oil.The cake is topped with a rich, finger-licking-good whipped cream cheese frosting with more chopped pecans and delicate shredded coconut.

Overview Of The Process


Dont be intimidated by the instructions I have found that the real key is to make the cake in small steps over time.

Making the components over two or three days allows for easier assembly the morning of or night/day before the event/celebration. Of course, if you have a good helper, it can be made much quicker!

I suggest making the sponge cake first

Then one or 2 days before you want to serve, make the pastry creams and the frosting and rum syrup.

The cake can be served a few hours after assembly but it is best served the following day to allow it to set.

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Assembly Of The Sfoglia Cake

This is now a matter of mere assembly using three layers of the puff pastry and Italian cream to build the height of the cake. First, the pastry sheet, then dollops of the Italian cream spread even to keep the cake level. Two more layers and then with some Chef skills the outside of the cake is smoothed out with more of the cream mixture to create a very smooth outer exterior coated with a light layer.

Can I Freeze This Cake

If youd like to make this Italian cream cake recipe ahead of time to freeze, you can leave it unfrosted and freeze the layers for up to three months. I recommend wrapping the cake layers in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil before freezing. When ready to enjoy, thaw the layers overnight in the fridge. Then, bring the cake layers to room temperature before frosting. You can freeze the entire cake or individual slices for up to 2 months. When ready to enjoy, thaw overnight in the refrigerator and then bring to room temperature before serving.

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What Is The Name Of An Italian Dessert

  • It is probably the best known Italian pudding, as it combines coffee, cocoa, and sweet mascapone to create a mood-lifting drink. It literally translates as pick me up.
  • The Panna Cotta
  • The name of the company is Tartufo
  • I am Zabaione
  • Cassata is a type of fruit.
  • The sea is the best place to be.
  • I ordered a Torta Mimosa.
  • What You Need To Make This Recipe

    The Best Italian Cream Cake, Hands Down I Promise!

    Baking soda and baking powder make sure your leavening agents are fresh. If theyre expired, your cake may not rise.

    Butter as the butter is for both the cake and frosting, be sure to use unsalted butter. The amount of salt in salted butter is not consistent amongst different brands, so its best to add salt separately. Be sure to set out the butter beforehand to bring the butter to room temperature. The butter should yield to the touch when pressed.

    Vegetable shortening the high-fat content in shortening is what makes the Italian cake softer and lighter than regular cake.

    Buttermilk using buttermilk in cakes gives a tangy flavor to them and adds fluffiness and moisture. If you do not have any, see my buttermilk substitute recipe.

    Cream cheese be sure to use full-fat cream cheese and not the spreadable type from a tub. Cold cream cheese wont mix well, so bring it to room temperature, or youll end up with lumpy frosting in your Italian cream cake.

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    Italian Cream Cake Is Plain And Simply Put: Delicious

    The three layers are rich and super moist with a delicate crumb. The cake gets its incredible richness and moistness from the coconut and buttermilk mixed in the batter. The light and fluffy texture is because of the whipped egg whites that are folded into the cake batter. Finally, a decadent cream cheese frosting is spread between the layers and all over the top and sides of the cake.

    If you really love coconut, a great option is to toast some flaked coconut and garnish the top of the cake with it.

    This cake is considered in my family to be one of our go-to special occasion desserts. Even a friend of mine had dozens of Italian Cream Cakes baked for her wedding cake . . . now thats pretty special! My husbands birthday is smack in the middle of the cold dreary month of February and this cake just brings smiles to everyones face and tummy no matter how drizzly, snowy, and cold it is outside!

    Some people say that its a lot of work to make an Italian Cream Cake, but I totally disagree. Its not hard at all! I give you all the information you need for baking this delicious cake.

    How To Make The Sponge Cake

    • Combine flour with salt in a small bowl and set aside.
    • In a standing mixer, whip the egg whites on medium-low speed until foamy and then add the cream of tartar and continue mixing until the whites become opaque .
    • Add ½ cup sugar slowly to the side of the bowl and increase the speed of the mixer until soft but not stiff peaks form. Scrape the contents to another bowl and set aside.
    • Using the same bowl, which is now empty, add the egg yolks and whip at high speed for 3 to 5 minutes until lightened in color and the mixture ribbons when the beaters are raised
    • Slowly add the remaining sugar , cold water, and vanilla into the egg yolks and mix until combined on low speed
    • Sift the flour onto the egg yolk mixture in two additions, and stir gently with large spatula to combine.
    • Gently but thoroughly fold in the whipped egg whites
    • Transfer mixture to prepared pans, smooth tops if needed, and bake for about 20 minutes until cooked through.

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