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Cleaning The Airbrush After Use

Portable USB Rechargeable Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

After each use and after each change of colors you must clean the airbrush gun. Cleaning between different colors is necessary to prevent the food color for airbrushes from mixing otherwise your desired yellow may turn greenish after spraying an intense blue.

A small tip at this point is the purchase of an airbrush cleaning pot, with the help of which you can make quick colors changes without having to carry out a complete cleaning.

However, cleaning an airbrush gun for food colors is very easy, because the colors are water-soluble. So you do not necessarily need a special cleaning medium.

Airbrushing for cakes is not as much trouble as you might think. Learning this art form is not only fun, but will also earn you a lot of admiration. Just give it a try and dont forget to enjoy the airbrushed cake too!

Best Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit Watson and Webb Airbrushing System for Baking with 8 Colors

  • Matt Kit 12 Pieces

PME Airbrush Kit with Compressor

  • Portable and light weight compressor perfect to create your own stunning cake designs.
  • Made with high quality materials that enable the airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control.

Food Coloring Americolor AmeriMist Airbrush Kit, 12 .65 Ounce Bottles

Master Airbrush Complete Cake Decorating Airbrush System Kit w-Food Color Set, Air Compressor

  • Has everything you will need to get started! Perfect for Bakeries or for Private Use. * FREE How-To Airbrush Booklet Included

Complete Cake Decorating G34 Airbrush System Kit w-Food Color Set Compressor

  • Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 3.1 x 15.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Airbrush Made In The USA
  • Three head sizes for any application
  • Highly polished & hardened stainless steel needles for long life and reduced clogging

Grex GCK01 Genesis XT Airbrush Combo Kit

  • Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Airbrush, Side Feed AC1810-A.
  • 1/8 HP Quiet and Portable Mini Compressor Getting Started with Your Grex Airbrush Instructional DVD G-MAC.

Paasche TG-1AS Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush Set

  • TG Airbrush: The TG is Paasches highest end airbrush and delivers the finest detail of all our models
  • Paasche TG Airbrush: Set includes .38mm spray head, PTFE packing for spraying any type of fluid

Paasche VL Airbrush Set

Pme Airbrush Kit With Compressor

  • Portable and light weight compressor perfect to create your own stunning cake designs.
  • Made with high quality materials that enable the airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control.
  • Single action gravity feed airbrush with 7cc color cup and 0.3mm needle diameter.
  • Max pressure: 25 PSI.
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PME Airbrush allows you to achieve a professional finish on your cake. Easily create smooth, even layers of color. Kit With Compressor USA Plug- Contains airbrush compressor, single action gravity feed airbrush sprayer, electrical power cable with adapter, airbrush holder, air hose, and full instructions.

Specifications: 12V, Nozzle diameter 0. 3mm, Air output/min 10 LPM, Max pressure 25 PSI.

8 x 5 x 5 inches
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Reviews From Real Customers

Got this to replace a previous sirbrushkit as you cant buy replacement cannisters for it. This is perfect for leather dye and I imagine would work with model paint as well.

This is the best compressor and airbrush I have ever had. The compressor gives an even flow and is very compact. I really love it.

Not the easiest paintbrush to use, paint has to be just right consistency and air pressure not easy to get right. Might be difficult to use for a beginner.

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Can You Airbrush A Cold Cake

It is best not to airbrush a cold cake, the decoration is unlikely to hold up well even in heat as well. Although you can do the decoration before placing your cake in the fridge. Decorated cake can be stored at room temp for 3 days and if you are planning to put it in the fridge after decorating then you should wrap it.

Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit

  • Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set,
  • Mini Air Compressor,
  • 4 bottles of Americolor AmeriMist Airbrush Food Colors, and
  • How to Airbrush Training Book to Get You Started.
  • Model G23 Master Brand Airbrush Multi-Purpose High Performance Airbrush with a 0.3mm Needle/Nozzle
  • FREE Storage Case for the Model G23 Master Brand Airbrush
  • Model TC-22 AirBrush-Depot Brand Compressor Portable Mini Airbrush Compressor with 110V AC plug. 28
  • 6′ Braided Airhose with Quick Disconnect and Air flow Adjustment Valve
  • 4 – 0.7 oz. Bottles Americolor AmeriMist Airbrush Food Colors

This Airbrush Cake Decorating kit is designed for applications that require thin materials: Temporary Tattoos, Cake Decorating, Tanning, Nail Art, Cosmetics, Thinned Hobby-Craft Paint!

Key Airbrush Features: The Model G34 Airbrush includes a Cutaway Handle allows you to quickly clean and flush it while the Fluid Control Knob provides easy trigger adjustment and control of paint flow. Both these features save you time and increase your productivity. 4 – 0.7 oz. Bottles Americolor AmeriMistTM Airbrush Food Colors Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green and Holiday Red

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Ethanol Based Food Coloring

  • If you are dealing with anything else than sugar paste then you need to use ethanol based food coloring
  • Ethanol will dry straight away when airbrushed: So because ethanol completely evaporate when you airbrush ethanol based colors, you can use ethanol based colors on chocolate or buttercream, ganache without any problem. The color comes out dry

Cake Decorating Airbrush Techniques & Technologies

Airbrush systems allow you to paint and decorate on cakes and fondant. Using different angles, air pressure, and color volume you can beautifully add accents, layers, shading and pastels that are very difficult and cannot attractively be hand-painted. Detailing requires a long, narrow-point needle.

Airbrush spray guns are equally effective for coverage. The larger the spray area, the easier it is to blend and cover the cake. It takes practice and patience, but to achieve a smooth consistent coverage, your goal is to cover in as few passes as possible. On the other hand, you do not want to overspray.

Airbrushing is one tool that may be used to create a variety of decorations. Silhouettes, stencils, and motifs such as lace, leaves, patterns, etc. are created simply and expertly using an airbrush tool. Detailed features such as stems, dew drops, curls, script, etc. can also be airbrushed to enhance the previously stenciled or created main design. Airbrush stenciling cookies, for example, will have a clean, non-blurred pattern if the stencil is put close to the cookie so the airbrush color cannot blow under the stencil.

How to Airbrush Cakes and Pastries

  • Cover your surface to protect it from airbrush color overspray, mixing spills, etc.
  • Clean your airbrush before beginning. Put some warm water in the paint cup . Spray out the water. Repeat until the spray is clear.
  • Spray with air only to dry out the inside of the airbrush.
  • Only use FDA-approved, edible, food safe colors.

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Us Cake Supply Deluxe Airbrush Cake Color Set

The food color set from U.S Cake Supply consists of 24 different colors of the most vibrant quality, as well as a color wheel for helping you mix the paints. Using a specialized cake coloring set like this offers distinct advantages, as the colors are easy to work with and come through beautifully.

When choosing colors for decorating cakes with an airbrush, you will need to choose a set that is specifically designed for the purpose. This is why this set is such a good choice. All colors are of the best quality and can be used easily, providing great intensity. From us, this is a clear recommendation to buy!

Airbrush Tips When Using Stencils

Airbrush Food Coloring Buying Guide [ Cake Decorating For Beginners ]
  • Always keep moving the airbrush just so that you are not staying in one positionPaul Bradford Sugarcraft
  • When airbrushing stencils, make sure you hold your airbrush in a 90 degree angle.
  • Careful when using water base colors with stencils: Stencils get saturated very quickly and color will drop down from them .
  • Keep going back and forward so that you are building up the layers

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Spray Large Areas And Fine Lines

Before you approach a cake that has already been covered, which you may have spent hours making, you should get a feel for the airbrush gun. To do this, you can use some cardboard or alternatively a cake board and spray the first fine lines, but also larger areas and color gradients. The handling of the airbrush is actually quite simple, but nevertheless a matter of practice.

When you have developed a good feeling for the gun, you can spray your design on the cake. You are welcome to use special stencils for this, but you can also use templates made from cardboard or kitchen paper.

Images: left:

Master Airbrush 2 Airbrush Cakedecorating Airbrushing System Kit

Thismodel features two different airbrushes:

A dual action gravity feed airbrush witha 1/16 oz. angled fluid cup and a 0.3mm needle and nozzle. This airbrush allowsyou to work on horizontal surfaces and to spray from hairline up to 1 widepatterns. Great for detail work!

A single-action external mix siphon feed airbrush with w 0.8mm tip, 2 ¾ oz. siphon bottles. It has an 1/8 air inlet. Great for high coverage work!

Thecompressor included is a Master TC-20 the most popular single-piston compressormade by Master. It has the strength of 1/6 horsepower and can deliver a highair volume of 0.7 cmf and high air flow of 25 liters per minute. This is thesame model as the one above, so if you read the previous review you would knowit operates quietly, has a precise air adjustment control and is maintenance freeoil-less as well as thermally protected. The pressure ranges from 0-57 PSI andit features air-on-demand system which prolongs its lifespan.

The 12 edible colors included range from midnight black to metallic silver. They are all FDA approved, made in USA and are Certified Kosher. With them you can get an amazing spectrum of colors and make a cake decoration that will leave people speechless.

Whats in the box?

Dependingon your skill, it could possibly be a bit hard to put together.

To Conclude

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Master Airbrush Complete Cake Decorating Airbrush System Kit W

  • Has everything you will need to get started! Perfect for Bakeries or for Private Use. * FREE How-To Airbrush Booklet Included
  • Model G23 Master Brand Airbrush Multi-Purpose High Performance Airbrush with a 0.3mm Needle/Nozzle
  • Model TC-22 Master Brand Mini Portable Airbrush Compressor Portable with 110V AC plug
  • 5 Braided Air Hose with Quick Disconnect and Air flow Adjustment Valve Includes Storage and Carrying Case
  • 4 .7oz. Bottles Chefmaster Airbrush Food Colors

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Product Details

Professional Master Airbrush Airbrushing System with a Model G23 Multi-Purpose High Performance Precision Airbrush with a 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup and a 0. 3mm fluid tip. The cutaway handle allows you to quickly flush and clean air passages.

Masters top selling quiet, portable and lightweight mini 12V DC airbrush compressor with a direct plug in 110V AC adapter. Comes with a blow molded plastic storage and carrying case. 4 Color Chefmaster airbrush food coloring set in 0.

7 ounce bottles. Edible colors are highly concentrated with superior strength and are the brightest and truest colors available. Made in the USA with high quality approved ingredients, and are Certified Kosher.

Has everything you will need to start decorating! Perfect for bakeries or for private use. Includes a bonus How-To-Airbrush Manual & Guide Booklet by Master Airbrush.

13.7 x 12.52 x 3.15 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer

Reviews From Real Customers

Versatile System Is Ideal For Multiple Uses: Hobbies Crafts Fine Art Nail Art Temporary Tattoos Cake Decorating Sunless Tanning Cosmetics

2 Airbrush Cake Decorating Compressor Kit, 12 Color Chefmaster Food ...

Master Airbrush Model S68 Airbrush Set

  • Master performance multi-purpose precision dual-action siphon feed airbrush with a 0.35 mm tip, 3/4 oz. siphon bottle and a 1/6 oz. color cup. Sprays hairline up to 1-1/2″ wide patterns.
  • A user friendly and versatile gravity feed airbrush that’s commonly used for: cake decorating, temporary tattoos, hobbies, crafts, auto graphics, fine art, nail art and more!
  • Airbrush works excellent for most airbrushing applications and also with most types of paint spray media.

Master Airbrush 1/5 HP Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Compressor Kit Model TC-320

Air Hose: 6 Foot braided air hose with 1/8″ Fittings

Compressor mounted airbrush holder: Holds 2 airbrushes

How-To-Airbrush Manual & Guide Booklet by Master Airbrush

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Cake Decoration As A Hobby Or To Make Money

The answer to that question will determine which type of compressor you should go for:

  • Are you planning to use your baking airbrush kit at home once or twice a month to decorate you own cakes,cookies or pastries?

Are you a real beginner and you want something easy to use, light and easy to put away. Then you could buy one of those baking airbrush kit that come with a compact mini compressor. Those small compressors are diaphragm compressors that cant run continuously for too long as they will overheat and get damaged. But they will work perfectly for small 20 minutes burst. Look for compressor with a way to regulate the pressure. A good small compressor from a cake decorating kit have a way to adjust the air pressure, usually a knob for low, medium or high pressure. If you want for info about compressors, see my compressor buying guide .

  • If you plan is to create a business and make money decorating cakes, cookies or pastries

Then you need to buy a baking airbrush kit a with larger compressor. They will allow you to work continuously for a longer time. Also, those compressors are equipped with an air regulator,a pressure gauge, and moisture trap that remove any moisture that builds up in the compressor air line.

Setup Of The Airbrush Equipment

Setting up the airbrush set for baking is childs play. First, you connect the airbrush gun to the supplied hose, and this in turn to the compressor. The latter is then connected to the power supply. The compressor in airbrush sets for cakes often has a three-stage regulation, which makes it very easy to work with. How high the pressure has to be for you depends on your particular project.

Now you can first prepare your work surface and then put the desired paint into the paint container of the airbrush gun. Keep in mind that you only need a small amount of paint at a time, as it is atomized very finely. Usually, two to three drops are sufficient. It is better to take less and fill up as needed instead of using too much and then having to pour away the excess paint.

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Single Action Airbrush Vs Double Action Airbrush

There are a lot of different types of airbrushes out there and each one is better suited for specific applications.There is few things that you need to consider before buying an airbrush for cake decorating. I recommend you read my airbrush buying guide to better understand the different elements to take into consideration.

Single Action Airbrush:

  • A single Action Airbrush would do the job perfectly if you want to decorate your cake with an airbrush.
  • With a single action airbrush, when you press the triggers, it delivers both the air and the medium, here the food coloring
  • You can adjust the airflow on your compressor if you compressor allow this.
  • The more you press the trigger or the further back you pull the trigger , the more color will be sprayed.
  • Ideal for larger area.
  • The advantage of a single action airbrush is that it is easy to use for a beginner as you dont need to worry about the airflow. Also, it is usually cheaper than a dual action airbrush.

Double action airbrush

Buying Guide To Help Choose The Right Cake Airbrush Kit

Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating (2022 Buyers Guide)

Whether you enjoy baking as a hobby or you are a professional, you do need an efficient cake airbrush kit. Most decorators are good artists no matter what airbrush they use but just having come convenient thrown into the mix will be great and this is where cake airbrush comes in.

To further make shopping easier, we have a list of some factors to consider.

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Pointzero Cake Airbrush Decorating Kit

The PointZero Airbrush deluxe cake decorating kit is a fantastic kit. It comes complete with all the equipment and supplies required to create gorgeous, professional-looking cakes.

The PointZero cake decorating airbrush kit comes with no less than 3 airbrushes! Two dual action airbrushes for detail work and one single action, easy to use airbrush for high coverage work. This really make the Pointzero cake decorating kit perfectly suited for both beginners and advanced users.

  • The PZ-258 is a dual-action, internal-mix airbrush with a .35mm nozzle ideal for detailed work. The spray patterns with this model of airbrush are between thin-line and 1-1/2.
  • The PZ-260 is a dual-action, internal-mix airbrush with a .3mm nozzle also great for sharp detail Spray patterns with this airbrush vary from hairline to 1-1/4.
  • The PZ-276 is a single-action airbrush featuring an external-mix design the spraying medium is atomized outside of the tip, making this airbrush less prone to clogging. Suited for high coverage, broad spray patterns between 1/4 and 2.
  • The Elite-125X is a lightweight oil-less airbrush compressor that delivers excellent power with approximate air delivery of 1.0 CFM, with an advanced, precision-forged piston for very little noise .
  • Colors include Harvest Brown, Deep Pink, Sunset Orange, Midnight Black, Super Red, Spring Green, Canary Yellow, Hawaiian Blue, Violet, Royal Blue, Neon Green and Neon Pink.

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