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Everyone And Their Grandmothers Are Familiar With New Orleans’ Most Famous Baked Good: The Carnival Classic King Cake However The Crescent City Is Also The Birthplace Of The Delightful Doberge Cake

King Cake Doberge?! How Bakery Bar combines two New Orleans favorites

Typically pronounced as “doh-bear-ge” or “dough-bash”, a doberge cake is a dessert that is really only known by locals in the Greater New Orleans area, but their adoration of said cake has kept it a NOLA staple since the 1930s. Sold in Rouses Markets and other bakeries in New OrleansAbita Beer even put out a Chocolate Doberge Cake Stout brewthe cake is much loved by many in Louisiana.

So what exactly is a doberge? It is essentially many thin layers of cake that are alternatingly placed along layers of custard or dessert pudding. Typical flavors used for the custard include chocolate, lemon, and caramelalthough doberge cakes can also be sold with a half-and-half mix of flavors. The layers of cake and flavored custard are then coated with a thin layer of buttercream and a fondant shell, giving the cake a sleek appearance.

Where To Find Doberge In Nola

So if you’re looking for a place that makes doberge for your next big event, there are a few local bakeries that are a must-visit. Two of the best are out in Metairie: Gambino’s Bakery on Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Maurice French Pastries on Hessmer Avenue. Gambino’s proudly boasts having Ledner’s original recipe and offers classic caramel, lemon, and chocolate, as well as half-and-half cakes that mix the three flavors. At Maurice, you can find the standard chocolate, lemon, and caramel cakes, but also other flavors like vanilla, strawberry, praline, Irish cream, and amaretto

For other bakeries that make their own doberge, make sure to go to Haydel’s Bakery on Jefferson Highway and La Louisiane Bakery in Elmwood, both of which offer lemon and chocolate cakes. There are even some independent bakers who sell their own unique versions of doberge like Voodoo Sweets in Harvey and Debbie Does Doberge in New Orleans.

There are also a few local restaurants that have doberge slices on their menus. At Bakery Bar on Annunciation Street, you can get a slice of regular doberge, a boozy version, and even a dobite . There is also New Orleans Vampire Café on Royal Street, which offers slices of chocolate doberge.

Heres What Youll Need To Make This Doberge Cake:

Three layers of yellow cake that well cleverly divide into six thin layers. Weve made a lot of cake here before. If youd like more of a step-by-step of cake batter making, see: Everybodys Birthday Cake or Every Pan Cake Batter. The key is to cream the butter and sugar to fluffy and beat each egg very well to aerate the batter.

Pudding to fill our cakes. Youre absolutely welcome to make pudding from scratch. I sure did whip up some instant pudding because I secretly love it. Theres something very distinct about boxed pistachio pudding and I LOVE IT but youre welcome to make Homemade Pistachio Pudding if youre keen.

One big batch of buttercream frosting, half flavored with pulverized dehydrated strawberries and the other half flavored with finely ground pistachios.

Fresh strawberries and roasted salted pistachios both for topping.

Lets put all of the pieces together!

As with any six layer cake, this cake is a bit of a project but once you decide its worth it boyhowdy is it!

I make the cake layers the day before I assemble and frost the cake. I find its easiest to slice through each cake layer after theyve been thoroughly chilled in the refrigerator overnight.

To slice each cake layer in half, I use a serrated bread knife and a rotating cake stand. I find a comfortable place to rest my arm and hold the knife in the center of the cake and I use the cake stand to rotate and slice the cake. I inch my still arm towards the cake, rotating and slicing.

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The Enormous Slices Of Cake From This New Orleans Bakery Will Give You The Ultimate Sugar Rush

Doberge cakes have been a long-time staple of celebratory events for New Orleanians for many years. Ever since the 1930s when Beulah Ledner invented the cake that was inspired by the Hungarian sponge cake, New Orleanians have embraced this specialty cake with open arms and an open mouth. This one bakery in New Orleans serves an enormous slice of Doberge cake that will give you the ultimate sugar rush. Lets check it out.

Address: 1179 Annunciation Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130

For a full history of the Doberge Cake, check out our previous article here. If youre still craving something sweet, you can always head over to Gambinos Bakery in Metairie thats been making the original Doberge cake for decades.

Have you ever had a slice of Doberge cake from Debbie Does Doberge? Whats your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Beginnings Of Doberge

Debbie Does Doberge Serves The Biggest Slice Of Cake In New Orleans

It’s a little funny to think that a city that is so in touch with its French roots loves a dessert that actually has ties to Hungary. The sweet is a direct adaptation of a traditional Hungarian cake called a Dobos torte, which, according to the book Sweet Treats around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture by Timothy Roufs and Kathleen Smyth Roufs, was created by Chef József C. Dobos in late 1800s Budapest during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In fact, according to “Hungary: Dobos torte/Dobostorta”by the website European Cuisines, the cake was a personal favorite of both Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austro-Hungary.

Just like the doberge cake, the Dobos torte is a layered cake. For the filling, the dessert typically calls for chocolate buttercream to be layered with sponge cake and topped with caramel. That caramel actually hardens to both give the dessert a shiny exterior and help it from drying out, thus giving it a longer shelf life than most other pastries when it was first introduced. The cake can also be coated with different kinds of nuts like almonds or hazelnuts for added decoration. After presenting his creation at the National General Exhibition of Budapest in 1885 and creating a special container for it so it can safely be shipped long distances, Chef Dobos successfully made his Dobos torte well-known all over Europe.

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Dedes Strawberry Pistachio Doberge Cake

Dough-whatnow? Doberge. Doberge Cake.

Its common knowledge that Doberge is confidently pronounced the way your grandmother said it. Since my California grandmother likely never uttered the word Doberge, I tend to say Doh-berj. Doh-bashj is more common down south and likely more authentic. Really anything close to Doberge is accepted with grace and met with a slice of cake.

Any way you stumble through the word, what youre summoning is this stunning, six or seven layer, New Orleans birthday cake. Doberge is a cake adapted from a Hungarian dobos torta and in its modern New Orleans form is often layer after layer of moist yellow cake filled with custard and covered in buttercream . Gambinos Bakery carried the most classic two-flavored Doberge cake: one side filled with lemon curd, the other filled with chocolate pudding and these days Debbie Does Doberge makes these cakes for the city in all kinds of flavor combinations.

Welp. My turn, dont you think?

Im calling this Dedes Doberge Cake as an homage to the good good lady who made all of the Wilson family birthday cakes for as long as I can remember. Dedes portrait hangs, center stage at The Bakehouse and I like to think she looks over all the baking that comes out of the kitchen here with her soft approval.

Dede never made a Doberge herself but since I have well its like she has. Im an extension of her.

Lets make new old traditions with this classic cake. Its feels like more than we need but thats the joy of it!

King Cake Doberge A Seven

Doberge king cake from the Bakery Bar combined two New Orleans dessert obsessions in one slice.

  • Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty

Doberge king cake from the Bakery Bar combined two New Orleans dessert obsessions in one slice.

  • Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty

Doberge king cake from the Bakery Bar combined two New Orleans dessert obsessions in one slice.

  • Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty – Dobites, or miniature doberge cakes, are a specialty at the Bakery Bar.

This year brought a shorter than usual Carnival season to New Orleans. That means the window for king cakes is narrowing. In fact, we are already almost halfway through it.

Ive been packing them in as the season progresses. While Im on the record for my respect and affection for the classic king cake, this year Ive been devoting my personal king cake capacity to trying new twists on the idea.

The possibilities are endless. This week, Im giving some highlights and we continue with a glorious combination cake.

King Cake Doberge at Bakery Bar

1179 Annunciation St., 504-265-8884

The dessert case at this unique bakery/café/bar in the former home of Eleven79 gleams with purple, green and gold treats this time of year. The crown goes to a creation that rolls together two local obsessions king cake and doberge.

Doberge king cake from the Bakery Bar combined two New Orleans dessert obsessions in one slice.

Get some: $7 per slice at the café, whole cakes by special order

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Ingenious New Orleans Bakers Took The Famous European Dobos Torte And Fashioned The New Orleans Version Doberge Cake A Six

New Orleans Doberge (dobash) Cake

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  • cuplemon juice

  • 2 3 ounce package cream cheese, softened

  • 3cuppowdered sugar

  • 1teaspoonfinely shredded lemon peel

  • ¼teaspoonvanilla

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