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How Long Will A Dog Birthday Cake Last

Easy Homemade Dog Cake Recipe

Just like a regular cake, this Dog Birthday Cake can be covered in cling wrap and stored at room temperature for up to 3 days. I love to save leftovers and dole out little bits as treats after Waffless birthday party. This cake also freezes really well. To save some of the cake and use at a later time simply allow it to defrost at room temperature until soft.

Homemade Dog Cakes: The Bottom Line

We hope youve enjoyed learning how to make a dog cake from this list of 10 delicious and healthy dog cake recipes. No matter which you choose, your dog is guaranteed to have a very special day! From carrot layer cakes to bacon-topped delicacies, there are so many fun ways to celebrate your dog.

If you want to try your hand at another dog recipe, why not bake homemade dog treats, cook chicken dog food, or try a raw dog food recipe?


Dog Cake Recipes For Your Fur Baby

Our furry friends bring us so much joy that we hardly need an excuse to spoil them! However when their birthday or a special holiday like Love Your Pet Day rolls around, many of us want to treat them to something special. Thats where these dog cake recipes comes in!

Dog cakes are a tasty way to celebrate. They also make for a great photo op. Before you get started, well walk you through the ingredients that are healthiest for your pup.

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Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes

Whats that? You say your dog is spoiled? Perfect, youve come to the right place. Because we dont think your dog is spoiled enough!

Which is why we have the most incredible birthday cake recipes for your dog. Theyre delicious , and a great way to celebrate another year with your BFFF .

We believe the best dog foods are the ones made at home with love. So when youre done making pupcakes learn how to make homemade dog food with a crockpot.

Picture: Moms & Munchkins

Making A Meat Lover’s Cake

dog shaped cake
  • 1Preheat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
  • 2Grease a small cake pan or muffin tin. This recipe makes a small cake in a serving size suitable for your dog and a friend. If you have more canine guests, you’ll want to double the recipe.
  • 3Cook the bacon until crispy. You may do this in the microwave or on the stovetop. When the bacon is crispy, place it on a paper towel to drain the grease.
  • 4Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl. Crumble the bacon into the bowl, and add the ground beef, cooked barley or rice, carrot and egg. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix the ingredients together.
  • You know best what your dog finds tasty. Feel free to add a handful of other vegetables your dog likes to “sweeten” the cake for him or her.
  • You could also add herbs for some gourmet flair. Add a tablespoon of chopped parsley if you know your dog likes the taste.
  • 5Press the mixture into the prepared pan. Use your fingers to press it evenly into the pan. Use the back of a spoon to smooth the top.
  • 6Bake the meat cake for 45 minutes. The beef should be fully cooked at this point. Remove the cake from the oven to allow it to cool, then invert it onto a plate. You may have to run a knife around the edges to help loosen the cake.
  • 7Ice the cake with cream cheese. Wait until the cake is mostly cool, or the cream cheese will melt.
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    Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter For Dogs

    Peanut butter is packed with natural protein and healthy fats according to the American Kennel Club. It also contains vitamin E, which is good for the immune system. However, peanut butter should be given in moderation since it is a high-calorie food. Also, choose natural, unsalted peanut butter. Avoid artificial sweeteners, which are found in low-fat and light peanut butters.

    Reasons Youll Love This Recipe

    • Your pup will be thrilled with these yummy dog cookies, just like the good boy you see in the photo above.
    • Its quick and easy! You can whip up a batch of these cookies in less time than it takes to run to the store.
    • You only need water and fouringredients.
    • When you make your own snacks for your pets, you know what is in the ingredients.
    • They are so fun! They look just like the peanut butter cookies we eat, but in a dog friendly form.

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    This Easy Dog Cake Makes A 6

    Abby has turned into a rambunctious 2-year-old. Shes still her same old anxious self shes never far from me but she loves her ball and swimming. Shes become almost manic about swimming: the second she sees Jordan or Mel in their swimsuits shes following them around like theyre coated in whipped cream. If they happen to forget to bring her outside with them she throws herself against the door until I let her out. Its part hilarious and part annoying, ha!

    Since shes so small I let her have all the treats she wants. She doesnt eat much so birthday cake isnt something she needs to worry about consuming.

    Caring for a dog like Abby might be hard but I wouldnt trade it for the world. Whenever someone talks about getting a dog I always tell them its a lot of work but if you love them enough itll be worth it!

    If there is one thing Abby loves more than me, its her B-A-L-L. We usually only play ball outside because my aim is horrible Im good at knocking photos off the walls so we spend a lot of time outside whenever the weather is nice.

    Since we spend so much time outside I always treat Abby for fleas and ticks. PetArmor Plus just launched at PetSmart and is NOW available at PetSmart stores and on, which makes it so easy to purchase. I love taking Abby to PetSmart to see the other dogs and pick out new toys so I can grab my flea and tick protection while Im there.

    Ingredients Needed For A Dog Birthday Cake

    Make a sculpted dog cake

    The ingredients for this cake are super simple! Theyre all human-grade and easily digestible by your pets. Garnish your cake with your dogs favorite treats for the ultimate doggy dessert! Measurements for each ingredient can be found in the recipe card below.

    • Whole Wheat Flour: I like using whole wheat flour as my cake base for its added fiber. If your dog has a gluten intolerance, you can use gluten-free flour instead.
    • Baking Soda: Helps your cake rise.
    • Vegetable Oil: Adds moisture and helps ingredients stick together.
    • Creamy Peanut Butter: Make sure its Xylitol-free! Xylitol is toxic to animals. See more below on why you need to avoid this ingredient.
    • Plain Applesauce: Make sure your applesauce doesnt have any added sugars. Apples are a great source of fiber for your pup!
    • Pumpkin Puree: Not only is pumpkin loaded with fiber, but dogs love it! You can buy this canned or make it at home.
    • Shredded Carrots: Carrots are a great snack for dogs! I like to shred mine or cut them into very small pieces to avoid any choking.
    • Milk: Adds moisture to the cake mix.
    • Egg: Used to bind everything together.

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    Homemade 5 Ingredient Dog Microwave Mug Cake

    One of the most popular posts is our Dog Cake recipe. This makes at least 3 dog cakes so my daughter decided to try a Dog Mug Cake for 1 dog with only 5 ingredients and made in the microwave.

    This homemade microwave dog cake bakes up in 2 minutes so in about 5-10 minutes you have a fun treat for your dog. Whether you are celebrating a dog birthday, or just have some time on your hand and want to reward your dog.

    This is a treat for your dog, not something to add to their regular diet.

    How To Make A Dog Cake With Buttercream

    • Trim a little cake off the top of each cake layer to use for shaping the nose and ears on the dog face.
    • Stack and crumb coat cake.
    • Freeze crumb coated cake for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Add a spoonful of buttercream to the cake scraps and mix well.
    • Shape the cake scraps to form ears and nose area.
    • Prepare TWO piping bags with grass Piping Tips.
    • Fill each piping bag with chocolate buttercream .
    • TIP: when your buttercream starts to soften too much, switch it for the second bag and place the first bag in the fridge for a few minutes to set the buttercream.
    • Start piping the dog hair from the bottom of the cake and work your way up.
    • Once the cake is covered, roll out fondant. I like to use these small packets of Fondant
    • Use a 1-inch cookie cutter to cut two eyes in black fondant.
    • Take a small piece of white fondant, roll a ball in hands and press flat to make the whites of the eye.
    • Youll also want to roll out some black fondant to create the lines from the nose to the mouth and one for above the tongue.
    • I simply shaped the tongue with my hands. See picture above for reference on shape.
    • Gently place the fondant pieces into place.

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    The Simple Savory Cake

    Some pups just dont have a sweet tooth. If your dog turns his nose up at cookies, ice cream, and traditional cakes, the best option for a birthday dessert is a savory cake.

    Yes, your dog can still blow out the candles without having to indulge in a standard confection. A savory cake can take on many flavors and forms, whether youre attempting a fishy souffle or organ meat masterpiece. This year, why not consider sticking with the tried and truepoultry.

    Before you start cooking, make sure you have everything you need to get started, including:

    • 1 cup shredded carrots
    • 2 pouches of chicken baby food
    • ¼ cup unsweetened peanut butter
    • 1½ teaspoon baking powder
    • ¼ cup butter
    • 3 large egg

    To bake your savory cake, follow these instructions:

    • Preheat Set your oven to 350 degrees to prepare a cake pan to oil and flour.
    • Whisk Add your flour and baking powder to a bowl and whisk the ingredients together.
    • Mix In a separate bowl, add softened butter and beat until smooth. Then add your vegetable oil and eggs, mixing thoroughly as you add. After that, add your carrots and chicken baby food. Finally, add the flour and baking powder mixture, taking your time to slowly mix everything together.
    • Bake Add your batter to your cake pan, put the pan in the oven, and give the cake approximately 60 minutes to bake.

    Tips For Making Treats For Your Dog At Home

    Easy Homemade Dog Cake

    Dogs have sensitive stomachs so its super important to use the right ingredients! Here are a few tips on making your dog treats healthy, delicious, and nutritious! Once you know what ingredients to avoid, youll want to make homemade treats for your dogs all the time!

    • Xylitol/Birch Sugar: Xylitol is a sweetener that is most commonly found in things like gum, peanut butter, baked goods, and ice cream. It can also be listed as birch sugar. Xylitol is highly toxic to dogs and may cause liver failure, so be sure to check ingredient lists before you give anything new to your pup.
    • Avoid Nutmeg: If you want to add a little extra flavor to your dogs birthday cake, cinnamon and ginger are both safe in small amounts. However, avoid nutmeg at all costs. Its toxic to dogs.
    • Avoid Added Sugars: Giving your dog too much sugar can lead to diabetes and digestive issues. Look for plain Greek yogurt and applesauce when making your cake.

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    How Much Cake Can My Dog Have

    A dog portion of cake is much smaller than a human portion. Most people will want to give cake as a one off special treat, so weve worked out some easy suggested portion sizes for your dog.

    A treat portion should be around 30kcal for a dog who weighs less than 10kg, and around 60kcal for a dog who weighs more than 10kg. We recommend this is the maximum amount that should be given daily, though of course none of us should be eating cake every day! To compare that to human cupcakes , your dogs portion of cake could need to be six times smaller than yours!

    When youre giving your dog snacks or treats, remember to reduce the amount of food they get that day in their meals to make up for the extra calories, in the same way that we might have a smaller breakfast if we know were having a big meal at lunchtime. If youre giving your dog the above amount of calories in a snack, for an average, healthy dog wed recommend reducing their daily amount of food by about 10%.

    Another thing to remember when thinking about making a cake for your dog is that they shouldnt eat a whole cake or batch in one go . Why not think about making small cupcakes that you can freeze in portion sizes and use them spread out at different times over a couple of months as a special treat?

    Making A Sweet Apple Cake

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
  • 2Grease a small cake pan or muffin tin. This recipe makes a small cake in a serving size suitable for your dog and a friend. If you have more canine guests, you’ll want to double the recipe.
  • 3Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl. Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly until the batter is smooth and creamy.XResearch source
  • 4Spoon the batter into the prepared pan. Use the back of the spoon to smooth the top of the batter.
  • 5Bake the cake for 15 minutes. Test to make sure the cake is ready by sticking a toothpick in the center. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. If it’s wet, give the cake a few more minutes.
  • 6Let the cake cool for 10 minutes. Once the cake is cool, invert it onto a plate for serving.
  • 7Ice the cake with extra cream cheese. You can sweeten it with a little honey if your dog has a sweet tooth.
  • 8
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    Apple Banana Dog Cake

    You cant go wrong with apples and bananas. Apples are a great source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Just make sure you dont feed your dog apple seeds, as that can make them sick. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber, which can help dogs with gastrointestinal issues. Top this dog cake with apple slices for an extra treat! This recipe makes two large cupcakes.

    Cake ingredients

  • Mix together mashed banana, shredded apple and applesauce. Then stir in flour and water.
  • Grease pan with coconut oil and bake for 20-25 minutes until center is firm.
  • Mix together mashed bananas and flour until you get a frosting-like consistency.
  • Let cake cool and decorate with mashed banana and apple slices.
  • Ingredients For The Best Dog Cake Recipe

    Dog Friendly Birthday Cake Recipe | Made in Battersea

    First, we should start by selecting the healthiest ingredients. We only want the best for our loved ones.

    Its crucial to know that dogs are very sensitive, and a healthy ingredient for humans can be toxic for them. Although some will eat anything that comes their way, you should be careful with food around your pet.

    Good vs. Bad Ingredients

    Since were following a healthy recipe, it`s vital to remember some of the most potentially harmful foods for our dogs, like:

    • Chocolate
    • Yeast Dough
    • Macademia Nuts

    The list goes on, but these are the most toxic dog cake ingredients you should avoid. On the other hand, some ingredients are both good for your furry pal and you:

    • Apples
    • Pumpkin
    • Peanut butter

    You should include some of these delicious foods in your dogs diet. And theyre easy to combine, so we`ll try to do just that in our cake recipe.

    Is Flour Good for Your Dog?

    Even though many think that flour isnt good for their pets, the truth is, it can havenutritional value for dogs.

    The key is to choose the type of flour you buy carefully. Lets see which ones are good for your dogs birthday cake.

    All-Purpose Flour

    All-purpose flour, or plain flour, is made from a mixture of wheat types. It may have some nutritional value for your dog, but it doesnt contain whole grains youll find in other, healthier varieties.

    Whole Wheat Flour
    White Flour
    Almond Flour

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    Healthy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

    This recipe is not only delicious but also loaded with antioxidants to celebrate your dogs age and health. Based on natural ingredients including beets, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, and nutritious bone broth! If you behave well, your dog might share a bit with you! Get the full recipe here.

    Pumpkin Banana Dog Cupcakes

    Not only will your dogs love pumpkin banana pupcakes theyre a great breakfast item for you as well. Using oat flour, honey, banana, peanut butter, and a little pumpkin pureee, its actually a delicious cupcake with a healthy twist. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, overweight, or still a puppy then exclude the honey and frosting from this recipe.

    Picture: Love From The Oven

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