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Funnel Cake Made EASY With Pancake Mix

While I recommend a squeeze bottle for dropping dough into the hot oil, you could use a spoon to drizzle or a measuring glass with a spout. You wont get the exact same Carnival Funnel Cake look, but theyll still taste great. A heavy cast-iron skillet is recommended for frying, but any heavy-bottomed skillet will work.

How Do You Make A Funnel Cake With Pancake Mix

Topic: How Do You Make A Funnel Cake With Pancake Mix?

What is the secret to enjoying this traditional fair food in your home? It turns you can easily create funnel cake with pancake mix!

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is one of these foods that Ive just eaten at fairs or carnivals. If youve never had funnel cake, then this drool-worthy dessert is hard to resist. Its a crispy fried candy cake usually topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce. Do you understand that amazing smell in the food court area in a fair? That is usually funneled cake.

Is Funnel Cake Mix The Same As Pancake Mix

You can easily make funnel cakes at home. In addition to eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla, salt, and milk, pancake mix is also made with sugar, oil, and vanilla. After funneling or pouring the batter into hot oil, it is fried until golden brown. The best time to serve funnel cakes is immediately after they are made, just like most fried foods.

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How Do I Make Funnel Cake Fries

Making funnel cake fries is as simple as changing the shape! When drizzling the batter into the hot oil, squirt the batter in a single line . These will cook faster, so keep an eye on them and turn when nice and golden brown.

What Kind of Oil Should I Use to Make Homemade Funnel Cakes?

For this recipe, I recommend using vegetable oil.

If you love funnel cakes, youre in luck! Here are a few other fun favorites I think youll enjoy.

THIS is the skillet I use and love and I use it so much I have 3 of them and more in other sizes too, its a kitchen must-have.

And if you want to make Chocolate Funnel Cake look here.

I even made smaller funnel cakes and topped them with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries. Oh yes, there was no holding back on these. Since they are made out of pancake mix, they are perfect for breakfast, dont you agree?

What would you top your funnel cake with? Tell me. I may just have to give it a try.

Now a Taste of Knotts:

which is what prompted me to make funnel cake, youll see why.

I recently attended A Taste of Knotts featuring some of their latest offering at Knotts Berry Farm. There was funnel cake.and so much more. I brought my sweet friend Lisa and we were greeted by Chef Snoopy and this lovely lady who had some very funny stories to tell.

Can you see why I just had to give it a try at home?

I had their fully loaded funnel cake with boysenberry topping and vanilla ice cream. It was so delicious

Homemade Pancake Mix Biscuits

Can You Make Funnel Cake From Pancake Mix Ideas

This is another biscuit recipe, but its a little bit different from the others here. This is a classic recipe that anyone can make.

It is a foolproof addition to any bakers cookbook and can go with pretty much any dish you can think of.

It is one of the most basic recipes you can think of, but that means you can build off it and make some fantastic recipes.

Think of all the ideas you could come up with as you work!

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Funnel Cake With Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima is one of the better brands of pancake mixes available in the market. Store-bought pancake mixes like Aunt Jemimas have different varieties too.

When it comes to making funnel cakes, Aunt Jemima pancake mix can be used. To make your funnel cakes, any variation can be used from the host of pancake mixes available. For the complete buttermilk pancake mix, there will be no need to add eggs or milk to the batter, just water.

This is where saving time comes to play in the preparation of the meal: use a pancake mix that just needs water and nothing else.

After making your funnel cakes, dont forget to choose from the different topping options that can make this fair food perfect. Creativity has a role to play here and it is left up to you to explore the world of toppings and see what works for you.

Aside from powdered sugar, there are a number of topping ideas to incorporate in your carnival treat, and they include whipped cream, syrups, chocolate sauces, strawberries, blueberries, sprinkles, and cherries. Apple or cherry pie filling with ice cream topping would also make for a more decadent dessert.

If making funnel cakes as a breakfast treat, especially for kids , you can shower them with powdered sugar, a drizzle of syrup, and a dash of sprinkles. This funnel cake recipe pancake mix will make your funnel cakes a fun meal to dig in to.

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How To Make Funnel Cake With Pancake Batter

Sometimes, all we need is a traditional, favourite recipe, mixed up a bit to make something new. Thats why many people always ask about how to make funnel cake with pancake batter.

Well, dear food lovers, prepare your hearts to be filled with something great, and lets cook together a nice funnel cake batter with pancake mix!

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Final Thoughts On Funnel Cake From Pancake Mix

We love making funnel cake from pancake mix at home. Its a special treat everyone enjoys. Ill quickly whip this up for a fun family night dessert.

To make it extra fun Ill set up a toppings buffet with all of our family favorites. The kids can choose which topping ideas they want.

I help the little ones assemble their funnel cake dessert but allow the big kids to be the chief of their culinary masterpiece.

Add this surprise to movie night and you have a delightful family night to remember. Your kids will talk about it months later.

If you purchase some pancake mix and I definitely recommend making these with our family favorite Krusteaz buttermilk pancake mix to make these yummy funnel cakes you should also try out these easy sheet pan pancakes or a mouthwatering breakfast charcuterie board. Youll be amazed by all the wonderful things you can do with a box of pancake mix.


Pancake Mix Cinnamon Rolls

How to make funnel cake with pancake mix!

Cinnamon rolls are amazing, and pancake mix makes them even better. They have this sweet, fluffy texture.

Once you learn how to make them at home, youll never go back to store-bought again! There are plenty of pancake mix breakfast ideas, a surefire way to win over even the pickiest eaters.

You can even make them all in one cast-iron skillet for easy clean-up. Theyll get all toasted up the sides and be a great pull-apart breakfast for kids and adults alike.

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Portioning Into The Oil

It is important that your oil is at the right temperature in order to cook your bites all of the way through. It should be at 375°F and you will want to use a candy/frying thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Scoop one tablespoon of batter at a time, and gently drop it into the oil. I use a #50 stainless scoop, but you could also use two regular tablespoons. One to scoop the batter and the other to scrape the batter off into the oil.

Drop the batter from just a couple of inches from the oil surface so that you don’t get a big oil splash.

Funnel Cake With Bisquick

So lets say you finally rummage through the kitchen cabinets and you happen to not find any pancake mixwell, dont worry. Your pack of Bisquick is there to save the day. With the ingredients you probably have at home already, you can still make a delightful treat of funnel cakes.

With your Bisquick original baking mix, your funnel cake recipe pancake mix remains the same with a little alteration. Under step two in the directions to prepare your funnel cakes, instead of whisking pancake mix, vanilla extract, and water, you will whisk together eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and your Bisquick Original baking mix.

Your funnel cakes will still come out perfectly adorable.

I bet you just found a handy new use for your Bisquick, aside from making scones and other recipes. Also, you dont have to run out of pancake mix before using that pack of Bisquick. You can use it now, just to know how it will taste.

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How To Make Funnel Cake

Making homemade funnel cake is really quite simple. Pancake mix is combined with eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla, salt and milk.

The batter is then funneled or poured into hot oil and fried until golden brown. While Ive never been overly comfortable with frying foods, this really is as simple as it gets. We tried both funneling our pancake batter into the pan, and using a squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottle is a bit easier to control, but the results were the same either way.

Make sure to be careful when frying these, or anything, and keep the kids and pets away from the stove to be safe in case hot oil spatters, as it sometimes does. The US Dept of Agriculture has some great tips for safety when frying foods. If you are new to frying foods, or need a refresher on safety please check out their safety tips here

Like most fried foods, funnel cakes are best served immediately after they are made. While they are delicious plain, most people really enjoy the toppings! Powdered sugar is a classic funnel cake topping. A few shakes of powdered sugar onto a hot funnel cake is a thing of beauty.

You can take these to the next level by adding additional toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, fruit you name it! These are quite rich, making them perfect for sharing. This recipe made enough for our family of four to each have a generous serving.

For another delicious fried treat, make sure to try my Struffoli Recipe!

How To Make Funnel Cake With Bisquick Pancake Mix

{VIDEO} Easy Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes

Cake mix pancakes tastes of lizzy ts.Cake mix pancakes tastes of lizzy ts.Can i use pancake mix to thicken sauce?Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon in a medium bowl and mix well.

Combine milk, lemon juice, vanilla essence together in a separte bowl and whisk well.Combine wet and dry ingredients and whisk well to get smooth consistency pancake batter.Find a plastic cup, cut a slit down one side and then cut off the bottom.Finish the red velvet funnel cakes with powdered.

Funnel cake mix recipe bisquick add the bisquick original baking mix and whisk until fully combined.Grease as soon as cake is done, loosen edges, turn with another square on top.Heat the oil in a heavy pot over medium high.How long will cake last.

How to make eggless funnel cake:How to make funnel cake recipe with pancake mix.How to make funnel cake.How to make red velvet funnel cake.

How to use pancake mix to make funnel cakes.I tried three different store bought pancake mixes.If your batter is super runny, like so liquidy you could drink it through a straw (gross,i know!In a bowl, sift together the pancake mix and cocoa powder until no lumps remain.

In another bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.In the process of testing a few mixes, i learned that its all about batter texture.It should fall from the whisk.Make sure there are no lumps, whisking it i find works well.

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What Toppings Are Good On Funnel Cake

While powdered sugar is a no-fail classic, we also love drizzling our funnel cakes with chocolate or strawberry syrup. Caramel syrup is another great option.

Try topping them with fresh fruit, candies, crushed cookies, or even whipped cream or ice cream. The possibilities are truly endless!

Use a plastic bottle to squirt out the pancake mix. Make sure the opening is large enough you dont want to have any issues of it not coming out even when you are placing it into the hot oil.

Swirl the pancake mix around in circles as you squirt it into the oil. I went about 6 circles on this one.

Turn it over carefully. Be sure to cook each side until its golden.

Drain on paper towel. Dust with powdered sugar.

Is Pancake Batter The Same As Cake Batter

Before making anything with a substitute mix or ingredient, it is important to understand the difference between pancake and cake mix. When we make the cake batter, we typically create a thick batter with self-raising flour, eggs, butter , and sugar. Pancake batter is different because you create a much thinner batter with flour, eggs, and milk. This creates the denser pancake and the sweetness comes from toppings instead.

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The Way To Make Funnel Cake

Making homemade funnel cake is quite simple. Pancake mix is blended with oil, eggs, sugar, vanilla, milk, and salt.

The batter is then poured or refrigerated into hot oil and fried till golden brown. While I have never been overly comfortable with frying foods, this is as simple as it gets. We attempted both funneling our pancake batter to the pan and with a squeeze bottle. The squeeze bottle is a bit easier to control, but the results have been the same either way.

Be certain that you be careful when frying anything, and keep the children and pets away from the cooker to be safe if hot oil spatters because it occasionally does. The US Dept of Agriculture has some great strategies for security when frying foods if you are new to frying foods or require a refresher on security .

Pancake Mix Coffee Cake

How To Make Easy Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes // Lindsay Ann Bakes

You can make so many things with pancake mix, and a stunning coffee cake is only one option. Coming in number ten on our list, its sure to impress!

Coffee cake is a great addition to any brunch menu and pairs nicely with any latte or coffee drink. It is sweet without being overpowering, and the spiced sugar mixture on top is divine.

If you want to make a festive fall version, you can substitute ¼ cup of pumpkin puree with the sour cream mixture. This pumpkin-spiced version of the same recipe is perfect for fall brunch or Thanksgiving Day breakfast!

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