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Picking A Theme For Your Photoshoot

55 Unique Baby Girl 1st Birthday Photoshoot ideas | Funny Cake Smash ideas photoshoot
  • A theme doesnt necessarily mean sticking to characters, eras or anything like that: sometimes you may choose to simply pick a few colors that go well together and go from there!
  • Sometimes, the surroundings themselves make for a great theme, offering stunning backdrops. For instance, an outdoor shoot calls for all things natural and bright, such as flowers, animals and so on.
  • Of course, when it comes to character or animal themes, you have plenty of exciting options limited only by your imagination! Some of the most popular themes for girls include Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, or Disney characters. Boys generally like being sent into space, playing with cars, as well as being surrounded by famous superheroes. And remember there are no truly boy or girl themes just pick something your little one is most excited about to put a smile on their little face.

According to a cake smash photography expert, Steph Donaher, some of the best color combinations to consider for themes include:

  • Pink/Yellow/Blue/White
  • Black/Pink/Gold

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  • What Is A Cake Smash Session

    Well it is just another way of celebrating the birthday. In this session, the guest of honor which is your princess in this case is given a special small cake which is placed on a table. For guests, a separate cake is ordered. As everyone begins to sing the birthday son, the baby smashes her little hands on the cake. 1 year old cake smash session gives the baby all the room to create a mess without any restrictions. This is also a beautiful moment to have cake smash photo sessions which are always going to remind you of this special occasion.

    This occasion also demands you to pick a specially designed cake smash outfit for your baby in India. This exquisite dress is designed just for this wonderful day.

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    Planning A Cake Smash Photoshoot Checkout These Essential Tips

    To someone entirely unfamiliar with the concept, the idea of a cake smash photography may seem weird, to say the least. After all, why would you order a beautiful cake, dress up a 12-month oldand then take numerous photos of the child destroying the sweet delicacy, getting all messy?

    However, the fact is solid: cake smashes are getting increasingly popular, bringing families together in a unique, fun and memorable way.

    Today we have prepared a practical and a comprehensive guide with these essential cake smash photography tips for making the most of your babys cake smash! From ordering the best cake for the shoot to the cake smash outfit and props to managing your babys behavior during the shoot, weve covered it all so your baby can smash it.

    Collection: Baby Girl First Birthday Outfits

    Baby Birthday 1st Cake Smash Dress Outfits Tutu Newborn Baby Girl Fancy ...

    Come find the perfect outfit for celebrating a birthday girl here at Belle Threads. Are you planning a special first birthday party or cake smash photo shoot for your baby girl? We want to help you plan as we know it takes a lot to plan from first birthday party theme to shopping for adorable girls first birthday outfit to first birthday photo shoot theme to birthday decor to cakes to entertainment to photographer for her cake smash and first birthday outfit. Her first birthday party is an important event and we want to help you choose the best outfit for your baby girls first birthday. She only turns one once! First birthdays are milestones and we want to make sure it is special! Finding the perfect first birthday dress is so important as it will be photographed and should match the birthday theme as well. Our original designs are for the mom that wants her daughter to feel special and loved.

    We love making memories with you. We take great pride and joy in being part of dressing your babies milestones. Whether you are celebrating your baby girl’s 1st birthday, or your baby girl photoshoot, we have exactly what you need for that special moment. The best first birthday and cake smash outfit little girls can only be found here! These are our original designs for your littles and we know you will love them! Let us help you create these beautiful memories with your first birthday girl!

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    Why Wait Till The 1st Birthday For A Cake Smash Photoshoot

    The cake smash may well be your little ones first introduction to the oozy goodness of cake . Any younger and the babe might not care for it . The first birthday seems to be the perfect cut-off age for a cake smash

    A mostly-unconsidered advantage of a cake smash photography session for a first birthday is the bathing facilities. Every little one-year-old needs a bath, but this way you can have fun bathing her, knowing that the cake smash mess will be fully cleaned by someone else, for once.

    We 100% recommend a cake smash photography session for your little ones first birthday.

    Picking Cake Smash Outfit

    Well practically, letting your baby enjoy cake smash session in just her diaper is a good idea but because it is her birthday and you want to have cake smash photo session that will always be an integral part of your memories, you must pick something nice and pretty.

    • Cake Smash Tutu Dress

    Dressing your baby girl in colorful and cute tutu dress for outdoor cake smash photos is a delightful thought. You can find these smart tutu dresses for birthdays in various colors and styles. This gives you all the room to pick what fits the color theme and budget. Go with something playful. Pick the one which complements the cake so that the pictures that you click are impeccable.

    • Cake Smash Tutu with Tees

    You can also go with a beautiful tutu skirt matched with a t-shirt with ONE written on it. This would look cutest on your kid and would have the essence of her first birthday. You can buy it online or have it custom made. A tutu skirt that blends with the theme and a white t-shirt is a wonderful idea to go with.

    • Ruffled Rompers

    Another choice of clothing is ruffled rompers in bright hues. They look really cute and pretty on little princess and are also very comfortable choice of dress for cake smash session on her first birthday.

    Custom made Cake smash outfit for baby boy. See more ideas about cake smash outfit boy, cake smash dress, cake smash sets.

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    Getting Ready For The Cake Smash Photography Shoot

    There are quite a few things to keep in mind to ensure the cake smash photography shoot goes as effortlessly as possible. Here are some tips for your checklist:

    • Things will absolutely get messy, so be ready to clean up afterwards ! Pack wisely and have plenty of wet wipes, napkins and towels handy on the day of your shoot.
    • Dont want to ruin the floor? Scout the local handyman store for some cheap cut-outs, being that a piece of soft rug or some odd lino. Pick something you can dispose afterwards, or if youre keen role up and blast from a garden hose.
    • Alternatively, use some bedsheets as surface protectors/backdrops.
    • Avoid going overboard with the decorations! Its tempting to fill up the space with toys, props and balloons, but this can be very distracting. First, you want your baby to be the focus of the photos. But also, what if instead of smashing a cake your child will suddenly decide to play with something else, leaving you waiting for hours before you can even get started? Play it safe and dont overload the location.
    • Remember that your childs clothing may be completely ruined, so dont necessarily put them in the fanciest possible outfit. Besides, cake smudges often look best on plain clothing.
    • Unless you really want to, its generally not the best look to have your child in obvious disposable nappies. If you must use them, get a nappy cover to put on top for a better look.

    Which Cake Would Be Ideal For The Shoot Here Are Some Tips

    1st Birthday Cake Smash!!!!
    • There are pretty much only two colors to avoid when it comes to picking the cake: first, many shades of brown look like poo, so chocolate sponge and cream arent the best choices. In addition, red looks a bit creepy resembling blood, so avoid it as well unless youre going for Halloween vibes.
    • Ultimately, if all else fails, resort to a white cake with colorful sprinkles as its the safest bet, albeit not the most creative.
    • Remember: the cake is there to be destroyed! Dont go overboard with expensive creations some experienced photographers say that store-bought sponge decorated at home with bright toppings works best.
    • Speaking of decorations, avoid using fondant since its hard for the kids to deal with! As a result, your child will either lose interest or make much less mess than intended. Instead, use brightly colored buttercream, or even whipped heavy cream, with sprinkles and other edible bits on top.
    • Another tip is to leave the cake out of the fridge for about 15-30 mins, so the icing softens. Dont leave it out for too long though food poisoning isnt fun.

    But remember Safety first!

    Always consider potential allergens to avoid dangerous adverse reactions. Some babies are allergic to one or more common cake ingredients, such as wheat, eggs, and nuts. In addition, suddenly consuming too much sugar can send a baby into an anxious sugar rush so all things considered, pick a recipe wisely.

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    If Youre Choosing White For One Look Go With Color For The Other

    White can look gorgeous, but can also wash fair skinned babies out. Give yourself options so you have variety from the shoot. The above dress is a cake smash classic that pink tulle dress looks great on every baby I have see it on. Below are all girls cake smash outfits purchases from Amazon that have worked well for photoshoots. For girls, choose rompers or short dresses so they cant move around.

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    Cake Smash Outfits For Girls

    Cake smash shoots can be an absolute joy. This is the perfect time to celebrate your sweet little ones first, event-filled year of life and your survival.

    First, the most crucial step the outfit. Here are some guidelines for choosing an outfit for your little princesss cake smash.

    • Once again, choose an outfit that will not stain easily or at least one that you will not mind discarding later. Certain icing colors stain clothing easily.
    • Find something cute but inexpensive. The definition of cute is up to you! Traditionally, little-girl photoshoots involve pink frills and princess costumes, but its up to you! Maybe you want your baby girl in a jersey and tiny little cleats. The emphasis being on inexpensive after all, you have many more birthdays to celebrate with this little one.
    • Sandals are adorable! Consider sandals.
    • Dont hesitate to dress her up in a diaper. Its the ultimate, low-budget form of clothing, quickly switched out for another. After all, you are already changing her diaper several times a day!

    Whatever you do, enjoy the process. It is easy to get caught up in all the details of the photoshoot, from researching the photographer to purchasing the cake , from the location to the theme. Dont forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the process. These pictures will be a memory for years to come.

    Why Do A Cake Smash For The 1st Birthday

    Brand Cake Smash Outfit Unicorn Dress Baby Girl 1 Year Birthday Dress ...

    First birthdays are as much a celebration of the parents as the baby. One year of dirty diapers and late nights survived. One year of all the stress and the love, the giggles and the tears survived. Oftentimes, it surely feels as though the year will never end and other times as though the year is passing all too quickly. Before long, this same small baby will be all grown up, preparing for life as an adult. Their time as a baby is all too limited.

    A cake smash is the perfect commemoration of all that has happened during this year. Many people will have their photoshoot in the weeks before the birthday party, using the resulting images for darling invitation pictures.

    Cake smash photoshoots can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.

    If you want a low-stress, low-maintenance cake smash, just choose two or three complementing colors for a theme . Dress the little birthday boy or girl in one of these colors, find a cake in complementing colors, and smash away! Some cake smash photography studios in Singapore provide the outfits and/or the cake definitely consider contacting a studio if the lack of stress would make it worth the price.

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    Baby Girl Cake Smash Dress

    So When Should You Do A Cake Smash Photoshoot

    Typically, the cake smash photography session is done around the babys first Birthday, and the photos are then used to adorn party invitations or let family and friends know about important developmental milestones .

    Before that age, there wouldnt be much use in offering the little one cake, as they wouldnt necessarily show any interest. On the contrary, at 12 months, a sudden rush of sweetness is often the first time the child can consume as much cake as they want, or better still do whatever they want with it. From face painting into it to throwing the bits and pieces around like theres no tomorrow, the possibilities are endless!

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    Let The Outfit Choose Your Theme

    I absolutely love when a costume makes its way into a shoot. These work best for the pre-cake pat of the session, and I would recommend a traditional look for your second outfit so you get more variety from the shoot. If you session is in the fall this can double as their Halloween outfit but how absolutely cute are these options!

    Cake Smash Outfit For Boys

    Eva’s first birthday cake smash photo session

    Once you have decided on a cake smash photoshoot, there are still many factors to be considered. Indoors photoshoot or outdoors? White cake, blue cake, green cake? Professionally-decorated cake or DIY? Let us start off at the very beginning the babys outfit.

    Here are several cake smash outfit ideas for boys.

    • Pick an outfit that can be stained. The last thing you want to do is dress your little man in a family heirloom and then have it ruined after a single photograph. Consider purchasing something completely new, or even second-hand so as not to ruin any of his existing clothing.
    • Find something cute but inexpensive. Once again, it could very well be stained during the cake smash. You want to find something that wont look frumpy in the pictures but also will not put you into debt!
    • Choose colors that complement or match the colors of the cake. Its time to go back to elementary art class look at the color wheel. If your cake will be purple, consider a yellow, orange, or light blue outfit. If the cake or props will be pink, go for a light green or sky-blue outfit.
    • Avoid dark colors or bright white they do not show up well on camera.
    • Some options specifically for boys a diaper cover, suspenders, a bow tie, and/or a cute hat is absolutely adorable.

    Enjoy the process! These pictures with your little cowboy or Buzz Lightyear, or perhaps football quarterback will be a beautiful memory long after his attention is turned to more grown-up things.

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