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Airbrush Cake Decorating: Are You Able To Airbrush Buttercream

Airbrush Food Coloring Buying Guide [ Cake Decorating For Beginners ]

Buttercream is one of the most popular choices of frosting used to decorate cakes. Luckily, you can airbrush buttercream, opening up the possibility to create many different designs. This gives you the ability to airbrush and not have to use fondant, as not everyone is a fan of the taste of fondant.

Can You Give Me Some Coloring Tips

Work with layers & planning ahead is a good way to achieve success.

As the general rule of food coloring goes, it is better to start with a lighter color as its easier to darken it later on than the other way around, and airbrush paint is no different. It is best to build the color slowly by rotating the cake or by continuously moving your arm in a circular movement to cover all areas, and then repeating until you reach the desired color intensity. This will ensure the color is even all over the cake instead of ending up with different shades.

You can achieve great effects and designs with an airbrush using stenciling! Place the stencil on top of your cake or your cookie and spray the paint inside the shape, always using circular movements to build up the color slowly and allowing the paint to dry in between layers. If you point the airbrush gun at the same spot for too long the color will end up spilling out and it will take too long to dry.

Another great way to use your airbrush is to create some flowers or other decorations using white fondant and then painting them with the colors of your choice. Not only does this save you time from having to color your fondant using different colors, but you can also create some lovely effects with your airbrush instead of the usual plain color.

So What Is An Airbrush Spray Gun

An important part of using airbrush is a cleaning & maintenance routine

An airbrush gun is a tool that you can use to spray paint, it is mainly used in cake decorating or for craft projects. However, if you are likely to dabble in both cake decoration and craft, make sure you do not use the same airbrush for both craft paint and edible food coloring to avoid cross contamination. Airbrush guns are ideal for coloring fondant or sugar paste.

The airbrush set comes with the following parts:

  • The airbrush gun
  • A hose to connect the gun to the compressor
  • A power cord to connect it all to electricity

The airbrush gun is the part you hold to spray the paint. It has a needle at the front with a protective cap , a cup to add the paint in, a trigger that you pull to release the paint, and a hose connector.

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Americolor Pearlescent Airbrush Color Kit

If you want to add some shimmer to your sweets, go with Americolors pearlescent airbrush color kit. This pack includes 12 opalescent colors perfect for creating special effects or for matching a cake to a particular color scheme. These colors wont separate or harden, and the base ingredients allow the color to spread so that you use less of it. The 0.65-ounce bottles feature a flip-top lid for convenient application.

Cleaning The Airbrush After Use

Chefmaster Cake Decorating Food Coloring Airbrush Paint Set

After each use and after each change of colors you must clean the airbrush gun. Cleaning between different colors is necessary to prevent the food color for airbrushes from mixing otherwise your desired yellow may turn greenish after spraying an intense blue.

A small tip at this point is the purchase of an airbrush cleaning pot, with the help of which you can make quick colors changes without having to carry out a complete cleaning.

However, cleaning an airbrush gun for food colors is very easy, because the colors are water-soluble. So you do not necessarily need a special cleaning medium.

Airbrushing for cakes is not as much trouble as you might think. Learning this art form is not only fun, but will also earn you a lot of admiration. Just give it a try and dont forget to enjoy the airbrushed cake too!

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Can You Paint On Whipped Cream Frosting

You absolutely can paint directly onto the whipped cream frosting. However, as its never usually as flat as other frosting types, such as fondant, I wouldnt recommend this for beginners. If you do try this, its best to buy some artist-grade paint brushes before you begin, in a range of styles including, thin, round, flat, etc.

Once you have a blank canvas of whipped cream frosting set onto your cake, you can begin. Take a small amount of frosting and mix with paste food colorings of your choice. Then all you need to do is dip whichever brush youre using into the color of your choice and begin painting. This will be very time-consuming, and every hour or so you should place your cake into the fridge and leave it for around 15 minutes to rest and harden.

Us Cake Supply Deluxe Airbrush Cake Color Set

The food color set from U.S Cake Supply consists of 24 different colors of the most vibrant quality, as well as a color wheel for helping you mix the paints. Using a specialized cake coloring set like this offers distinct advantages, as the colors are easy to work with and come through beautifully.

When choosing colors for decorating cakes with an airbrush, you will need to choose a set that is specifically designed for the purpose. This is why this set is such a good choice. All colors are of the best quality and can be used easily, providing great intensity. From us, this is a clear recommendation to buy!

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Setup Of The Airbrush Equipment

Setting up the airbrush set for baking is childs play. First, you connect the airbrush gun to the supplied hose, and this in turn to the compressor. The latter is then connected to the power supply. The compressor in airbrush sets for cakes often has a three-stage regulation, which makes it very easy to work with. How high the pressure has to be for you depends on your particular project.

Now you can first prepare your work surface and then put the desired paint into the paint container of the airbrush gun. Keep in mind that you only need a small amount of paint at a time, as it is atomized very finely. Usually, two to three drops are sufficient. It is better to take less and fill up as needed instead of using too much and then having to pour away the excess paint.

Kits Vs Standalone Brushes

How to use Metallic Food Airbrush Food Coloring [ Cake Decorating For Beginners ]

While there are dozens of different airbrushing kits on the market today, there are also single airbrush guns that you can purchase on their own or smaller kits that may only have one brush or a few accessories. Buying a kit is always a better choice for people who want more colors, and these can make great gift ideas, too.

If you want to get the most for your money, you will find it in the airbrush kits listed above, including the Master Airbrush kit. Kits are just convenient because they give you all of the equipment and accessories that you need in a single package. Plus, some of the kits today are impressive in their offerings. You can find kits that include everything from a few extra accessories to a full range of tools, supplies, and more.

Some of the kits above even include colors that you will need to get started, which can save you the extra hassle of buying them separately. It can also be a great way to save money, because the kits are generally more affordable than buying each part or component separately.

The one time that it would be a good idea to buy a standalone brush or a simple set? If you are looking to replace tools you already had and don’t need all the extra accessories, or you already have them. Otherwise, you’re probably wasting money settling on a single brush when you will have to go out and get all of the accessories later and spend even more.

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Blick Complete Airbrush System By Iwata


  • Comes with everything you need, including paints

  • Expensive for beginners

For a kit that has everything you need, this one is it. Curated to include a gravity feed airbrush, compressor, paints, and so much more, the Blick Complete Airbrush System by Iwata is a great option for all skill levelsincluding beginnersas its easy to use and incredibly versatile with the ability to work on both large projects and fine details.

The biggest downside to this kit is that it is expensive for a beginner. So, we recommend being sure youre going to get a lot of use out of it before purchasing.

Items Included: Airbrush, compressor, spray out pot, paints, airbrush cleaner, Iwata Medea Super Lube, thread sealer, nozzle wrench, LED magnifier, two cleaning brushes, washing brush, 50 pipe cleaners, storage case

Food Coloring Americolor Amerimist Airbrush Kit 12 65 Ounce Bottles

Lowest Price

Product Details

The 12 Americolor AmeriMist 0. 7 oz Airbrush Cake Decorating Color Kit comes with an array of shades. Each hue is in an easy-to-use flip-top dispenser bottle. The highly concentrated spray-on airbrush food color in this kit are extremely effective.

This set eliminates the need to overspray so moisture will not accumulate and water spots wont appear on desserts. It is also available in 41 other colors, as well as six electric shades to match with soft gel paste.

The hues intensity will vary depending on the type of icing.

4 x 3 x 2.75 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No

Reviews From Real Customers

Send to be what I ordered. Havent used all colors, but will soon. Smooth air brush. Not thick like gel.

Works great! I admit, I am new to airbrushing cakes, but I was very impressed with the colors. Would definitely buy again.

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Chefmaster Airbrush Food Color Set

Chefmasters vibrant airbrush food colors, which come in a set of eight, work with any airbrush tool and are fade-resistant. Less expensive per ounce than our top pick, theyre an especially good choice for chefs who are picking up an airbrush for the first time , as they give you a good feel of this medium without breaking the bank. With these concentrated colors, you need only two to three drops for each use, so the .64-ounce bottles will take you far. Create ombré patterns, stenciled designs, and dimensional effects on your sweets with these bright and bold colors. Our one gripe is that the bottle caps are not the sturdiest, so use with care.

The 9 Best Airbrushes For Cake Decorating In 2022

Chefmaster Cake Decorating Food Coloring Airbrush Paint Set

Jon WilliamsKitchen GadgetsTools“Disclaimer: Thank you for reading our post and in full transparency, we may earn an affiliate commission when you buy products through our links. This will not cost you anything extra, but the small commission we receive helps keep funding our reviews and articles. Learn more about our review process here.”

Airbrushing is a great decorating technique for those looking for a little more speed in their work. They can also be a great choice for decorators who want to branch out and try something new. Airbrushes come in all styles and sizes, so you’ll want to know what’s on the market before you start shopping. No matter your skill level, it will be easy to take your decorating skills to the next level with cakes, cookies, and other pastries when you invest in a quality airbrushing kit. In this guide, you’ll find reviews and information to help you understand the fundamentals of choosing the best airbrush for cake decorating.

Best Pick

The PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Airbrushes is our best pick overall, offering a full package that includes everything that you need, from three different size nozzles to seven downloadable books to assist you in becoming a pro, and even comes with its compressor.

Budget Pick

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Quick Comparison: Top 9 Best Airbrushes For Cake Decorating

Product Name
  • Includes three airbrushes to ensure that you have the right tool for every decorating job
  • Compact air compressor provides powerful compression without taking up a lot of space
  • Includes download link for seven exclusive airbrush guides on cake decorating and more

The PointZero Airbrush Dual Action Airbrush Kit with 3 Airbrushes has everything that you need to get started right out of the box, including a high-quality braided air hose that measures six feet in length. The guns rely on gravity feed mechanisms and come with different size nozzles to achieve the perfect lines every time. The compressor is quiet and delivers consistent airflow to ensure the best results.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes convenient plastic carrying and storage case that holds all of the components in one organized place
  • Features unique cutaway handle that allows for easy flushing and cleaning in between colors
  • Comes with 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm tips and caps so that you can handle everything from detail work to background spray

The Master Performance G233 Pro Set will bring more performance to the table when you need an airbrush kit with everything in one. It relies on a gravity feed system to deliver ink consistently and has steady airflow, thanks to a built-in control valve. Plus, it all comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

not come with an air compressor

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

More Creative Airbrush Ideas For Food

  • As for cakes, you can try a galaxy cake or a night sky. A special, but very simple idea is to use a wavy, torn off piece of kitchen paper, over the top of which you can spray blue paint in different thicknesses. This way you can create either clouds or sea waves.
  • A brush and wipe cake can also be made in this special way. Simply spray colorful gradients over the edge of a cake covered with white fondant, then dab a small sponge in a little alcohol and use it to blur the colors gradient upwards.
  • Since airbrush food colors are very versatile, you can use them not only for cakes and tarts but also for many other specialties.
  • A very special idea for Easter is homemade egg-shaped Easter cookies that have been given a pretty color gradient. Or why not try an Easter cake with marzipan bunnies, airbrushed in pretty shades of brown?
  • Airbrushing for biscuits is also great for small chocolates with food coloring squiggles.
  • A real eye-catcher is cupcakes whose cream glows in different airbrush colors. You can add glitter particles to these afterward.
  • Those who are really gifted can try their hand at extremely realistic 3D design cakes like crocodiles, snakes, or even dragons. The latter is almost certainly the hit at every childs birthday party.!

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Master Airbrush Complete Cake Decorating Airbrush System Kit W

  • Has everything you will need to get started! Perfect for Bakeries or for Private Use. * FREE How-To Airbrush Booklet Included
  • Model G23 Master Brand Airbrush Multi-Purpose High Performance Airbrush with a 0.3mm Needle/Nozzle
  • Model TC-22 Master Brand Mini Portable Airbrush Compressor Portable with 110V AC plug
  • 5 Braided Air Hose with Quick Disconnect and Air flow Adjustment Valve Includes Storage and Carrying Case
  • 4 .7oz. Bottles Chefmaster Airbrush Food Colors

Check Latest Price

Lowest Price

Product Details

Professional Master Airbrush Airbrushing System with a Model G23 Multi-Purpose High Performance Precision Airbrush with a 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup and a 0. 3mm fluid tip. The cutaway handle allows you to quickly flush and clean air passages.

Masters top selling quiet, portable and lightweight mini 12V DC airbrush compressor with a direct plug in 110V AC adapter. Comes with a blow molded plastic storage and carrying case. 4 Color Chefmaster airbrush food coloring set in 0.

7 ounce bottles. Edible colors are highly concentrated with superior strength and are the brightest and truest colors available. Made in the USA with high quality approved ingredients, and are Certified Kosher.

Has everything you will need to start decorating! Perfect for bakeries or for private use. Includes a bonus How-To-Airbrush Manual & Guide Booklet by Master Airbrush.

13.7 x 12.52 x 3.15 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer

Reviews From Real Customers

Cake Decoration As A Hobby Or To Make Money

Using Airbrush Food Coloring on Fondant [ Cake Decorating For Beginners ]

The answer to that question will determine which type of compressor you should go for:

  • Are you planning to use your baking airbrush kit at home once or twice a month to decorate you own cakes,cookies or pastries?

Are you a real beginner and you want something easy to use, light and easy to put away. Then you could buy one of those baking airbrush kit that come with a compact mini compressor. Those small compressors are diaphragm compressors that cant run continuously for too long as they will overheat and get damaged. But they will work perfectly for small 20 minutes burst. Look for compressor with a way to regulate the pressure. A good small compressor from a cake decorating kit have a way to adjust the air pressure, usually a knob for low, medium or high pressure. If you want for info about compressors, see my compressor buying guide .

  • If you plan is to create a business and make money decorating cakes, cookies or pastries

Then you need to buy a baking airbrush kit a with larger compressor. They will allow you to work continuously for a longer time. Also, those compressors are equipped with an air regulator,a pressure gauge, and moisture trap that remove any moisture that builds up in the compressor air line.

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