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How to Make a Cake for a Dog – Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

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Carrot Cakes For Dogs

Carrots are healthy for dogs. Not only are they a good source of fiber and vitamins for dogs but theyre also recommended by vets as a low-calorie snack.

What better ingredient for a birthday treat if you need to watch your furry friends weight.

Allrecipes has a very simple carrot cake recipe for dogs with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Check out the recipe here.

One reviewer commented the her husband decided to try a piece of the cake. He liked it so much that he ended up feeding one piece to the dog and one piece to himself.

So with this cake the whole family can join in the celebration! To make it even tastier you can add a bit of ground cinnamon as well, which is quite safe for your dog.

This recipe, and many of the others contain oil. If your dog is on a low fat diet, you can swop this out with applesauce making the cake sweeter and healthier too.

Pumpkin Dog Treats Recipe

After realizing how many additives and preservatives are in many store bought treats, I started making my own. After making Peanut Butter Dog Treats and Homemade Dog Treats, I decided to try a version with both pumpkin and peanut butter. Pumpkin and peanut butter are both found in my popular Spoiled Dog Cake recipe and Dog Cupcakes, so if you love those recipes, make sure to add this one to your collection as well!

Based on the fact that the dog inhaled these pumpkin peanut butter dog treats and was immediately back at my feet for more, Id say they turned out pretty well! These treats are so easy to make and a great way to use up any leftover pumpkin puree you have from your pie or muffin baking.

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Whats In Our Dog Birthday Cakes

We use wholesome, fresh ingredients in our handmade cakes for dogs. The ingredients include honey, blackstrap molasses, peanut butter, pumpkin and a small amount of food coloring in the frosting. You can pick all natural to avoid the food coloring. We offer shipping anywhere in the United States, and our birthday cake services also include a subscription for regular cake deliveries.

Birthday Cake For Dogs

Dog Birthday Cake By Doggielicious

Moving on to the recipes wed think of as cakes next. If youve ever make cakes for a weaning baby, these will look a little familiar. From our point of view theyre a bit like cake with the fun removed, but that makes them a much more friendly treat for your dog. They are almost invariably sweetened with honey, and frequently contain peanut putter to give a protein hit. Here are the best the web has to offer:

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Making A Dog Birthday Cake

When you bake a dog birthday cake yourself, you have more control over the ingredients. And this is great news if you have a fussy mutt, or a dog with special dietary needs!

Weve put together a number of recipes that you can choose from. Most of them have simple ingredients and dont need expert baking skills. There are also lots of ideas for puppy-friendly cake decorations.

Read on to discover easy-to-follow recipes for your dog friendly birthday cake, a rundown of the best cake mixes available and ideas for decorating your creation.

We even cover cakes for dogs with allergies or health concerns, and the best grain free options.

Armed with all this information, you wont just know how to make a dog birthday cake, youll know how to customise a recipe, decorate it for your pooch and be the best doggy baker on the block!

Dog Birthday Party Ideas

In addition to making this cake, why dont you throw your pup a pawty? To some it might sound ridiculous, but the the exceptional dog mom or dad it sounds perfect. Have the dogs run around and tire themselves out while the humans enjoy a cocktail? Sign me up.

Here are some cool dog party props I found online .

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Happy Birthday Tennis Balls

Every dog needs some new birthday balls! I always get Chuy some kind of birthday tennis balls. He loves playing fetch outside and indoors since we have a large great room where he can run around when its too hot or rainy outside.

All of these gifts are available on which means they will ship for free with 2 day shipping as long as youre a Prime member. They are affiliate links which means we earn a commission when you purchase from our site!

No birthday is complete without cake. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Dog Birthday Cake Recipes.

Chime in! Do you have any dog birthday gift ideas? Share them below in the comments!

Dog Lover: Adult Coloring Book: Best Coloring Gifts For Mom Dad Friend Women Men And Adults Everywhere

How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake

Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

For your dog-loving human friends, gift the Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book. This coloring book uses intricate designs and patterns to create beautiful dogs that you can spend hours coloring in. Each page will help you relax more, just like your pooch does after a long afternoon spent at the park.

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Whistle Go Explore Health And Location Tracker

This practical gadget can help an owner keep track of their dogs health and location. A built-in warning system lets pet parents know when the pup has left the yard, or locate them if theyve wandered farther. Its a very cool gift for dog lovers with a passion for adventure and/or tech gear. Check out our review here.

Puppy Cake Mix Birthday Kits For Dogs

Everything you need for a dog birthday cake

Bake a birthday cake for dogs, dog cakes for a doggy graduation, a dog business grand opening, dog birthday party supplies or even a kid’s dog themed birthday party. Give your dog one of our healthy birthday cakes for dogs or make dog cupcakes with Puppy Cake Mix for dogs. These dog birthday cakes come complete with frosting so you can have a dog bakery at home. Your dog can have their own birthday cake for dogs with Puppy Cake Cake’s perfect dog treat recipes.

Easy to make made in USA dog birthday cake delivered to your door.

These healthy treats for dogs require only egg, oil and water for a complete cake for dogs. Microwave or bake our dog cakes for the best dog treats your dog will ever eat.

Durable and fun bone shaped cake pan

Dog bone cake pan can be used as a mold for gelatin or ice cream, a bone shaped ice mold or as a serving bowl. Easy clean up right in the top rack of your dishwasher. Retains its shape and is almost impossible to damage. It also has 24 candles for you to decorate your pup’s cake.

Top Reasons Your Dog Will Love Puppy Cake

  • Dog safe cake made for them
  • Made in the USA
  • All natural and human grade
  • Bake or microwave
  • Serves 8 medium sized dogs
  • Simple and limited ingredients
  • Comes with icing, candles and baking pan
  • Wheat-free flavors available

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The Best Dog Birthday Cakes Reviewed

Here we will review the best pupcakes for your dogs Happy Birthday.

Summary: These premade dog biscuits are the perfect gift for dogs on their birthday, a special occasion, or just an ordinary weekday. They are hand decorated and shaped like bones to provide fun and excitement in the form of dog treats.

Each treat is individually wrapped so it wont become stale once the package is opened. They are suitable for small dogs of all ages and made into a crunchy cookie texture to be enticing to dogs and offer them an enjoyable eating experience.

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: N/A

  • Come in a premium gift box
  • Available in a boy/girl version


  • Uses artificial flavors

Ingredient Analysis: Wheat flour is the first ingredient and gives these dog biscuits some flavor and much of their texture. Sugar and brown sugar syrup add more flavor with the help of ginger. Artificial flavors are used, though, and this is generally seen as a cheap way to add taste to dog food.

Review: Happy consumers bought these for their furry friends birthday and said they loved them. They were happy the ingredients were simple and recognizable, and they were pleased with the individual wrapping of each biscuit. The most common complaint, by far, was that these biscuits made their dogs sick.

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Banana Birthday Cake Carob Peanut Butter Pumpkin Red Velvet



  • Contains common allergens like dairy and peanuts


Dog Cakes Are Made Of Simple Ingredients

Dog Birthday Cake By Doggielicious

They have most of the same ingredients that adult cakes have, but with a few changes:

  • Sweetener sugar isnt great for dogs, but since Abby loves her treats on the sweet side, I add a bit of honey to the cake batter.
  • Flour you can use whole wheat if you want, but I used all-purpose
  • Peanut Butter dogs love peanut butter!
  • Applesauce you can also use pumpkin puree or mashed banana
  • Oil, leavening, egg these are all the components that make a cake into a cake.

The best part about making a cake for your dog is that you dont have to worry about if you over cook it. They dont care if its dry!

I kept the frosting simple by just beating some unsweetened heavy whipping cream. Dogs LOVE whipped cream!

Abby loved her cake. She went to town on the frosting before I could even snap photos!

Be sure to check out PetArmor Plus at PetSmart and get your coupon for $5 off a 3-count box!

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Make A Birthday Backdrop For Photo Ops So You Can Capture All The Birthday Memories

Grab your camera and get your dog ready for his closeup!

Since you are going to all the trouble to celebrate your dogs birthday, why not capture the moment? Set up a photo wall or photo booth for your dog and take amazing dog pictures in front of the backdrop.

You can buy a backdrop at any party supply store or you can make one yourself!

Giving your dog a birthday backdrop doesnt have to be difficult or expensive. You can buy inexpensive birthday backdrops almost anywhere online or at most general merchandise stores like Target and Walmart.

Of course, you can also get creative and make your dogs birthday backdrop yourself!

Here is a fun video of how one creative woman made a super adorable photo backdrop by hand!

Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

Love the connection you have with your dog while playing fetch but hate the slobbery ball? This high-powered NERF DOG ball blaster launches your dogs favorite tennis ball up to 50ft in the air with ease!

When your dog brings it back, place the barrel on the tennis ball and pick it up hands-free. The blaster is safe for your hands with no exposed moving parts and is especially helpful for those who dont have a good throwing arm, for kids, or those who just want to take their regular game of fetch up to the next level!

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Pumpkin Banana Dog Cupcakes

Not only will your dogs love pumpkin banana pupcakes theyre a great breakfast item for you as well. Using oat flour, honey, banana, peanut butter, and a little pumpkin pureee, its actually a delicious cupcake with a healthy twist. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, overweight, or still a puppy then exclude the honey and frosting from this recipe.

How To Make A Dog Birthday Cake

How To Make A Birthday Cake For Your Dog

When it comes to dog safe birthday cakes, dogs are very easily satisfied customers!

Typical recipes for cakes for dogs contain very simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen already.

A tasty cake can be constructed from just flour, peanut butter, oil and an egg. But, of course, you can let your imagination fly and mix it up with different flavours and tastes.

If your dog is a big fan of bananas, add them to the list. Or try something savoury with a meat-based cake.

There are lots of dog birthday cake ideas to choose from so youre sure to find something your dog will love.

And once the cake is made, the fun part begins. You can really let your creative juices flow and come up with a prefect instagrammable presentation.

Your DIY dog birthday cake can be bone-shaped, tiered, layered and topped with frosting and finished off with colorful tasty treats.

While your dog may not appreciate your work of art, hell definitely love the taste and gobble up your efforts!

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Fluff & Tuff Violet Unicorn Plush Dog Toy

I wont lie to you: I buy my dog a lot of toys. None have lasted as long, or are so beloved, as my pups Fluff & Tuff toysthis unicorn and its brother the blue dinosaur are his constant companions. Im not kidding: He brings both of them into bed with us every freaking night, and we have to put them through the washer and dryer every few weeks. In spite of this, theyve held up for months now, plus theyre filled with high-quality padding that are held to the same non-toxic standards as childrens toys.

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Whip Up A Fruit Salad

There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a doggie birthday cake so why not make a fruit salad instead?! Fruit is typically safe for dogs to eat .

Safe fruits include apples, bananas and watermelon.

Chop them up into a colorful, delicious, healthy serving for the birthday dog. Here is a list of dog-friendly human food.

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Lazy Dog Birthday Cake Mix With Sprinkles


Lazy Dog Birthday Cake Mix with Sprinkles will make your best friends birthday even more special! Treat you pooch to a home-baked cake that will be drool-worthy. This cake mix is made with simple, beneficial ingredients that are naturally nutritious. The vanilla cake mix is made out of rolled/ground oats, flaxseed, rice flour and vanilla powder, while the confetti sprinkles and delicious icing mix is made of yogurt powder and naturally sweet molasses.

Lazy Dog Birthday Cake Mix with Sprinkles makes a one 8-inch single layer cake in only 25 minutes. All you need to make this birthday cake is water and olive oil! This mixture is free from wheat, corn and soy and contains no fillers, preservatives or anything artificial. Made with high-quality, human grade ingredients, you will be begging your dog for a slice. Available in a 12 oz. box and made in the USA. Ships Canada-wide.

Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes

Dog Birthday Cake (gf) â The Sisters Kitchen

Whats that? You say your dog is spoiled? Perfect, youve come to the right place. Because we dont think your dog is spoiled enough!

Which is why we have the most incredible birthday cake recipes for your dog. Theyre delicious , and a great way to celebrate another year with your BFFF .

We believe the best dog foods are the ones made at home with love. So when youre done making pupcakes learn how to make homemade dog food with a crockpot.

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How Long Will A Dog Birthday Cake Last

Just like a regular cake, this Dog Birthday Cake can be covered in cling wrap and stored at room temperature for up to 3 days. I love to save leftovers and dole out little bits as treats after Waffless birthday party. This cake also freezes really well. To save some of the cake and use at a later time simply allow it to defrost at room temperature until soft.

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What Kind Of Cake Can Dogs Eat

When it comes to celebrating your dogs birthday, you may be tempted to buy a standard cake from the store. But most cakes for people include ingredients that are not safe or healthy for your pooch. Instead, its essential to buy a cake made specifically for dogs with ingredients such as apples, peanut butter, or pumpkin. These recipes are formulated with your dog in mind and are totally safe for the big day.

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