Cake Tier Above Ground Pool Steps

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This Rugged High Quality 4 Step Pool Step Combines Function With Good Looks The Durable Slip

â?©Above Ground Pool Ladders and Steps


  • For residential above ground or in-ground pools.
  • Holds over 220KG Super-strong injection moulded ABS construction that will not flex or buckle like blow moulded steps.
  • The glossy white finish looks great and is easy to maintain.
  • No weights are needed as ballasts. Removing and installing the step each season is quick & easy. No wading through cold water in the fall to remove weights as with blow moulded steps.
  • The well ventilated design will allow chemicals to circulate and reduce algae build-up
  • Perforated non-skid steps for excellent traction for safety
  • Simple and easily assembled in 15 minutes or less
  • Fits up to 1.37m deep pools.
  • Mounts securely and easily to your deck or pool with included hardware & brackets.
  • Dimensions: 1.1m H x 1.3m W x 1m D
  • $1395.00

PoolPac is proud to be selling the Australian Award winning Range of Above ground pools “Classic Pools” throughout New Zealand.

Wedding Cake Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps Lumio Aboveground Pool Steps With Optional Ladder


This rugged high quality step combines easy function with good looks! Durable slip-resistant polyethylene construction withstands heavy use and the suns harmful rays. Unique wedding cake design provides a wide angle for entry and exit from the pool. The sturdy handle and graceful curves of this step make it a beautiful addition to any pool. Redesigned with a first step ballast container makes installation in the spring and removal in the fall a snap. Simply fill the detachable top step with sand and lock it back into the step. Remove the top step ballast in the fall and step removal is simple. No more underwater dives to pull sandbags from behind the step. The step measures 43 high x 57 wide x 44 deep. 350 lb. capacity.

This pool step is popular for homeowners that have an above ground swimming pool with a deck. We offer an optional step pad protector and two ladder attachments for pools without decks. Our classic ladder with safety flip up feature and our deluxe ladder enclosure that passes all local codes for safety. For flat bottom pools only. Backed by a 1-Year manufacturer warranty.

Ships via truckline with curbside service and you will need to sign on delivery with this free shipping policy

*Diagram shows with optional ladder.

This ladder is used with a deck. If you need an outside ladder, you can add the

Above Ground Wedding Cake Steps

Round step in the wedding cake style for above ground pools with a deck the Step II comes with two aluminum handrails step cups a. Splash NE100BL Wedding Cake Step for Above Ground Pools are designed to make entry and exit from your above ground swimming pool easy and safe.

Wedding Cake Steps Above Ground Pool Stairs Above Ground Pool Steps Pool Steps

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Its Durable But Can You Clean It

Youll find most above ground pool ladders are made from steel, plastic resin, aluminum, or a combination of two or more of these materials. They each have pros and cons.

SteelIf youre looking for a strong frame, steel is your best bet. But it can be heavy, more expensive, and more difficult to maintain if its not stainless or galvanized steel.

Galvanized means the steel has been treated to prevent rusting. This zinc coating can help prevent rust for up to 50 years, depending on how much rain or humidity you have in your area.

Be sure to clean galvanized steel with a mild cleaning product, something that wont damage the coating. But before you apply anything, refer to the manufacturers instructions for care and maintenance of a steel above ground pool ladder.

Plastic ResinDurable and weather-resistant, plastic resin is a low-maintenance material for above ground pool ladders. If the owners manual doesnt specify any cleaning instructions, a non-abrasive, plastic resin cleaner will usually do the trick, followed by a thorough rinse.

AluminumNot as strong as steel, but more stable than plastic and resin, aluminum is often used as the frame or railings for your steps. Aluminum resists rust, but youll still need to wash the air-exposed parts with a mild detergent. A mixture of dish soap and water works well. Avoid alkaline cleaners as they can cause oxidation, better known as rust.

Q: Is It Okay To Leave My Pool Steps Out All Winter Long

Blue Wave Above

Anything in the water will need to be removed before closing the pool for the winter, says Cheatham . When winterizing your aboveground pool, store the steps someplace indoors and dry, away from the elements, so they can last and be ready to use again during the next pool season. A garage or basement are great hibernation destinations.

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A Pool Ladder / Steps Gives Easy Access To Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Ladders and Steps for Above Ground Swimming Pools. Deck Ladders, A-Frame Ladders, Wedding Cake Steps plus more durable, stronger Pool Steps. Make getting into and out of your pool easy. Check out our wide selection of step entry systems for one that fits your needs and budget.

Theres are quite a variety of steps and ladders. All serve different purposes. Some pools have decks, and dont need a ladder or entry steps on the outside of the pool. If the pool doesnt have a deck around it it will need an outside of the pool entry system.

They are made of a variety of materials. Plastic, steel, stainless steel, resin are just some of the materials used to make pool entrys. Plastic will last quite long, but unless it has a UV inhibitor mixed it, the sun will speed up its decomposition. Resin is much stronger, but also needs a UV inhibitor to prolong its lifespan. Steel is usually powder coated and is the cheapest to make, but if you scratch of the powder coat the steel will be exposed it will rust and will need to be replaced in a few year untreated. Stainless steel is a bit more expensive and has a proven history of long life usefulness.

Heavier people, the elderly and/or special needs people need stronger entry/exit systems. Larger / Wider Steps are usually better suited for these needs than skinny ladders.

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Ocean Blue Mighty Step For Above Ground Pools

Your selection of a pool step will be branding you among the pool lovers not for the perfect safe preference only also, the design has a great role of it. Ocean Blue Mighty pool steps for above ground pool is one of the astonishing pool steps and definitely blows your mind with the curved design and the handrails that go across the edge of the third steps. This type of unique design makes ones pool more attractive.

Key Features

  • It is applicable for the pool which sidewalls are between 48 to 54
  • It is good to go for the flat bottom of above ground pools which sidewalls are in between 48-54 inches
  • It can easily deal with the weight of up to 400 pounds
  • The handrails are made of plastic but durable at the end the deck mounting brackets improves the stability

The 30 inches of wide steps go into the depth of 45 inches pool, which is quite satisfactory and versatile for many pool sizes. It comes with a durable plastic body starting from the ladder, handrails, and steps and the foot base. We find the steps less steep and flat and more importantly they are slip-resistant.

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Blue Wave Simple Step Grand Entry System With Gate

Need to childproof your pool? The Blue Wave has you covered. The Simple Step Grand Entry System has a gate that locks at 60 inches high, well out of reach of kids. The anti-skid steps are wide for more stability, plus it comes with double extended handrails.

The Blue Wave fits above ground pools between 48 and 56 inches tall, with walls as wide as 12 inches. This plastic resin and stainless steel system has a slightly lower weight capacity350 poundsbut is still a good choice if it suits your needs.

Want The Short Version On The Top Ladders Or Steps For Above Ground Pools We Reviewed

Wedding Cake Above Ground Swimming Pool Step Ladder

Our team at All About Pools has got you covered! Cutting right to the chase, our #1 overall pick for the best above ground swimming pool ladder is the Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps.

Confers Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps also come in a Complete System option in addition to the pool steps only option.

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Vinyl Works Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

The Vinyl Works Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder combines the ease of stairs with the compact size of a ladder making it one of the best above ground pool ladders. Made for pools that are built into a deck, the stairs have an optional platform that can be purchased separately to protect the pool rail.

The ladder adjusts from 46 to 60 inches and includes two flanges for attaching the ladder to the deck for additional stability. The ladder includes a handrail on each side for safe entrances and exits. In testing getting in and out of our above ground pool with this ladder, multiple people on our team thought these steps were a little awkward and the handrail couldve been better positioned on the steps.

For pool owners concerned with securing their pool when not in use, the Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder is the right pool ladder for you. The outside ladder slides up and locks into place when not in use, keeping anyone from entering the pool. No diving/ no jumping warnings are permanently embossed into the frame for additional safety.

How We Chose These Products

Not everyone in search of the best aboveground pool steps has a pool deck, so we focused our search on products compatible with various setups and sizes. Along with Cheathams suggestions and expertise, we sifted through the available options while taking note of the assembly process, load capacity, ease of installation and removal , and, most important, safety aspects . We also prioritized size in our search, because theres definitely a way to safely pack a ton of fun into backyards and pool decks with modest square footage.

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Our Teams Process & Reviews

Now lets dig into our above ground pool ladder and step reviews. Our testing process involved testing out 14 different pool ladders and pool steps on our facilitys Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool. We evaluated the overall quality, installation process, average price, and how secure the pool steps or ladder felt going in and getting out of the pool.

From the 14 we tested our team agreed on the top 7, which we have reviewed in detail below. Depending on how your above ground pool is setup certain pool ladders reviewed below may be a better option for your swimming pool setup.

Make Sure You Can Pull Your Weight

Wedding cake above ground pool steps / stairs

We highly recommend removing submerged steps when winterizing your above ground pool. More importantly, many manufacturers recommend doing so. Those steps may have been fairly easy to submerge in your pool, but theyre going to be heavier coming out of the water.

When choosing an above ground pool ladder, make sure its heavy enough to be sturdy, but light enough that youll be able to remove it from the water without injuring yourself.

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How Adjustable Is It

Remember to get the dimensions of your pool so that the entry system can sit well and provide absolute safety for users. You can easily use a tape measure for this. The steps or ladder you choose should have an adjustable height so that it can fit various depths of the pool, while still being used by the whole family. Above ground pools that dont have decks will mostly benefit from adjustable ladders that can be locked away when the pool is not in use.

How Do You Repair Cracked Plastic Pool Steps

Our team recommends using the Bondo Fiberglass Repair Kit in order to repair your pool steps. Most people dont know this, but fiberglass is simply fiber-reinforced plastic using glass. To repair cracked pool steps:

  • Drain the Swimming Pool
  • Clean and Fully Dry the Cracked Area
  • Sand The Area Around the Crack
  • Clean the Area again to Remove Any Dust
  • Apply the Fiberglass Repair Kit Following The Instructions
  • Once it Is Dry And Hardened, Sand & Smooth The Repair Area
  • Clean Again & Re-Apply/Re-Coat Using Epoxy Paint
  • Let Dry Before Filling Pool Up With Water
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    Wave Ne110wh Wedding Cake

    Looking for the best-designed ladder steps for your next pool party? Blue Wave NE110WH wedding cake pool steps would be the perfect match for you as it has already gained the attention of a number of pool enthusiasts. The white finish glossy color plays a great role to make it looks aesthetic to its viewer.

    Key Features

    • It comes with the slip-resistant polyethylene construction that saves from the UV ray and allows heavy use
    • Ensure the extended weight capacity up to 500 Ibs as it is injected by the molded ABS fabrication
    • Each step comes with a different shape and size out of four and all looks glossy white color finished
    • It eliminates the need for ballasts and anchor weights that ease the installation process
    • The steps surface are ventilated which decrease the chances of algae growth and accelerate the chemical circulation

    And then the shape is just blowing the viewers mind, not a traditional flat or curved design, rather each step comes with different width like a wedding cake. After talking about the design, lets come to the construction or the build materials of it. The main charm of it is to have the super strong injection molded ABS that is far more durable you can imagine. And, why is that?

    Key Features

    Size Makes A Big Difference

    How to: cheap, safe and easy DIY pool steps instead of Intex swimming pool ladder.

    In order to function properly and be safe for swimmers, any kind of above ground pool ladders you get need to reach from the top of the pool all the way to the ground. And if the ladder you get is too tall for your pool, youll have a precarious situation on your hands.

    Both of those missteps can be avoided by making sure you know your pools depth. This will correspond to the height you need for your new steps or ladder.

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