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When I think of coffee cake, I dont necessarily think of a cake you eat with coffee. To be honest, when I think of coffee cake I think of Sara Lee. On the particularly hurried fall mornings of my childhood three sisters scrambling amongst each other to get out the door alive that frozen red box would emerge proudly from the freezer. What was surely just the ultimate time-saver for for my parents was the edible equivalent of a super bowl ring to us kids. We were having CAKE for breakfast!

When I started cooking seriously a few years back, one of the first recipes I wanted to tackle was that sinful coffee cake from my youth. I blindly searched for recipes until I found a decent-looking version that baked in a cast iron skillet. Im not going to lie: it was adequate, but it was no Sara Lee.

Fast forward a few years. My culinary knowledge has grown ten-fold, and now it is much easier for me to break down and reinvent all those nostalgic taste-memories locked up in my brain. In fact, recreating recipes has become one of my favorite things to do. With that said, I purchased a Sara Lee coffee cake for old times sake and then I got to work. The final result? The butteriest, most delicious streusel coffee cake in all the land. At least in my humble opinion.

Okay, now that Ive said my piece, Im off to enjoy a warm slice of my prize and a piping hot cup of coffee. Hopefully it will hold me until next year.

Best Coffee Cake Recipe

Nearly every time were in a new supermarket, my husband detours through the frozen food department looking for the elusive Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffeecake. Its his gold standard for the best coffee cake recipe.

Its his go-to easy breakfast treat. I have scoured the web and finally saw a copycat recipe to try. Check out this post for step-by-step photos.

Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake Upc

About butter streusel coffee cake, upc:Beat the egg together with milk and pour it into the flour as well.Cheesecakes, pound cakes, cream pies and fruit pies & perfect for any occasion.Combine flour and sugar in a large bowl.

Consumer affairs, po box 3901, peoria, il 61612.Contains eggs, milk, pecans, soy, and wheat.Cover and set in a warm place to double in bulk .Cover with foil wrap and place pan on baking sheet.

Enriched wheat flour , margarine [palm oil, soybean oil, water, salt, contains less than 2% of each of vegetable mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, sodium benzoate , citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, vitamin a palmitate.Find your favorite desserts and more at heating in conventional oven, preheat oven to 350 degrees f.June 22, 2021 posts comments

Keep frozen for later use.Made with high quality ingredients such as real butter, sugar, and whole eggs, sara lee all butter pound cake is a dessert the whole family will love.Made with moist layers of hand twisted danish pastry swirled with a rich buttery filling, sara lee® butter streusel coffee cake has a luscious texture and rich flavor the whole family will love.Make a well in the center.

Microwave ready in 10 seconds per serving.Nutrient unit value / 100 g People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to pecans run the riskReady in just 10 seconds per slice, simply.

You can get the best discount of up to 59% off.

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Sara Lee Coffee Cake Near Me

This map use advanced google api and automatically will show all the near by locations along with the distance, phone number, address and other important information. Remove frozen coffee cake from plastic overwrap.

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Copycat Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake

Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake

September 21, 2021 By Katie

Copycat Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake.

My mom and I used to love to buy the frozen Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake from the grocery store when I was growing up. I havent had one in forever. I have spent years though trying to make a copycat recipe and this is seriously the closest thing I have ever tasted to it.

I am thrilled to have this recipe. I have made it several times now. I even keep it in the fridge and microwave slices for a few seconds to heat it up when I eat it just like I used to with the boxed Sara Lee Streusel Coffee Cake from the store. I remember the instructions on the box were to microwave it for a few seconds so every slice was warm like it was fresh from the oven.

The dough is very buttery, soft and easy to work with. I didnt need much flour to roll it out.

Above photos show how you fold in the dough.

I double the recipe below and make two 9 pie plates of this coffee cake because I love this recipe but I realize most people dont want two coffee cakes. I use my bread machine to knead the dough or sometimes my stand mixer with the dough hook.

You bake for 25-28 minutes or until dough is cooked and top is golden brown. I have a hard time telling when it is done. If you are in doubt I would bake it a few more minutes, you dont want it gooey in the middle.

  • Cover and let rise for 1 hour.
  • Turn dough onto a lightly floured surface. Divide in half.
  • Roll each half into a 12×4″ rectangle strip.
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    If you are a coffee addict, Sara Lee butter streusel coffee cake can be your new way to enjoy coffee in a cake. You may have enjoyed coffee by drinking it cold, hot, or maybe had them in a glass of vanilla ice cream named affogato. It is unique to have coffee flavor in the buttery cake.

    Buying instant dough for Sara Lee butter streusel coffee cake is an old way. You can make it better at your own kitchen and have your own version of coffee cake, and make the ingredients adjusted with the number of people who will eat it.


    • 6 ounces whole milk, put it in the room temperature
    • 3 ounces cream cheese
    • 4 ounces unsalted butter, melt and cooled it.


  • To make the dough, Mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, you can use mixer to make the ingredients combined well.
  • After getting smooth, knead until the dough gets shiny. Cover with plastic and wait until it gets puffy-looking, at least 1 hour
  • The next step is to mix all of filling ingredients except the milk, make sure all of them are blended.
  • Whisk the ingredients of streusel such as the flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon until they are blended. Pour the melted butter, and stir to gets them dry and moistened.
  • Prepare the oven by set its heat on 350 F.
  • Cut the prepared dough into 4 strips. Brush a strip with milk.
  • Pinch the dough over the filling, and repeat for all strips. Twist the dough and place in the prepared pans. Make a spiral of dough, give ½ inch space.
  • Tips For Making This Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

    • PRO-Tip: Make sure your yeast has not expired. After going through the process of making the dough, it would be awful if your yeast had lost its potency. Check the expiration date on the label.
    • Dont rush the proofing by putting your dough in an overly hot environment. About 80-85 degrees is perfect. My new oven has a proof setting thats set to 85 degrees.
    • One reader proofed the dough overnight in the refrigerator. This technique will actually build better flavor due to the slow rise. But the cold dough may take a little extra time for the second rise.
    • Note the second rise is shorter than with many yeast bread recipes, only 30 minutes.
    • After mixing the streusel, I like to use my fingers to pinch some of the crumbs into bigger pieces.

    When I handed the hubby the recipe I printed off, he saw cream cheese listed in the list of dough ingredients. He suggested I leave it out. What? This dude has never made anything from scratch except chocolate chip cookie bars. I discretely rolled my eyes and ignored this advice.

    The challenge was on! Which was tastier? The Sara Lee box from the frozen foods section or the homemade butter streusel coffee cake?

    The hubby said mine was WAY better than Sara Lees Butter Streusel Coffee Cake. Whew. Even with cream cheese in the dough. And as a bonus, each batch makes TWO coffeecakes. One to eat and one to freeze!

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    This packaged, frozen coffee cake was one of my husbands favorite weekend indulgences. Sara lee ® pound cake 10 loaf triple chocolate 6ct/22oz. Please enter a valid email.

    A picture of all of our products can be seen at our website: Youll find all of the sara lee desserts in the frozen aisle near the pies. Contains wheat, milk, egg, soy.

    Quiet night in selections for me time indulgence. Store coffee cake frozen until ready to use. Sara lee has dessert sorted for you.

    Copycat sara lee butter streusel coffee cake is a tender, twisted breakfast treat filled with cinnamon, thats even better than the original!!. Our pricing is very competitive, all of our pricing is also posted on our website. Sara lee frozen desserts coupon and sale details.

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    Sara Lee Pecan Coffee Cake Recipe

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    Sara Lee Pecan Coffee Cake Recipe. Beat cake mix pudding water eggs and oil for 8 minutes at medium speed. Sprinkle yeast over and allow to sponge about 10 minutesStir together add melted butter and stir until well combinedThe biggest challenge has been that.

    Oil 4 eggs 34 c. The biggest challenge has been that the old version of Sara Lee was more characteristically bread than cake. Sara lee butter coffee cakeSara lee coffee cake recipeSara lee copycat coffee cake recipe with a twist cd kitchens.

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    Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake

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    Copycat Sara Lee Butter Streusel Coffee Cake is a tender, twisted breakfast treat filled with cinnamon, thats even better than the original!!

    This packaged, frozen coffee cake was one of my husbands favorite weekend indulgences. Then, after it could no longer be found at the grocery store, I attempted to make a homemade version.After his first bite of this Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe, he was so thrilled, you would think he had won the lottery!

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