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What To Put In A Dog Birthday Cake

Easy Homemade Dog Cake Recipe

As you all probably know, Tilly is my favorite thing. So, we wanted to spoil Tilly rotten for her birthday with all of her favorite things. And if you know Tilly, you know her favorite foods are pumpkin, greek yogurt, and peanut butter . Naturally we landed on a peanut butter pumpkin cake held together with a Tilly approved peanut butter and greek yogurt frosting.

Even though this cake is made with safe ingredients, youll still want to limit the amount of dog bday cake your puppy eats. This dog birthday cake recipe will make a small 6 inch cake, but we still wouldnt recommend giving the entire cake to your pup. We gave Tilly a small piece and she was more than happy.

What Ingredients Can I Not Use In A Cake For My Dog

If you are making a cake for your dog yourself try to avoid adding lots of sugar and fat. Opt for healthier fats instead. Avoid toxic ingredients such as spices, seasonings and chocolate.

Try to proportion the ingredients to make the cake as healthy as possible, for example, by including lots of vegetables and oats instead of meat.

Tips Tricks Questions & Answers

What if I dont have whole wheat flour?

First, always consult with YOUR veterinarian about what is best for YOUR dog. I personally prefer using whole wheat flour or oat flour for these treats. Ive made them with both and my dog had zero complaints either way. Dont have whole wheat flour or oat flour? You can substitute white wheat flour or all-purpose. Just be sure to feed them to your pup in moderation!


Keep these in an air tight container or zipped bag for easy storage or make many batches at once and store them in the freezer! No need to thaw before rewarding your dog with a frozen homemade pumpkin dog treat they last longer served that way.

Need a fun gift idea for the dog lovers in your life? Make a batch of these, put them in a jar wrapped with a colorful ribbon and a note and you have a unique and thoughtful token of appreciation for human and doggy friend alike!

If you love these, you should also try my Dog Cookie Recipes and Dog Donuts! I hope your furry friends love these treats as much as mine did. Dont forget to give them an extra pat on the head from me!

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Icing For Dog Treats: Step By Step Instructions

Step One: Add Cornstarch to Bowl

Add the cornstarch to the bowl. Substitute with rice or potato flour if desired.

Step Two: Add the Water and Honey

Add water to the cornstarch, mix together, then add the honey. Thoroughly combine the mix with a whisk and add more water if needed. The icing will likely seem a bit thin at first, but it will harden.

Step Three: Add Food Coloring

Add food coloring to the icing if desired. Add the icing to separate bowls and add different colors, mixing thoroughly. Be sure the food coloring you use is dog-friendly.

This icing will harden, making it great to decorate your dogs favorite biscuits. Adding some food coloring will allow you to make adorable different decorations for your pooch.

Try these icings with Homemade Blueberry Dog Treats Recipe or this easy No-Bake Dog Cake Recipe

How To Make A 3 Ingredient Dog Cake Recipe In Just 30 Minutes

DIY No Bake Birthday Cake for Dogs

This 3 ingredient dog cake recipe is very easy and your dog will love it! When it comes to celebrating your dog’s birthday or gotcha day you can give a dog cake. The real question is which cake is best for dogs?

If you want to bake a 3 ingredient dog cake that only takes 30 minutes, pick a 3 inch cake pan or a cupcake pan. This way you can bake them for 18 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees. For larger cakes, double the batter and bake time.

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Why Youll Love This Recipe

  • I will show you how to make a dog cake with this easy pumpkin, peanut butter,and apple dog-friendly recipe!
  • You will know all the ingredients that you put in this dog birthday cake recipe so that you will be 100% sure that it is safe for your pup to eat!
  • This dog cake recipe is healthy and delicious which will make your pup love you even more for it!

What Can You Use Instead Of Baking Powder For Dogs

10 Handy Substitutes for Baking Powder Buttermilk. Buttermilk is a fermented dairy product with a sour, slightly tangy taste that is often compared to plain yogurt. Plain Yogurt. Much like buttermilk, yogurt is produced through the fermentation of milk. Molasses. Cream of Tartar. Sour Milk. Vinegar. Lemon Juice. Club Soda.

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Homemade Dog Cake Recipes

If you really want to spoil your dog, why not learn how to make a dog cake? Celebrate your furry friends birthday, adoption day, or any other day!

Here are 10 great dog cake recipes, including layer cakes, cupcakes, and gluten-free options. These recipes all use dog-friendly ingredients, but keep in mind that your dog could have food sensitivities or different dietary needs. Talk to your veterinarian if youre not sure which recipe will work best for you and your dog!

It is important to know that these cakes are only for special occasions and should be served to your dog in small amounts, as a very special treat. Your dogs main diet should be based on animal-derived proteins, healthy fats, and a low amount of healthy carbohydrates. But yes, also doggy deserves to celebrate and have a treat!

Lets get started! Scroll down to find a delicious and healthy dog cake recipe:

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes Done Lets Get Creative

Easy Dog Cake Recipe! (6 ingredients) How to make cake for dogs | paola espinoza

Once youve found the dog birthday cake recipe you think your pet will love, its time to think about presentation.

You can bake an ordinary layered cake, a round tube cake, or cupcakes, in the pans you already have. But maybe you want to go all out with a special doggy themed shape.

Also from K9 Cakery is a cute pawprint pan that can make a set of six cupcakes*.

Once your cake is baked, the fun and creative part starts. Dogs shouldnt get too much sugar so you need to think carefully about what to use for frosting and topping.

You can cover the cake with your choice of plain yogurt, cream cheese or cottage cheese, peanut butter, bananas, or even mashed potatoes or a mixture of these ingredients.

Add carob powder for a chocolate color and flavour. You can even add a bit of food coloring to create bright colors maybe pipe on some rosettes, lines, or even your dogs name.

Dont have an icing set? Dont worry just grab a plastic bag, cut a small corner away and use it as a piping bag.

Now youre all set to add some more pretty and tasty bits.

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Is Peanut Butter Good For Dogs

Peanut butter is generally safe for dogs to eat. As a dog owner, Im sure youve seen peanut butter in many different dogs treats. When youre buying it to give to your dog, make sure you are choosing peanut butter that doesnt have a lot of added sugars and no artificial sweeteners. These arent good for dogs . That is the kind I recommend using in this pumpkin dog birthday cake recipe.

While peanut butter is safe for dogs to eat, it is higher in fat and calories. This might not be the best for all dogs on a regular basis. Chat with your vet about what a safe amount would be to give your dog on a regular basis.

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Does My Dog Need A Cake

The short answer is no, your dog doesnt need cake. Something thats a calorie rich treat for us will have an even greater impact on your dogs waistline. Our 2019 PAW report showed UK vets estimated that 46% of dogs seen in practice each week are overweight or obese and 15% of owners said they fed scraps as one of their dogs main type of food – so obesity and feeding scraps/ human food can be real issues for our pets.

Lots of owners like to give their dog something a bit special as an occasional treat and although your dog might not understand what a cake is, most of them enjoy a treat just as much as we do. Making doggy cake is popular as people can use ingredients they have round the house instead of needing to buy lots of new ingredients just for your dog. But giving your dog too many treats or cake can be adding a lot of extra calories that they dont need especially if they struggle with their weight already, and in a lot of cases some extra fuss and attention would make them a lot happier than a treat!

The most important thing to remember is to give your dog treats that are safe and healthy for them and to keep an eye on their weight and body condition score .

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How To Make A No Bake Dog Cake

If you are looking for a fun, low-calorie treat for your dog that doesnt require a lot of work, try making a no bake dog cake. Unlike the typical cake that requires a lot of butter and flour, this recipe calls for simple ingredients like pumpkin puree, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt.

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How Much Of The Cake Should My Dog Eat

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This dog birthday cake contains about 900 kcal on its own. Even if all the ingredients are dog safe, this is way too many calories for a dog that should eat between 240 kcal for a small dog and 2,000 kcal for a very active large dog.

Therefore, offering the whole cake but letting the dog eat about 1/4 of the cake would be a great birthday treat.

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How To Make A Dog Cake

Making a dog cake is easy and difficult at the same time! Its difficult because you need to pay close attention to which ingredients youre using. Its easy, well, lets put it like this there is no icing or any special decoration you have to worry about.

Choose wisely

The probably most important thing you need to remember is which flour you can use to make a dog cake. Choose a type of flour that is best for your dogs health!

You might think to just use white, all-purpose flour. However, the problem with this flour is that is extremely processed and low in nutrients. After all you want your dogs cake to be nutritious as well! Instead of white flour choose something like whole grain flour, like whole wheat. It will be much healthier for your dog. Many dogs are sensitive to grain or are just on a grain-free diet, if thats the case with your dog too then go with non-grain flour like coconut or lentil.

Other safe ingredients

You will be using human food when making a cake for your dog. But now every ingredient that is safe for humans is safe for dogs. You need to choose wisely. Some safe ingredients are blueberries, strawberries, apples, bananas, or carrots! Some completely unsafe ingredients are chocolate, avocados, cherries, and grapes, so please dont put these in your dogs cake!


Homemade Dog Pup Cakespeanut Butter And Carrot Dog Cake

So what to feed these sweet pups without getting them sick. I thought about buying Frosty Paws as a nice cool treat, but I really could not blog about them and felt a little lazy.

I had made dog biscuits before that were well received too. A friend of mine had tried this recipe so I thought I would give it a whirl.

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Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter For Dogs

Peanut butter is packed with natural protein and healthy fats according to the American Kennel Club. It also contains vitamin E, which is good for the immune system. However, peanut butter should be given in moderation since it is a high-calorie food. Also, choose natural, unsalted peanut butter. Avoid artificial sweeteners, which are found in low-fat and light peanut butters.

How To Make A Cake Dog Friendly

Homemade Healthy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe (easy and simple to make)

When it comes to making cakes for dogs it’s important that you take extra care when selecting your ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients that we can’t give dogs so we need to be extra careful.

I’ve done careful research on what kind of ingredients are dog-friendly and developed this recipe with !

When selecting your ingredients it’s important to choose them in their most natural and whole form. For example, while dogs can have all-purpose flour it can upset their stomachs in larger amounts. Try to use wholegrain flours or flours like oat flour, almond meal, or coconut flour.

I’ve used oat flour, aka ground oats, in this recipe but feel free to replace it with any other wholegrain dog-friendly flour!

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Assembling The Dog Cake

Cut the cake in half lengthwise with a sharp knife when it has cooled down.

Spread half of the frosting on the first layer, add the second cake layer, and add the remaining frosting on top.

Use a spoon to spread the frosting. The frosting is very smooth and not pipeable, so there is no need for fancy tools like a piping bag for this dog cake recipe.

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Mini Dog Birthday Cake

What better way to celebrate your pup’s special day than with this Mini Dog Birthday Cake?! Complete with peanut butter and cheese and over 87 five star ratings, it’s sure to please!

This mini dog birthday cake is a huge hit, because dogs deserve cake on their birthday! My baby turns TWO todaylike, how? I figured she deserved a dog birthday cake this year. Though my personal favorite cake is my chocolate vegan birthday cake, it’s not exactly dog-friendly, so I figured I should make a separate recipe for Layla.

I’m completely biased, but Layla is simply the best. She keeps me company all day every day while I work from home, she has an adorable underbite, she increases my daily step count thanks to having to walk her, and she brings so much joy into my life.

Oh, and if your pup loves this recipe, be sure to check out my pumpkin dog cake, too, along with other dessert recipes.

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Making A Meat Lover’s Cake

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
  • 2Grease a small cake pan or muffin tin. This recipe makes a small cake in a serving size suitable for your dog and a friend. If you have more canine guests, you’ll want to double the recipe.
  • 3Cook the bacon until crispy. You may do this in the microwave or on the stovetop. When the bacon is crispy, place it on a paper towel to drain the grease.
  • 4Mix the ingredients in a medium bowl. Crumble the bacon into the bowl, and add the ground beef, cooked barley or rice, carrot and egg. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix the ingredients together.
  • You know best what your dog finds tasty. Feel free to add a handful of other vegetables your dog likes to “sweeten” the cake for him or her.
  • You could also add herbs for some gourmet flair. Add a tablespoon of chopped parsley if you know your dog likes the taste.
  • 5Press the mixture into the prepared pan. Use your fingers to press it evenly into the pan. Use the back of a spoon to smooth the top.
  • 6Bake the meat cake for 45 minutes. The beef should be fully cooked at this point. Remove the cake from the oven to allow it to cool, then invert it onto a plate. You may have to run a knife around the edges to help loosen the cake.
  • 7Ice the cake with cream cheese. Wait until the cake is mostly cool, or the cream cheese will melt.
  • Dog Friendly Fluffy Frosting

    9 Dog Birthday Cake Recipes Without Peanut Butter

    Made with fluffy whipped mashed potato! OK, so its not something youd put on a cake for humans but this is for dogs remember!

    I wanted a frosting that was dog friendly that looked just like vanilla buttercream so I could use it for sandwiching layers, frosting and piping. Most dog cake frosting recipes I found use yogurt and peanut butter which is too soft and also, too much of either of those ingredients is not good for dogs.

    Solution: whipped mashed potato!! I got the idea from Meatloaf Cupcakes that I shared years ago where I piped on mashed potato swirls.

    I use yogurt to give it a creamy soft buttercream frosting consistency because yogurt has probiotics in it which is good for dogs. But water works just as well!

    Look how well it works as frosting for the cake! Its looks almost impossibly similar to real buttercream frosting!

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    How To Make A Birthday Cake For Your Dog

    This doggy dessert is super easy to make! Its also a fun activity for the kids. My girls are obsessed with our dog so they loved making a special treat for her! Find my full list of kid-friendly recipes here!

  • Preheat Oven, Prep Pans: To begin, preheat the oven to 350°F and spray two 6-inch cake pans with non-stick spray.
  • Mix Dry Ingredients: In a small bowl, whisk together the flour and baking soda.
  • Mix Wet Ingredients: In a large bowl, combine the vegetable oil, peanut butter, applesauce, pumpkin puree, carrots, milk, and egg. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until combined.
  • Bake: Separate the batter into the two prepared pans and bake for 22-25 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean from the center of the cakes.
  • Cool and Frost: Let the cakes cool completely on a cooling rack before frosting and serving to your pup.
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