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Claxton Fruitcakes Claxton Georgia

Best Caribbean Rum Cake | Ruth’s Gourmet Style

The Claxton Fruitcake, which is proudly made in Claxton, Georgia, has the advantage of being carried by grocery stores across the country, giving them a top-of-mind familiarity at the holidays. Seeing their retro red and white holiday striped boxes stacked in your local grocery is the surest sign that the holiday season is unquestionably upon us. Bright candied red and green cherries top a dense pound cake that binds together California raisins, pineapple, Georgia pecans, cherries, walnuts, almonds and lemon and orange peel. Available on Amazon in 1, 2 and 3 pound options.

Authentic Jamaican Rum Cake Now Available Here In Canada

Delicious with a cup of coffee, tea or a customary glass of rum, its a delicacy that has deep cultural and historical roots. Culturally, the gift of a Jamaican rum cake or black cake implies a deep friendship with the recipient. Savour its complex flavours and rich island history in every delicious bite. Its the perfect way to celebrate holiday traditions or just getting together with family or friends.


Our Jamaican Rum Cake boasts No artificial preservatives.

Best Rum Brands For Baking Cakes

As mentioned earlier, the brand can either make or break your dessert and thats why its important to find one that tastes good and can improve the cake overall.

We think that by scoping out and going for some of the best rum brands out there, this will result in you getting the most delicious tasting dessert possible. Even though there are many brands that arent as known as others, we believe that you cant go wrong by going for some of the most well respected brands in the world.

Therefore, here are a few brands that are known for their quality alcohol which is also suitable for baking. Youll also notice that theyre all dark rums.

  • Goslings and Pussers
  • Cruzan Blackstrap
  • Brugal Gold

Now, all of these brands produce a quality liquor thats suitable for baking, therefore, its all about testing out and choosing the one you like the most.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Rum Cakes Cupcakes And More

Q: Can I pick up my order?

No. Our products are only available on line at our website or on Please keep checking back for any new updates.

Q: Do the cakes or cupcakes contain any preservatives?

No, our cakes and cupcakes do not contain any preservatives. They are baked with fresh, all natural ingredients.

Q: Is the Jamaican black cake the same as the American style Holiday fruit cake?

No. These are two completely different cakes. Our cakes are traditional West Indian cakes made from rum soaked fruit and has an English style pudding consistency. This cake is not to be confused with the pound cake style cake with candied fruit.

Q: What are the sizes of the cakes and how much do they weigh?

There are three sizes of cake and two sizes of cupcakes, both available in original and gluten free:Small 2 lbs/ 907 g 6.25 Dia x 2.25HMedium 3 lbs/ 1360 g 7.75 Dia x 2.5HLarge 6 lbs/ 2721 g 9.75 Dia x 2.5HMini Cupcakes, Each 1.25 oz/ 35 g 1.75 Dia x 1.25H

Q: How long will the cakes and cupcakes stay fresh for?

Our cakes are packaged in our sealed tins. They will stay fresh, unopened, for up to three months. If opened, the cake will stay fresh for up to one month.Our cupcakes are packaged in reclosable plastic cupcake containers. They will stay fresh for up to one week.Our cakes and cupcakes do not need to be refrigerated.

Q: Are the gluten free cakes and cupcakes baked in an all gluten free facility?

Q: How rummy is the rum cake?

What Kind Of Rum Is Best For Rum Cake

Buy Italian Rum Cake Near Me

Rum cake wouldnt be an actual rum cake without rum, right? But would you believe us if we told you that no matter how good of a recipe you have, the quality of the cake will still be determined by the quality of the rum?

In this article, you wont only find the best rum to make your recipe even better, but youll find everything there is to know about rum cake in general, along with some links to some of our favorite recipes.

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Red Truck Bakery Fruitcake Virginia

Our best advice is to order this fruitcake now and schedule it for delivery in December. If you wait, you will miss out. This fruitcake sells out every year. Red Truck Bakerys Havana Fruitcake is approximately 3+ lbs. and is filled with pineapple, almonds, pecans, raisins, coconut and spices and is soaked for months in dark rum. Note, this is the only fruitcake we tasted that had a pronounced taste of alcohol, rum in this case, and it was very good. The secret to the fruit cake according to Virginia Living Magazine is the Cuban fruitcake uses a light hand on the spices and gives the cake enough time to age in rum. And no colored or candied fruitthis is the real deal! Order fruitcake online from Red Truck Bakery via Goldbelly.

First Steps To The Best Jamaican Black Cakes

Sweet T’s black cake recipe includes a variety of sweet, flavorful fruit such as: plums, raisins, citron , and cherries soaked in Jamaican rum and sweet red wine. The fruits are soaked for at least 8 months for maximum taste and consistency. Which is very important in creating our expertly made black cake. Chef Sweet T makes her own candied mix peel for her soaked fruits.

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Tortuga Premium Flor De Caa Rum Cake 4 Pack

Tortuga Premium Flor de Caña Rum Cake 4 pack –

Indulge in a true gourmet experience with Tortuga Premium Rum Cake made with Flor de Caña Aged Rum. This luscious cake perfectly blends the globally recognized secret-recipe rum cake from Tortuga enjoyed for over three decades and Flor de Cañas sustainably sourced 7-year rum, enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar and distilled 100% with renewable energy.

This product contains walnuts.

  • Flora DeCana 4 pack.

    Been buying the rum cakes for years. Both on line and in Grand Cayman at the the factory and they are always good. These are no exception . Very good

  • 5
    Flor de Cana Rum Cake

    received quickly, moist and delicious had it with ice cream

  • 5
    Excellent Cakes!

    These cakes are so amazing! They are moist and delicious. I love the rum flavor! Slightly heated is super yummy!!!

Robert Lambert Fruitcake California

Rum Cake simple recipe by chef Carlton

At $70, Robert Lambert Fruitcakes are pricier than the rest, and measure a mere 6 X 3 X 2. Ah, but these high-end fruitcakes unleash amazing flavors thanks to top-quality ingredients. These superb fruitcakes have replaced much of the expected candied fruit with exotic home-candied citrus peels and young ginger. Fruits and nuts from small California farms complete the task of creating cakes that vanquish fruitcakes bad reputation! Each is aged for flavor, wrapped in cheesecloth, tied with linen string and doused with good liquor. They are topped with fresh bay leaf and citrus peel star, then sealed in a cellophane bag. Perfect for those with discriminating tastes. Its the same fruitcake proudly featured in Zingermans catalog.

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Best Stollen: Williams Sonoma Dresden Stollen

  • Great as a gift or special treat

  • Ideal with coffee or champagne

  • Dries out faster than fruitcake

You’ll recognize the classic stollen by the powdery white confectioner’s sugar coats this German holiday loaf. Unlike American fruitcakes, the stollen is a yeast-leavened sweet dough studded with rum-soaked dried fruits and nuts. The freeform loaf is ultra buttery and served in slices. It pairs perfectly with a mulled wine, warm coffee, or bottle of bubbly.

Shipping Information: Williams Sonoma ships via UPS, with orders arriving within 3 to 5 business days. Cost of shipping not included.

  • Includes pecans, almonds, and walnuts

  • Aged in brandy and sherry

  • Nice storage gift tin

  • Not decorated ornately

If you love fruitcake but are looking for a gluten-free option, you might not find very many choicesbut you don’t have to go without. Marilyn’s Gluten-Free Gourmet Fruit Cake is highly rated by those who’ve tried it. While the texture might not exactly resemble a traditional fruitcake, reviewers agree that the flavors are nicely balanced, and the cake is satisfyingly moist. The cake arrives in a white gift tin for easy giving or safe transportation from the fridge to the couch.

  • Much better than store-bought panettone

  • Nice alternative to fruitcake

  • Often sells out quickly

Shipping Information: Panettone is shipped fresh directly from San Francisco via Ground shipping anywhere in the U.S.

  • Number of cookies vary by weight

Authentic Caribbean Rum Cakesdis De Real Ting

Aunties Rum Cakes are Authentic Gourmet Caribbean rum cakes. They are home produced in small batches in Aunties kitchen and are made with carefully aged Caribbean rum. Aunties individualized baking treatment, applied with tender loving care and pride, ensures a consistent, high quality product. And Youll definitely love the rich delightful flavor and the light and delicate texture of these cakes that are so moist that they melt in your mouth! These are a few of the many reasons why Aunties Rum Cakes are the Best of the Best among other rum cakes. Our cakes provide A Unique Taste of the Caribbean And they are absolutely ScRUMptious!! Order Now!

If you have never tried our rum cake , you owe it to yourself to give us a try, and see why everyone is raving about it! This phenomenal dessert is for everyone . . . and for any reason. Its also the perfect dessert or gift for the person who has everything, for those who appreciate the finer things in life, executives, favorite clients and customers, celebrities, entertainers, and especially foodies. Order one as a Treat for yourself or a Gift for a Birthday, Retirement, Anniversary, Picnic, Shower, Wedding, Christening, Bar Mitzvah, Graduation, job well done, Engagement, Game nights, dinner parties, Valentines day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, other special holidays, or occasions . . . or just because! You get the idea! The possibilities are endless . . . The taste is always stupendous!

Absolutely ScRUMptious!

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Does Rum Cake Need To Be Refrigerated

Usually, only whipped cream and custard-like fillings are refrigerated. However, cakes that only consist of butter along with some other ingredients dont need to be refrigerated.

Rum cake doesnt need to be refrigerated for a few reasons. Actually, its considered to be a great long lasting cake to sit out on the counter for a long time thanks to the sugar and rum that increases its shelf life.

Theres one more thing you should remember. A glaze is much less likely to be damaged than frosting, so you can feel free to leave it out of your fridge and still be confident about it.

But if you like cold cake, there is no reason to not put it inside the fridge for a few hours.

Tips For Making Rum Cake

Caribbean Rum Cake: King Arthur Flour

The addition of alcohol means this cake can be made up to one week in advance. Truthfully, I’ve kept it longer than that, and the flavor mellows a bit when it’s made in advance.

  • The most important thing about making buttered rum cake is patience. It takes some time, as in, several minutes, to soak the cake with the rum sauce, Be patient, and take it slow to prevent it from pooling all around the bottom. The goal is for the buttered rum to go into the cake.
  • Use a long metal or wooden skewer to poke holes into the cake for the rum glaze. On the top, try to poke holes between the pecans so it still has a pretty presentation.
  • I typically save a small amount of rum glaze and brush it all over the cake after soaking the top and bottom. It will harden just a tad in the fridge but, softens once it comes back to room temperature. It also gives the cake a pretty shine.
  • If you’re adverse to using alcohol, you can use buttered rum flavoring, instead.
  • When baking cakes, use a quality pan either buttered and floured or sprayed with baking spray. Some of the coatings on pans don’t take well to cooking spray and can actually cause the cake to stick.
  • The vanilla pudding lends a beautiful texture and flavor to the batter of the cake.

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Alma Hackneys Rum Cake

This 9-inch Bundt-style cake is based on a recipe by Alma Hackney, our buddy Dwights 90-year-old choir director, and we promised her we wouldnt change a thing. Its full of buttery rum with a crackly rum & sugar glaze.

This glazed cake is rum-soaked, buttery, and strictly adheres to an inherited recipe from the late, much beloved church choir director Alma Hackney. Shed wait in the car while a friend would run into the store to buy the rum. Garden & Gun magazine

Started in a Virginia farmhouse over 30 years ago, Brian Noyes Red Truck Bakery is one of Condé Nast Travelers 13 Destination Bakeries in America. Named after the red 1954 Ford truck Brian used to deliver his rustic baked goods to local country stores, Red Truck Bakery has gained a cult-like following that includes Oprah and former President Barack Obamawith Roadfoods Jane & Michael Stern being among some of their loudest and proudest early supporters.

Our Clients The Best Presentation And Referral We Can Provide

We are known for delicious traditional recipes, and quality Rum Cakes!

“Miss Cherry’s Rum Cake is amazing! It is a must have for my family at Christmas. It is delicious, moist and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture!”

“Miss Cherry’s Rum cake is delightfully delicious! It is the best rum cake I have ever tasted. It is moist, fresh and has a very rich aroma. This cake makes a very good Christmas gift. I look forward to placing my order every Christmas season, since it is a tradition in my Jamaican culture. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this cake a 20!”

“Moist, flavorful, yummy goodness! A Miss Cherry’s Rum Cupcake and a strong cup of coffee is THE BEST midday treat! Kudos guys! You’ve got a customer for life!”

“I sent a very dear friend a rum cake to add to her array of desserts for her Thanksgiving dinner. She called me that same night and told me the rum cake was a huge hit…and the first dessert to be finished! Thank you for making this gift-giver very happy!”

“Miss Cherry’s Rum Cake is the most delicious cake I’ve ever had. I look forward to every Christmas, when I can enjoy it with a glass of wine, and share it with family and friends. The texture is just right.”

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