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I first discovered Nothing Bundt Cakes while living in Las Vegas, but they now have locations all over the country. The cakes are moist, rich, beautifully decorated but theyre also quite pricey. So I decided to recreate some of my favorites at home. I cant play favorites, but the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt has become one of the most requested birthday cakes in the family. Try our versions of the Lemon Bundt Cake and the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.

Plus The Homemade Strawberry Glaze Is To Die For Just Putting That Out There

Have you ever played the radio game?

Its the game where you ask the radio important life questions and whatever song comes on next is your answer.

Sometimes the radio answers are spot on, sometimes theyre difficult to interpret, and sometimes theyre so off, its pretty hilarious.

Its kind of the quintessential road trip game, and its especially fantastic if youve got an eclectic variety of music.

Theres nothing like asking the radio something like, Whats the future of my love life look like? only to get an answer like Love Hurts or Owner of a Lonely Heart or something like that.

But I can say with extreme confidence, if you asked the radio if you should make this homemade Strawberry Bundt Cake, it would come up with an answer like, Stairway to Heaven or Think Im in Love or something equally easy to interpret as a positive answer.

Its no surprise I love a good bundt cake.

Theyre just so easy to make yet look pretty incredible without even having to try.

Sure, I love a good layer cake , but they can definitely be a bit time consuming. If youre a perfectionist like me, attempting to achieve that perfect imperfect frosting technique can make you want to throw said cake at the wall .

Soany cake that I can dump into a fun shaped pan and drizzle with just a glaze or something equally simple to make and it looks pretty beautiful is a huge win in my book.

Strawberry Mini Bundt Cakes

These Strawberry Mini Bundt Cakes with White Chocolate Ganache are simple but beautiful cakes bursting with strawberry flavor and covered in a creamy white chocolate ganache.

I love desserts that are made in the perfect size. No need to slice, divide, or separate just serve and enjoy! These mini bundt cakes are perfectly portioned and so satisfying that you only need one.

Not only are they perfectly portioned, but theyre also adorable. Bite-sized, mini-desserts are naturally kind of cute, but these Strawberry Mini Bundt Cakes are especially so when you garnish them with a pretty carnation and fresh strawberries.

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Ingredients Needed To Make This Cake

  • fresh strawberries: the main head honcho! youll need to blend them up into a nice purée and then add that same purée into a saucepan to cook down on the stovetop. this will leave you with a nice paste that then gets added to the batter > > > this process is what gives this strawberry cake its name.
  • large eggs: gotta give our strawberry bundt cake some structure.
  • granulated sugar: a cake is nothing with some suga suga.
  • vegetable oil: to keep the cake moist- feel free to use canola oil as an alternate.
  • whole buttermilk: adds a nice tang and gives baked goods a soft + tender texture.
  • vanilla + almond extract: flavorings, use both of them, trust me!almond extract is #bae.
  • all purpose flour: standard traditional flour- if youre looking for a substitute, white whole wheat flour would work but please know that I have not tested this recipe using any other kind of flours.
  • kosher salt: to balance out all of the other flavors.
  • baking powder: the leavening agent here, make sure yours is fresh!
  • instant pudding mix: ooeee instant pudding mix in baked goods is one of my most favorite things to include! this adds extra moisture and a further enhanced flavor to baked treatsa secret weapon.
  • for the strawberry icing: freeze-dried strawberries, butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and milkthe icing is glorious, sweet, tangy, and just damn gooda true icing on the cake, ha!

How To Make Sensational Strawberry Bundt Cake With Lemon Glaze

Homemade Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

Im sharing my magic recipe that turns a simple cake mix into a sensational strawberry bundt cake with lemon glaze that everyone will rave over!

This sensational strawberry bundt cake recipe is a cousin of this strawberry brownies recipe that has been viral for the most part of 2019. If you love strawberry desserts , youll want to try both of these yummy treats:-)

This fabulous strawberry bundt is one of the best cakes youll ever make, and yes, it starts with a cake mix. No one has to know or will ever know . This cake is fabulous, moist, delicious, and literally foolproof.

I made this cake for a small group a few weeks ago, and everyone raved over it. My cake in the photos was not garnished I just glazed it and place it on my fave marble cake stand 🙂 But for special occasions, you could garnish it with whole or sliced strawberries and perhaps some lemon zest.

If youre new to bundt cakes or have never used a cake mix to make one, Ive answered some questions you might have below.

How do you use cake mix to make a bundt cake?

First you choose a cake mix . Then you add some special ingredients used to doctor the mix to make it moist and incredibly delicious.

How many cake mixes does it take to make a bundt cake?

For this recipe, and all of my bundt cake creations, you simply need one cake mix per recipe.

How is a bundt cake different from a regular cake?
How do you frost or ice bundt cakes?
What are the secret ingredients you use to doctor cake mix for bundt?

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Our version of Nothing Bundt Cakes White Chocolate Raspberry Cake is spot on! I dont think you can get much closer to the real thing without walking into Nothing Bundt Cakes and buying one yourself. Rich, moist cake is filled with an easy raspberry filling and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting. This is a recipe that looks complicated but its actually really easy! All the flavors complement each other, and the presentation is beautiful. This gorgeous cake is a perfect center piece for birthdays, baby showers, holidays or any time you just want to splurge on a sinfully sweet dessert.

How To Get A Cake Out Of A Bundt Pan

Weve found the easiest way to remove cakes from pans is by using cake release. You can find our recipe here. Its a miracle worker and cakes come out cleanly with it every time.

If you dont want to take the time to mix this up, be sure to grease your bundt cake pan with shortening, then dust it with flour. Grease generally, but dust lightly, tapping out any extra flour that may collect in the pan.

Allow the cake to cool for just 10 minutes in the pan, then turn it out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

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For The Raspberry Filling

The raspberry filling seems to be hit-or-miss with our readers. I have personally tried raspberry jam, raspberry pie filling and also a cup of frozen raspberries dusted with 1 Tbsp flour, all with success. Some readers have found that smashed fresh, drained raspberries work well, too. It seems that the fresh or frozen raspberries dusted with flour is working the best overall, rather than jam or filling.

How To Store This Strawberry Cake

SOUR CREAM STRAWBERRY BUNDT CAKE / The Best Cake Recipe, Strawberry Cake Recipe, Sour Cream Cake

Storing your cake: This strawberry bundt cake will keep beautifully for about 2-3 days when stored in the fridge. Cover the cake in plastic wrap for freshness or lock in one of those cake containers if you own one. Before serving, allow the cake to sit out on the counter to come back up to room temperature.




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Then Finish Your Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe By Frosting The Cake

Now comes the fun part: frosting the cake. One of the things that makes Nothing Bundt Cakes so fancy is their piped frosting design. It’s much easier than you think, so we suggest giving it a try. If you’re not into it, feel free to spread the frosting out over the entire cake using a knife. You may have to double the cream cheese frosting recipe if you’re going this route to make sure you have enough.

To pipe on the frosting, use a pastry bag with a large, round tip. Or, place the frosting in a plastic bag and cut a hole in one corner. Start at the bottom edge of the cake and squeeze the frosting from the top of the bag, pulling a line of frosting over top of the cake and into the large hole in the center. When you reach the center, pinch off the frosting and repeat the process. You should have about an inch of unfrosted cake in between each frosting line.

When you’re finished, slice the cake into 16 portions and eat it right away. Or, you can loosely cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Lets Talk Specifics When It Comes To This Easy Strawberry Bundt Cake

First of all, this strawberry cake is completely from scratch. I certainly have no problem with using a cake mix or strawberry gelatin to make a strawberry cake . But I really wanted to try my hand at a strawberry cake without cake mix and I found a winner.

This strawberry bundt cake recipe gets its strawberry flavor from a homemade strawberry sauce and from crushed freeze-dried strawberries. Between the two, you get this incredible strawberry flavor and subtle pinkish-red color. If you want the cake to have a more intense red/pink color, you can use food dye , but you can omit the food gel if you prefer.

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Suggestions For White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

  • For this recipe we used a non-stick aluminum Nordic Ware bundt pan. We have had success using this pan every time. If you use a different kind of pan you may need to make time/temp adjustments.
  • When making a bundt cake, you want to be sure to generously grease and flour or spray the cake pan with non-stick cooking spray, making sure to get every little nook and cranny.
  • Before the cake is completely cool, carefully run a knife between the cake and the pan. Turn the plate or platter you will be serving the cake on upside down and place it on top of the cake . Holding the plate and bundt pan together, flip so the plate is now on the bottom and the bundt pan on top. This will hold the cake in the bundt pan. Once upside down, tap the handle of a butter knife along the bottom of the bundt pan . The cake should come out very easily onto the plate.
  • To get the frosting like in the picture, fill a gallon size Ziplock bag or a pastry bag with the frosting and chill for about 30 minutes. Cut off a bottom corner at about a half inch diagonal cut, depending on how big you want the frosting strips. Frost cake by squeezing out the frosting from the outside of the cake toward the middle.
  • If you cant find white chocolate pudding mix, vanilla is a good substitute.
  • Read through the comments for suggestions from readers. Some had great success just as the recipe was written and other had success adjusting the recipe to their elevation and/or tastes.

Let The Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Rest And Cool

Strawberry Bundt Cake Recipe

The waiting is always the hardest part, and we have quite a bit of waiting left to do once the cake is finished baking. If we were to ice it right away, the frosting would melt and create a messy, sticky situation!

First, you want to let the cake cool in the pan for a full ten minutes. This gives the cake a few extra minutes to finish cooking, but it also firms up the batter. If you take it out too early or too late, the texture of the cake will be off.

Then, gently run a butter knife around the edges of the pan to be sure it won’t stick. The cake should come out clean if you followed the steps above, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Place a wire cooling rack on top of the bundt pan and invert the pan so it’s upside down. Carefully pull the pan up, leaving the cake to cool uncovered on the rack. It should take anywhere from one to two hours to cool. If you don’t have time to wait, place the cake in the refrigerator after 30 minutes and let it cool there.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes: Sweet Nostalgia In Every Bite

There just wasnt anything like it here, so thats why I decided to bring it to St. Louis, Jannette Neely, owner of Nothing Bundt Cakes, said. Everyone has a bundt story. All day long while Im working in the bakery, Ill hear customers stories about how their grandmother used to make bundt cakes, or how their mom made bundt cakes.

Sweet nostalgia and a passion for baking were the main ingredients for Neely to open the first Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise in the St. Louis area. It was a decision she made after discovering the unique business concept in Texas.

Neely opened the first franchise in St. Louis in April 2015 in the Lamp & Lantern Village shopping center in Town & Country to give residents a taste of the treats. By 2019, the newest location in St. Peters at the 94 Crossing Shopping Center opened its doors.

Neely said the response since opening has been overwhelming.

Its been awesome, Neely said. Its a happy place in St. Peters, just like it is in .

While bundt cake cravings may initially bring you through Nothing Bundt Cakes door, you will want to stay for the slowly melting cake and assortment of flavors. Wine core flavors to choose from daily along with a monthly featured flavor, theres something for all taste buds. For spring, the newest featured flavor is Strawberries & Cream, a timeless combination thats handcrafted with whole strawberry fruit filling and creamy white chocolate.

Springs featured flavor, Strawberries & Cream

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