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Cake Cutter and Server

We love the modern feel of this wedding cake knife and server set, which has hammered gold handles. Its a lovely addition to any wedding receptionand home.

WeddingWire Shop hammered gold and silver cake serving set, $42, WeddingWire Shop

Many wedding cake cutting sets can be engraved with the couples names and wedding date, and this one, with a touch of gold on the handle, is a pretty example.

Davids Bridal personalized golden cake serving set, $55, Davids Bridal

This unique wedding cake cutting set features many of todays top trends, including rose gold and slivers of agate.

Classic Touch agate cake servers, $68, BHLDN

This modern, all-black wedding cake cutting set can be etched with the personalization or message of your choice.

WeddingWire Shop onyx black modern cake serving set, $26, WeddingWire Shop

Hosting a rustic-themed event? This wedding cake cutting set is wrapped in jute and features little gold hearts for a sweet touch.

Davids Bridal gold heart wedding knife and cake server set, $20, Davids Bridal

A crystal wedding cake knife and server is the ultimate classic. This Waterford crystal set is ideal for the traditional couple who loves all things luxe.

Waterford bridal cake knife and server set, $310, Bloomingdales

Getting married on or near the beach? This set is adorned with tiny starfish and crystals, and can be personalized.

Davids Bridal personalized starfish love cake knife and server set, $55, Davids Bridal

How To Choose The Right Cake Knife And Server For You

Like all wedding choices, you want to make the choice that fits the style, the taste, and the general atmosphere of the wedding. If youre hosting a backyard pool party wedding, then elaborate silver cake servers will look out of place. The truth is that there are so many kinds of wedding cake knives and servers available that youll be able to find the right one for your wedding.

You should also consider putting the wedding cake knife and server on your wedding registry, if you plan to have one. This is because the set is an item that will be used for many events after your wedding, and lots of people would like to buy it for you.

If you want to use a wedding cake knife and server that is meaningful to you, but youre not sure if you want to buy one, then you should also ask around to see if anyone in your family has one that you could borrow. Sometimes older female relatives, such as a grandmother, received these items on their wedding day, and it could add something special to your day to use one that has been featured in other family weddings.

Wedding cake servers come in fun, bright plastic colors, as well as traditional, stately silver designs. They can also be personalized with your names and the date of your wedding. If this is an item that you plan to use as a lasting keepsake, then keep in mind the personal aesthetics of your home.

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The Guide To Cutting And Serving Cakes Via Servers

The day you know you will be cutting a cake is undoubtedly a happy one. Cake cutting is a universal favourite activity, that signifies the mark of special events. People cut cakes on birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Hence, the cutting cake is symbolic to the happiness of the soul and the body. Whats more? When you are cutting a cake, it usually involves a lot of people closer to you and your kin. So, suppose you have a grand event coming up, that requires you to cut a well-designed cake.

Now, you have already ordered your favourite cake from the best bakers, and he happened to suggest you buy a cake stand and server. Now, we bet you never considered the art of cake cutting and serving before this, but now that you have taken an interest, today we are going to shed some light in the cute cake servers.

For starters, our prime topic of discussion involves how to cut cake and serve them via servers.

Are you read?

Lets Get Started!

  • For Generous Portions

Suppose you are celebrating an anniversary dinner with your family and friends. Then chances are if you bring two big cakes with cake stands, you can serve a generous amount of cake to your guests. For generous amounts, you should cut cakes approximately 4 tall by 4 by 2 slices.

For more insight on cake servers, you can check out online websites like Ellementry.

  • Event-Serving

Best Sellers For Cake Servers Knives

Fineline 711 Silver Secrets 10"  Stainless Steel Look Disposable Plastic ...

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Whether Or Not To Buy A Cake Knife And Server

The first thing to know is that you do not need to buy a cake knife and cake server. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for couples to buy a cake serving set for their wedding, or use one already in the family. There are many good reasons to do that, and some beautiful options if you choose to buy a serving set. However, you will get your cake served either way.

There are a few options for how to cut your cake if you do not bring your own cake knife and server to your wedding.

The first is that your caterer, or the wedding venue, might have a cake knife and server on hand that you can borrow. Some venues will send a list in advance of items that youre responsible for providing, so check and see if a cake knife and server is one of them. If your caterer is responsible for cutting and serving the cake, which often happens out of sight once the first slice is served by the couple, then ask if they have a cake knife and server, too.

If there will not be a cake knife and server available for you to borrow, then you can get away with using a butter knife to cut your wedding cake. The butter knife might get a little overwhelmed in a cake with deep layers and lots of frosting, but the worst that can happen is that you get some frosting on your wrist, or you decide to make a very small first slice. The knife will cut the cake, and you wont topple the cake or anything like that in the process.

Gold And Pearl Enamel Crown Cake Server Set

Wedding cake cutter and server. Gold and pearl enamel crown cake server set. Cake cutter wedding cake server set custom cake cutting set which personalized engraved cake knife perfect as bridal gift with cake serving tcdiy. See more ideas about cake servers, wedding cake server, cake knife.

This waterford crystal set is ideal for the traditional couple who loves all things luxe. Davids bridal gold heart wedding knife and cake server set, $20, davids bridal. Cake server in sterling silver.

There are many styles to choose from and many can be personalized. Even better are colorful cake servers that do more than serving: Even though cutting the cake is just a short moment of the wedding ceremony, its a memorable one.

Heart wedding cake server set 25593. This wedding cake cutting set is wrapped in jute and features little gold hearts for a sweet touch. A knife and a server.

Wedding cake knife and server sets are one of the most popular bridal shower gifts and engagement party gifts. Collection page for wedding cake servers is loaded. If youre planning on gifting a set to a loved one, we recommend choosing a.

Pink princess wedding cake server set cs 453. Named after hampton court, the country palace of englands king henry viii. Product title stainless steel cake slicer cutter, cake server stai.

#weddingcakeservers, #weddingcakeknife #servingsets #cakeservers #cakeknife #wedding #weddingcake. 5 out of 5 stars. This item can be personalized.

Cake knife set

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Orblue Pie And Cake Server


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ergonomic and easy to use pie and cake server cuts through all kinds of pie crust thanks to a blade that is serrated on both sides. A well-balanced handle with soft rubber grips helps make cutting and serving perfect cake and pie slices a breeze.


  • Comfortable handle with secure rubber grip
  • Sharp blade for pie slicing
  • Serrated on both sides so works for left-handed users


  • Not large enough for some oversized cakes

This stainless steel pie and cake server is a top-rated choice and especially for left-handed home cooks it may be the best cake server on the market thanks to its great balance and its doubly serrated blade. This feature lets it cut in either orientation. The edge is sharp enough so that it works well if youre mainly looking for the best pie slicer, too. Its sharp enough to easily get through all types of pie crust.

10 inches long overall, this cake server and pie server, essential for a fully stocked home kitchen, goes well with a stainless steel knife set and is one of the most useful kitchen tools when it comes to cutting and serving pie, cake and even pizza. If you like serving trays, you might also be interested in our review of the best cake stand.

Aveks Wedding Cake Knife And Server Set

How to Easily Serve Cake with the Stainless Steel Cake Cutter and Server
Item dimensions L x W x H 36.3 x 3.6 x 11.2 centimeters
Number of pieces
  • Clear plastic with cut crystal appearance
  • Cake cutters, kitchen gadgets.
  • Uses: family birthday party, kitchen utensils, etc
  • Material: stainless steel and plastic handle
  • Length of cake shovel and handle: 10. 6 in. Length of cake cutter and handle: 13 in length of cake cutter and handle: 13 in

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Hf Hoften Stainless Steel Pie And Cake Server


WHY WE LIKE IT: These dishwasher safe pie and cake servers come in a pack of five, making them highly convenient. They also benefit from a high quality stainless steel finish and a well shaped triangular blade for cutting and serving cake, pie, lasagna and more.


  • Lacks weighted handle for balance
  • A little smaller than ideal for serving pizza and larger cakes

This pie server set includes five stainless steel pie and cake servers, making it very convenient for daily use and a good buy for busy home cooks looking for the best pie slicer set to get through a week of baking and serving.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, each pie and cake cutter in the set is 9 inches long and features a single serrated edge and a triangular shape. This makes them work well for pie slicing as well as for lifting and serving pieces of cake and other desserts. Theyre fully dishwasher safe and the matte stainless finish gives them long-lasting durability. If youre still perfecting your pie crust, our guide to the best flour sifter might help.

Stoncel Stainless Steel Pie And Cake Server


WHY WE LIKE IT: This value-priced pie and cake server comes in a generous set of five and features a functional, modern design along with dishwasher safe stainless steel construction.


  • Not the easiest for left handed chefs
  • Handles not as comfortable or well-weighted as on some other pie and cake servers

A practical and convenient kitchen tool sold in a five-pack, this dual-purpose pie and cake server is nine inches long and has a 1 7/8 inch wide blade that makes it stable enough to balance pie and cake slices, which is one pie server essential feature. The blade is sharp enough to get through most types of pie crusts in a single stroke, and its well shaped for lifting slices out of pie tins.

The handle is not as weighted and the grip isnt as comfortable as on some more expensive pie and cake servers, but the serrated cutting edge does make for easy pie slicing. Plus, this value-priced set comes with five individual pieces.

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Ksendalo Pie And Cake Server


WHY WE LIKE IT: These handsomely designed modern cake and pie servers are made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, have a long-lasting finish, and provide good balance and support when serving cake and other desserts.


  • Blade is on the shorter side at 7.87 inches long
  • Handles not as thick or grippy as some models
  • Lacks serrated edges

These silver mirror finished pie and cake servers are a great choice if youre looking for dessert flatware that goes well with modern decor or with a similarly designed knife set. They come in a set of two and provide convenient, well-balanced cake cutting and pie slicing. They work equally for right and left-handed chefs. Made from high-grade stainless steel, this pie and cake cutter is dishwasher safe and rust-resistant.

While the blades dont have serrated edges as on some of the more versatile cake and pie slicers, the flat spatula type blades do work well for lifting and serving especially when it comes to softer desserts and cakes. For the rest of your cooking needs, you might also like the best automatic pot stirrer.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Cake Cutter &  Server

The features of the perfect cake server directly correlate with the intended purpose of the tool. More than just a simple knife, cake servers are a fundamental party utensil that makes serving sliced treats onto plates as easily and securely as possible. As a vital component to any celebration, the right cake server looks good while making it easy to have a continuous flow of cake slices being distributed among guests.

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Whats The Difference Between A Cake Server And A Pie Server

Traditional cake servers have a smooth, flat triangular blade attached to a straight-set handle. While the edge of the blade can vary between straight edge or serrated edge, typical cake servers feature a straight edge.

Pie servers are crafted with the same blade shape and style but tend to have a small bend at the base of the blade to easily fit into the slanted pie pans. These servers usually have a serrated edge to easily cut through tougher pie crusts and fillings.

Cake Servers Buying Guide

Whether you call it a cake server, pie lifter, cake shovel, or crepe spade, its important to note which kind of server works best for you. While a disposable server may be useful because you can leave them behind at parties, they may not be ideal for formal events like weddings or galas. With a variety of cake servers available, this buying guide lays out the vital components to help make your search for the perfect server a piece of cake.

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Cake Servers With Special Features

While traditional cake servers never truly go out of style, some designs are more trendy than others. Although the purpose is the same, some cake servers have special features that make serving guests just that much easier.

  • Engraved cake servers: Presents a personalized touch to the tool, making it most appropriate for formal, celebratory events.
  • Contemporary cake servers: Combines cake cutters and servers are all the craze with their modern design and dual function to easily create even slices and grip the pieces of cake in one movement.
  • One-handed cake servers: With a unique design this type of cake server helps push the slice of dessert off the blade in a bulldozer-like movement with a squeeze of the handle.
  • Double serrated edge: Crafted with an ambidextrous construction, making them a comfortable fit for right and left-handed users.
  • Cake server with matches: Provides a two-in-one purpose, for serving cakes or other desserts while also including matches and a striker to always be prepared for a party. Take a closer look at our Pastry Tek cake server with matches to learn more about its unique features:

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