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Carrie Honaker is a food writer who believes in eating dessert first. As a restaurateur and avid home cook, she has baked thousands of cookies, pies, and cakes. She knows the importance of good tools when dealing in the chemistry of baking. Her work has appeared in many publications including Bon Appetit, Allrecipes, and Wine Enthusiast.

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Big Fat Claim to Fame: Beast of a cookie Huge, gooey and extremely creative flavors. Recommended to be served as heat n eat or slice n share!

Noteworthy Flavors: Quadruple Chocolate with Fluff, Marshmallow & Smores, Peanut Butter Topped with Puppy Chow, plus tons of over-the-top seasonal creations.

Also Available: Custom options: If it can be put into a cookie we can make it for you!

Big Fat Cookie Location:Chicago, IL

How To Make Buttercream Frosting

Lets talk about the buttercream frosting for a second. Sure, you can buy pre-made frosting, but making it at home is a game changer. The hardest part is remembering to bring your butter to room temperature.

Do you remember my piping hack? You dont need a fancy pastry bag. All you need is a plastic bag, a piping tip , and a glass.

  • Cut the corner of a plastic bag. Make sure to only cut a tiny amount so the tip just barely fits through. You want it to stay snug and not get pushed through.
  • Place the bag inside a glass, and fold over the edges.
  • Spoon frosting into the bag. Seal bag and pipe away!
  • I used a Wilton Star Piping Tip for this cake and it couldnt have been easier to use.

    Feel free to use whatever sprinkles you like. I used these.

    I cant wait for you to add this cake into your dessert rotation! Its truly perfect for any occasion. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Spring Brunch, Summer BBQ and more! Happy easy baking!

    If youre looking for more easy recipes, you might like my free5 Days of Dinner guide that does the meal planning for you. Every recipe in this meal plan gets rave reviews, just like this cookie cake!

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    Homemade Might Be Best But When You’re In A Pinch Grocery Store Cakes Can Save Your Party Find Out Which Stores Have The Best Options

    When it comes to cakes, we all know homemade is best and sometimes even the most elegant optionhave you seen these beautiful cakes? But when youre feeding a crowd or just are too busy prepping all the other dishes for your party, a grocery store cake can really be a godsend. But when youre opting for one of these tasty shortcuts, its important to get your hands on the best supermarket cake you can. Find out where you can get the tastiest cakes at the best price.

    Tips For The Best Homemade Cookie Cake

    The 10 Most Tantalizing Layer Cakes And How To Make Them ...
    • You can use a mixer, but I recommend mixing the dough by hand for the best results. Mixing by hand will make it less likely that youll overmix the dough.
    • I prefer to bake this cake in a 9 round pan, but if you dont have one, you can use a 9 square pan.
    • Dont over-bake the cookie cake. This is so important! If you over-bake it, the cookie will have a harder texture and wont be as soft and chewy. So, keep an eye on it, and when the top turns light golden, check the inside with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, its done.

    This soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie cake is a great way to switch up dessert for parties, potlucks, or other events. Or, just make it for fun you dont need an excuse! I know you will love it as much as we do.

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    Sherry B Dessert Studio Chappaqua New York

    At Sherry B Dessert Studio in the sleepy town of Chappaqua, New York, trained pastry chef Sherry Blockinger combines French techniques with her love of classic American cookies. Case in point: The monster-sized Sherry-O, which sandwiches smooth vanilla frosting between two dark chocolate cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are considered to be the best in Westchester County, and possibly Manhattan, once Sherry B opens in the Meatpacking District.

    How Do You Make A Cookie Cake

    This recipe starts with your typical cookie ingredients including butter, two types of sugar, eggs, flour and vanilla. All of the ingredients get mixed together, then the dough is pressed into a cake pan. A sprinkling of extra chocolate chips goes over the top and the cookie is baked until golden brown. After the cake is cooled, its time to add the decorations. I add a layer of chocolate frosting and a generous amount of sprinkles.

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    Does Walmart Bake Their Own Cakes

    Sadly, no.

    Walmarts sheet cakes come in frozen from Pillsbury. Their round cakes come from Best Brands based in Minnesota.

    So if you like Pillsbury products, including their boxed cake mix, youll probably like Walmarts cakes.

    Theyll also do their best to customize it how you want it, and theyll write pretty much anything on it, as long as its not offensive.

    But dont get too fancy. Walmart is all about cheap products and low labor costs. Youre not likely going to find a talented cake decorator on staff.

    Fun fact a Costco sheet cake fits perfectly into an IKEA shopping bag. Its sacred geometry.

    Lori Dziurda May 1, 2020

    Mac Lab Bakery Duluth

    Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

    Mac Lab takes unicorn treats to a whole new level with their imaginative macarons. Each one is shaped like a bite-sized unicorn, then decorated with eyelashes, rosy cheeks and a gold horn. Theyre rolled in colorful fruit cereal for texture and playfulness. If that ones too cute to eat, theres an array of more traditional-looking macarons, including matcha, rose-lychee and Earl Grey.

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    Which Supermarket Does The Best Birthday Cakes

    While we all know that homemade cake is the best, sometimes its just not feasible.

    If you have a local bakery nearby, sometimes it can be even better than homemade. But if you dont have a local bakery, supermarkets are all over the place. Chances are that your local supermarket sells cakes. Some even bake them in-house.

    But again, best is subjective and it depends on who the cake is for.

    As well get more into below, a childs first birthday is about the parents having fun not the quality of the cake. For that, Walmart wins as theyll give you a smash cake for free if youre spending at least $15 bucks.

    Target wins for kids ages 5-10 as they do a lot of licensed character cakes . But not all locations have a bakery.

    For a very large group , its hard to beat Costco for the size and price.

    But if what youre wanting is a really high-quality cake made from quality ingredients, its almost impossible to beat Whole Foods Market.

    Tips For The Best Cookie Cake

    • Use quality ingredients: Use high quality butter, vanilla and of course, flour. I LOVE Bobs Red Mill Unbleached All Purpose Flour, which is what I used in this cookie recipe. Its unbleached, unbromated, enriched baking flour milled from high quality North American wheat. Its perfect to use in cookies, but of course also cakes, yeast breads, biscuits, muffinsliterally everything. Bobs Red Mill products are also certified Kosher, and made with ingredients grown from non-GMO seeds. So, beyond being flavorful, I feel good about the ingredients that I use to feed my family.
    • Dont Over-Bake Your Cookie Cake: If you bake your giant cookie for too long, it will dry out. Once the edges are set, youll have the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie cake with a soft and rich center. Once the top of the cake loses its glossiness, its ready to cool!
    • Dont Use Cold Butter: If your butter isnt room temperature or softened, youll have a hard time creaming it with the sugars.
    • Let Cool Completely: Make sure you let the cake cool completely before you remove it from the pan. If its still warm, it might break!

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    Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Icing Recipe

    To be honest, the icing was the trickiest part to nail in this recipe. The chocolate chip cookie cakes from my childhood always had garishly colored buttercream frostingthe kind thats usually made from shortening, and dries to create a stiff, hard crust.

    For my cookie cake, I used a simple American buttercream frosting made with powdered sugar, butter, and a splash of milk and vanilla. It comes together in 5 minutes and tastes like the frosting you liked best as a kidunapologetically sweet and simple. The key is to whip the buttercream for at least 5 minutes to until it is light and airy. At first, the frosting will be soft and pipeable. But this frosting will harden and crust the longer it sits, making it the perfect frosting for the chocolate chip cookie cake.

    This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Is

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting ...
    • Quick and easy to make no chill time required!
    • Soft-baked with chewy edges
    • Ideal for chocolate chip cookie lovers
    • Perfect for those who dont love traditional cake!
    • Less expensive than buying a cake
    • Made with lots of love!

    Many of you know Im a simple girl when it comes to dessert. I like chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and of course chocolate chip cookies. This cake has the perfect texture, thickness and taste that any human, kid or adult, will absolutely love.

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    Toppings For Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

    While this cookie cake delicious on its own, chocolate buttercream is always a good idea! And turns this giant cookie into a true cake. My favorite chocolate buttercream is far from basic its incredibly creamy, silky, smooth, and rich. Even though its a wonderfully creamy, it holds its shape beautifully. So its perfect for piping even the most intricate and fancy designs I used a simple Wilton 1M tip for todays cake.

    Have fun and get creative with your toppings: instead of chocolate buttercream, try peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache, salted caramel, whipped cream, ice cream, sprinkles, or extra chocolate chips.

    This is the perfect recipe to make when youre looking for something just as festive as birthday cake but a little more exciting than chocolate chip cookies!

    How To Make Cookies Out Of Pillsbury Cake Mix

    The temperature in the oven should be 375 degrees. Cake mix, oil, and eggs should be combined in a large bowl. Roll out dough and shape into individual balls. Using a flour dipped glass, flatten them out on a baking sheet. The edges of the cookies should be golden after baking for 6-8 minutes. Make sure the cookies are completely cooled before frosting them.

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    A Cookie Cake Is The Best Of Both Worlds: Its A Giant Cookie Thats Topped With Frosting Like A Cake

    Because this peanut butter cookie cake is so thick, its soft and chewy at the same time. Its full of rich peanut butter flavor and I added a rich fudge frosting around the outside. Chocolate and peanut butter are totally BFFs, especially where Mel is concerned.

    This giant peanut butter cookie recipe starts with all the normal peanut butter cookie ingredients and is baked in a cake pan. Sure, you can make this as a 9×13-inch cake as well, but I love making round cookie cakes.

    Ill never forget walking around the mall as a kid and seeing the cookie cakes at Mrs. Fields. I always wanted one of those! This is even better, because its homemade with my favorite recipe EVER.

    Winner: These Are The Best Cookies In Atlanta Ajc Readers Say

    The BEST Southern Tea Cakes You’ll Ever Have | Easy Tea Cake Recipe | Southern Living

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is committed to continuing our normal features, where appropriate, during the coronavirus outbreak. For full coverage of the outbreak in Atlanta, please check our Coronavirus News Section. We have decided to continue Best of Atlanta voting for the time being, despite social distancing. We encourage our readers to support local businesses after the authorities loosen the social distancing rules along with supporting those businesses that offer delivery or pickup during the outbreak.

    They come thin and crispy or thick and chewy, and can contain chocolate, nuts, raisins or just sugar.

    Cookies are a universal treat, and families around the world will be making them soon as Christmas gifts and to leave for Santa.

    Although Americans consume about 7 billion cookies each year, its estimated Santa will eat 336,150,386 just on Christmas Eve.

    The Jolly Ol Elf doesnt care if your cookies are homemade or bought from one of Atlantas cookie connoisseurs, so you might consider picking up some treats from one of these five bakeries, which you picked as the Best of Atlanta.

    Fifth place went to Piece of Cake, which has several locations throughout metro Atlanta. Although best known for cakes, their cookies strawberry shortcake and lemon shortbread have been making waves in Atlanta, their website states. Piece of Cake will deliver your treats nationwide.

    Apparently, AJC readers agree.

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    How To Store Fruitcake Cookies

    If I know the cookies will be eaten up quickly then I store them in an air-tight container at room temperature, if longer then in the refrigerator. If I want to have them made ahead I will freeze them in layers with wax paper in between. They will be good frozen for 2-3 months.

    I love the retro-ness of these cookies. This would be something that grandma would serve you when you come over for the holidays. She would have the cocoa hot and the cookies ready!!

    If you dont like fruitcake I bet you love these! They are similar but yet oh so much better. They will last up to 2 weeks in a sealed container but in most households, they will only last a few days!!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

    Homemade Cookie Cake Recipe Faqs

    How do you store this cookie cake recipe?

    Once the cake is completely cooled, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, and it will keep well for several days at room temperature.

    Do you refrigerate a homemade cookie cake?

    You dont need to keep it in the refrigerator. It will stay soft and chewy at room temperature just keep it tightly wrapped.

    How do you freeze a chocolate chip cookie cake?

    Once its completely cooled, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and place it in a freezer bag. It will keep well for up to three months. Thaw it at room temperature and then frost it if desired.

    Can you use a square baking dish to make a homemade cookie cake?

    Yes, if you dont have a round cake pan, you can use a 9 square cake pan.

    Can you double the cookie cake recipe?

    You can double it and bake the cake in a 9×13 baking pan.

    Can I use salted butter?

    Yes, just reduce the salt in the recipe to ¼ teaspoon for the cake and omit in the frosting.

    Do I need a special pan to make a chocolate chip cookie cake?

    No just a basic 9-inch cake pan. You can also use a pie plate or a cast iron or similar skillet that can go in the oven.

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