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How to Make Cake Pops | Easy Homemade Cake Pop Recipe

I thought I HATED cake pops. I made them for a baby shower a few years ago, and they were a pain in the hind parts!

All that daggum freezing and refreezing, dipping, twirling, decorating, and ugh that texture!! Ewww!!

It was soggy, grainy, and tasted like someone had chewed it up already. My hubby sat quietly, ate the whole thing, and calmly said: you dont have to make these again, please.

I seriously did not see what all the cake pop hype was about, but I kept getting requests to PLEASE DO A CAKE POP TUTORIAL!. I cant seem to say no to you guys, so I got back in the kitchen to figure these things out. Something had to give!

Birthday Cake Pops Delivery

Order birthday cake pops for delivery from Harry & David to ensure that youâll be giving beautifully decorated, delicious sweets made from only the finest ingredients. Receiving a cake pop delivery is a great way to celebrate a birthday, and by sending this thoughtful dessert gift you can feel pleased that you were able to brighten someoneâs day with a sweet surprise. There are times when you might want to treat yourself as well. This tiny indulgence is the perfect amount of cake that you can eat without getting your hands messy, so you can even buy cake pops or cheesecake pops for yourself and enjoy a bit of delicious decadence.

How To Make 150 Cake Pops For Your Friends Wedding

May 21, 2012

Do you remember that time I made 150 cake pops in my shoebox a.k.a. my kitchen?

Do you also remember that time that I had never made one single cake pop and decided that my first attempt should include one hundred and fifty to be given away as favors at my friends wedding.

Its okay we can all laugh now at the ridiculousness of how I didnt think I needed a test round. This is a happy story!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are going to make more than one dozen cake pops for a wedding where actual people will be enjoying them then this post is for you. I am here to tell you that you can do it and it will all be fine.

It was an absolute honor to be involved in the wedding of my dear friends and to be able to give the gift of baking to everyone at the celebration.

Baking makes friends!

I learned a few things along the way. The most important being organization. Make lists. Try to anticipate all the scenarios that you are going to encounter on your journey. Clean out your fridge. Buy supplies. Go back and get more chocolate after you wake up in the middle of the night thinking that four pounds of white chocolate just wont be enough. Chart out a timeline and work backwards.

Supplies included 150 lollipop sticks, 200 cellophane bags, and 6 pounds of chocolate in white and orange.

Set up your dipping station: melted chocolate, sticks, and a drying rack.

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Cake Pops For All Ocassions

Just a few of our Toronto Cake Pop Options:

  • Cake Pops for Weddings in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Birthdays in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Kids in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Baby Showers in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for your Girlfriend in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for your Boyfriend in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Easter in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Boys in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Girls in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Graduations in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Adults in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Teachers in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for the New Year in Toronto
  • Cake Pops for Valentines Day in Toronto

Glue Your Stick In Place

Sheep cake pops. Can you find the little lamb? )

Before you push the stick into your cake pop, dip the end in some melted chocolate or candy melt. This should dry quickly when pushed inside the frozen cake pop, gluing the stick in place.

Now you know how to make them, its time to take a look at our favourite Halloween cake pop recipes. Theyre cute, creepy and creative, and once you try them, its sure to be love at first bite.

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How To Make Cake Pops

Learn how to make cake pops right at home! This easy and fool-proof cake pop recipe is guaranteed to come out perfect every time! These delicious candy-coated cake balls make a great party favor for just about any gathering.

Whether youre making my Starbucks copycat vanilla birthday cake pop, red velvet cake pops, or no-bake oreo cake pops, this simple guide will make you a master at cake pop making in no time!

Stick + Cake + Chocolate = Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a great alternative to cupcakes for your next celebration! Our cake pops can be made upright or upside down .

The minimum order is 1 dozen per flavour

We carry a selection of flavours in store daily that do change on a regular basis. Some of the Flavours we have are Vanilla Velvet, Chocolate Naniamo, Chocolate Earl Grey, Lemon Coconut, Chocolate Chocolate, Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry, Carrot, and of course our Cookie Dough.

Rainbow Cake Pop Bouquets are available daily in store for $15/6 pack including tax

Available colours: White, and light dark brown, in compound chocolate. Red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, black in candy melts

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    Buy Cake Pop Straws In Bulk

    How To Make CAKE POPS ~ Easy Cake Pops Tutorial

    Stock Up! Buy Cake Pop Straws in Bulk at Wholesale Prices from Bakell

    Looking to buy paper straws in bulk? You’ve come to the right place, then. We’ve got a wide range of exceptionally durable paper straws for sale in a variety of eye-catching prints. Get in on our wholesale paper straw prices when you buy 500 CT, 2000 CT, or 5000 CT.This is the ideal option for professional bakers who often get cake pops bulk orders when customers want to buy 100 cake pops or more for birthday parties, corporate events, etc. Instead of shopping for cake pop sticks every time, you can now pick your favorites right here and get a bulk shipment sent your way. Best of all – these large orders are subject to some nice savings to boot. Of course, our bulk paper straws are not only suitable for cake pops. You can also use it as swizzle sticks, crafting materials, or good old sipping straws. So get in touch if you want to buy bulk paper straws for cake pops or any decorative purposes by placing your order right here on Bakell.com. Buying paper straws wholesale has never been this simple.

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    Buy Cake Pops In Bulk

    We offer a wide variety of cake pop gifts for any occasions. Beautiful, stylish and very delicious! Our cake pops can be completely customized to match your celebration, theme, companys colors, unique design ideas and flavor preferences.

    Are you interested in buying our cake pops in bulk for resale or as corporate gifts? Well be delighted to work with you! For more information on purchasing cake pops wholesale along with wholesale pricing, please contact us here.

    Order Cake Pops Online

    We are excited to introduce a webpage devoted to bringing you great mood and delicious cake pops. Looking to order cake pops online with delivery within New York City? You got it! Our cake pops are freshly baked, hand-rolled, hand-dipped adorned with love and our customers specifications in mind.

    At CupCakery you can order:

    Cake pops are the new party must-have. Depending on the type and the theme of your event, you can choose any design idea for your cake pop set. We have hundreds of design options for your yummy miniature sculpted cakes on a stick. Just let us know about the cake pop designs you like, and well get to work!

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    Where Can I Buy Cake Pops In New York

    Wondering where to buy cake pops in New York? Our regular customers know the right answer at CupCakery! We create eye-catching, mouth-watering and real fun cake pops that make a great addition to any event. So why not buy cake pops at our studio and fall in love with this trendy new way to eat cake!

    Whats your favorite cake pop flavor? Here are a few of our suggestions:

    All our sweet treats are available for direct delivery in New York. We deliver to any doorstep in NYC, commercial or residential. Send our gorgeous cake pop sets as gifts to your friends or that special someone Let them know how much you care about them in such a sweet and delicious way!

    Making Cake Pops With Leftover Cake

    4th of July themed cake pops. Also for a 30th birthday ...

    Using leftover cake to make cake pops is the best!! We dont have leftover cake in my house very often, but when we do, its on and poppin!

    That leftover cake turns into cake pops, and then all of a sudden, people are in the mood for cake again! Isnt it funny how you can put something on a stick, and everybody wants it?

    When making cake pops with leftover cake, you want to scrape off the frosting first and place it in a bowl.

    You definitely wont need all the frosting. Crumble the cake up and then add in the frosting a little at a time until the cake can hold its shape once formed into a tight ball.

    These cake pops are what I consider cake pop perfection!!! They are the best cake pops Ive ever had. The texture is fluffy AND moist, and it was nowhere near as messy and time-consuming as my first attempts at making cake pops.

    Now, if youre looking for a tutorial on how to decorate cake popsugh, Im not the girl for the job!! Sprinkles is as good as it gets over here : )

    Even without fancy decoration, these cake pops can still make a pretty cute, cheap, and festive gift idea! Let your imagination run wild!

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    Supplies You Need To Make Cake Pops

    For cake balls When making cake balls all you really need is a baked cake made with cake mix, frosting, and candy melts to coat the outside of the balls. You can shape the cake balls with your hands or use a meatballer to get the perfect shape and size each time.

    For cake pops you will need the same ingredients here but you need to add cake pop sticks and a styrofoam block to keep the pops upright until they harden.

    How To Make Incredibly Easy And Authentic Starbucks Chocolate Cake Pops Recipe

    Posted on Last updated:

    Starbucks Chocolate Cake Pops are one of my favorite treats to pair with my coffee. Now I can make authentic chocolate cake pops at home. Give this easy cake pop recipe a try.

    Whip up these chocolate cake pops as a birthday party treat, weekday dessert, or take to your next summer cookout.

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    How To Make Cake Pops With Cake Mix

    As much as I love all things from scratch on this site when it comes to food projects like cake pops, I usually turn to the box cake mix and a can of frosting route. Its so much quicker!

    Although if Im making these for someone, I sometimes do a homemade frosting .

    Box cakes are usually very moist, so youll only need to use a little bit of frosting for these cake pops. Its all about the frosting-cake ratio!

    What Are Cake Pops


    Cake pops are tiny cakes on sticks – a cross between a cake and a popsicle. They are usually made from cake crumbs mixed with frosting or chocolate, shaped into balls, squares, or any other shape you like, and decorated with melted chocolate, fondant, or candies. For a professional-looking finish, you can buy cake pop moulds and decorating pens from craft and baking supply stores

    The great thing about cake pops is that theyre so easy to customise. You can keep them simple, or treat them like cake toppers, making them into fun characters or objects. There are tons of cake pop ideas online, from pops that look like other foods to popular TV and movie characters, and there is plenty of Halloween inspiration out there too. Theyre an easy way to create a theme without having to decorate an entire celebration cake, and if you want something special to hand out to your neighbourhood trick-or-treaters, a spooky Halloween cake pop is just the thing.

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    Buy Candy’s Cake Pops Online

    Order cake pops from Candys Cake Pops! You can purchase a variety of custom cake pops recipes and even customize your boxes and baskets online.

    • Throughout our website you can:
    • See photos of classic Candys Cake Pop recipes & designs so you can choose the right Cake Pop gift to buy
    • Customize your own Cake Pops including shape, flavor choices, color and décor
    • Explore a variety of unique & customized presentations using gift baskets, personalized tags and table top options
    • Order and purchase Cake Pops online and ship nationally. Perfect for weddings, Birthdays and Special Events
    • Learn how to make cake pops from a veteran cake pop maker by reading our latest posts from our cake pop blog. We show how to make cake pops, showcase our latest cake pop designs, DIY cake pops and even trendy custom cake pops.

    We believe the perfect Cake Pop is the best way to brighten someones day. Consider these unique and trendy treats for one of the following occasions:

    Expert Tips And Variations To Recipe

    • You can use any flavor of cake as you would like.
    • The same goes for the frosting, feel free to use any flavor of your frosting.
    • For the cake, you can buy a store-bought cake mix or whip up a homemade cake.
    • If you want to use chocolate chips feel free to use shortening to go with the chocolate. It will set up hard just the same as candy melts.
    • Feel free to double the recipe if you would like. Make as many cake pops as you would like.

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