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The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers has been recognized as a 2021 Travelers’ Choice award winner. This achievement celebrates consistent delivery of fantastic experiences to diners from around the globe. This award is based on a full year of reviews and ratings from the people who matter the most, their guests. This award speaks to the great service and experience provided to their guests. This ranks The Cake Bake Shop among the top 10% of restaurants listed on Tripadvisor. That is something to be very proud of!

The Letterbox Cake Is Born

the great thing about the letterbox cake is the surprise. as it doesn’t require a signature, your postman can simply slip it through the letterbox with the rest of your mail. It’s easy to get birthday cakes by post next day! what a fantastic surprise for your recipient, as they will have no idea you have sent them special celebration cakes by post!

Types Of Wedding Cakes

Different types of cakes have been popular in different countries and at different times. In some countries, such as Italy, different couples choose different types of cake, according to their preferences. In others, a single type is chosen by most people. Even when a type is preferred within a culture, the preferred type may change significantly over time. For example, the traditional wedding cake in Korea was a rice cake topped with a powder made from red beans, but now guests are likely to see a sponge cake and fresh fruit.

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Early Modern European Wedding Cakes

During the 16th century to the 17th century, the “bride’s pie” was served at most weddings. Different from the modern sweet wedding cake, bride pie is savoury. Bride pie is a pie with pastry crust and filled an assortment of oysters, lamb testicles, pine kernels, cocks’ combs from Robert May’s 1685 recipe. For May’s recipe, there is a compartment of bride pie which filled with live birds or a snake for the guests to pass way the time in a wedding when they cut up the pie at the table. Guests were expected to have a piece out of politeness. It was considered very rude and bad luck not to eat the bride’s pie. One tradition of bride’s pie was to place a glass ring in the middle of the dessert and the maiden who found it would be the next to marry, similar to the modern tradition of catching the Flower bouquet.

In the 17th century, two cakes were made, one for the bride and one for the groom. The groom’s cake would die out and the bride’s cake became the main cake for the event. When the two cakes were served together, the groom’s cake was typically the darker colored, rich fruit cake and generally much smaller than the bride’s cake. The bride’s cake was usually a simple pound cake with white icing because white was a sign of virginity and purity.

Fruit cakes were a sign of fertility and prosperity, which helped them gain popularity because married men wanted to have plenty of children.

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Brand New & Limited Edition

We’re always ahead of the crowd when it comes to the new trends or limited items, so if there’s something brand new, you’ll find it here! Choose a design, add a name, photo and personal message to make the perfect birthday cake! Ordering a cake online couldnt be easier and, we’ll even make sure your birthday cake’s delivered right to your door.

Whats more, with our cakes next day service and custom made cakes, order before 2pm on a weekday and we can deliver your children’s birthday cakes UK wide direct to your door the very next day*. Weekend and worldwide delivery options are also available meaning you can post a customised birthday cake personalised to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime… cakes by post its the future!

make them smile!

Thanks To Our Patrons

Voted “Best Of Show” for Wedding Cake Decorating at the Today’s Bride Bridal Show at the IX Center in Cleveland, Ohio! Thanks to all who voted!

Featured in The Knot Magazine and selected as a “Best of Weddings” pick!

Winners of the “Tastiest Cake” awards from judges and guests at the American Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Social!

And Winners of Cake Wars! Check out our Banana Cake Recipe

**As of January 2, 2012, the Cake Boutique will not provide faux cake rentals without the purchase of sheet cakes, cupcakes, or desserts.**

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Avoid Undermixing Or Overmixing

It’s easy to get carried away when mixing, but remember, the goal is to simply combine the ingredients. Overmixing will deflate necessary air from the batter and leave you with cakes that have a tough texture. On the flip side, of course, don’t undermix. All the ingredients need to be fully incorporated.

What Our Customers Say

How to Make a Birthday Cake ~Beginners Tutorial

Four years in a row I have sent my son a birthday cake for him to celebrate while he is out of state at college. He loves this cake – and so does his friends. My son would love one of these cakes more often. Thank you to the team at We Take the Cake for delivering happiness and delicious cakes.

I have ordered several times from We Take The Cake, and each time it is a hit. The cakes are DELICIOUS, fresh, and arrive in perfect condition. This is the only on-line bakery I can completely recommend!

I shipped this to my mother in Florida for her birthday, and she was thrilled with the quality of the cake. She said it was one of the best cakes shes ever tasted, and arrived in perfect condition. Well definitely be ordering from this bakery again!

I don’t know how they do it but the cakes always arrive perfectly packaged, with no damage, fresh and ready to enjoy. I’m so glad I found a cake to send to people I love when I can’t be there to make it myself. The chocolate flavor is a can’t miss choice. Everyones favorite!

I had this cake shipped to my mother since I couldn’t be with her on her birthday to bake her a cake. She called me to say that it was the best chocolate cake she’d ever had. I also had flowers shipped to her. She thanked me for the flowers, but it was this cake she kept raving about.

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Unmold The Cake Gently

When you are ready, gently run a sharp, thin knife between the edge of the pan and the cake. Then invert a rack or platter over the top of the pan. Turn the pan over and lift it off the cake. You may be asked to finish cooling the cake upside down or instructed to turn it right side up again. Be sure to follow instructions, as each type of cake cools best in a different way.

Preheat The Oven Before You Make The Cake Batter

Before you begin, position the racks correctly: To avoid burning your cake, set a wire rack in the middle of the oven for cake layers or in the lower third for a tube cake, so that the top of the pan is not too close to the top of the oven.

Before preparing the cake batter, preheat your oven to the correct temperature. This might take awhile, and its best to use an oven thermometer to confirm many ovens wont report their temp accurately. You want to wait on mixing the batter because it will not react properly to heat if it sits at room temperature for 10 minutes waiting for the oven to get hot. Nor will your cake rise properly if the oven continues to warm up after the pan has been placed in it.

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Best Custom Made Birthday Cakes Near Me

10220 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

9471 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

10067 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

230 Commerce Valley Drive E, Markham, ON

Open Now

9301 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

9140 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, ON


3229 Hwy 7 E, Markham, ON

Open Now

550 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

7380 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, ON

Open Now

10 Centre Street E, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

9505 Keele Street Unit 11, Vaughan, ON

Open Now

7718 Yonge Street, Vaughan, ON

Open Now

9350 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

9665 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

Times Square, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

9631 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

230 Commerce Valley Drive E, Markham, ON

Open Now

Times Square, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

7380 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, ON

Open Now

3160 Steeles Avenue E, Markham, ON


328 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

10067 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

3355 Steeles Avenue E, Toronto, ON

Open Now

3160 Steeles Avenue E, Markham, ON

Open Now

180 Steeles Avenue W, Thornhill, ON

Open Now

9665 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON

Open Now

7718 Yonge Street, Vaughan, ON

Open Now

3229 Highway 7 E, Markham, ON

Open Now

6095 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

Open Now

38 Buttonfield Road, Markham, ON

Open Now

2563 Major MacKenzie Drive, Maple, ON

Open Now

3913 Don Mills Road, North York, ON

Open Now

Desserts, Bakeries, Custom Cakes

Bespoke Cakes For Every Occasion

Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Cake Shop specialises in exquisitely hand-crafted, premium celebration cakes for any occasion. We have been trading since 1986 and now have two shops, one based in the historic city of Oxford, the other in the market town of Banbury.

Our brilliant cake designers can recreate anything in cake form beautifully decorated with meticulous detail. From cats to cricket bats, unicorns to universities, our custom cakes can be whatever you want them to be. Check out some of our favourites below or see our gallery for ideas then get in touch for a personal consultation with one of our designers.

The only limit is your imagination…

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Use Melted Butter Instead Of Oil

Cake mixes sometimes call for oil, but I highly recommend you use melted butter instead. Not even the best oil can beat the flavor of good butter.

The richness of butter masks the artificial flavor of a cake mix. It also gives the cake a soft and fluffy texture.

Dont go for margarine or butter compounds. Stick to real, high-quality butter so for maximum cake flavor.

If you have the time, I also highly suggest you brown the butter before adding it to the batter.

Brown butter has a toasty and nutty flavor that tastes like no other!

To brown butter, just cook it in a pan over medium heat, stirring constantly until golden brown, about 5 to 8 minutes.

How To Make Box Cake Better

Stick to these tips on how to make box cake better, and your cake will look and taste homemade. Even cake snobs will ask for seconds!

To a busy parent or an inexperienced baker, a boxed cake mix is a true ally.

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It may be frowned upon by serious bakers, but hey, it gets the job done, and quickly and effortlessly at that.

Whether youre in a rush to produce a delicious dessert or cant bake for the life of you, this articles for you.

From improving texture and flavor to frosting suggestions, these tips will help fool people into thinking your easy box cake took hours to make.

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Essential Cake Baking Equipment

Another important factor in how to bake a cake is having the right equipment on hand. With a couple of exceptions, baking equipment is not terribly expensive. Better-quality pans and other tools should last forever. If you are interested in baking cakes, you will want to have the following in your kitchen.

Measuring cups and spoons are essential for every kitchen. They’re necessary for measuring out ingredients in nearly all the recipes you’ll ever tackle. We actually like to have a few sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons on hand at all times so we don’t have to keep washing the same set while baking or cooking.

Best For Food Sensitivities: Carolines Cakes

How to Get Flat Cake Layers

Caroline’s Cakes

  • Some options are limited

Among the many reasons Carolines Cakes stands out is its commitment to operating a nut-free bakery. Carolines employs strict measures to ensure no nuts can sneak in to spoil your birthday celebration. The bakery also has gluten-free options.

Carolines website offers a wide variety of cakes and other goodies, including 10 whimsical birthday cakes. Flavors include their famous seven-layer lemon cake, caramel cake, signature rainbow cake, and four-layer chocolate devils food cake. If you cant decide which flavor you want, check out the “half cakes” option, allowing you to combine two different flavors into one cake.

Each round, nine-inch cake serves between 14 and 20 people and starts around $70, plus shipping. For an extra fee, there’s also an option to add a set of polka dot plates, tableware, and candles that spell out “happy birthday” to your order.

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Gwendolyn’s Ros Bubbles Have Arrived From France

Gwendolyn’s Cake Bake Shop has partnered with Jean Charles Boisset of the Boisset Wine Family to showcase their Rosé Sparkling Wine from the Burgundy valley in France. The color and exceptional quality of this Crémant embodies the style, sophistication and elegance that The Cake Bake Shop is known for. From the vineyards of France all the way to your table. Celebrate life! Available for purchase in both shops and for delivery within the metro area of Indianapolis only.

Graham Cracker Cake With Peanut Butter Frosting

If you’ve ever had a snack of graham crackers smeared with peanut butter, then this cake is perfect for you. We added graham flour and a touch of cinnamon to the vanilla cake layers for the quintessential graham-cracker flavor. It’s then stacked high with creamy peanut butter frosting for a fun and nostalgic treat.

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Welcome To The Cake Shop

The Cake Shop was established in San Antonio with a dream to make quality and made from scratch cakes using only the finest ingredients. We have created beautiful, unique and delicious specialty cakes for thousands of satisfied customers. Thirteen years later, The Cake Shop has become a community landmark, celebrated for its fine pastries, cookies, and cakes. Although some changes have happened over the years, customers can count on The Cake Shop to be the best in quality, style and service. With original and new recipes passed down through generations, The Cake Shop remains committed to serving the neighborhood and community with its fine products for many years to come. Our artistic and elegantly designs will be remembered by your family and friends as a wonderful touch to your event. So come visit us! Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in choosing a cake, cupcakes, assortment of cookies to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any special event. Well see you soon.

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