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Where to buy bakery boxes? || Review by Gretchen’s Bakery

Need a box to hold just one cupcake? We have that. Need a box to hold two dozen cupcakes? Yep, we carry those as well. Of course, we stock a multitude of sizes in between. Whether you serve regular size cupcakes, mini cupcakes, or jumbos – we have matching inserts so that you can feel confident your product will sit snugly in its bakery box.

Cake Boxes With Window

As the competition in the food industry is growing day by day, manufacturers and retailers are striving hard to help their product stand out in the market. Hence, cake packaging here plays a vital role. Our experts believe that cake is one of those creative baked items and therefore deserves to be encased in a box that shows its appearance from outside the cake box. Custom Boxes Zone help in displaying the cakes creativity on the bakery shelve.

Find The Best Cake Boxes In All Sizes & Designs

Choosing the right cake boxes for your creations is an important decision, whether you are the manager of a large bakery or someone who enjoys decorating cakes at home as a hobby. You will want your cake boxes to adequately protect the cake so that your creation will not get ruined in transit. After all, the last thing you want is to open the box and find cake icing smeared everywhere.

At My Sons Cake and Candy Supply, we offer a wide range of cake boxes in many different sizes, colors, and materials. With our selection, we are sure that you will be able to find the cake boxes that suit you and that best fit the cake that you worked so hard to prepare.

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Where To Buy Cake Boxes

Updated 8 Nov 2006 , 5:06amby CoutureCake

In an effort to seem more professional, I need to buy some cake boxes and have no idea where to buy them! Where to you guys buy yours? What’s a good price? What sizes are most important to have? Please help!*alicia*

the cheapest place around me is Hobby Lobby, but i think once I’m close to being done with those I’ll look online

I buy mine at pak-man.com. They are a local company for me and deliver to my door. I think they ship but you might be better off finding a place close or with free shipping. You could also check deco-pac.com.

If you use very many and have a Sams Club near you, they can be a great resource. They don’t have them on their shelves, but you can order them directly through their bakery. I just got a case of 25 of the 1/2 sheet clamshell type ones with the black plastic bottom and the clear plastic dome lid for under $17.00. I was paying almost $2 each for the cardboard ones at Hobby Lobby before that. If you prefer the cardboard ones, you can get cases of those at Sams bakery, too.

I have ordered mine from www.sugarcraft.com


Just went to sugarcraft and was so excited to find what I needed w/out having to buy 100 -200 boxes, but when I went to check out my $15 order had $24 shipping!! That’s insane! Anybody else out there with a suggestion?

Where To Buy Cake/cupcake Boxes And Inserts

Where can I purchase cake boxes in bulk?

I buy my cake boards and cake drums most often from Country Kitchen Sweetart.

I also get lots of my other supplies from there . I usually order at least once a month and never small orders. ha! I usually have my order in 3-4 days and they call me if there are any problems.

I currently buy my cupcake boxes and small cake and cookie boxes from BRP Box Shop or The Webstaurant Store. I also sometimes order cake boards from one of those places if Im already placing an order. I really like the white boxes with windows and I think theyre called lock and tab boxes. Theyre sturdy and pretty.

My absolutely favorite boxes are pink ones or green ones from BRP Box Shop but they are not the least expensive option. However, Ive had clients tell me that they cant see a pink box of cupcakes without thinking of me, so I feel like thats sort of become my signature or a part of my brand.

I dont use cupcake inserts as you can see above I just buy boxes that hold exactly one dozen or two dozen cupcakes and put them in there side by side. I also have some square ones that hold 9 and 16 cupcakes.

Heres the deal. The inserts were always a big fail for me. The cupcakes would still tip over and the cupcakes were difficult to get out of them if they didnt tip over and well I stopped trying. But if I did use them, Id probably order them at BRPboxshop.com.

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Give Your Cakes Decorative Coverings Using Festive Boxes And Bags

Cake boxes can be just as important as the delicious treats that you put inside them. If you are still searching for some nice containers for your traditional cakes and cupcakes, take a look on eBay to find a wide range of options at prices you can afford. Getting to know a bit about the various types of cake boxes available and the features you can choose for them will help you find the bags you need.

Types of cake boxes you can get

There are a few types of cake boxes you can get on eBay. The kind of box you choose depends on what cakes you are baking and how you might want to display them. Here are just a few of the main choices youll come across during your search for decorative dessert boxes:

  • Singles If you are making miniature cakes and want to display each of them by themselves, you search eBay for individual cupcake boxes with clear lids that show the frosting and other decorations you might add.
  • Palettes A rectangular cake box with a window is a standard option for displaying traditional cakes. You can also use this kind of container for several cupcakes in one batch.
  • Unique shapes You can get house-shaped mini cake boxes in fun colors. These boxes have handles for easy carrying.

When should you consider used cake boxes?Can you get personalised cake boxes?

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Come With Confidence And Get Satisfaction At Every Step Choose Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging have years of experience, team of most competent professional, state of the art printing set-up that assure to supply error-free packaging solutions to all our clients in United States. By utilizing our few step ordering process, you get complete ease of mind and freedom of customization. And through our in-house production & box printing service, we are able to offer wholesale prices and meet your budget limits. We bring you an easy to fill quote form that has all the options including stock option, material thickness, printing options and other things necessary to design a custom cake box just as required by you. Whether you want to make changes to your previous design or want a new option, tell us and we will give you a number of options to choose from. Get production-grade samples from us to ascertain if your custom cake boxes are made exactly as per your requirements or not.

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Cake And Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes for cake, cupcake, cookie and pie shops. Your bakery will have the perfect cupcake boxes for single, double, 6 or 12 count regular cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes. These boxes come with or without windows, they store flat, and come in pink, chocolate brown, white or black gloss. Buy in bulk for the best price. Shop Nashville Wraps complete line of cake boxes, cake pads and cupcake inserts.

Dont forget to stock up on baker’s twine, candy & cookie boxes, cello bags, coffee bags, food safe tissue, and glassine candy bags.

Customize Your Bakery Packaging

How to order cake boxes

Of course, we love to see logos printed across all packaging, but we know that’s just not feasible for most companies. Bakery boxes, though, are an ideal item to custom print. It’s easy to print multiple sizes so you can fully stock your bakery with custom boxes. It’ll help you stand out from crowd, and help to tie a brand name to the products you send out the door. Each time you add your logo to a box , you’re creating a walking billboard that promotes your company all over town.

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Looking After You Your Products And The Environment

All our cakes boxes and related products are made from best quality, food grade card that is also fully recyclable and biodegradable. The card we use is made from sustainable materials with no harmful coating or chemicals. And the boxes are made and stored in hygienic factory conditions so you can rest assured that the contents of those boxes are fully protected from harm and damage, and therell be no harmful effects for your customers.

The safe storage and transportation of your products is an essential part of the baking and selling process, and we realise how important it is. You also want your products to look as good as they taste and our windowed cake boxes are great for presentation as well as storage and transit. And with the ability to have your name or logo printed on the box, you can let everyone know whos produced those great cakes.

If you worry about transporting your cakes securely and them arriving safely, worry no more. We have a big enough range to suit every cake, customer and occasion, and a price structure to meet all budgets. Look through what we have to offer and rest assured that, whatever you choose, your cakes will arrive at their destination as they leave your premises and will look as good as they taste.

Our Disposable Cake Boxes Are Both Light & Sturdy

People are usually quite surprised by how heavy a cake or a dozen cupcakes can be, so you need to make sure that your packaging is not adding on lots of extra weight. Cardboard boxes are lightweight and make it super easy for you and your customers to pick up and transport from one location to another, which is something we are sure your customers will very much appreciate! This type of packing is also really flexible, and you can cut them to be any shape or size that you want. Plus, they can be closed in different ways too including glued, stapled or taped.

Finally, what is fantastic about our cardboard packaging is that while it may be designed for cakes, it can also be used for a whole host of other products. There are no limits as to what you can use this cardboard packaging for, and this appeals to businesses who want their packaging to be flexible and to save them money.

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Get The Right Amount Of Products Shipping Value

The baking industry is extremely competitive nowadays and every baker strives hard to make success. Thats why they usually introduce new confectionery products regularly and achieved customers attention with custom printed cake boxes. As a point of making safe shipping, the quality cardboard made boxes are ideal to add a real charm to the delectable treat of cakes. Therefore, we are also offering cake boxes free shipping services to the bakers to make their products worth selling products in the competitive market. As these boxes is just going to make safe and secure shipping to the customers. We can say that it is one and foremost thing that creates a powerful impact of bakery items and a basic thing to offer protective shipping to products. Hence, we are the most proficient providers of cake boxes free shipping services that valued our customers with our high-standard packaging services.

Cake Boxes: Get The Packaging You Need From Ny Cake

Where Can I Buy the Cake Boxes for Sale in USA?

Keep it classy. Get your baked products the right packaging. Unique and well-constructed cake boxes online can help improve brand recognition and awareness for your products.

Ready to shop? Start by checking out options for cake boxes online at N.Y. Cake. With a slew of boxes to choose from, you can find the right packaging solution for your baked products.

Why a box matters?

When youre starting out your business, dont lose sight of your packaging. A lot of buyers pay close attention to the details of your packaging and if they dont like what they see, that could affect their buying decisions. Make it easy for them to choose your baked goods by providing them with classy options. Whether youre looking for cake boxes for pies or cake boxes for muffins, we have what you need.

How to choose?

Review our lineup of cake boxes online. With easy-to-use designs, you can simply unfold and lock the corners of the box together. They should be good to go after a few easy-to-follow instructions. With the right cake boxes for pies or cake boxes for muffins, ringing up those orders, especially on busy mornings or afternoons is going to be easy. An excellent packaging solution can make that possible, shaving time and energy from the work that needs to be done every time products are sold and need to be boxed.

Can you save on costs?

What else is in store for me?

Improve your buying experience and enjoy the convenience of getting everything you need from one place. Shop now.


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Where Can I Find Cake Packaging Supplies Thats Also Biodegradable Near Me

If you want stylish and practical biodegradable cake packaging that wont break the bank, youve come to the right place. Packqueens packaging comes in a huge range of styles and sizes, whether youre shipping your cakes out across the country or going to a party and need something to display your treats. We have a variety of packaging options on offer, from donut boxes to cupcake boxes with removable inserts. No matter what your small cake is, were sure to have the perfect box for it.

Many of our products also come in a wide range of colours for you to choose from. Biodegradable products neednt look boring with Packqueen, your eco-friendly packaging can be bright and colourful. But if you cant quite find the perfect colour, why not order a custom design? Just send us over your idea and well make it happen.

Are you a cake business who needs to order in bulk? No worries! Check out our wholesale pricing: the more you buy, the more you save. All of our products are Australian-made and suitable for postage, so you can be sure that your Packqueen packaging will reach you in perfect condition.

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