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Low Carb Chocolate Ganache

Sugar Free Healthy Birthday Cake | Butter Free Gluten Free | Seriously Good

Now on to the sugar free frosting! I decided on a rich ganache instead of a chocolate buttercream frosting, because when you’re making a grown-up cake, you may as well pull out all the stops.

Basically, you warm the heavy whipping cream in a pan and heat it, but do not boil.

Then, turn off the heat and add finely chopped dark chocolate or sugar free chocolate chips such as Lily’s to the cream.

DO NOT STIR! This can cause the mix to split, because it cools down too quickly. First, let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.

Then, stir with a spatula until the chocolate is fully melted and combined with the cream.

Tip: If your ganache does split, donât panic! Just put in a food processor and blend until smooth and it will right itself.

As soon as the the chocolate frosting has cooled a little so it’s not boiling but still easily spreadable, spread it over both cakes.

Wait until the ganache has set, then stack the cakes on top of one another to make one gorgeous sugar free birthday cake!

You could serve it with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream, but I just added some grated chocolate on top and a few red currants.

Who Wants A Sugar

If youre focused on a sugar-free, low carb, or gluten-free diet, things like this sugar-free birthday cake are hard to find and come by. This is unless of course, you live in a major city where you can find a bakery that specializes. Not where I am!

This from-scratch recipe isnt at all difficult and can be frozen in advance. Yup, you read that right, bake up a few layers, toss them in the freezer and pull them out when you are ready to work with them. Win-win-win.

Just a quick note, when the ingredients are mixed together, the batter will feel a bit thick. This is perfectly fine. The cakes still bake up quite moist and tender.

A Birthday Cake For All Your Needs

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  • Your Brisbane birthday cake shop – Mr T’s Bakery – deliver to Brisbane CBD and all suburbs around
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What Type Of Sweetener Is Best

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Use your favorite 1:1 sugar substitute.

In the frosting, you will need to use powdered, or else your creamy frosting will be quite grainy and unpleasant. For the cake batter powered is preferred over granular.

If you dont have powdered erythritol or xylitol and only have granular, go ahead and give it a blast with a high-speed blender, or food processor. My favorite powdered sweetener by far is So Nourished Monk Fruit Blend, I find it has almost no aftertaste at all.

Swerve and stevia will work perfectly fine here as well as does any powdered erythritol or xylitol.

Just remember, xylitol is poisonous to dogs and cats, so if thats your choice and you have little furry friends running around, it can be deadly to them.

Why Offer 75% Sugar Free Cakes In Melbourne

What birthday cake should I buy for a diabetic person?

We know that cutting sugar entirely out of your diet can be tough because who can resist those sugar cravings. Whether it is due to simply wanting to live healthy or has become a lifestyle due diabetes or allergy requirement, we want to be there to help you to stick to that lifestyle in the long run.

Cakes are that little pick me up dessert that helps us to relieve stress and feel energised when things get a little tough. So, we at Ruwis Cakes want to provide everyone with the option to enjoy a delicious custom made sugar free cake that doesnt mess with your dietary requirements.

Ruwis Cakes

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Why Choose Chocolaty For Sugar Free Cakes Delivery At Home

Chocolaty has been here at your fingertips for a long time now, and we know very well that we will be your favorite in the coming times. There is a lot that we want you to know and hence we are today here with a small discussion for why you should choose us for the delivery of the sugar free cake in India and its different parts. We very well know that whenever you order sugar free cakes online the first thing you are concerned with is its quality. When coming to the quality, we can say that the ingredients used to make these eggless sugar free cakes are of very high-quality.

How To Make A Low Carb Chocolate Layer Cake

Here are the ingredients! We have all the usual suspects, from blanched almond flour to coconut flour to almond milk, butter, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder to plenty of eggs. .

It may seem like a lot but don’t forget we are essentially making a layer cake with two sponge cakes, which we stack on top of another.

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Tip : Be Mindful Of Portion Sizes

Youve probably noticed that portion sizes of baked goods have increased considerably over the last decade. Scones, bagels, cookies and muffins can often be up to double the size they were.

  • 1993 average muffin size was 85g with 280 Kcal
  • 2015 average muffin size is 130g with 475 Kcal

This means more carbs, more fat, more sugar and more calories, which can affect your diabetes control, weight and health.

So, to help with portion-size control, try:

  • Looking for smaller sizes of your favourite treats. Shops now sell mini muffins, treat-sized flapjacks and smaller cookies. Coffee shops have also started selling smaller pastries.
  • Buying individually wrapped cake bars, malt loaf and mini rolls so you are not tempted to eat them all.
  • Not going shopping when youre hungry, but if you have to, avoid the bakery section of the stores if you know it will be too tempting.
  • Only buy discounted cakes, cookies or other baked goods if you can freeze what you dont need.
  • Getting into the habit of cutting the portion sizes down yourself. Just because the shop sells cookies the size of a plate doesnt mean you cant reduce it down yourself.
  • Freezing some for later. Make sure you wrap them in foil, label and put in freezer bags.

An Assortment Of Sugar Free Cakes Online

Keto Vegan Chocolate Cake | Diabetic Friendly | Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free

Maintaining a sugar free, low carb diet is hard enough, but you don’t have to give up on your favorite dessert. We have an assortment of delicious sugar free cakes, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite sweets and cheesecakes. These also make for perfect gifts for friends and family who like to stay away from sugar, without compromising on their favorite cakes.

We offer sugar free fruit cake, chocolate cakes, butterscotch cake, coffee cake and even a sugar free red velvet cake. These delicious treats are perfect for all those who are on a strict sugar-less diet and for those with diabetes. Moreover, our sugar free cheesecake is rich, smooth creamy and delicious-exactlylike a cheesecake should be.

The sugar free chocolate truffle and KitKat cake are equally satisfying. If you’re looking for an online birthday cake for diabetics or those on a special diet, order our sugar free treats and add ‘sweetness’ to their day which wouldn’t be bad for them!

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Egg Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Diabetes Friendly | Keto Friendly

We no longer have dine-in area in our bakery.Our bakery is taking only take-away and delivery request only.

5 working days notice is required for online pre-order. 2 weeks notice is required for custom design cakes.

Same Day / Next Day Reservation: Call us at 62822951 for direct in-store pickup reservation or Whatsapp us at 93636336 to enquire flavour availability for urgent orders. Do indicate to us you dietary requirement and size preference. Cake flavours and sizes are subjected to in-stores availability.

  • 2-hours slot $35 < Specific 2 hour delivery slot
  • Festive and Public Holiday $35
  • ^COMPLIMENTARY delivery for any online purchase of $150 and above Complimentary delivery is not applicable to customised design cakes and toppers.

*Complimentary delivery is only applicable for standard $25, 3-hours delivery slots.For specific 2-hours slot request and Public Holidays, additional charge of $10 is applicable.^Promotion is not applicable to custom orders.*Additional charge of $10 to Tuas, Jurong Island , Changi Airport, Sentosa or Marina Bay Sands address.*Any no-show from recipients will result in additional charges i.e. waiting charges, return to bakery charges and re-delivery charges.

All special delivery request are subjected to approval by our outsourced delivery company.

Frosting Tips And Tricks To Get It Perfect The First Time

Also make sure to grab whipping cream, not coffee cream.

I like to use a 36% fat whipping cream for this recipe, but if you cannot get your hands on 36% whipping cream, any cream that you can whip will be perfectly fine.

Keep all the ingredients for your icing cold cold cold, you want your cream cheese to come out of a cold fridge and go directly into the bowl. Cube your cream cheese first to make it easier on your mixer.

The frosting gets a bit stiff in the fridge but has a very similar mouthfeel to buttercream without an overly sweet bite.

I only add 1/2 cup of sweetener which makes for a slightly sweet frosting, if you want it punchier and super sweeter, add more sweetener!

Be careful to not overbeat your mixture. Overbeating will cause everything to liquify.

This frosting works great for decorating cakes or even cupcakes. You can see how well it pipes by check out my low carb roasted strawberry cupcakes.

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Sugar Free Chocolate Sponge

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. You may need to scrape the sides a couple of times and blitz again.

Tip: By adding the wet ingredients FIRST and the dry ingredients SECOND, you avoid the flours sticking to the bottom.

You may need to scrape the sides a couple of times and blitz again.

Fill the batter into two generously greased non stick baking tins .

You can also line the sides with baking paper if you worry about the batter sticking!

Bake for about 35 minutes or until you can insert and remove a skewer without any crumbs sticking.

Do not over-bake as the sponge will firm up as it cools.

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White Birthday Cake

You’ve made a great first step towards having your beautiful and great tasting wedding cake, birthday or occasion cake or cupcakes for your event. Since making our first wedding cake over 15 years ago our goal has been to provide you with a great looking, great tasting cake while providing you with the service you expect from a professional.

While cake styles have changed over the years our commitment has not. We always provide you with a beautiful, great tasting cake that both you and your guests will enjoy. Because of the reviews of couples like you we have become one of the region’s top cake professionals.

“Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding cake. You gave us everything we wanted and more. Our wedding was simple and we knew we wanted a simple and beautiful cake/cupcakes. You delivered just that! Every guest was raving over the flavors and taking pictures. We will absolutely be returning to Mitchel’s for future events.”

Tara – Ajax, ON

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Get Exciting Offers While Sending Sugar Free Cakes Online

The online sugar free cake is an item that gives a feeling of completion to all our occasions and festivals. You can now send sugar free cakes to India by availing a lot of offers and discounts on sugar free birthday cakes. There is a wide range of flavors in the sugar free cakes that are available in many designs. These sugar free birthday cakes are going to make your ceremonies a grand one, and they will undoubtedly please your dear ones. So, whenever you’re looking for a tasty online sugar free cake to brighten up your special occasion. Chocolaty is also here to offer you a wide variety of delicious eggless sugar free cakes that are both beautiful and delectable. Therefore, add a touch of affection to all the special occasions by ordering a yummy eggless sugar free cake. You can do sugar free cake online shopping for all your occasions at our store, making it feasible for you to celebrate this day happily. So, send sugar free cake to India to your dear ones on any special occasion and delight them.

Delicious Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe

What is it about Birthday cakes that makes them so special and delicious? Its just 2-3 layers of sponge cake and some frosting on top. To me, theyre my favorite ones.

I guess these kinds of desserts are more about nostalgia. I still remember blowing the candles in the presence of my loved ones. Of all the childhood memories one may have, blowing the candles on your birthday cake will always be one of them.

This amazing Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe is super easy to make, uses regular ingredients and everybody will love it.

I made it last night and gave it to my husband and my in-laws, they were drooling and complimenting on how great it tasted. When I told them that this cake was sugar-free they couldnt believe it. Of course, they went for seconds.

I can imagine adjusting your diet must be hard since everything has so much ADDED sugar! including things one may not think of, for instance: spaghetti sauce, bread, yogurt , BBQ Sauce, dried fruits, etc.

This Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe is so delicious because it has a spongy and very moist vanilla cake and a fudgy and addicting chocolate fudge frosting that is finger-licking good.

Last week I made a Diabetic Lasagna Recipe that would go great as the main course of your party.

I used Swerve sweetener which is a great sugar substitute for the sponge cake part. You can also use Splenda baking blend or any of the usual sugar replacements you are used to cooking with.

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