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House of Chimney Cakes | Orange County’s Best Chimney Cake Ice Cream We Review It!

Since 1819, Bellvale Farms has provided fine quality dairy products throughout the Hudson Valley region. throughout seven continuous generations of family farming!==We hand make our ice cream and our waffle cones each day. It has been our pleasure to welcome you to enjoy the fresh air, ice cream and scenic views. We hope to see you back soon and appreciate your business in this crazy time.==For 2021, we plan to use walk up windows for all menu and take out ice cream and pick up of cakes/pies/quarts.We can use two windows until 6 foot social distance requirement is relaxed. We hope to have four walk up windows in near future. No customers will be allowed in building. We appreciate your understanding.

Bellvale Farms Creamery

The Loop Handcrafted Churros

The Loop has swept Instagram nation with its aesthetically pleasing Churro Sundaes. This trendy new dessert stop has instagrammable churros and yummy drinks. Beautifully crafted and made with your choice of a flavored, warm, and crunchy churro, it is dipped in a perfectly churned ice cream sundae.

The Loop has definitely stepped one foot forward in the dessert industry. For myself, Im satisfied with a dollar churro and fro-yo from Costco, but this is well worth it to go when Im feeling fancier. This dessert spot will definitely take your taste buds for a “loop” .

Personal Favorite: Ferrero Rocher

Four Brothers Drive In


A true blast from the past, Four Brothers Drive In is one of the best places to enjoy a cold cone and a hot flick. Roll up to the big screen and order ice cream online, via the theaters outdoor kiosk, or by phone, then pick it up at the shack. The menu boasts a premium selection of locally sourced ice creams. If youre in the mood for something different, theres a few specialty sundaes like the Bubby Bubs, which comes with Nutella and a waffle. If youre more of a milkshake connoisseur, Four Brothers has a unique menu of flavors, such as baklava, espresso, and even wine flavors .

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Honey And Butter Macarons

I’ve never been a huge fan of macarons, but after discovering this shop and trying on-the-spot made macarons, I finally felt true love. Sweet, fresh, and made to utter perfection, Honey and Butter has reinvented my taste palate for macaroons.

They come shaped in a variety of little animal characters, and you can see the magic makings of the macarons right before your eyes. They are almost too cute to eat! Located at the Irvine Spectrum, be sure to check this place out the next time you’re craving pretty much perfect macarons.

Personal Favorites: Classic Honey and Butter and Ferrero Rocher

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Orange Dreamsicle Cake

From the amazing Yelp reviews for this doughnut shop, I had to go try it out. Featured in the image above, Butter and Salt is one of their original famous doughnuts the locals are constantly raving about. Extremely soft and baked with love, these doughnuts definitely live up to their reviews. Not too sweet, it makes for a perfect on the go breakfast item.

I do have to say, I still love my OG Krispy Kreme Doughnuts the best. But if you’re in the mood to get out of that comfort zone, be sure to check out SideCar Doughnuts on your way to school.

Personal Favorite: Buttermilk Old Fashioned

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Appalachian Trail Community Supporter

Official recharging station for A.T. hikers devices, canteens, and relaxation!

The first section of the A.T. opened in Warwick in 1931, six years before the official opening of the entire Appalachian Trail. The Town has been welcoming hikers ever since and was named an A.T. Community in 2012.

The Town of Warwick is centrally located on the A.T. between High Point in New Jersey to the west and the Bear Mountain Bridge in New York to the east with easy road access to this entire 65 mile section. The Village of Greenwood Lake in Warwick with many hiker amenities can be accessed directly from the A.T. using the Village Vista Trail. The Pochuck, Wawayanda and Wildcat Shelters on the AT are easily accessed from Warwick and can be used in planning section hikes .

How I Tested The Ice Cream Cakes

Because each brand offers so many different types of cakes and flavors, I decided to limit myself to as classic of ice cream cake flavors as possible, which, based on my many years of ice cream cake consumption, means some variation of chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate cookies. I decided not to include cakes with actual cake in them, as not all of the brands I wanted to try offer them. Finally, although there are lots of local ice cream shops that Im sure make a delicious cake, I decided to limit my test to larger nationwide chains that are accessible to most of our readers.

I judged each cake based on the quality and flavor of the ice cream itself, the distribution and quality of the filling, the icing, and the overall visual appeal. There was one clear winner. Lets take a look.

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Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights

This is not your typical shaved ice spot, Frostbites goes the extra frosty mile by pairing all your favorite Italian ice flavors with a blend of creamy, frozen custard. The italian ice flavors range from sour apple, mango, blue raspberry, and even passion fruit, and the custard on the bottom makes for the best combination. It is a perfect treat on a warm evening.

Along with the shaved ice, they offer their signature house made crepes that will make up for the cold shaved ice. You mix it all together and it really is the best of both worlds!

Personal Favorite: Passion fruit and blue raspberry with custard cream

#SpoonTip: The generous employees with offer you a variety of samples to try of the shaved ice, don’t be embarrassed to try them allits worth it!

Fun Facts About Ice Cream

How To roll Orange Ice Cream Rolls | Best Of Cake

One scoop of ice cream needs about 50 licks to finish.

The average American eats 48 pints of ice cream each year.

The USA is the world’s leading producer of ice cream.

Yes … vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor . We dont really understand this one when you can have strange ice cream flavors like jalapeno, dill pickle, garlic, bacon, bleu cheese and shallots, squid ink and curry carrot.

What’s your favorite flavor?

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Rite Aid Thrifty Ice Cream

Ah, the father of all ice cream shops. You can never go wrong with a classic, traditional scoop of Thriftys ice cream. Theres a reason your Grandpa Joe always begins his stories with, I remember when Thriftys was 10 cents a scoop because its been a classic forever! With the standard, all around loved ice cream flavors, Thriftys never ceases to disappoint. Next time youre out, pick up your grandparents and head out to your local Rite Aid. Itll definitely make for a ~sweet~ outing.

Personal Favorite: Strawberry cheesecake

Orange County often gets overshadowed by the trendy, hip Los Angeles when it comes to dessert spots. But don’t be fooled, fellow dessert eaters. Along with LA, OC offers a wide variety of delectable treats that are definitely worth all the calories. Check out the best desert spots in Orange County on your next night out.

Just one last thinglife is short, so eat the dessert first.

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

The newly added OC location of Porto’s Bakery & Cafe has already created quite the impression on the locals. This bakery offers everything, including high-quality cakes, pastries, desserts, and coffees. You name it, and Portos will not only offer it, but it will be baked to perfection. Each pastry is warm and flaky to the bite, leaving you wanting more . Even weeks after their grand opening, the new location in Buena Park STILL consists of long wait times. Thats how you know its the best!

Personal Favorites: Cheese rolls and tiramisu

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Nancys Of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery


No trip to Woodstock is complete without a visit to Nancys creamery. Nancys sits on the quieter end of Tinker Street, making it an ideal destination for a sweet bite away from the summertime crowds. Whether youre in the mood for traditional, vegan, or sorbet scoops, youll find them all inside the pretty little shop. Go for the sour cream cherry or the cream cheese carrot cake if youre in the mood for a hard-serve style. Vegans, meanwhile, will love daily rotation of delicious and creative flavors.

Best Ice Cream Shops In Orange County

Orange Creamsicle Ice Box Cake

No matter where you are in the world, seeking out the best ice cream in the area should always be top priority. The experience of walking in, eagerly reading the names of the flavors from left to right and, best of all, sampling as many offerings as possible without abusing the opportunity is truly supernal. And whether youre visiting Orange County or simply visiting, you need an arsenal of the best ice cream shops up your sleeve when the right moment strikes. These ice cream shops in Orange County are the places that we love to go to when we celebrate or crave, when weve had a bad day, or when we need to cool off after a scorching heatwave.

This guide has been lovingly compiled over the years based on numerous visits and the desire to keep going back. Featured are purveyors with high standards towards consistency and flavor, as well as commitment to upholding the perfect cooling temperature, so that tourists and locals alike can enjoy those textured, dense scoops. Enjoy!

$$$$ Desserts, Coffee & Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

$$$$ Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Waffles

My favorite order: Sprinkles Sandwich with coffee ice cream, and chocolate and vanilla cupcake tops.

$$$$ Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts, Cupcakes

$$$$ Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts

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Sleeping Giant Ice Cream


Named after the legendary mountains of Shawangunk, Sleeping Giant Ice Cream in Ulster County is serving just as classic treats. From a crisp sugar cone with a dollop of soft serve or a waffle cone layered with a myriad of scoops, customers cant go wrong at this sweet shop. Find candy toppings for both their soft serve and hard scoops like gummy bears, Butterfingers, and Reeses Pieces.

Where To Go For The Delicious Ice Cream In The Hudson Valley

Ice cream. Adobe Stock | Photo by anaumenko

Theres nothing better than sitting in the sunshine with silky soft serve or artisanal ice cream scoops from the regions top creameries.

Oh ice cream, how we adore thee. Thats why we couldnt be more excited for the return of ice cream season in the Hudson Valley. Its a time when roadside dairy bar parking lots beckon us to stop for a scoop and quaint creameries become the coolest places in town. From Albany to Westchester, our Hudson River region is blessed with an abundance of local ice cream shops to satisfy sweet cravings on scorching days.

This spring and summer, make it a point to plan a pitstop to each and every one of the regions decadent dairy shops. Not only will you explore new corners of the Hudson Valley, but youll get your just desserts, too. P.S. Are we missing a spot? Email us at so we can add it.

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Penny Lick Ice Cream Co


If youre heading down toward Westchester, dont pass up a trip to Penny Lick. The Hastings creamery has been scooping up its signature custard-based recipe, using locally sourced whole milk, eggs, and sugar, since 2013. Nowadays, it serves artisanal options like vegan dark chocolate coconut, lavender truffle, white bourbon caramel, and raspberry lime. Planning a birthday party? Call ahead to order a custom cake that is so much better than any run-of-the-mill Carvel concoction.

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