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There are lots of things you can send on their birthday like birthday flowers, but when it comes down to it, everyone enjoys a delicious surprise. Maybe they like cupcakes, cake pops or another kind of confection. With our quick and easy ordering and cake delivery, thereâs something to satisfy everyoneâs sweet tooth. With tons of different flavors and designs our cake delivery is perfect for everyone you celebrate!

Can You Send A Birthday Cake To Someone

Yes, it’s easy to send a cake from From You Flowers to anyone almost anywhere. We have a wide variety of cakes to choose from as well. We have birthday cakes decorated in flowers as well as birthday cakes covered in rainbow sprinkles. We have a chocolate cake or a coconut cream cake if you’re looking for something more classic. If you’re looking to spice it up, you can order birthday cake pops for a more personalized treat.

How Will A Tasker Keep My Cake Safe During Transit

There are many ways on how to package a cake during the delivery properly. For example, you may ask your tasker to place your medium cake in an ice cooler to prevent melting.

Your tasker may also place the cake on a rubber mat to keep it from sliding around during transport. Before the cake delivery, let your tasker know about crucial details such as the size and type of your cake. In this way, your delivery person will be able to plan out a smooth cake delivery.

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Can You Order Custom Cakes From Costco

Yes, Costco accepts custom cake orders. According to Costcos in-store order form, the bakery team offers a wide variety of designs suited for every type of occasionincluding birthday parties, graduation, sports events, and weddings. In total, customers can choose between 27 different designs to decorate their cakes.

While classic birthday illustrations include rainbows, floral decorations, and candles, Costco also offers other unique designs, including graduation caps and crosses.

If you cant find an illustration that suits your occasion, Costcos bakery team also accepts custom orders two days in advance to ensure their cake decorations have enough time to design a custom cake for your special occasion.

Many people love Costco cakes for their quality and freshness, and many at-home bakers have tried their hand at customizing Costco cakes.

If youre interested in designing your own custom cake, Costcos bakery features ready-made sheet cakes that have only been frosted with a base layer of buttercream, providing the perfect blank slate for custom designs.

Although Costco offers customization options, they do not adorn cakes with trademarked or copyrighted images.

Like many other grocery store bakeries, Costco refuses to create character-type cakes, Disney designs, and other cakes with protected images to avoid infringing on intellectual property rights.

Most Customizable: Send A Cake

Happy Birthday Cake.

Send a Cake

  • Shipping is not free and charged per box

Birthday cakes dont have to involve a big party. When you want to send all your birthday love to one individual, look no further than the personalized cake explosion boxes from Send A Cake.

Choose a flavor among eight options plus an extra limited-time flavor, a box design, and up to 10 additional decorations to create a customized experience your loved one will never forget. You can spell the recipients name on the lid in bejeweled letters, add wind-up butterflies that emerge from the box, add your own photos to be printed on the inside of the box, and more. The mini cakes are three inches in diameter and come in flavors such as confetti sprinkle, chocolate tuxedo, and red velvet sparkle.

Send A Cake offers delivery six days a week. They also accept orders well in advance. In fact, with Send A Cake, you could arrange your whole year of birthday gifting in one day.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about custom cakes in Los Angeles, CA?

This is a review for custom cakes in Los Angeles, CA:

“I’m so grateful to Tom and his amazing team for accommodating my last minute needs. They made such a beautiful cake for what would’ve been the 65th birthday of my dad who passed away 3 weeks ago. Tom was so friendly and had a nice conversation with him as I was ordering the cake and made sure it was ready for me in time. Not only that, the pricing is very reasonable. They made an incredible 3D cigar cake enough to feed 40 people for the same price as a Sweet Lady Jane cake without any special design or shape.Everyone loved the cake and wouldn’t stop taking pictures. I only wish my dad was here to enjoy it because he would’ve loved it.”

Which Bakery Does Home Delivery For Cake

Not all bakeries offer cake delivery services. But no worries! Taskers can pick up your cake from any local bakery. Feel free to order from any accessible bakery in your area.

Before that, make sure to confirm your cake delivery with your chosen tasker. A cake delivery service will pick up your cake and deliver it to a location you want.

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Can You Order Cakes From Costco Online

Unfortunately, you cannot order a cake from Costco online. Because Costcos website does not provide online options for cake orders, the best way to order a cake is to visit your local Costco warehouses bakery at least two days before you need to pick it up.

Depending on your Costco location, you may also be able to fax in your cake order.

However, because each Costco stores cake-ordering process varies, its best to call your local warehouse and speak to a bakery team member before stopping in to confirm their process.

Alternatively, if you dont need a custom cake, Costco keeps its bakery department stocked with ready-made sheet cakes that you can take home on the spot.

While some ready-made cakes come with birthday messages or seasonal designs, you can always ask a bakery team member to write a custom message on a plain cake to add a special twist.

In most cases, Costcos bakery department will have different colors of icing available so that you can choose an appropriate color and message for the occasion.

Can you guess how many flavors of Costco cake there are?

Southern Living

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If youve never ordered from us, dont worry. Were here to walk you through the simple steps to order your luscious cakes for same-day delivery. Placing an order online is not only easy, but fun! Simply start by creating an account with CakeRush. You can do this with your social logins Facebook or Instagram or use your Gmail or other email address. Once youve done that, go ahead and browse the many selections of cakes available above. You could also search for any other cakes, chocolates, balloons, and bundle options available on CakeRush. Select the desired cake flavours and choose your timeslot for delivery. Some cakes come in large, small, and medium sizes so be sure to check the size youve chosen. Include a sweet heartfelt message for a personalised touch. Now youre ready to head to checkout. There are a variety of payment options to choose from. Credit card payments would be most favoured while E-Payments and E-Wallets are also accepted. Once payment is made, you will receive a tracking number and updates on your delivery.

Be sure to place your orders before 2PM daily to receive your order within the time frame. Once youre done, go ahead and enjoy your delicious cakes brought to your by CakeRush.

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What Size Is A Costco Cake

Although Costco advertises their cake as a sheet cake, Costco cakes are actually half sheet cakes, which measure 12 inches by 16 inches. Half sheet cakes serve approximately 48 people, meaning youll be able to cut your cake into 48 square two-inch pieces.

If youre looking for something smaller, you can still cut grocery costs by shopping at your local Costco bakery.

In addition to half sheet cakes, Costcos bakery department also offers premade cakes, brownies, cookies, and various other bakery items.

To check out your local stores offerings, call your local store to talk to a bakery team member or visit Costcos website.

Pepe the frog custom cake, only at Costco ????


Best For Chocolate Lovers: Carousel Cakes

Carousel Cakes

  • Only ships four days per week

If your birthday recipient loves chocolate, you may want to browse the goodies from Carousel Cakes of Nanuet, New York. Founded in 1965, Carousel is a trusted institution. The bakery’s online menu offers a large selection of cakes, 16 made with chocolate, including Chocolate Rum Cake, New York Blackout, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.

In addition to its chocolate specialties, Carousel also crafts quintessential birthday flavors like its Nonpareil “Giggle” Cake. All of Carousel’s cakes are certified kosher.

Carousel ships their cakes through Goldbelly or NYC Delivery Doorman and also has in-person sales for less money at their bakery outlet store. For example, the Chocolate Outrage Cake sells for $49 at Goldbelly and $17 at the store.

Shipments are only Monday through Friday, so we advise taking that into consideration when planning your purchase.

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What Cakes Are Available At Costco

Although Costco offers endless options for customization, the retailers cakes are only available in two flavors: white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse topped in vanilla buttercream frosting or chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate buttercream.

In recent years, Costco has cut back significantly on their available cake flavors. In the United States, Costcos carrot cake sheet cakefilled with apricot mousse and topped with cream cheese icing and almondsused to be a customer favorite.

Internationally, Costco offers an even more impressive selection, with warehouses in Australia offering customers the option to mix and match different types of cake to create their own custom flavors.

Despite Costcos limited flavors, customers still praise Costco cakes quality, freshness, and taste, making them a popular option for birthdays, grad parties, and even weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birthday Cake

Always Ready! Dog Birthday Cakes With Same

Q.1 Which Are The Best Birthday Cakes That I Can Order?

Ans. The best-selling birthday cakes are- Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Heart-Shaped Cakes, Designer Cakes, & Fondant Cakes.

Q.2 Does Ferns N Petals Guarantee Fresh Birthday Cake Delivery?

Ans. We guarantee you an oven-fresh cake quality. Quality is our prime USP and we would never disappoint our customers on that aspect.

Q.3 Can I Get A Birthday Cake At Midnight or Same Day of Order Placement?

Ans. Yes, we offer midnight & same-day delivery services for all our birthday cakes. Just notify us your desired time and we will reach the doorstep!

Q.4 Are Candles & Knives Included With Your Cake Delivery?

Ans. Yes, all the cakes of Ferns N Petals come packed securely in sturdy boxes along with candles and knife.

Q.5 Do You Deliver Birthday Cake In My City?

Ans. Currently, Ferns N Petals offers a timely cake delivery in 400+ Indian locations. From mega cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru to small towns like Jamshedpur, Jalandhar, or Almora we are available almost everywhere.

Q.6 Can I Send Birthday Cakes To International Locations?

Ans. Yes, of course, you can send birthday cakes to international locations very easily. The services of Ferns N Petals are available in more than 170 countries worldwide and thus you can send birthday cake to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc.

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Deliver Cakes On The Same Day To Kl Klang Valley And Penang

Same-day delivery is available across all big cities and townships in Malaysia. Whether you live up north in Penang, or in the central region of Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, get your cakes sent to your location of choice on within the next few hours of the day.

How do we do it? With the benefit of online shopping, your orders can be made using our website on a desktop or mobile device. You can choose a timeslot for your cake to be delivered during the day. There are an average of 4 timeslots per day. Thanks to our efficient delivery partners, we can get your desired cake to you in no time!

How Much Is A Costco Cake

When it comes to custom cakes, Costco offers some of the most affordable options on the market. If you order a half sheet from Costco, youll pay just $18.99 to feed 48 people, totaling approximately 39 cents per person.

Costcos cakes are significantly more affordable than other grocery stores, including Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger.

While you can expect to pay $30 for a basic half sheet cake at Walmart, Krogers basic half sheet cake costs $35.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods famous berry Chantilly cake will cost you $90 for a half sheet at the more expensive end of the spectrum.

Although youll likely end up paying a few more dollars for customization, Costcos prices remain unmatched.

The cost of a custom cake at a high-end bakery can easily cost you double or triple the price of a Costco cake, and even the cost of a small, four-inch cake at your local bakeshop will probably end up costing you a few dollars more.

My son turned 5 yesterday!! ????And we bought the birthday sheet cake from Costco the one that feeds 48 guests.We didnt have a bday party, but we bought a 48 people cake for FOUR people. Sooooo Im having cake for breakfast. ????????????????

Leila Tualla

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Best For Vegan Birthday Cakes: Yvonnes Vegan Kitchen

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Why We Chose It: These vegan cakes come in a wide variety of flavors with beautiful decorations, and many can be customized.

ProsCakes can be ordered in a variety of sizesSome customization available

Not all cakes are available for shippingOnly ships MondayThursday

This popular vegan bakery offers 20 different cake options with beautiful, on-trend decorations. Flavors include triple chocolate, crème de menthe, and vanilla-lemon with raspberry jam buttercream. While the Pasadena-based company calls attention to the fact that all of its goods are vegan, the cakes are also gluten-free. And unlike the majority of mail-order bakeries, Yvonnes allows you to add customized flavors and decorations. Depending on which cake you choose, you can opt to add berries, nuts, or jam between the layers or decorate the cake with more berries or nuts, additional sprinkles, or frosting text.

No customization Only ships once a week

Send Birthday Cake Online With Ferns N Petals


Birthdays are incomplete without Cakes! The practice of cutting a cake on Birthday, blowing the candles and making a wish is age old. Birthdays are special as they make you a year older, wiser and mature. They definitely call for a big celebration and no celebration is complete without a cake. An ideal birthday party scene is friends and family gathered around singing happy birthday and there is a delicious and tempting birthday cake made for the party. With the kind of busy lives that people have, there is almost no time for baking a birthday cake. Well, fret not! Ferns N Petals comes to your rescue! We have the best and the yummiest cakes for making your celebrations super special! Cakes are associated with celebrations, cherished childhood memories, cake fights, surprise parties etc. Understanding the importance of cakes and getting the taste and flavour right, is what we specialize in. Our skilled cake artists ensure that every order is crafted to perfection so that you can have a memorable cake for your special occasions.

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