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Publix Bakery: Quick Tips For Ordering Your Cake Online

Order Custom Bakery Cakes with Publix Online Easy Ordering

It doesnt matter what youre celebrating, our bakery items can help put your party over the top. We know how hectic planning a party can be, and we want to make things just a little bit easier for you. So weve introduced online ordering for cakes and bakery platters. Awesome we know! Keep reading to find out more about what you can order online and helpful tips to help you navigate the process.

Can You Order A Cake From Publix Online

In all Publix Super Markets, bakery cakes are now available through the companys Online Easy Ordering . Publixs Bakery Cakes section can be found on its website, where customers can order existing recipe cakes, create their own from scratch, or choose a theme cake with custom flavors and filling options.

How Much Does A Publix Wedding Cake Cost

A wedding cake can cost anywhere from $295 to $470, depending on the size, customization, and type of cake selected. A plain cake with no decoration or additional tiers will usually range between $220 and $420. At the same time, those decorated with multiple layers may run you around 25-45% more than for a basic model.

There are many options to choose from, but you will find a short estimate for the most common Publix wedding cakes in the table below.

Type of Wedding Cake Price Quoted
3-tier cake with a size of either 8 or 6 for round layers and a buttercream layer that serves 15 to 20 guests $105 + $7 for filling
Creme cake +10% per tier

Note: To budget for a wedding, we recommend multiplying the total by five if 100 guests are attending. If 20 or fewer guests are expected to attend your event, then use this quote as an estimate only.

A bride from the forum said that the wedding cake cost her $370 for more than 250 people and was made by Publix.

According to the CakeCentral forum, an 8, 10, 12-inch layered cake filled with fondant was $450, while the same size cake made of buttercream frosting instead cost only $300.

According to, a wedding cake for an average of 100 people from Publix will cost about $420.

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Can You Buy Publix Sushi With Food Stamps

Order Custom Bakery Cakes with Publix Online Easy Ordering ...

Yes, you can buy sushi with food stamps at Publix. Since sushi is a premade refrigerated item, you can purchase it using your SNAP/EBT card.

As long as youre not planning to eat your sushi inside the store, paying with EBT will not be an issue. Most cold food items that are not meant to be consumed where purchased are covered with SNAP/EBT benefits

Keep in mind that you can also buy fish and meat with food stamps and EBT card.

However, some stores will be strict about only buying items that have not been further prepared beyond being packaged by employees in the seafood department.

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What Do I Need To Remember When Ordering Cakes Online

  • Remember to make sure you have chosen the correct store before you place your order.
  • If youve chosen a design your own cake or special edition cake and added it to your order, you will be directed to a page to verify details about the cake youve chosen. This page will have the option to remove, copy or edit your order, as well as an option to add instructions to it. Remember to read over this page very carefully before submitting.
  • Remember to double check the spelling of any messages you want added to the cake.
  • After youve selected your cake and reviewed the final details, remember to hit the Schedule order button.
  • Once you schedule the order, you will fill out your information: name, email, and pickup time. Remember to click Submit Order to send the information to the store.

What Type Of Cakes Does Publix Make

Starting with cake flavors, choose from: chocolate, vanilla, marble, strawberry, Superfetti, Black Forest, German chocolate, carrot and red velvet. Looking for extra flavor? Try adding a delicious filling such cannoli cream, fresh strawberry, vanilla custard, chocolate pudding, raspberry and many more.

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What Are Publix Cake Prices

Compared to other grocery store cake prices, Publix offers relatively affordable cakes, with prices starting at $20.99 for traditional 8 design-your-own cakes. Although Publix specialty cakes will end up costing you more, theyre still a more affordable option than many chain bakeries.

Unlike other grocery store bakeries, such as Whole Foods and Walmart, Publix typically does not sell 4 or 6 round cakes of its own. Instead, the smallest size available for most of their themed and custom cakes is 7 or 8.

However, some Publix bakeries may offer 5 or 6 cakes that can be customized, so its best to confirm the available sizes with your local bakery.

Meanwhile, Publix signature cakes, including their customer-favorite Creamy Cookies cake, are only available as sheet cakes.

As a result, if youre only looking to serve a few people, Publix cupcakes might be the best option for your budget.

Publix also offers great deals on cakes for little ones. When you order an 8 round cake or ¼ sheet cake that says Happy 1st Birthday, youll get a free 7 single-layer round cake for your little one to enjoy.

Publix sheet cake and round cake prices are as follows. If youre planning to order a premade specialty cake or themed cake, keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the specific cake.


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Where To Buy Diabetic Cakes For Birthdays

For all the health-conscious people out there, these cakes are just for you, Sugarless cakes may be a good choice for diabetics patients, but they are still as delicious as their sweetened counterparts, and you would at no point feel that they lack sugar-they are that good! Baked to perfection by trained pastry chefs, these cakes spell ‘deliciousness’ in every sense of the taste buds.

Let MyFlowerTree be your compadre when it comes to same day delivery and even midnight gift delivery of delicious, sugar free cakes. Order for diabetic cakes to buy, we deliver Sugar Free cakes Online to all cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida & other 450 cities across India. So go ahead and browse, for the sugar free cake of your choice.

Publix Baby Shower Cakes

Preparing for the addition of a baby to a family is always a daunting task. Therefore, baby showers are one way a family can obtain much-needed items for their new baby while simultaneously celebrating the upcoming birth. After the gifts are given and the games are finished, most guests look forward to enjoying a slice of cake.

Thats the moment when Publix cakes can make from a special evening, a surprising one! They are a great option for any baby shower host who wants to provide guests with a delicious cake for an approximately affordable price. Yes, they are pricier than the others cakes we discussed here. On the other hand, they are better looking too.

Moreover, several baby-themed sheet cakes are available in multiple flavors including marble, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet. Not to mention that you can also choose the feeling: buttercream or cream cheese icing.

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How To Get Your Dream Wedding Cake From Publix + 8 Must

For better or for worse brings a whole new meaning to wedding planning thanks to the ongoing pandemic, making many couples rethink how they want to get married. From mini-monies to intimate backyard ceremonies, the type of wedding might have changed, but the details like the dress, flowers + cakestill matter.

Despite changes to other aspects of a wedding, about 83% of couples still plan on having some type of cake-cutting ceremony. Keeping with tradition? Heres how you can get a custom yet affordable wedding cake from Publix.

With a four-week notice, Publix can make you thecustomized wedding cakeof your dreams .

Publix Online Easy Ordering Rolls Out For Bakery Cakes

Publix Adds Cakes to Online Ordering

Publix is expanding its Online Easy Ordering offerings at all stores to include bakery cakes.

Our customers look to Publix to provide high-quality cakes for all their milestone celebrations, said Maria Brous, Publix director of media and community relations. Offering decorated cakes, special edition cakes and decadent desserts through OEO is another way to extend premier customer service and add convenience to event planning.

In September 2012, Publix introduced OEO by offering sliced meats and cheeses, and custom subs and wraps through a 50-store pilot. Based on its success, OEO began rolling out companywide in July 2013. In October 2014, Publix added bakery, deli and seafood platters and deli holiday dinners to its online offerings. OEO for bakery cakes was tested in 50 stores across several market areas earlier this year to better understand customer response and overall performance.

Wedding cakes and custom trendy or specialty cakes are not offered online because of the intricacies and personalization of these cakes. Instead, customers should call or stop by Publix.

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How Can I Save Money

For those on a budget, buying a plain cake and decorating on your own saves you the most money. If youre willing to put in some time and effort into making an attractive-looking cake for all of your guests enjoyment, consider saving at least $60 to $100 and make it into a DIY project.

You can save money when you buy discounted gift cards from for Publix.

Does Publix Take Ebt For Cakes

Publix accepts EBT for cakes. Most bakery items like bread, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes are eligible for EBT. Some Publix stores may also take EBT for custom cake orders.

The law states that EBT cannot be used to purchase ready-to-eat or hot foods prepared on-site. This would include items at the bakery and deli.

Cakes are premade refrigerated items, so paying with an EBT card would not be an issue. However, a custom cake sits in a fine line. If you are purchasing a custom cake for a celebration, this may not be covered with EBT since it is made to order.

Therefore, you should contact your Publix store directly and ask if they would accept EBT payment for custom cake orders.

This will be on a case-by-case basis, depending on how custom cakes are coded at stores. Therefore, some variations may occur with the rules.


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Does Publix Take Ebt

Although Publix has accepted EBT payments in stores for a while now, they could not process EBT payments for online orders until April 2021. This new expansion of the SNAP/EBT program has made grocery shopping through their chain more accessible to consumers of all income levels.

Publix takes EBT on eligible food items purchased in-store and online orders placed through Instacart for delivery or pickup. Most food items are covered with SNAP/EBT benefits. In addition, you can buy cold subs, sushi, and cakes using your EBT card at Publix.

If you have access to an EBT card and food stamps, it is important to know how to use your benefits to save on each grocery trip. In this article, well expand on topics related to food assistance for those using their SNAP/EBT card at Publix.

Hey there Customers in the U.S. can use EBT on online orders from Aldi, Food Lion, and Publix in select states. Check out this link: . Please feel free to send us a message if you need any further assistance. Were here to help! Éloise


How To Order A Cake From Publix Online

Chantilly Cake: A Decadent Dessert from Publix Bakery

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Publix Bakery Quick Tips For Ordering Your Cake Online Publix

Publix Bakery Quick Tips For Ordering Your Cake Online Publix

Publix Adds Cakes To Online Ordering Williamson Source

Product Details Publix Super Markets

Product Details Publix Super Markets

Product Details Publix Super Markets

Publix Adds Cakes To Online Ordering Supermarket News

Product Details Publix Super Markets

Publix Cakes Prices Delivery Options Cakesprice Com

Product Details Publix Super Markets

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Publix Wedding Cake Details

At Publix, you can find a wide variety of sizes in the wedding cake section. From 6 inches to as much as 20 inches, theres something for everyone.

When you order a cake, the available flavors are marble, chocolate, vanilla, or a special combo of these. There is also Red Velvet or carrot with any kind of icing you want: cream cheese, buttercream, rolled fondant , or fudge.

You might also like our articles about the cost of Nothing Bundt cakes, Cake Boss cakes, or wedding cakes in general.

The vast selection of fillings at the bakery means there is something for everyone. In addition to classics like vanilla custard, cherry, or lemon, there are also exciting options such as cannoli, raspberry, and German chocolate cake. Additional flavors may be available on request.

However, customers can choose from four kinds of icings, five flavors, and eight types of fillings. In addition to these choices, there are also 24 standard colors that you can add on top.

You can browse all of the designs on their official wedding cake page. The variety is wide, from a Blossoming Romance theme to a Classic Rose. There are more than 50 options available, so youre sure to find something unique and beautiful for your special day.

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