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Walmart employees refuse to bake cake for retired cop

There is a huge amount of choice available when it comes to customizing a Walmart cake. Following is a breakdown of all of the options available to you when designing your own custom Walmart cake:

Size and Format

Italian Loaf $1.00

Keep in mind that according to the Walmart location you visit, the prices for their baked goods might differ. Also, you might find a variety of other baked goods not included in the table above. However, the products mentioned are typically sold in every Walmart bakery across the country.

Your Complete Guide To Walmart Cake Ordering And Bakery

Walmart Cake Ordering

The Walmart cake ordering process is not tedious as you might assume. Whether youre planning a birthday party or a graduation party, selecting the right cake is critical.

Fortunately, with Walmarts custom cake options, you can design the ideal cake for your next special occasion at a fraction of the cost of traditional grocery stores.

Whether youre planning a birthday party or a graduation party, selecting the right cake is critical.

Fortunately, with Walmarts custom cake options, you can design the ideal cake for your next special occasion at a fraction of the cost of traditional grocery stores.

Well look at how to order a cake from Walmart, whether Walmart accepts custom orders, and the ins and outs of Walmarts custom cake options in this article.

Walmart Offers Birthday Cakes

Walmart offers a wide range of customizable and ready-made cakes. You can make affordable, attractive birthday cakes from any one of these cakes.

Walmart cakes are customizable and can be customized with up to 50 characters.

Each of their cookie or round cakes, as well as the sheet and sheet-shaped, can be personalized for birthday treats. A full sheet is capable of feeding up to 96.

Walmarts page on custom cakes also shows that there are many cakes they can make that will be suitable for your childs party.

Walmart offers free toddler birthday smash cakes.

These small cakes are perfect for kids to enjoy with their hands on their birthdays.

All you have to do is spend minimum $15 on the cake or cupcakes. When you place your order, ask for the smash cake.

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Our Pick: Bake Me A Wish

Claim To Fame: Gourmet cakes and bakery gifts are delivered overnight, nationwide. Each mail order cake is delivered in an elegant gift box with a greeting card.

Image: Bake Me A Wish

About Bake Me A Wish Cakes:Bake Me A Wish doesnt stop at traditional vanilla and chocolate birthday cake flavors. This is the place to go if youre looking for a wide variety of flavor options.

Here are just a few that may strike your fancy: Tiramisu Classico, Salted Caramel, Tres Leches, Vesuvius , Butterscotch Pudding, Limoncello, Boston Cream and Coconut Cream. Yum!

Also Available from Bake Me A Wish:Cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, pies, gift towers and baskets filled with treats

Walmart Cakes: Your Guide To Ordering Cakes From Walmart Bakery

Pin on Birthdays

Whether youre planning your next birthday celebration or graduation party, choosing the right cake is essential. Fortunately, with Walmarts custom cake options, you can create the perfect cake for your next special event at a fraction of the price of traditional grocery stores.

Walmarts bakery department is full of delicious, ready-made cakes, but you can also order a custom cake from Walmart in-store or online for your next special occasion. Walmarts extensive cake selection offers affordable options in different sizes, flavors, and designs, with the option to add a custom message.

In this article, well take a look at how you can order a cake from Walmart, whether Walmart accepts custom orders and the ins and outs of Walmarts custom cake options.

We understand, Maria! Our cakes will be there whenever the occasion arises to pick one up. Thank you for shopping with us!

Walmart May 30, 2021

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What Flavor Wedding Cakes Do Walmart Make

  • Walmart allows you to order a variety of colors and flavors for your Walmart wedding cake.
  • The sponge can be ordered in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, marble or chocolate. You also have the option to choose strawberry or Bavarian cheese for its filling.

    Also, there are many options for buttercream-style or whipped icing. Here are some examples of colors that you have the option to choose:

  • Light pink
  • Check out Walmarts catalog of party cakes for additional information.

    The ‘year Of The Cake’

    Using a mobile device or computer, customers can customize the store’s sheet cakes, including the flavor, the color, and style of buttercream, filling, decoration, and message, all without having to visit the store.

    Some of the themed cakes, including its Unicorn Creations Kit Cake and Super Mario Kart Kit Cake, are also available to order online.

    “We’re giving you a solution for your party without having to come to the store first to place that order. You’re now able to do that online. And I’ll tell you, that’s probably the thing we are most excited about, and we call this ‘the year of the cake’ because of that.

    The online ordering for sheet cakes is only the first step. The goal is to add more complicated designs eventually.

    “We are refining what we have right now,” said Thomas.

    In addition to the classic sheet cakes, Walmart is now selling basic and premium custom cupcakes, $5 five-inch cakes, decorated bundt cakes, and two and three-tiered cakes.

    They’re also offering a free “smash” cake, commonly used for photo ops at one-year birthdays, with a purchase of a special bakery item of $14.98 or higher.

    “We are in an era where mom wants to show off. Walmart actually has some great amazing two-tier cakes, and we also do wedding cakes, which is a three-tier cake for under $150,” said Thomas.

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    Walmart Cakes Are Perfect For Childrens Birthday Parties

    According to customers who have purchased Walmart cakes in the past, the desserts are best for a childrens birthday party.

    That said, if youre throwing a birthday party for an infant and need a smash cake, Walmarts are perfect. Not only are Walmart cakes tasty, but theyre inexpensive and wont break the bank.

    Essentially, if you dont want to spend a ton of money on a cake, Walmarts bakery is a good option.

    Does Walmart Bake Their Own Cakes

    Walmart Cake Makeover

    Similar to cakes from Costco and Whole Foods, Walmarts cakes and cupcakes arrive at the store already baked. After receiving a shipment, Walmart freezes their cakes and takes them out of the freezer to decorate as needed.

    While Walmarts sheet cakes come from Pillsbury, their round cakes come from Best Brands in Minnesota. In other words, if you liked Pillsburys boxed cake mix, chances are youll like Walmart cakes.

    If you have allergies, contact your local bakery department with any questions because Walmarts pre-baked cakes contain milk, coconut, eggs, wheat, and soy.

    They are not suitable for anyone vegan or vegetarian. Some Walmart cakes may also contain peanuts and other dairy products.

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    The Walmart Bakery Is Where The Crotilla Was Invented

    We all remember the infamous cronut trend circa 2013. The donut-croissant concoction became an icon of millennial culture and has set off a frenzy of mashup innovations since then. One such trendy treat comes straight from the Walmart bakery, and it’s known as the Crotilla. This hybrid flatbread is a cross between a flaky croissant and a tortilla, and they’re baked fresh in stores every day.

    Walmart says its Crotillas were created with millennials in mind convenient, portable and perfect for eating on the go during a busy day. And the possibilities for what you can do with them are endless. Walmart suggests Crotillas “can be used for everything from breakfast sandwiches to Indian food.” Or perhaps try using a Crotilla to make a personal pizza or even turn one into dessert with some sweet toppings. This snack is practically begging you to get creative.

    Our Pick: Baked In Color

    Claim To Fame:The original rainbow chocolate chip cookie and the Happiest Cookies on Earth

    About Baked In Color Cookie Cakes:As their name suggests, COLOR is the name of the game at this fun bakery.

    Made with super colorful dough, these huge rainbow cookie cakes are rolled and twisted to create a unique sweet treat. No two cookie cakes are the same!

    In addition to the classic Rainbow Chocolate Chip, other flavors include Brownie Oreo, Funfetti Cookie and Cookies N Cream. There is even an option to choose your own colors.

    Also Available from Baked In Color:Choose Your Own Color Cookie Gift Tins, College Colors Cookie Gifts, Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies and Seasonal Treats

    Claim To Fame:Cakes so good that they got a deal on Shark Tank!

    The company is based in South Caroline. Their hand-crafted cakes are rich with southern family tradition and use recipes handed down through the generations.

    About Daisy CakesHeads up to the chocolate lovers! Daisys classic chocolate cake has four layers of rich chocolate cake. Each layer has a semi-sweet chocolate ganache that is delicately spread by hand. The entire cake is finished with a thick coating of fudge icing.

    Also AvailableA wide array of classic cake flavors plus minikins which are cakes in a jar. Birthday cake delivery is offered via Goldbelly.

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    Our Pick: Duff Goldman

    Claim To Fame: Jaw-dropping cakes by celebrity and fun-loving baker Duff Goldman from the hit show Ace of Cakes. His playful personality definitely shines through in his cake designs.

    Image: Duff Goldman Cakes

    About Duff Goldman Cakes:You wont be able to order Duffs dazzling custom cakes online

    But you can still get a taste of his delicious creations with a selection of fun cakes available on Goldbelly.

    Take a look at the classic birthday cake as well as the red and blue velvet cakes.

    If youre feeling creative, you may also want to check out the DIY cake kits which would be super fun for kids birthdays or other special occasions.

    You can order cakes by mail for nationwide shipping with Goldbelly.

    Home of the legendary PieCaken: a delicious pie and cake mashup

    Image: PieCaken

    About PieCaken Cakes:The PieCaken is a sight to behold. It is a crazy 4-in-1 layer dessert that you can order on Goldbelly. Can you imagine getting this in the mail?!

    It includes Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Spice Cake, and Apple Pie all layered together with cinnamon buttercream. This is the perfect birthday cake for the dessert lover in your life.

    Besides the original PieCaken mentioned above, there are also seasonal, limited-edition desserts.

    For example, in December the Christmas PieCaken is offered. This 6-pound show-stopper layer dessert includes pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake, red velvet cake and cherry pie.

    Walmart Cake Prices Designs And Ordering Process

    The Bakery Chocolate Celebration Cake

    by | Aug 12, 2019 | O Z Cake Manufacturers |

    The proverbially low Walmart cake prices arent the only reason you should get excited about Walmarts specialty cakes. You can expect the cakes at the Walmart bakery to be not only highly affordable but also beautiful and delicious.

    Our guide will shed light upon the Walmart cake prices, including those of Walmart wedding cake prices , while revealing other important details as well. Well also talk about Walmart bakery prices in general, like prices for their cupcakes, donuts, cookies, vegan specialties, and more.

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    What Are Walmart Cake Prices

    Walmarts cakes are available in multiple sizes: round cake, sheet cake, and cupcake . While a full sheet cake will cost you $43 before customization, a single-layer 8 round cake costs $7.50, and a 12-count cupcake cake costs $10.

    In addition to full sheet cakes, Walmart also sells ½ sheet, ¼ sheet, and sheet cakes, which cost $30, $19, and $10 before customization, respectively.

    If youre planning to order a custom cake, Walmart offers both a wide selection of pre-designed custom cake options for different occasions, as well as the option to create your own custom cake.

    Walmarts preset custom cake options start at $23.98 for a ¼ sheet, $36.98 for a ½ sheet, and $49.98 for a full sheet, with the option to add strawberry or bavarian cream filling for an extra $3.

    During the personalization process, youll also have the option to add a customized message and choose the cakes flavor free of charge.

    Its definitely important to keep the wedding cake safe! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. -Red


    Walmarts Bakery Offers Trademarked Designs

    As previously mentioned, Walmart is the perfect place to order a cake for a kids birthday party.

    Further, one reason for this is that Walmarts bakery has a wide variety of licensed characters and trademarked designs.

    For example, Walmarts custom cakes include Marvel characters, PAW Patrol, and Super Mario-themed designs.

    Moreover, this is a distinguishing factor for Walmart cakes, as other grocery stores dont offer trademarked designs.

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    Does Walmart Make Wedding Cakes

    Especially if youre planning a big wedding, Walmarts cake prices are highly affordable, allowing you to serve all your guests without breaking the bank. Walmarts custom two-tiered cakes, which serve up to 64 guests, are ideal for bigger weddings, costing just $68 before customization.

    When you order a tiered cake from Walmart, youll be able to choose the flavor of each tier.

    During the cake ordering process, youll also be able to add a custom handwritten message, choose the type of icing, and add any other unique design details that youd like on your wedding cake.

    Alternatively, if youre planning a smaller wedding celebration, Walmart also offers ¼ and ½ sheet cakes, along with full sheet wedding cakes.

    If youre not sure how many servings youll need, Walmarts online cake ordering form provides an estimate of how many guests each cake will feed.

    If you have any questions about designing your wedding cake, stop by your local Walmart bakery or call the bakery department to speak to a team member.

    Further Information About Placing Your Order

    Let’s bake a mini cherry pie | I Got It At Walmart: Smart Lab Tiny Baking
    • Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. In this way you give the bakery a chance to perfect your order for your custom cakes.
    • During this spare time, they can also contact you if they have any questions regarding your unique design choice for the birthday, graduation, or baby shower cakes.
    • If you are placing an order for a wedding cake, you should place it at least 3-8 days in advance.

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    Cake Reviews From Real Customers

    Customer Judy shares that her daughter’s wedding cake from Walmart was “gorgeous and delicious.” She also raves that it was packaged great for transporting. On the other hand, some customers complain their designs look “amateur” and even start sliding as the event goes on. To test out the decorators in your bakery, order something smaller and simpler like a dozen custom cupcakes and see how they turn out before you buy a cake.

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