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Cons Of Buying A Walmart Wedding Cake

Turning a $20 Grocery Store Cake into a $500 Wedding Cake!

If you want a custom design or an unusual cake flavor, you’ll likely find more suitable options at a different bakery. f you have gourmet tendencies or are looking for a cake that will blow your taste buds away, you’ll probably have to pay for a pricier recipe than what Walmart can offer.

  • There isn’t a lot of choice among Walmart wedding cakes. You only have a few flavors to choose from.
  • Walmart’s cakes aren’t going to start any new viral wedding trends because they follow typically tastes.
  • There’s no delivery, you’ll have to have someone you know transport the cake.

How Much Is A Wedding Cake At Walmart

A wedding is a very important event in a person’s life. We have compiled information about How Much Is A Wedding Cake At Walmart from a wide variety of sources for you.,and%20size.%20How%20Much%20Do%20Walmart%20Cakes%20Cost%3F

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices And Pictures

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices And Pictures. Ad compare prices on wedding cake with cupcakes in bakeware. The range is as low as $1.50 and as high as $12.00 per slice.

Pink glitter happily ever after acrylic wedding cake topper. For the purpose of pricing a wedding cake, we are setting our example below on a buttercream covered wedding cake decorated with flowers. 2 lbs 3 oz $14.98.


Walmart bakery cakes that are tiered are perfect for large weddings and serve up. In addition to full sheet cakes, walmart also sells ½ sheet, ¼ sheet, and sheet cakes, which cost $30,.


Bar cakes also come in at a similar price range at $14.98, so its clear just how great walmart cake prices are across. Peg818 posted 22 aug 2005 , 11:44pm.


The wedding cake prices at walmart are separated into two main categories, depending on how tall you want the cake to be. Gold glitter happily ever after acrylic wedding cake topper.


2 lbs 3 oz $14.98. Sylvia weinstock) charge closer to $20 a slice.


Ad compare prices on wedding cake with cupcakes in bakeware. Below you will find approximate serving sizes and approximate wedding cake prices for:


The savings are too much to handle! Choosing a bakery for your wedding cake is a big deal.

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How Much Does A Sheet Cake Cost At Walmart

Your order will be waiting for you at your local Walmart Bakery. Fully Customizable Sheet Cake $9.98 $47.98. Free pickup. Customize cake. Fully Customizable Round Cake $9.98 $41.00. The Mandalorian the Child Licensed Kit Sheet Cake $23.98 $56.98. Free pickup. Customize cake. Star Wars The Mandalorian the Child Licensed Kit Round

Other Desserts For Your Wedding

Fake Wedding Cake White Two Tier Rosette Prop Decoration Dezicakes ...

The other cool thing about Sams Club, is you can get a variety of desserts for cheap and add them to your cake table! Like I said, we went with the gourmet cupcakes and barely had any left at the end!

Choose from their: -and so much more!

I mean, who doesnt love a good dessert bar?!

Sams Club also offers party trays if you are looking for a low-fuss, additional wedding catering options. These include popular dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, pastries and fruits.

You may also wish to explore Sams Club flower arrangement service. Options start at just $114.

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Tier Wedding Cake At Walmart For 13900

Wedding Cakes and Food Discussion Forum I went in Walmart the other day and noticed that they were selling three tiered wedding cakes for $139!So I requested for a taste, which turned out to be very amazing!In comparison to all of the bakeries I have visited, Walmarts cake was by far the best!The only restriction is that you may only choose a cake from their collection of designs, which were all stunning!For those of you brides who didnt think you could afford a conventional wedding cake, heres something to consider:

**what Does Your Walmart Charge For A Full Sheet**

  • Cakesbgood Posted on May 26, 2006, at 2:53 a.m.
  • Im in Columbus, and the pricing for a sheet is the same as it was in New York: $35-40.
  • Our Giant Eagle is even less expensive than that at Krogers!
  • However, all of the bakery cakes sold in grocery stores are frozen.I used to work in the deli and later the bakery at Big Bear until it went out of business, and Ive also worked in the deli/bakery at Krogers.They keep everything frozen in their large freezers, and when an order is placed, they bring it out and add some frosting and a few decorations to make it seem more appealing.Then, of course, they maintain some that are adorned and on show so that you can simply go in and take them.Theyll generally write anything on it for you right away IF you can find someone who knows how to do it since, in most cases, if the designer isnt available, no one else knows how to even do it at most of these establishments!And, yes, they mix up massive amounts of icing at once it comes in a large bag, and they simply pour some water into it before running it through the mixer.

    When I go to Krogers, I always take a peek at the cakes, its a habit.And the flowers on top of the cakes arent even that attractive they appear to have been made with runny icing and are sagging on the cakes surface.However, it is quite difficult to perform it from home and generate revenue when they are so inexpensive on theirs!

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    Why Choose Walmart Cake With Affordable Prices

    Walmart cakes are attractive due to their fair prices. However, there is also another reason why so many people choose to head to their nearest Walmart for all things cake.

    Meanwhile, the cakes provided by Walmart can be also customized to fit your exact needs and preferences. Moreover, everything from the flavor of the cake to the decorations and icing can all be customized. There are so many choices available that it makes Walmart the perfect option for finding that special cake that youve been looking for.

    Thus, every single aspect of a Walmart cake can be fully customized. There is a very large selection of options available, like cake flavors and designs to suit any occasion. Also, the retail giant even sells cakes with licensed characters and movies, upscale and special occasion cakes, sports-themed cakes, and photograph cakes.

    With this in mind, you can find a Walmart cake for every single occasion life throws your way. Plus you get to choose every aspect of the cake to suit that occasion exactly. They let you decide on every little part of the cake so that it can be fully customized to your liking. Ensuring that you will be delighted with the result.

    You can add a personal touch to all of Walmarts bakery cakes from classic cakes. Such as a round cake or a sheet cake to less common options, such as a large cupcake cake or a message cookie. The sky is the limit when customizing Walmart cakes.

    Walmart Makes What Flavor Wedding Cakes

    $50 Wedding Cake in Less Than 30 Minutes!
  • Walmart provides a large choice of flavors and colors, allowing you to customize the flavor of your wedding cake to your preferences.
  • When it comes to the sponge itself, you may select from white, chocolate, marble, or yellow sponge, and for the filling, you can choose between strawberry or Bavarian cream. In addition, there are several possibilities for frosting in the buttercream style or whipped icing. Some of the colors you may pick from include, for example, the following: Light pink, royal blue, teal, and chocolate are among the colors available.
  • More information may be found in the Celebration Cake Catalog available at Walmart.
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    What’s Great About Walmart Wedding Cakes

    Many of Walmart’s decorators have plenty of experience doing simple white cakes with minimal decorations. If you don’t want an intricate or custom design on your cake, their wedding catalog may have just what you’re seeking.

    • It’s hard to beat Walmart’s bakery when it comes to cheap prices.
    • Walmart’s cakes tend to be moist and have a good taste. Their flavors and fillings are among the most popular options, so they’re likely to please most wedding guests.
    • Walmart can produce most traditional designs for you.
    • You only need to order about a week in advance.

    How Much Does A Walmart Wedding Cake Cost

    There is no flat rate for Walmarts custom wedding cakes. The price you pay for a Walmart wedding cake will depend on exactly what you want.

    For example, a three-tiered wedding cake with iced figures of you and your fiancé will cost more than a single-tiered wedding cake with a more simple design.

    However, Walmart wedding cakes will typically be very affordable.

    As a general guide, you can expect to pay around $60 for a two-tiered wedding cake from Walmart, and around $140 for a three-tier wedding cake.

    If you are on a tighter budget, you may want to visit Costco, which can do basic wedding cakes starting from $19.99.

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    Why Is The Walmart Bakery So Good

    Quality is a priority at Walmarts bakery As per the brand, staff members work hard to maintain the quality of their products. They also claim to put in the effort required to step outside their comfort zone to come up with options that are top-notch. Basically, the brand is transparent about its commitment to quality.

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    Walmart Birthday Cakes Summary

    Wedding Cakes

    Walmart provides the following cake types/sizes: sheet , round , cupcake cake , cookie cake , and a multi-tier cake . Each of these types can come with its own sizing as shown within the parenthesis.

    Tastes, depending upon the kind of cake you do go for, can be white chocolate, black chocolate, yellow, marble, tres leches, and chocolate chip.

    Icing flavor choices consist of white, chocolate, color, whipped, or but-r-creme.

    While youre at Walmart, you can also get fried chicken, get a fishing license, or change your tires.

    Filling choices are offered, depending upon the cake and choices consist of strawberry and Bavarian.

    All Walmart pastry shops provide numerous styles to pick from, varying from 50+ accredited characters to simplified birthday styles for the first birthday, quinceanera, sweet 16, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and over the hill birthday. You can check on their website to see which styles are readily available in your regional area.

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    Sams Club Wedding Cake Pictures

    When it comes to saving money on your wedding, Sams Club Wedding Cake is the way to go! We saved so much by getting a cake from them. We decided to do an ice cream bar , so we also knew we wouldnt want/need a ton of cake. We got the 3 tiered cake, knowing we wanted to save the top tier for our one-year anniversary.

    We also ordered their gourmet cupcakes because they are SO delicious, and we figured we would give our guests a choice on what they wanted to eat for dessertcorrect answer, one of each!

    I did go a little wild with our dessert options, but everyone knows Im a sweets girl, so I had to have it all!

    We also decided that the wedding cake could be a fun part of our personalities and didnt opt for the traditional white wedding cake, and our guests loved it. As soon as I saw this mermaid cake, I knew it was perfect. We did a subtle fisherman and mermaid theme throughout our wedding, so it was the best choice!

    Another fellow bride, Sarah, also opted for a Sams Club 3 tier wedding cake, and did cupcakes and cheesecake as well. What an awesome wedding with so many dessert choices! Shes our kind of people!

    Sarah said they did a 3 Tiered Wedding Cake, and their florist gave them some flowers to add to the cake. It looked like a designer cake, and around $70?! How can you pass up such an awesome deal?!

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    The decorations only expand and grow from there as Courtney continues to show the many styles and options available for wedding cakes at Walmart.

    The next cake shown is still a three-tier white cake with white rose details on the first and third tier, but it is also rather unique and personalized.

    It has a large silver R initial on top of the cake, a turquoise band around the bottom of the second tier and a bright yellow fondant bow front and center.

    The next cake shown takes the white cake up a notch with a mold of the bride and groom on top, gold details on the white two-tier cake and white, red, orange and gold flowers in the center.

    If someone didn’t tell you, would you believe this was a Walmart cake?

    Courtney herself exclaims, “It’s stunning!” when describing the tasty dessert.

    The best part about these cakes? They start at $68 which is a fraction of the price prospective brides would get at a bakery or regular cake shop.

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    Walmart cake makers know not all brides are the same so the store has so many accents, tiers and styles to choose from that are well within the matrimonial budget.

    “I would also like to add that Walmarts cake is way better than the expensive bakery cakes I tried that were hundreds of dollars,” a viewer added in support.

    Walmart Wedding Cake Prices Are Very Affordable Compared To Most Places

    Turning A $15 Grocery Store Cake Into A Wedding Cake!

    Pictures of walmart wedding cakes. Add balls of white buttercream frosting rose petals edible flowers homemade toppers or fresh fruit. For those who are holding smaller weddings and receptions one-fourth and half sheet cakes are available along with full sheet Walmart wedding cakes. See more ideas about walmart wedding cake cake wedding cakes.

    Traditional tiered style cakes are the most popular cakes at Walmart. Walmart Wedding Cake Prices and Pictures. In addition to full sheet cakes Walmart also sells ½ sheet ¼ sheet.

    Walmarts cakes are available in multiple sizes. Walmart has 3 tiered cakes for 140. Walmarts Wedding Shop has a large selection of useful supplies you can use to plan and carry out the tasks on your to-do list.

    Three-tier round cakes serve about 134 guests. A B C E F-was not a direct Walmart link but the person says they got their cake from Walmart J K and L. The cutting of the cake is one of the most cherished memories of any wedding.

    Set a miniature wedding cake at each guest table. Since a wedding cake takes longer to make and people usually prepare for it in advance you should speak to a Walmart baker. All the other cakes were 400-1000 So my idea is to order cake J In Ivory Butter-cream not tan leave off the Walmart.

    Guests can serve themselves and they do double duty as lovely centerpieces. Gold Glitter Happily Ever After Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper. Maybe a regular cake isnt right for your wedding at all.

    3 Tier Wedding Cakes.

    Pin On My Cake

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    How Much Is A Half A Sheet

  • Cakes are often sold in quarter, half, or full sheet sizes.
  • Full sheets are 18 inches wide by 26 inches long, whereas quarter sheets are 9 inches wide by 13 inches long.
  • Half sheets are 13 inches wide by 13 inches long, and quarter sheets are 9 inches wide by 13 inches long.
  • The normal height of sheet cakes is two inches in height.
  • The number of servings per cake will vary depending on the size of the portion being prepared.

    Wedding Cake Prices: How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost

    • Wedding cake shopping is by certainly one of the most pleasurable jobs associated with wedding preparation but how much does a wedding cake cost? Something to keep in mind about wedding cake pricing is that they might vary greatly based on the type of cake that you desire. In addition to the size , the style and finish can have an impact on the price. The price of your cake may also be affected by the experience and location of the cake maker. Having said that, it is easy to have a general notion of what to expect in terms of price. With the aid of industry professionals, weve put together a comprehensive guide on wedding cake costs that will help you and your spouse feel certain that what youre spending is fair and sensible, no matter what your budget is. Well also provide you with some suggestions on how to save money along the road! READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION a collection of 21 little wedding cakes perfect for intimate wedding receptions
    • 55 Totally Different Wedding Cake Flavors That Your Guests Will Never Forget
    • 55 Totally Different Wedding Cake Flavours That Your Guests Will Never Forget
    • How to Decorate a Plain Wedding Cake in 30 Different Ways

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    How To Select Your Cake Size And Cake Format

    First question to ask is How many guests do you expect? This will tell you how big the cake must be in order to feed everyone. The general rule is that one slice of cake per guest. Of course if its kids, the slices will be smaller so you can ration. Birthday cakes are traditionally cut in 1 x 2 slices for Tiered cakes. Serving size for sheet cakes is 2 x 2 slices.

    Here are the available cake options and the amount of people it can possibly serve:

    Cake Option

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