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Its hardly been a normal year, so why settle for a normal turkey? Besides, Baskin-Robins has brought back their Turkey Ice Cream Cake which contains all the ingredients to make your Friendsgiving a memorable one. The glazed caramel praline exterior with sugar cone legs looks freakishly realand has the potential to establish an entirely new form of vegetarianism. Its served on a bed of frosting garnishes and ice cream stuffing serves up to 12 of your favorite people. And, thankfully, it tastes absolutely nothing like turkey.

While some will say, a cake should act like a cake, others will probably appreciate the humor and the fact that it comes in these 15 delicious ice cream flavors: Oreo Cookies n Creme, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Jamoca, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, Mint Chocolate Chip, Old Fashioned Butter Pecan, Rocky Road, Vanilla, Very Berry Strawberry, Pistachio Almond, and Pralines n Cream.

Its been a dinner table ice-breaker since the 70s and it doesnt look like the novelty is going to wear off any time soon. From taking your ice cream carving ceremony seriously and discussing which part of the bird each dinner guests prefers to debating whether this counts as skipping straight to dessert, there will be plenty to talk about at the table.

Heres a little tutorial in case youre wondering how you need to cave up this dish.

Baskin Robbins Pistachio Ice Cream Ingredients

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And That’s Not The Only Deal Available

Thanksgiving is great for many reasons, not the least of which is the massive feast, but everyone knows the Black Friday deals are the icing on top. This year, Baskin-Robbins is making Black Friday even sweeter with an epic freebie.

The ice cream purveyor is giving away 1,000 free ice cream cakes on Black Friday. All you have to do is order using the code SNOWMAN. If you don’t get your free cake, fear not. Baskin-Robbins is also running another deal that’ll save you big on any of its cakes.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, customers who order online can enjoy 20% off any ice cream cake Baskin-Robbins has to offer. All you have to do is order online using the code HOLIDAY.

TVs and electronics are great, but free cake? We’d take that deal any day. Did we mention Baskin-Robbins just added a new ice cream cake, and a new flavor of the month, to its lineup? As if freebies aren’t sweet enough, customers can pop into their local Baskin-Robbins and purchase a Brrr the Snowman Cake for a limited time.

The cake is designed to look like a semi-melted snowman, complete with a “carrot” nose, “tree branch” arms, “buttons,” and a fudge smile. Each snowman cake is accessorized with a frosting scarf and a “melted” ice cream cone on its head. The cake is completely customizable and can be made with whatever ice cream tickles your fancy.

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Pistachio Caramel Ice Cream Cake

As I mentioned, Ryans birthday fell on Wednesday this week. We spent the evening with a few friends and family, eating well and enjoying a cool summers night. And like with most good celebrations, Ryans face was illuminated by the light of birthday candles and an enthusiastic round of Happy Birthday.

Growing up, Ryan requested an ice cream cake for his birthday most every year. So naturally, for his 30th, I wanted to make him something that was both nostalgic and sophisticated. When I found this recipe in a recent Kinfolk issue, I knew Id hit upon the winner. Pistachio and salted caramel ice cream were natural choices for my husbands taste buds, but this recipe can easily be adapted to suit your ice cream needs.

As you can see from the recipe instructions, this ice cream cake takes time. If you have it, its well worth the hours spent. Ryans Pistachio Caramel Ice Cream Cake turned out beautifully.and it tasted even better.

Celebrate Summer With Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Icing on the Cake and Pistachio Almond ...

Mother Nature shone in all her glory this past weekend with surprisingly high temps for Mothers Day! We couldnt have asked for better weather and it was such a delight! That beautiful sun is usually reserved for Fathers Day and it never seems fair, but not this year! This year my boys played in the water sprinkler and mama relaxed in the hammock and we ate dinner out on the back deck! We even had the most fitting dessert Ice Cream Cake!!!!

Baskin Robbins makes custom cakes with your favourite ice cream and cake flavour and this pretty in pink number was just perfect for celebrating Mothers Day! The hard part was choosing between all the great ice cream flavours to create our favourite cake! Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies n Cream, Gold Medal Ribbon, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Cheesecakeso many amazing flavours! In the end, my love for all things chocolate and peanut butter won out and I chose the Peanut Butter n Chocolate ice cream flavour to perfectly pair with a chocolate cake base.

Unfortunately, the weather didnt last. We are back down to cool breezy days, but summer is right around the corner and Baskin Robbins can make any summer celebration a hit! They even have a fantastic looking Dads Shirt Cake for Fathers Day!

Club 31

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Eshta Ice Cream For My Old Hitcone

A creamy and velvety, no churn ice cream, that tastes exactly like the scented eshta that we top and fill Middle Eastern desserts with. Eshta is Arabic-style clotted cream that is so rich and creamy, and is similar to mascarpone cheese without the tang. It is added into the ice cream base for heightened creaminess and richer flavor, along with rose and orange blossom water, for that floral scent Arabic pastries are known for.

I came up with this ice cream flavor years ago for some super cute kunafa cones, namely, Cone-afa, and it has taken the lead as my absolute favorite ever since. Sorry FroYo and Salted Caramel, but youve been replaced.

Youll be in disbelief at how amazing the ice cream comes out without the use an ice cream machine. The creaminess level is off the charts, and the flavor.oh my!

I was sad to see such a sensational ice cream flavor stop at the Cone-afa, so I decided to give it the special sequel it deserves. This timebathed in pistachio!

Triple pistachio that is!

Pistachio Kunafa Ice Cream Cake

A show stopping ice cream cake with the much-loved flavors of the Middle East! Scented eshta no-churn ice cream with nibs of caramelized pistachios, swirls of pistachio butter and a crown of green pistachio kunafa on top. It is a pistachio lover dream come true and much easier to make than it seems. Plusrecipe VIDEO at the end of the post!

You know the saying: Feels like I died and went to heaven?

Yeaaaaah well thats what I felt when I had my first bite of this.

It is unbelievably goodI just have no words. But I kinda do

My favorite ice cream flavor in all the land with swirls of creamy pistachio butter, crunchy bits of caramelized pistachios and a mountain of vibrant green pistachio kunafais just the ultimate summer indulgence with a Middle Eastern flair.

Its a triple dose of pistachios starring in one refreshing, creamy and crunchy dessert, with a party of textures and a taste that feels like pure comfort.

It is the kind of thing you hide in your freezer and keep going back to with a spoon, stealing bites over and over till you polish it all off.

My tasters said that its one of the best ice cream creations theyve ever tried and I couldnt help but agree.

It is basically 3 of my most-loved Middle Eastern fusion ice cream recipes, rolled in one with a bright spotlight on pistachios!

Because arent they pretty? Im just a sucker for that naturally gorgeous green hue.

And I couldnt resist turning the leftovers into ice cream bars.

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No Bake Pistachio Icebox Cake

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If youve never made an icebox cake, you MUST try it! An icebox cake usually consists of layers of cookies alternated with layers of pudding, whipped cream or whipped topping. As the cake sits overnight the cookies soak in some of the moisture from the whipped layer resulting in a soft cake-y texture.

This icebox cake recipe uses instant pistachio pudding combined with whipped topping to create a super simple and delicious treat! It will take you less than 10 minutes to put this dessert together and no baking is required making it the perfect make-ahead summer dessert! If you line your pan with foil first its easy to remove the cake and slice it into squares.

Things You Need To Know Before Eating At Baskin

Baskin Robbins TV Commercial, ‘Father’s Day Ice Cream Cake’

We’ve got the scoop on the famed “31 flavors.”

Everyone has a go-to ice cream order, but true connoisseurs never tire of trying out new flavors. Since its start, Baskin-Robbins has been the place to go to sample countless varieties before making a final scoop decision. Devour all the details about the popular ice cream parlors before you order an ice cream cake or sample your way through their rosterturns out there are way more flavors than 31.

Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins were both already in the ice cream business in their hometown of Glendale, CA when they decided to join forces. They merged their respective ice cream parlors Burton’s Ice Cream Shop and Snowbird Ice Cream to form a joint, family-friendly shop in 1945.

Irv Robbins’ former shop, Snowbird, offered 21 flavors a large selection that was unheard of at the time. Newly formed Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream topped that by serving 31 different varieties of ice cream, so customers could hypothetically try a new flavor every day for a whole month.

Though flavors like vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate chip are some of the chain’s top sellers, the all-time favorite, Pralines ‘n Cream, was first created by Irv Robbins and his wife Irma in their kitchen at home. It’s the best-selling flavor, internationally.

Baskin-Robbins became a part of Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. in 2005, and since then new locations are often co-branded with Dunkin’ Donuts. That means you can grab a scoop and an iced coffee in one stop.

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Menus Of Restaurants Nearby

  • Build Your Own SundaeBring about big smiles with a delicious and decadent ice cream sundae made exactly how you like it. Choose your favourite premium baskin-robbins ice cream and all the toppings you love. Availability of toppings can vary by store
  • Choose Two Or Three ScoopsOf your favourite baskin-robbins ice cream flavour in a waffle cone or cup
  • Banana RoyaleThis classic ice cream treat starts with your favourite ice cream flavours topped off with bananas, hot fudge, chopped roasted almonds, whipped cream and a cherry
  • Classic Banana SplitDelight in a traditional treat with your favourite ice cream flavours, two banana slices, crowned with chopped roasted almonds, whipped cream and three cherries
  • Brownie SundaeWho doesnt love brownies? Your favourite ice cream flavours over brownie topped with hot fudge and whipped cream
  • Big BoyWhen all you want is your favourite baskin-robbins flavour select the big boy scoop served in a waffle cone and topped with whipped cream and a cherry

Triple Pistachio Kunafa Ice Cream

A show stopping ice cream cake with the much-loved flavors of the Middle East! Scented eshta no-churn ice cream with nibs of caramelized pistachios, swirls of pistachio butter and a crown of green pistachio kunafa on top. It is a pistachio lover dream come true and much easier to make than it seems. Plus…recipe VIDEO at the end of the post!

Prep Time

  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/2 cup pistachios, shelled
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon

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