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Full Sheet Cake Box Corrugated Bottom Only 25875 X 1806 X 4 In 25 Pack

How to Turn a Quarter Sheet to a Half Sheet Box | Two Minute Tips & Tricks | Global Sugar Art

Our sheet cake box is a simply and cost effective way to packaging your creations. The white cake box is an exercise in beautiful simplicity. Our white cake boxes, like our other cake boxes, set up fast, provide a sturdy structure for sweet sculptures.

Applications: Full Sheet Decorated Cake, Extra Large Character Cake, 36-60 cupcakes or muffins

White cake boxes from The Brenmar Company may look simple, but the careful consideration evident in the design of each paperboard palace for cakes was an involved affair. We been selling these boxes for over 25 year and our customers agree that these cake boxes offer a simply and reliable way to package your cakes.

Try our flavor labels to give your cake box an eye catching look!

Making Your Own Half Sheet Cakes

If you want to save a trip to the grocery store or bakery, you can make your own half sheet cakes at home. You can either use sheet cake recipes, that call for a 13-inch by 9-inch pan, or use cake mix.

If you use a boxed cake mix to make a half sheet cake, you will need three boxes of cake mix. For the two-layer cake, youâll need six boxes of cake mix and two 13-inch by 9-inch pans. It is always best to cook layer cakes at the same time so they both get an even bake.

What Is A Half Sheet Cakex To View This Video Please Enable Javascript And Consider Upgrading To Aweb Browser Thatsupports Html5 Video What Is A Half Sheet Cake Size

A half sheet cake is a large rectangular cake that is commonly served for large gatherings of people. It can either be a single or double layer of cake. A double layer cake is a great way to get more servings out of your cake.

You will most commonly see half sheet cakes in white, yellow, or chocolate flavors. They are most commonly decorated with delicious buttercream frosting. However, some bakeries offer more flavors of cake and frosting to choose from.

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Package And Transport Your Carefully Prepared Baked Goods With This Baker’s Mark 19 X 14 X 4 Kraft Half Sheet Cake / Bakery Box

Entice your customers into taking home your delicious cakes, cookies, or muffins with this 19″ x 14″ x 4″ kraft half sheet cake / bakery box. The one piece design allows the lid to be opened easily and then tucked back into place to secure the contents. Make sure your bakery is complete by providing a durable cake box for your customers!

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    Package And Transport Your Carefully Prepared Baked Goods With This 19 X 14 X 4 White Half Sheet Cake / Bakery Box

    Entice your customers into taking home your delicious cakes, cookies, or muffins with this 19″ x 14″ x 4″ white half sheet cake / bakery box. The one piece design allows the lid to be opened easily and then tucked back into place to secure the contents. Make sure your bakery is complete by providing a durable cake box for your customers!

    What Is A Half Sheet Cake Size

    If you have ever been to a bakery, you likely know what a half sheet cake size is and have probably had one at a celebration before. It is a popular choice for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers or any special occasion. Since they are popular for celebrating special occasions, they can be beautifully with custom text added to them.

    Bakeries and grocery stores generally sell half sheet cakes for special orders. Some places will even have pre-made cakes ready to purchase that you can add text to. Before you order a half sheet cake, you should know what size it is so you can make sure you have enough cake.

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    The Perfect Party Cake

    If you are having a get together with anywhere from 18 to 40 people, a half sheet cake is a perfect size. Measuring approximately 15 inches by 11 inches, this size cake is perfect for birthday parties, graduations, and baby showers.

    Thanks to its large, rectangular size, a half sheet cake is great for adding decorations and personalizing text. Though many bakeries and grocery stores sell half sheet cakes, you can also make your own from home. However, half sheet cakes you buy in a store or bakery will likely be larger than the ones you make at home.

    Please comment if you have any questions or remarks regarding half sheet cake size!

    How Big Is A Half Sheet Cake Size

    How to choose which cake board to use for your next cake.

    A half sheet cake size can vary depending on where you get it from. When you get a half sheet cake from a bakery, it is generally either 15 inches by 11 inches, 15 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches or even as big as 16 inches by 12 inches. Since home ovens are smaller than bakery or grocery store ovens, a home half sheet cake will likely measure 13 inches by 9 inches.

    Depending on how you slice it, a half sheet cake will likely serve between 18 to 40 people. A double layer half sheet cake will allow you to get larger pieces, so it is a good option if you are serving a larger amount of people.

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    How To Make A Half Sheet Cake: Recipes

    While you can find sheet cake recipes on the internet, you dont get a great variety of selections.

    But fear not! All you need to look for is any layer cake recipe that yields 16 cups of batter, which would be the equivalent of three 10 round cake layers. You can refer to this guide if you need more help with conversion.

    The following are two recipes that you can use to make a half sheet cake:

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    • Holds up to a half sheet cake
    • Simple glossy white exterior with natural brown interior
    • Sturdy, locking tab construction
    • Disposable for easy clean up

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    Half Sheet Cake: Benefits

    Sheet cakes are a crowd favorite, perfect for gatherings with a lot of people as they are much easier to cut and portion out. The flat top gives you lots of room to decorate and customize with words.

    Half sheet cakes are relatively effortless to make, making them one of the more affordable cake options for larger crowds.

    Half Sheet Cake: Pan Sizes & Dimensions

    18"  x 14"  x 5"  White Corrugated Half Sheet Cake / Bakery ...

    Depending on the manufacturer of your cake pan, the size of your half sheet cake can vary slightly. Half sheet cake pans usually measure 18 x 12. Half sheet cakes sold at most bakeries and grocery stores measure 15 x 11 with an average height of 2, give and take an inch.

    How you decide to decorate your cake also plays a role in determining how big your final cake will be. Some like to trim off the edges of the cake making it smaller, while others like to apply a thick layer of frosting which would make the cake slightly larger.

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    How To Store A Half Sheet Cake

    You can store an unfrosted half sheet cake by wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and freezing it. A frosted half sheet cake can stay at room temperature for up to four days, just make sure to cover it in a bowl or packaging that will prevent dust or any other particles from reaching it.

    If you are to freeze a frosted half sheet cake, leave it in the fridge for 15 minutes before wrapping it and putting it in the freezer. This will help the frosting harden and not get easily damaged by the wrapping process.

    Wrapping the cake, freezing it, or leaving it out at room temperature all prevents the cake from drying out. A frozen sheet cake can last in the freezer for up to one year. You can store your cake in the refrigerator as well but it will be at risk of drying out.

    Full Sheet Cake Boards

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    How Do You Cut A Half Sheet Cake

    Always cut with a long and thin knife, preferably plain and not serrated. Determine how many people you are serving before cutting into your cake according to our guide above. I recommend scoring your cake to make sure you cut enough pieces for everybody.

    Have a clean hot towel on the side and wipe down your knife after each cut to get a neat and clean cut.

    How To Decorate A Half Sheet Cake

    HOW TO BAKE A HALF & HALF SHEET CAKE! Half Chocolate Half White Cake Tutorial!

    Half sheet cakes are most commonly decorated with buttercream frosting or ganache. Given its flat surface, you can easily achieve a smooth-frosted look by spreading your frosting evenly on all five sides of the cake, though i personally prefer a more textured rustic look.

    After youve covered up all sides of the cake, you can use the remaining frosting to give your cake a nice border. You can do so by piping along the edges of the cake using your choice of a piping tip. I suggest a 1M star tip or a 6B french star tip.

    The border will act as a nice frame for any writing or edible printed picture you want to put on the cake. If a bordered look isnt your cup of tea, another easy way to decorate your half sheet cake is to pipe rosettes all over it. This is a super easy way to give your homemade cake that professional look.

    As with any cake, youd always want to present it on a cake board. I always recommend using a waxed, grease-resistant board to prevent your cake from sliding.

    Make sure to size up a little when choosing your box and your board to prevent damaging your cake. Trust me, you do not want all that hard work you put into piping the borders and frosting to go to waste. Go for something that is around 19 x 14 x 4.

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    What Is A Half Sheet Cake

    A half sheet cake is half of a sheet cake. They are rectangular in shape and can be decorated and served with ease.

    My name is Angie, Im a dessert enthusiast and a self-taught baker who started a baking business from home. I know all about baking and cake decorating and I enjoy simplifying this process, making it more accessible to all!

    In this article, I will explain what a half sheet cake is, the sizes and dimensions of a half sheet cake, how to decorate one, and answer any further questions you may have.

    Keep reading to learn more!


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  • Hearthstone Kraft Paperboard Hinged Half Sheet Cake Box With Top Window

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    • Clear window on top keeps the contents visible at all times
    • 19 x 14 x 4 holds larger cakes
    • Case of 50 gives you numerous containers at one time
    • CedarGrove certified
    • SBS board construction is eco-friendly and compostable

    These half sheet cake boxes are 19 x 14 x 4 and have a one piece flip together assembly. The SBS board makeup is eco-friendly and is compostable. These half sheet cake boxes have a clear window on the lid that keeps the contents visible at all times. The case of 50 gives you multiple containers at one time. These half sheet cake boxes are CedarGrove certified.

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    Full Sheet And Quarter Sheet Cakes

    In addition to half, sheet cakes also come in full and quarter sizes. Most homemade sheet cake recipes are quarter sheet cakes, as full sheet cakes generally do not fit in most home ovens.

    A full sheet cake is ideal for big gatherings of people, such as corporate events and large parties. They generally measure 18 inches by 24 inches. A full sheet cake will typically serve 64 to 96 people.

    What Size Boxes/boards For Half Sheet Cake

    What Size Boxes/boards For Half Sheet Cake?

    Updated 13 Sep 2009 , 12:54amby melissad

    Wondering if anyone else has had this problem: I have the Wilton half sheet 12×18 pans, but the only boxes/boards I can find in the store are 14×19, so by the time my cake is frosted, there’s little to no room for borders.I’ve realized that part of the problem is the pans do not have straight sides, so they measure closer to 12.5×18.5 at the top edge. So I’m thinking new straight sided pans will help, but even then, that only leaves 1/2 inch on each short end. I normally go for 1-2″ of space on a round, so I’m wondering what you all do on sheets/half sheets? I did some searching online, but still didn’t find boxes that seemed to be allow more room…Thanks in advance for your advice!

    melissad, I know what you mean!! I have run into the same thing. I have the Wilton straight pan and it barely fits in the box. One time I did a delivery and I had to tape the corners with the box left open about 4-5 inches talk about unprofessional !! Thankfully she fell in love with her daughters Christening cake so maybe she didn’t notice I am making a sheet tomorrow and I will be going to a local bakery supply first to see if they have something . Good luck!

    What burned me is that the Wilton boards don’t fit in the Wilton box! You’d think they’d at least figure that one out!

    HAHA !! That is frustrating I know. That is odd that they would not catch that for such a well known business.! Go figure.

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