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Can I Order A Cake At Walt Disney World

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Q: Can I Order a Cake at Walt Disney World?

A: Yes! Whether its a birthday, anniversary or another important family milestone, what better way to celebrate your trip to the Mouse than with a delicious cake done Disney-style. To make planning your special celebration a piece of cake heres a few ways that you can order this tasty surprise at Walt Disney World Resort:

1. Through the Disney Cake-Ordering Hotline- Yup. Disney actually has a hotline allowing you to customize cakes. From buttercream Mickey-shaped cakes, to fondant works of art to delectable treats topped with chocolate statues of some of your favorite characters, Disneys cake creators will walk you through the process of creating your edible work of art. I stayed at Art of Animation last year and ordered one for my daughter who was turning five. We were able to select the size, budget and theme. What we got was an out-of-this-world, Little Mermaid, Under The Sea-themed masterpiece. It is something my little one still talks about to this day.

Delivery can either be at the theme parks or your resort hotel. When I ordered through the hotline, they werent able to deliver to my room but I received a call to go down to the Food Court to pick it up. However, if you are staying at a resort that offers private dining as a perk, in-room delivery is available,

Looking for other ways to celebrate- check out this handy article.

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Ways To Buy A Celebration Cake For Your Disney World Vacation

Celebrating a birthday or special event at Disney World? There is no better place, below are suggestions on how to add a cake to your special occasion. Choose a restaurant or choose an in room celebration, ideas are listed for both. Consider these 5 ways to buy a celebration cake for your next Disney World vacation.

White Chocolate Castle Cake Topper

Disneys white chocolate castle cake topper comes in two sizes. :

  • Large: $285 Weighs 10 lbs and sits on a 12-inch diameter base
  • Small: $125 Weighs 3 lbs and sits on a 6-inch diameter base

White chocolate castle cake toppers may be requested via your Disneys Fairy Tale Weddings Event Planner. To order a white chocolate cake topper directly from the vendor for your at-home wedding, .

For information on preserving your white chocolate castle cake topper, check out this Disney Wedding Podcast interview with the woman who makes the toppers for Disney.

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See The Grilled Cheese At Boardwalk Bakery Here

And the kiddos now get their choice of Sides and a beverage with their Turkey Sandwich or Kids Ham and Cheese .

Though its been available at several Resorts around Walt Disney World for some time now, the Star Wars version of the Refillable Resort Mug gets a nod with an official listing on the menu at the BoardWalk Bakery.

Star Wars Refillable Mug

Disney World Cake Prices List

How to Order a Cake at Walt Disney World
Disney World Cakes – Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower
All Star Resorts
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
8-inch custom vanilla or chocolate cake $40
Mickey Mouse Cake $54
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
8-inch vanilla cake or chocolate cake $40
10-inch chocolate, vanilla, or marble cake $54
Mickey Mouse Cake $54
Mini cakes two tiers $35
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
10-inch chocolate, vanilla, or marble $54
Disney World Cakes – Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower
Portobello – Disney Springs
9-inch cake serves 48 $45
Half sheet cake serves 1625 $85
Full sheet cake serves 2454 $150
Chocolate Paradiso Cake feeds 816 $65
8-inch cake serves 48 $35
10-inch round serves 812 $48
Half sheet cake serves 1625 $75
Full sheet cake serves 2454 $150
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
8-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $40
Mickey Mouse Cake $54
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
10-inch chocolate, yellow, or marble $54
Mickey Mouse Cake $54
6-inch chocolate cake or vanilla cake $23
8-inch vanilla or chocolate cake $40
10-inch chocolate, vanilla, or marble $54
Mickey Mouse Cake $54

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Magic Kingdom Specialty Desserts

For complete details on ordering a cake at Walt Disney World .

Custom celebration cakes are no longer available for delivery inside Magic Kingdom. Instead, your options are the Mickey Mouse Celebration Dome Cake or one of the following specialty desserts unique to each table-service location.

  • Price: $15 + tax

Note: Each dessert is exclusive to one restaurant and cannot be ordered at another dining location.

How Do I Surprise Someone With A Celebration Cake While At Disney World

by Melissa Roden·October 21, 2018

For many families, a visit to Walt Disney World usually centers around an important family milestone whether its a graduation, anniversary or birthday. Thats why its not surprising that a question I get asked quite a bit is whether it is possible to have birthday cakes delivered as a surprise during your visit. The answer is a resounding yes! This is the happiest place on earth after all! For those considering ordering up a special celebration cake during your visit heres some information to make the process as seamless as possible.

Disneys Cake-Ordering Hotline The first to order up a celebration cake is through Disneys cake ordering hotline. From simple Mickey-shaped cakes to specially themed fondant works of art you can collaborate with Disneys incredible team of bakers for a surprise they wont soon forget. Through the hotline, guests have the option of order cakes to magically appear during dinner at your favorite table service restaurants or you may instead opt to have it delivered to the resort for an in-room celebration. A Cast Member will walk you through the selection process helping you pick everything from the flavor of cake and icing to the type of design you would prefer.

So next time you are visiting Walt Disney World and celebrating a special occasion, add one of these fantastic cake options as a little extra surprise! Were confident that the look on your loved ones face will make it all worthwhile!

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Mini Cakes Now Available Around Walt Disney World

If youve ready many of my trip reports, youll know that ever since my wedding Ive become obsessed by ordering specialty cakes at Walt Disney World. Ive even compiled a massive FAQ on the process and a complete guide to cake options based on location .

Custom 8-inch cake by the Contemporary Resort Bakery

The trouble with all this cake ordering is that Ive had to buy a ginormous 6- or 8-inch cake at a hefty price to get fondant and fancy decor. However, in the past year or so, it has become increasingly easy to get certain bakeries to make mini cakes, which are adorable, customizable and only feed 2.

Anniversary re-creation of our wedding cake by BoardWalk Bakery

What Im also discovering is that they taste WAY better than Disneys larger cakes, probably due to the lower frosting-to-cake ratio, and even the fondant is more edible than the stuff on larger cakes.

Check out the frosting-to-cake ratio on this baby!

Yes, the prices are pretty outrageous considering how little you get , but Id rather spend $35 on a delicious and entirely eat-able mini cake than $100 on an 8-inch cake that serves 12 and will just go to waste.

Coral & Shells fondant mini cake by the Grand Floridian Bakery

It appears that Yacht & Beach Club Bakery has begun offering mini cakes, which means you can now have them delivered to restaurants in Epcot. This dramatically increases the number of places you can get a mini cake on property and is cause for celebration involving cake!

Chocolate Slipper And Crown Desserts

Where in Disney World Can I Find…??

They say these are available only at Cinderellas Royal Table, but you can also get the slipper at resorts serviced by the Contemporary Resort and Grand Floridian pastry teams . At Cinderellas Royal Table you can choose from a white or dark chocolate slipper or a white chocolate crown all are accompanied by a small chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache icing. Price is $15 plus tax, and you can choose from a Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Congratulations chocolate piece. To order for Cinderellas Royal Table, email WDW.Magic.Kingdom.

  • Melinda

    October 16, 2018

    Do you know if they make a small Merry Christmas Cake? We are staying at POFQ Nov 25th-Dec2nd I would love to have a Merry christmas cake sent to our room for my daughter.

  • Carrie

    October 16, 2018

    The photos on this page are the only standard cakes Disney offers. For any other design, you would just ask them for a custom cake and submit photos of what you want it to look like . Id start calling POFQ now because it can take a while to track down a real person at the Value and Moderate resorts. The number is on this page:

  • bethany

    July 16, 2018

    Has anyone gotten a custom cake at Via Napoli. If you would have pictures to share that would be even better!

  • September 1, 2016

    we are 3 and we want to surprise the birthday girl with a custom Olaf cake.is this possible? can we order via mail?

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    Disney Takes The Cake Ordering Custom Specialty Cakes

    We recently celebrated our twin daughters 14th birthday at the Walt Disney World Resort. The icing on the cake for our whirlwind birthday celebration was the custom birthday cake that I ordered as a surprise for them. Many people dont know that you can order specialty cakes at any WDW Resort, so heres the scoop!

    We have never celebrated a birthday in Walt Disney World before, and we were sure surprised by the wonderful treatment that the girls received. It started at our breakfast at Chef Mickeys with the Daily Celebration where the girls were each given a cupcake to partake in the Special Celebrations song. Then later in the day, a Cast Member at Gastons Tavern noticed their Happy Birthday pins and gave them each a beautiful Frozen themed cupcake.

    If you are celebrating and have a dining reservation at any of the Walt Disney WorldRestaurants, they do have supermarket style cakes that are referred to as Podium Cakes on site. They are called this because you can basically walk up to the podium when you check in and request a cake. These cakes are 6 inches in size and are available in chocolate or vanilla buttercream, and cost approximately $23.00 .

    I contacted Private Dining at the Grand Floridian and explained what I was looking for. The Cast Member then emailed a rough price list of what was available:

    Cakes are available in Chocolate or Vanilla.


    • Dark Chocolate Ganache
    • Fondant in any colour

    Some other custom cake options available are:

    Order Disney Cakes From Publix For Disney World Vacation

    Did you know Publix makes beautiful Disney cakes that also taste good? They come highly recommended and they are located near Disney World. Their current designs and Disney themes are just gorgeous. Choose a Disney Frozen Winter Magic Signature, Mickey and the Roadster Racers and more. Use your own car or Uber.

    Learn more tips and tricks for your next Walt Disney World vacation. Destination in Florida can also help you add tips and tricks to your next vacation.

    Planning a Walt Disney World vacation? Feeling overwhelmed? I’ve put together a Walt Disney World course just for you! Learn how you can have a stress free, magical Disney vacation with the Walt Disney World Planning Digest.

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    Birthday Package From Disney Floral And Gifts

    Another great addition to your trip would be an in room celebration. You can arrange for treats, balloons and gifts to be delivered to your room. You can call a Dream Maker to put together custom for you at 407-939-4438 or you can place an order online for a standard in room celebration.

    You can have something as small as ½ dozen cupcakes delivered or you can have them come in and decorate your whole room!!

    For Annabelles birthday we had balloons and rice krispie treats delivered to the room. She played with the balloons for hours!!

    I love my job. I love helping families plan magical vacations but my favorite part of my job is when I get to help plan a surprise for a family member. Whether it is a birthday cake, dessert party or day fishing on the lake I love hearing about their reaction. I would be honored to help you plan your birthday celebration.

    To get started request a quote.

    Gifts And Flowers At Walt Disney World

    Fairytales and Fitness: The Disney Cake Hotline

    If you are celebrating while at Walt Disney World, or you want to arrange something on behalf of someone who is visiting, you can order gifts in advance. The gift options at Walt Disney World are impressive, but they are not cheap.

    If you are looking to arrange flowers or a gift to be delivered to your resort, visit Disney Floral and Gifts, the online Walt Disney World gift shop.

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    Where To Get A Vegan Birthday Or Anniversary Cake At Walt Disney World

    Can you get a vegan wedding, anniversary or birthday cake at the Walt Disney World Resort? You bet you can and it can even be delivered right to you.

    Resort Area: Disney SpringsLocation: Erin McKennas BakeryItem: Custom Vegan Cake

    Celebrate good times come on!

    Are you celebrating something special at Walt Disney World?

    What You Cant Get For A Birthday At Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World is a great place to celebrate birthdays, but there is one thing you will want to bring with you.

    Surprisingly, birthday cards are sold in very few locations at Walt Disney World, and we have never seen a Disney themed one for sale. While outside of the Resort, Disney themed cards are commonplace it seems they have not transferred to their own shops including the World of Disney.

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    Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Refillable Resort Mugs Including Recent Changes Here

    Throughout the day, guests may also opt for large versions of specialty coffee drinks such as Caffe Lattes and Cappuccinos . We arent currently seeing flavored Cold Brews listed, but we still think its worth checking, since beverage options can change so frequently and since the Cold Brew craving comes on strong in the current summer temps!

    And thats the latest from Disney Worlds beautiful BoardWalk! Well be keeping you posted on ALL the latest food news right here on the DFB!

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