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How To Make A Diaper Cake For A Baby Shower

How to Make a Diaper Cake | Step By Step Tutorial

When you discover how to make a diaper cake yourself and see how easy it is, you will be addicted to making them and you will want all your friends to invite you to their baby shower to take your own creation. The diaper cakes are one of the most beautiful additions to any baby shower and are perfect for not only a beautiful gift but a great decoration very useful for the baby. So, are you ready? Its time to learn how to make a DIY diaper cake in just a few steps!

What Exactly Are Diaper Cakes For

You can use diaper cakes in a few ways:

  • You can make a beautiful gift,
  • or you can do a baby shower centerpiece to sit at the event,
  • Finally, you can also make one to reveal the sex of the baby!

You can do diaper cakes in a variety of tiers, colors, and sizes as well, depending on how you arrange it and how many diapers you decide to use.

Traditionally, they can have 2, 3, or 4 tiers, but you can really take it home and make one with 5 or 6.

If this is what you want to do, be sure to arrange it in a safe way so it doesnt fall apart.

Can I make diaper cake for all occasions ?

Read next chapter to find out.

Why To Make A Diaper Cake

Since you now know that it is a diaper cake, you should know that the idea behind a baby shower is to celebrate the babys arrival and help the parents to have everything they need for the happy arrival. Among this is giving them many diapers, they will probably use many during the first year of the baby, and other accessories and gifts for baby care. Thats why you can add as many things as you want in your cake. You can add baby clothes, shampoo, body lotion, a bottle, etc. Or just use diapers, it is up to you.

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The Ultimate Diaper Cake Guide: How To Make A Bassinet Diaper Cake

Making a bassinet diaper cake is how to make an adorable and practical gift for someone who just had a baby. Its also how to make the perfect shower decoration, or how to make a centerpiece for your own childs nursery! The possibilities are endless when you learn how to make this very popular type of DIY project. This tutorial will show you how to make a bassinet diaper cake.

Diy Diaper Cake Instructions

Oh Baby: How To Make A Diaper Cake

The gist is pretty simple. You take diapers and roll them up, securing with a small piece of tape or some rubber bands. When you have enough, you cluster them together in a circle to make your base cake. From there, you can simply tie a ribbon around the outside of the circle to hold them in place and hide the bands. Some people get more creative and layer another row of overlapping diapers around the bunch, first. It makes it look a little more polished, but also requires a ton more diapers. Youâll repeat these steps for each tier, making them smaller, as you go up. Donât forget to use a cardboard cake round at the base to avoid the center collapsing during travel. Still lost? Itâs probably easier if you watch a video or two. Each one offers some unique guidance, so you can go your own way from there.

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How To: Make A Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Last month I got a text from my friend Kristen that said, I have the best post for your blog! I told my husband multiple times that I was going to be at Kristens house working on a diaper cake and it wasnt until about the tenth time that he finally asked, So explain to me how this workslike, do people know theyre eating diapers, or is it like.. a trick cake? I tried to control my hysterical laughter and explained that a diaper cake isnt for eating, that would be weird. Its a darling you can use at a baby shower! The actual cake is constructed with diapers and then its accessorized with cute baby things. It looks great as a centerpiece at the shower and then the Momma-to-be gets to take it home with her and use all of the items. Its actually super easy, and it doesnt take very long, especially if youve got a helper!

Supplies Needed:Diapers I love Target diapers because they dont have lame pictures on them. I think the blue and green polka dots are so cute, and as youll see below, they totally work with a girlie cake too. But use whatever diapers you want, this is what we used and one box was the perfect amount for the size of cake we made. If youre looking for plain white diapers, Ive heard that Whole Foods 365 brand are white, and Seventh Generation are off white. You can also make this with cloth.

The first step is to wrap ribbon around your tiers to cover up the rubber bands. We just secured the ribbon with tape.

What Exactly Is A Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is basically a cake-shaped gift thatâs made of diapers. It’s most often decorated with things like ribbons, small baby items, paper cutouts, and even a little sign that says something like âOh, baby!â

A diaper cake is often given to the mom-to-be at her baby shower by one of the guests, or it may be created by the baby shower host as a centerpiece for the food table.

The diaper cake can match the theme of the baby shower, or simply have more general decorations that evoke all things baby. Sometimes the diaper cake can reflect the momâs personality or tastes for example, giving it a modern look with succulents or greenery, or decorating the diaper cake in the colors of her favorite sports team.

Of course, you donât have to be going to the baby shower to create a diaper cake for the mom-to-be. Perhaps youâd like to give one to a colleague just before she goes on maternity leave, or maybe youâd like to bring your creation to a sip and see party after the babyâs birth.

No matter how or when youâre giving the diaper cake to the mom-to-be, she will be surprised and delighted â and youâll have a pretty good time creating it, too!

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Can You Change A Babys Clothes In Sims 4

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Teddy Bear Diaper Cake: Craft Instructions

How to make a Diaper Cake

The cute bear diaper cake is a variation of the well-known nappy cake gift. Its easy to make yourself and can be customised with lots of nice little baby gifts.

It takes about 45 minutes to make this cute teddy bear. Of course, this depends on how well prepared you are and whether you have and extra pair of helping hands. Its easier to make with help, but still possible to make it alone. If you have everything you need handy, then you can put this together in no time.

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How To Make 2 Tier Mini Diaper Cakes

For a two tier diaper cake you need ~28 diapers per cake. First, youll need to roll your diapers and secure with a clear rubber band. After, youll cut out a cardboard circle or use a small decorative plate, and you will want to hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center. You then need to align 20 diapers in a circle and secure with clear tape. Now its time to insert a diaper into the toilet paper roll, so its stable and even height with the remaining 6 diapers you arrange in a circle around the middle one. Secure those with clear tape, and you are ready to add ribbon and embellishments!

Choose A Base For Your Diaper Cake

Youll want a sturdy foundation to build your diaper cake on, especially if you plan to transport it to a baby shower or if you want to be able to send it home with the mother-to-be. Here are a few diaper cake base ideas you could use:

  • Metal Pizza Pan from Dollar Tree Spray paint it, leave it silver, add a circle of scrapbook paper or hot glue some trim around the edges.
  • Charger Any plastic or melamine charger would make a great base for a diaper cake. They sell these at almost any craft store and they have them at Dollar Tree as well.
  • Cake Board Check in the cake decorating aisle of the craft store for pre-cut cardboard rounds used for building actual cakes. They are perfect for building diaper cakes too!
  • Tiered Cake Stand This option is best paired with a cake board if you want to be able to transport the diaper cake in one piece, but it definitely makes for a pretty presentation at the party.

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Elements You Need To Make The Diaper Cake

  • A pack of diapers
  • Paper tape or cord to tie
  • White cardstock size letter
  • Paper

1. Start by rolling each diaper from the outside inward creating a small roll and securing each diaper roll using an elastic band

2. To create the base of the cake made of diapers, use as a center a toilet paper tube and accommodate 6 diapers wrapped around. Secure the diapers with a ribbon or with an elastic band forming a circle.

3. Place 12 diapers around the previous 6 and secure them with a ribbon or with another elastic band this will be the main base of the cake.

4. Now its time to create a second level. Place one of the rolled diapers as a center and place 7 diapers around to create a circle. This will be your second level of the cake. To prevent the center from moving, you can place wooden sticks or straws to secure the two levels together.

Its time to decorate the cake, using wooden sticks ribbon colored papers or any idea you have to decorate.

You can also replace the roll of toilet paper, using a bottle in the center of the cake as an extra gift for the baby.

A diaper cake is a very creative idea to give their first diapers to the mother of that beautiful baby who is coming. You can use the diaper cake for the baby shower, or it can be used to decorate the babys room.

In this case, I used pieces of the editable centerpiece of blue elephants that is in my store to decorate my cake. You can use pieces from any of my centerpieces to create your own design or any decor you have on hand.

Diaper Cake Assembly Instructions

How To Make A Diaper Cake
  • Roll one diaper up and secure it with a small rubber band. Repeat for all of the diapers.
  • Place a heavy bottle of baby lotion or shampoo in the center of your cake base. You can also use an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube.
  • Begin making a layer of rolled up diapers all the way around the bottle. Secure all of the individual diapers together with one large rubber band all the way around the outside. I suggest making the base layer three diapers deep, but use as many as it takes to fill up the entire cake base evenly.
  • Make the second layer on top of the first and decrease the size by at least one round of diapers. Repeat for the third layer and any additional layers you want to add if necessary.
  • Once your diapers form the shape of a tiered cake, youre ready to decorate!

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    Why Make A Diaper Cake

    Whether you are hosting or attending a baby shower, making a diaper cake is thoughtful and fun idea. Diaper cakes make for a memorable gift and double as an adorable centerpiece, but they’re practical, too.

    After all, new parents can’t have too many diapers around, so these cakes can be a much-needed gift for the mom-to-be to take home when the baby shower is over. Some baby shower guests also opt to sneak additional diapering supplies into the cake to make the gift even more useful.

    How To Decorate Your Diaper Cake

    There are so many possibilities for decorating your diaper cake. Here are a few suggestions.

    • I made a cake topper with the babys name to put on the top. Heres how to make a cake topper using your Cricut cutting machine.
    • You could also top your diaper cake with a toy, like a personalized stuffed animal. Heres a post on how to put HTV on stuffies.
    • Wrap a garland around the cake. The diaper cake I made was a fall theme, so a dollar store leaf garland wrapped around, dressed it up nicely.
    • Using your Cricut, or another cutting machine , you can cut out shapes that go with the theme. Think ABCs, animals, baby symbols like onesies or diapers. You could cut out the babys name or first initial as well.
    • Add small baby items to the cake top it with a baby bottle or sippy cup. Add a soother, baby thermometer or other, small baby items throughout the diaper cake, on various layers. These little extras will all be helpful to the new mom. Secure with double-sided tape or looped painters tape or masking tape.
    • You could even wrap the entire cake in tulle or cellophane. This makes it easier to move and transport.
    • Artificial flowers make nice decorations as it really mimics a cake.

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