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Reasons This Is The Perfect Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

How to make a mug cake | Microwave Mug Cake Recipe (no eggs, 3 ingredients)
  • Its quick. Not kidding, youre going to be eating it within 5 minutes!
  • Its easy. Doesnt require any fancy ingredients, and though whipped cream and ice cream are excellent alongside this recipe, it does not require either to turn it into a delicious moist chocolate mug cake recipe.
  • And its made in a freakin mug! Dont even get me started on mug cake recipes that need to be made in gigantic bowl size batches using electric whisks and what have you.
  • How To Make A Mug Cake:

    This healthy mug cake recipe could not be easier! If you dont believe me, watch the video tutorial located in the recipe card. Heres the simple process:

  • Prep the mug. Start by greasing a microwavable mug with cooking spray, butter or oil.
  • Combine cake ingredients. Mix together flour , baking powder, milk, maple syrup, vanilla and oil inside the mug. Add 1-2 tablespoons more of milk, if needed for consistency. You want the batter to stay thick, but not be too dry. Alternatively, ingredients can be stirred together in a small bowl and then transferred to the mug.
  • Cinnamon/sugar topping. Whisk together the brown sugar and cinnamon in a separate small bowl. Sprinkle the mixture over the top of the mug cake batter, in the mug. Use the tip of a knife to swirl the cinnamon mixture into the top of the batter.
  • Bake. Microwave on high for about 1 minute and 25 seconds. Remove the mug from the microwave and, if desired, transfer the mug cake to a plate. Be careful as the mug will most likely be SUPER hot. Enjoy!
  • Pro tip: Dont over-mix your cake batter! Mix until all ingredients are just combined. Over-mixing can cause your cake to become tough.

    Making Vanilla Mug Cake

  • 1Spray the inside of a large, microwave-safe mug with cooking spray. Get a 12 to 16-ounce mug and spray it with nonstick cooking spray. You want to use a large mug to allow the cake to rise when you cook it.
  • If you don’t have cooking spray, lightly grease the mug with butter or cooking oil.
  • 2Combine the dry ingredients in the mug. Pour ¼ cup of all-purpose flour, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, and ½ teaspoon of baking powder into the mug. Stir everything together with a fork or mini whisk.
  • For a less-sweet cake, add in a pinch of salt.
  • 3Mix in the wet ingredients. Pour 14 cup of milk into the mug. Add 12 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 12 tablespoons of canola or vegetable oil. Stir everything together with a spoon, scraping the bottom and sides of the mug often.
  • For a vegan version, use a non-dairy milk.
  • 4Stir in some sprinkles, if desired. This is a great option if you are making a birthday or “funfetti” cake. The round, confetti type would work the best, but you can use other types too. Plan on using about 2 teaspoons of sprinkles.
  • You don’t have to do this if you are making a regular vanilla cake.
  • A great alternative is to use mini chocolate chips.
  • 5Microwave the cake for 90 seconds. Place the mug into the microwave, then cook it for 90 seconds, preferably at 70 to 80% power. If you don’t know how to set the power on your microwave, use full power and watch the cake closely.
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    Angela’s Tips & Recipe Notes

    • Check that your cake is done by using a toothpick! If you are unsure if your mug cake is baked through, stick a toothpick in the center. If it comes out with batter on it, microwave it a bit more. Check between each increment in the microwave until it comes out dry.
    • If you don’t have a microwave, you can use an oven-safe ramekin and bake it in the oven at 350 for 12-15 minutes. Cakes baked in the oven tend to be denser, but still delicious!
    • In place of the brown sugar, you could use granulated sugar or a sugar substitute like erythritol but it may alter the flavor a bit.

    Tips For Making Mug Cakes

    Recipe Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake
  • Dont overfill the mug. Fill the mug halfway up at most so that the batter doesnt spill over the sides when cooking. Grab a bigger mug if you need to!
  • Microwave the shortest time the recipe calls for to start. The cake should start pulling away from the sides and the top should look somewhat dry and be spongy. If its not, keep going at 15-second intervals until its done.
  • Small to medium eggs are best for a single size . If you only have large eggs, either make two cakes or just use the yolk.
  • Dont worry about looks. Your cake is probably going to sink somewhat, and thats okay. Mug cakes typically dont look like the pictures because those are styled for a photo shoot. The point is that your cake in a cup is delicious!
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    The Best Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe Out There

    Seriously though, youre probably so over mug cakes and youre probably rolling your eyes at me right now but STOP! I promise you this isnt like any other mug cake out there.

    Ive tried a bunch of mug cakes and I hated them.

    I thought they were a really neat concept for a quick dessert fix but nothing would ever beat baking an entire cake or cupcake. I hated that all the mug cakes came out SPONGY and they had the grossest texture.

    Last week, I was CRAVING chocolate like none other. It was a pretty dire situation. We didnt have any desserts in the house because I hadnt been baking and I didnt want to run out to get anything so I thought Id give a mug cake a shot.

    It ended up turning into a recipe development hour because the first batch came out horrible. Like, I threw it in the trash can and it was just one lumpy sponge thing.

    The second one was slightly better but still really bad. The third, I switched out some ingredients and added a little bit more of some and it came out how I wanted but I knew it couldve been better so on the fourth try, I finally got it to work and the exact texture I wanted.

    Top Off Your Masterpiece

    To finish this recipe, @SweetPortfolio uses white chocolate shavings, though you can opt for any topping you like. Drizzle your mug cake with Hersheys syrup if youre a real chocoholic, or complete your cake with melted caramel and sea salt for a savory treat. Might we suggest some crushed candy canes for a wintry peppermint twist?

    We dont know about youbut were having Oreo mug cake for dessert tonight!

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    Can This Mug Muffin Be Made In The Oven

    I personally have not cooked this particular mug cake recipe in the oven. Feel free to experiment, though, and give it a try. Based on some other similar mug cake recipes, if I were going to try this one in the oven, I would bake at 350ºF for about 14 minutes. If you give it a try, please comment on this post and let us know how it worked out for you.

    Customize This Cake Mix Mug Cake

    How to Make a Chocolate Mug Cake in 3 Minutes!

    This mug cake is pretty perfect as-is, but there are lots of ways to change it up and customize the recipe based on what youre craving. Here are some tasty options:

    • Different flavors. Simply change up the cake mix to make a variety of different flavors, such as a vanilla mug cake, chocolate mug cake, Funfetti mug cake, strawberry mug cake or red velvet mug cake, and the list goes on.
    • Healthy mug cake. To lower the fat and calories of your mug cake, simply reduce the cake mix to 5 tablespoons, replace all of the oil with 1 to 2 tablespoons of applesauce or pumpkin puree and use 1 to 2 tablespoons of water. Cook mug cake for about 1 minute and 10 to 20 seconds. You cant taste the applesauce or pumpkin and your mug cake will still bake up incredibly moist and delicious.
    • Vegan mug cake. Surprisingly, most boxed cake mixes are naturally vegan and this recipe doesnt use eggs or butter, so its easy to make a vegan mug cake.
    • Gluten-free mug cake. Use any gluten-free cake mix to make this recipe and you will have a delicious gluten-free treat.
    • Mix-ins. You can add about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate chips (or other flavored chips, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, sprinkles or candy.

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    We’re Not Surprised This Tiktok Video Went Viral

    Weve learned a lot from TikTok this year. The viral video app has made us rethink the way we navigate the kitchen with all kinds of tasty tricks, like laying bread down on the skillet while you fry eggs for the perfect breakfast sandwich. But we can also thank TikTok for some seriously decadent desserts.

    This TikTok video proves that Oreo mug cake is almost too easy to make at home. Youll need two ingredients, a microwave and about a minute!

    The Best Vanilla Mug Cake Recipe

    With a soft texture and classic vanilla flavor, this single serving vanilla cake in a mug is like true love in the form of a dessert.

    Using just a few pantry staple ingredients, it can easily be made in the microwave or oven, and there are NO eggs and no milk required!

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    Things You Should Know Before Making Chocolate Cake In A Mug

  • How does mug cake compare to real cake?
  • Heres the honest truth, bestie: Mug cakes are not the same as real cakes. However, they are beautiful and delicious in their own way. They exist to satisfy a very special craving.

    You know the one Im talking about, that sudden need for chocolate cake the feeling that if you dont get a slice of cake in the next 5 minutes your soul will remove itself from your body to forever haunt the corridors of your apartment building while looking for an unattended slice of cake to make itself whole once more.

    Trust me, bestie. Nobody wants a hungry ghostie looming their corridors. Have you ever heard your stomach rumble? Imagine how scary that would sound if that rumbling was coming from a hollow-bellied apparition in your corridor.


    And if you happen to be looking for a real honest-to-goodness chocolate cake recipe, check out this Two-Layer Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cocoa Buttercream Frosting.

    2. Dont overfill, otherwise it will spill.

    We all want a lot of cake. And seeing cake burst out of the top of a cup can be quite a sight too. But please refrain from overfilling your mug . Youll save yourself from cleaning up a sticky mess in your microwave!

    3. Enjoy immediately

    How To Make A Mug Cake From Scratch

    2 Ingredient Spiced Mug Cake
    • First, make sure you have a microwave safe mugto make your cake in. We have tons of these in our cabinet so the kids like to choose their own to use. This recipe is just so fun and the kids especially like having their own personal size cake to eat.
    • Second, mix the wet and dry ingredients in the mug. Be careful not to overmix. It is that simple to make this delicious cake. I bet you already have those ingredients at home such as oil and vanilla.
    • You will be amazed what a little baking powder and salt , flour sugar and more can do and how quickly these ingredients come together for a great cake.
    • All of the sugar cocoa powder baking and simmering together make a decadent cake that cant be beat.
    • Microwave on high for just 1 minute. Microwave cooking times vary. If you find that your cake is not finished cooking, microwave in 30 second intervals until it is.

    Keep reading for the full recipe.

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    Try This Simple Easy Cake In A Cup Recipe

    That is the beauty of this microwave mug cake recipe. You can easily change it to suit anyones taste.

    The kids love a cold glass of milk or almond milk with their cake.

    Im certain that however you enjoy this amazing cake, you will love it. Once you try it, this recipe will quickly become a family favorite.

    From yellow mug cake to chocolate chip and peanut butter and more, this simple recipe can be made so many different ways. It is simple and easy and just delicious.

    The kids can help because this recipe is so easy. In fact, our family loves baking and the kids look forward to helping bake this easy microwave mug cake.

    If you have children that are wanting to learn how to bake or just getting started with cooking, this is a great recipe to let them try. It is so much fun to bake and what sweet memories you and the children will have for years to come.

    Im always amazed at the creations they come up with. I tend to make the same kind of cake each time but they love mixing it up and trying new things each week.

    Another fun idea if you are having a sleepover or small party, let everyone make their own cake.

    The kids will think you are the best when really it was super easy and hardly any work at all.

    Can We Bake A Cake In A Microwave

    Yes, you read that right. You can make any cake you like in a microwave. Even in microwaves, some of you might have convection microwaves and some of you might have non convection microwaves. Read on and youll see that a normal heating mode on a microwave will also bake a cake just fine!Apr 29, 2020.

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    Vanilla Mug Cake Without Egg

    This is what I like to call a life-changing recipe. It is so stinken simple to make and uses mostly kitchen items you already have on hand! If you love cake like I do, you HAVE to try this recipe. Here is a quick look at what you will need:

    • Flour: All-purpose or self-rising flour will work best. If you opt for the later be sure to adjust the baking powder as needed.
    • Granulated Sugar: Just a touch to give your cake that added sweet finish.
    • Baking Powder: Be sure to double check the expiration date. Leavening agents tend to sit in the pantry far too long and start to go bad. Pick up a fresh box if you arent sure how long you have had it open.
    • Milk: Stick with 2% milk or higher. Low fat milk wont give you quite the same texture.
    • Butter: Ok, so technically you can substitute this for oil or applesauce. Will it work? Yes. Should you do it? In my opinion, no. Butter is key with cakes and gives you that perfectly fluffy and moist texture were looking for.
    • Vanilla extract: Always opt for pure vanilla and not its imitation cousin. Imitation vanilla will leave a chemicals aftertaste.

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